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  • Probation

    chosen is intensive probation supervision. This is defined as a type of intermediate sanction that involves small probation caseloads and severe monitoring on a regular basis ir weekly basis. (Worrall, Pg. 499). This particular program is implemented in approximately 40 states and to date approximately 100,000 clients. This particular program is associated with small caseloads of 15 to 40 individuals who are kept under close supervision by probation officers. The intensive probation supervision program

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  • Probation Report

    Six Months Probation Report To SoftWorks Limited By Obinna Okoye April 2012 INTRODUCTION This report is presented to the Human resources unit as my probation report after six months on the job as a Sales Engineer. I rejoined Softworks Limited in May, 2011, after concluding my Masters Programme for which the company granted me a study leave. As a Sales Engineer, my business responsibilities involved developing new business

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  • Conditions of Probation

    Conditions of Probation The terms and conditions of a persons probation are clear, cut, and dry. Probation is a prison sentence that has been suspended on the condition that the offender follows certain prescribed rules and commits no further offenses (Sieter, 2011). A probation officer evaluates offender progress and recommends intensity of supervision based on observations from time of conviction through the period of adjustment after release from an institution (FL DOC, 2012). The whole program

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  • Probation and Parole Interview/Case Study

    currently going on, and helping him to take charge of his situation, leading ultimately towards some responsibility. The interview used the five basic motivational principles that form the foundation for MET. The therapist created a set of conditions that assisted in enhancing the client’s own motivation for and commitment to change. The case, followed the motivational principles throughout the therapeutic process (Miller, Zweben, DiClemente, & Rychtarik, 1995): express empathy- The therapist

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  • Probation and Parole in the United States

    Probation and Parole in the United States: Changes in the Correctional System since World War II Scott Lohr Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Abstract Employee security problems and high risk caseloads progressively will move agents away from customary probation ideas of casework in the direction of ideas lined up with control or disciplinary beliefs. This study analyzes how the role of probation and parole has altered and what the future will be like counting on how we respond to

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  • Classical Conditions

    Classical conditions The classical conditioning experiment conducted by Pavlov goes as follows: A dog is hooked to a mechanism that measures the amount that the dog salivates. A tone is sounded just before a dog is given meat powder. This occurs several times. Eventually, conditioning occurs in that the dog salivates just to the bell alone. Of course, the dog salivates instinctively in response to the food, but "learns" to salivate to the sound of the bell, much as you might find your mouth

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  • Terms and Conditions

    Domestic Tours | Booking Terms & Conditions DEFINITIONS A. Client means person(s) in whose name or on whose behalf the booking has been made. B.MMT means Make My Trip INC C. Independent Contractors means hotelier/hotel owner, owner of any airlines or shipping company or railway ferryboat owner/operation, coach owner/ operation, or any other person or organization who has been selected to render services to the client. D. Domestic tour / Tour arrangement means a tour operated by MMT which is operated

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  • Probation

    Study Guide Probation - is a sentence that does not include confinement and imposes conditions governing the release of the offender into the community, based on good behavior. Note – Both the suspended sentence and probation mitigate the punishment for an offender through a judicial procedure, and their earliest antecedent is found in the right sanctuary. (Cited in Bible) The Right of Sanctuary – was written into Mosaic Law. Privilege to avoid punishment by the offender’s relocation to a sacred

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  • The Human Condition

    The Human Condition and the Consumption of Humans To be human, many crucial characteristics, both conscious and instinctual, must develop and intermingle to support what we call typical human behavior. What we perceive to be genuine feelings are backed by hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary pruning of certain instinctual patterns. These patterns describe who we are, how we think, and what we do in a way specific only to our species. The wonder of curiosity, the meaning of life, the fear

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  • The Effects of Probation and Imprisonment on Criminal Justice

    Essay#1: The Effects of Probation and Imprisonment on Criminal Justice The philosophy of restorative justice and the reform concept of sentencing alternatives to imprisonment have well become the established practice in many courtrooms. With the achieved high level of recognition, many policymakers tend to actively perform the community-based and productive sentencing policies instead of the crime policies that are punitive and individualistic in nature. This article is going to examine the

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  • The Three Forms of Probation

    Intensive probation supervision or intensive probation program is a highly structured program that is similar to house arrest where the defendant has to comply with the strict terms of their probation. The standard probation is more lenient with the reporting schedule, usually once a month, and the defendant is not required to stay home. It was established in Cook County, Illinois in 1984 for violent or high-risk criminals(What Is Intensive Supervision, Elizabeth (Lisa) Thompson). It has been

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  • Probation

    Analysis Many external factors can have an impact over Ace Gym’s capability to achieve its goals and objectives. To achieve success Ace Gym will have to find a suitable strategy that can maintain the business expectations within the actual conditions and also to maintain Ace Gym’s expectation with the provisions external environment can give. The external factors include: legal and regulatory factors, economic factors, technological factors, innovation factors, and socio-cultural factors.

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  • Nervous Condition

    Men In Nervous Conditions: An Ignored Matter The men of Zimbabwe struggled to assert the independence of their people against political, cultural and religious colonial pressure (Vembe), but reduced women to silent supporters (Stone 113). This dynamic still holds true on the literary front, where male writers of Zimbabwe, and Africa in general, present to the west male-centered, idealized pictures of traditional women and culture. Women, however, uncertain that men will revalue them, concern themselves

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  • Juvenile Diversion vs. Probation

    Juvenile Diversion vs. Probation Juvenile diversion and probation are methods to rehabilitate offenders. There are several differences between diversion and probation. The difference between juvenile diversion and probation is juvenile diversion seeks to avoid the burdensome consequences of formal processing (Clear, Cole, & Reisig, 2013, pg. 447). Probation is when the offender is convicted of an offense, but rather than being incarcerated, the offender is released and subject to supervision

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  • Nervous Conditions

    adventurous, explorative part. But this was a very small part. Most of me sought order. Most of me was concrete and categorical." Tambu wants to be more like Babamukru than his boundary - pushing daughter. Dangarembga foreshadows Nyasha's nervous condition that will come to light in later chapters: anorexia. When Tambu first sees the size of her uncle's dining room table, she comments, "no one who ate from such a table could fail to grow fat and healthy". For Tambu, roundness means wealth and strength

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  • Adult Probation- Cook County

    Cook County Adult Probation The Cook County Adult Probation Department was established in 1911. It is the largest probation agency in Illinois and the largest probation agency int he United States. The department is accredited by the American Correctional Association. The department operates under the Office of the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County and administers a wide range of programs covering both standard and specialized probation supervision and pretrial and pre-sentence

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  • Economic Condition

    Real GDP growth stuck near 2%. Uncertainty involving the Fed’s plans to begin tapering its massive monetary stimulus is one of the major factors that are stunting growth. The Beige Book is composed of anecdotal information on current economic conditions gathered by each Federal Reserve Bank in its district through reports from bank and branch directors and interviews with key business contacts, economists, market experts, and other sources. The Beige Book summarizes this information by district

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  • Probation and Punishment

    Is Kris able to come back to society after probation? Kris Young is 25 years old, and got into some trouble at age 13and received probation for a case involving battery. While Kris was on probation he was arrested for criminal trespass and he had received additional probation time. Some of my results from the file review did not match Roberts. Two views in which Robert and I had the same were giving Kris and extension for probation period beyond the original two years. Because Kris fail to pay his

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    terms and conditions Coordination Group Publications Ltd (“we”) own the copyright trade mark, trade names, patents and other intellectual property rights subsisting in or used in connection with The CGP Life in the UK Study and Practice CD-ROM (“the Product”) including all documentation and manuals and all other copies which you are authorised to make by this Agreement. It is unlawful to use the Product without our licence. We are willing to license the Product to you only on the condition that you

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  • Probation and Parloe

    Probation and Parole By Najami Harris This assignment is due for cj1oo section 4 Mrs Rose on June,10 2014 Probation and Parole Probation-The release of an offender from detention ,subject to a period of good behavior under supervision. Parole-The releases of a pensioner on temporarily leave from prison due to

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  • Market Conditions

    Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis University Principles of Microeconomics Date Professor Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis Introduction Over the last several years in the United States, there has been such a radical dip in the national economy. Because of this, more and more people and companies are scrambling for any financial scraps they can find. Engineering ways to maximize profits while reducing production costs is essential for both individuals and companies

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  • Probation Abd Punishment

    Probation and Punishment Criminal Justice 06/09/2014 Professor Karina Probation and Punishment Probation is an option provided by the court as a form of supervised punishment for criminal offenders that do not pose a major threat to society. After reviewing the file of Kris, Robert Donovan, a Jurisville probation officer, has suggested intensive probation. Probation officers review the file of a criminal defendant and make recommendations to the court. Intensive probation refers to

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  • Business Conditions

    investments. Knowledge about doing business in India has to be constantly revised, updated and eradicated of biased or stereotypical views. A symptom of the maturity of this knowledge is recognition that the Indian business environment is amorphous. Conditions vary from state to state, industry to industry and region to region. This paper seeks to examine some aspects of this complexity and suggests how prospective investors could use the knowledge generated. Apart from Ramachandran’s (2000) acknowledgement

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  • Probation and Parole

    Running Head: Final Essay Final Essay Jon Roberts Kaplan University CJ433: Probation and Parole Instructor: Jennifer Grimes November 26 2010 There is large numbers of returning offenders who will become reinvolved in crime unless there is a focused effort to control reentry through judicial, correctional, and law enforcement supervision. Successful reentry initiatives provide support through existing service systems, such as those involving mental

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  • Probation and Parole

    Officers of the Law: Probation and Parole Probation and Parole Officers are both officers of the law who play a vital role in the Criminal Justice System. While at first glance they seem to do the same thing in their work environment, they have many differences in the tasks they carry out of from day to day. Both are there to supervise offenders, make decisions to guide their lives, and help them to become productive members of society. Probation officers work directly for the court, whereas parole

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  • Probation

    PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, Plaintiff, – versus – Criminal Case No. 8510 LUTHER SANTOS y  MENDOZA Accused. x x APPLICATION FOR PROBATION COMES NOW the accused, by his undersigned counsel, to this Honorable Court, most respectfully alleges: 1. That he was convicted by this Honorable Court of the crime of THEFT and was sentenced to serve a term of imprisonment of six (6)

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    TERMS AND CONDITIONS Acceptance of Quotations Bidders must quote on our form. Failure to do so could invalidate your quotation. Quotations shall remain open for acceptance by the Purchaser until the date set forth on the signature page of the Quotation. The lowest or any other Quotation shall not necessarily be accepted and the Purchaser may reject any or all quotations. Quotation Requirements Quotations shall be signed and shall contain all information and data requested in this Request

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  • Probation System

    Probation System There are three theories or models of criminal justice. The first one is the retributive theory while the second is the rehabilitate theory and the last is the restorative theory. The first basically concerns itself with the punishment of people by putting them in boot camps, in order to deter their ways. Such instills discipline and fear, which in turn reduces crime. The second one believes that working with these people change their ways to reduce crime, the U.S. Penal System:

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  • Probation

    that are considered “vulnerable” at the point of receiving Probation-related activities, enquiries will be made of the Disclosure & Barring Service to establish whether I have any criminal convictions, including any which are spent. I certify that I am not banned or disqualified from working with children or adults considered “vulnerable” at the point of receiving Probation-related activities, nor subject to any sanctions or conditions on my employment imposed by the Disclosure & Barring Service

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  • Business Conditions

    than even in the corporate sector. Non- corporate sector is engaged in wide spread manufacturing and service industries, and these are again mostly family business. Non corporate sector work according to available conditions and develop their business models suiting prevalent conditions and systems. This way India is a high powered distant society. Western businesses will have to accept family authority while negotiating business deals with non- corporate as well as family controlled corporate sector

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  • Probation and Punishment

    Judge sentenced him to 1 year in jail but later the sentence was suspended and was given probation and told to report back to the Court in 3 months. In reviewing Kris’s Pre-Sentence report, it looks like he was given probation at the age of 13 for a case involving battery. During his probation he arrested again for criminal trespass and given additional probation time. He did successfully complete his probation. This incident of shoplifting was his first arrest since being an adult. Kris does admit

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  • Probation

    Probation Essay Shaunda McConnelly CJS/240 - INTRODUCTION TO JUVENILE JUSTICE February 13, 2015 Kimberly Gaudiosi Probation Essay What is probation and why think of this as a career? Probation is a sentence handed down to a convict that is released from confinement but is still under court supervision.(Probation. 2015) Probation can be given in lieu of a prison term or can suspend a prison sentence if the convict has consistently demonstrated good behavior. People who can be put on probation

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  • Slavery Conditions

    how accurate is it to describe slave conditions as poor and depressing? For slave conditions to be described as poor and depressing is completely accurate. There are aspects which could make the conditions appear to be more bearable but in no way did it make the conditions anything but poor and depressing. Aspects such as free time and family are elements which slaves may have looked forward to but this was all still under restriction. Conditions slaves were kept in were extremely severe. After

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  • Terms and Conditions

    MILSCO MANUFACTURING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE 1. Controlling Provisions. (a) Generally. The terms and conditions of this document, including the provisions on the face of any purchase order in which it is referenced or to which it is attached (the "Contract"), govern the parties' duties, obligations and relationship with respect to the sale by the vendor described herein ("Seller") and the purchase, acceptance and use by Milsco Manufacturing, a unit of Jason Incorporated ("Buyer")

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  • Conditions of the Eye

    Conditions Related to the Eye and Blindness Michael A. Allen Jackson State University Abstract Conditions related to the eye and blindness is very common. There are many disease of the eye. Many of these diseases can cause a lot of harm. There are five main points that will be discussed they are age-related macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, retinopathy, visual impairment in higher learning, and social support for the visually impaired. Macular degeneration often damages central

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  • Condition Monitoring

    MOM350 CONDITION MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT PROJECT 2 – SPRING 2013 LINN WETTELAND STUD.NR 204592 “USING FAULT TREES TO DETERMINE THE ROOT CAUSE OF ROTATING EQUIPMENT FAILURES” (Robert X. Perez) In the paper “Using fault trees to determine the root cause of rotating equipment failures”, the author, Robert X Perez, explains through his own experience as a senior reliability engineer at Citgo Petroleum Corporation, and through examples of various events in different systems the importance of

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  • Probation

    Probation and parole supervision is centered around managing people rather than on processing information. Building professional relationships and achieving successful outcomes with offenders who have managed to make changes in their life is an art and when officers can impact the lives of their clients for the better they are rewarded with a great deal of satisfaction (Annison, Eadie & Knight, 2008, p.266). To manage a client basically means focusing on their needs. Mark (parolee) is considering

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  • Parole and Probation

    service, electronic surveillance also know as house arrest, shock probation, intensive supervision, residential community supervision etc. The most common punishment used by the justice system is probation as well as parole. Probation is the release of an offender from detention , subject to a period of good behavior under supervision. An individual may be granted probation as an alternative to prison and sometimes may be given probation after incarceration. Parole on the other hand is the release of

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  • Determining Conditions of Probation

    Hate Crimes COM/172 August 5, 2014 Hate Crimes The term “hate crime” may seem new, given the attention it has received in the past several years, these types of offenses have been around for many years. Ever since and before the 1964 Civil Rights Act, people have been victims of crimes and perpetrators have committed those crimes against others based mainly or solely on the victim being “different” in one respect or another from the perpetrator. With many reasons why people commit crimes

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  • Visa Conditions

    :::::::::/☻/☻/☻/︻╦╤─ ▂▄▅ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ ██▅▃▂    I'm Bob and I am I███████████████████] against Google+!  ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤ This table describes the mandatory conditions that are attached to all primary Student visas in the following subclasses. | No. | Subclasses | Description | 8105 | AllMandatory only where Student visa granted on or after 26 April 2008Discretionary where Student visa granted before 26 April 2008 | You cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight* when your course is in

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  • Condition 8503

    If condition 8503 appears on the last visa you held since entering Australia you cannot make a valid application for the visa within Australia. Condition 8503 may be waived in rare circumstances. More information on seeking a waiver of condition 8503 is contained in IARC’s Condition 8503 – no further stay information sheet. It is important that you seek advice from a registered migration agent in relation to this. Have you had a visa refused or cancelled? Since 14 September 2009, if you have

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  • Working Conditions

    has its part involve in it thats will effect the equal distribuiton of benefits. government provides the permision for globalization and is responisble for montioring the procedures . Ch 6 and 7. Articles and Videos: Working Conditions improve working condition is the responsibilty of the business. it is important for so many factors avoid accidents decrease turnover rate increase efficiency of employees decrease inssurance expence( in case of employee accident) attract new talent decrease

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    Terms and Conditions Terms of Use This site is offered to you, the shopper, conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions and notices contained herein. Your use of this site constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions and notices. This site is powered and operated by WhiteFence ("WhiteFence", "we" or "us"). You must be 18 years of age or older to use this site. Personal and Noncommercial Use Limitation This site is for your personal and noncommercial

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  • Us Probation

    In the USA probation is defined as a court-ordered disposition alternative through which an adjudicated offender is placed under the control, supervision and care. Probation is away for not sentencing someone in jail and it means freedom but is under supervision. In 1841, John August was the person who discovers and defines “probation”. Probation also has different meanings in the corrections field. As time changes and the society improves probations is now different for good today from the earlier

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  • Economic Conditions

    Economic Conditions- In the early 90’s Russia’s economy underwent a ride through unfamiliar waters. At first it was the collapse of the centrally planned economy that was a stamp of the state-controlled economy and then it was the stand-in by an economy working on the basis of market forces. It was difficult to implement financial reform to raise government revenue and there was a further crisis from dependency on short-term borrowing to help finance budget deficits in 1998. However, the Russians

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  • Probation/Parole Officers Carrying Firearms

    Probation and Parole Officers the Carrying of Firearms Community Resources In Corrections - Fall, 2011 Date submitted Probation and Parole Officers have a common goal to protect the public. They play a vital role in the criminal justice process. The criminal offenders and the areas in which they work may be dangerous. The question of whether parole and probation officers should carry firearms has fueled controversy. Some who favor treatment-based model of supervision have objected

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  • Conditions of Prisons

    The Conditions of Prisons Worldwide Society usually does not concern themselves with people in prison but what they fail to realize is that they could be the ones incarcerated. Every day, there are people who state they do nothing wrong to be put in prison but anyone can watch the news, and it states how people were on vacation and something unexpected resulted in their incarceration while in a foreign country. The conditions in both American and Third World prisons

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  • Probation Conditions

    Determining Conditions of Probation CJA/234 June 18, 2009 ABSTRACT Conditions of parole and probation have contributing factors that affect an offender’s post-prison life. The background of the offender is very important when determining conditions of probation and parole. The history of offenses committed by the offender is extremely important. Conditions of parole and probation consist of drug/alcohol treatment, psychiatric evaluation/treatment, anger management treatment, family

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  • Classical Conditions

    stimulus was combined, which allowed the association to build strength. The second feature that influenced the strength of the conditional response was the scheduling, planning, and organizing of the stimulus report in which Pavlov believed that condition was more effectual when it was offered before the unconditional stimulus. According to Terry (2009), “The learning that occurs in classical conditioning can be validly described in several levels: behaviorally, learning of a new response; cognitively

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  • Working Conditions

    Working conditions Working conditions refers to the working environment and aspects of an employee’s terms and conditions of employment. This covers such matters as: the organisation of work and work activities; training, skills and employability; health, safety and well-being; and working time and work-life balance. Pay is also an important aspect of working conditions, although Article 153 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) excludes pay from the scope of its actions

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