Concealed Carry On Campus

  • Living on Campus or Off?

    1. Options Which is better, living on campus or off? It’s a question that many Lobo students ask themselves each year and we decided to help by researching and recommending which one would be most effective. 2. Evaluation Criteria To determine which option is better for the average college student, living on campus or living off, we narrowed down our criteria to the three that we believe are most important, cost, convenience and academic impact. • Cost When planning for college the first

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  • Right to Carry

    citizens not possessing a criminal record shall be permitted to carry a concealed weapon. COMM/215: Essentials of College Writing U.S. citizens not possessing a criminal record shall be permitted to carry a concealed weapon. U.S. citizens carrying a concealed weapon may prevent acts of violence to other citizens, are less likely to become victims of criminal violence, and prevent acts of terrorism. Even though concealed weapons are reported to cause accidental deaths and injuries

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  • Concealed Weapons on Campus

    Concealed weapons on campus BCOM/275 Concealed weapons on campus Concealed weapons on campus? In recent years America has been haunted by reality of horrendous school shootings such as what occurred at Virginia Tech in 2007. With this ugly reality some people are advocating for permission of concealed weapons on campus. Firearms can be used as a good form of defense against a formidable threat but would the carrying of concealed weapons on campus really make the campus safer? What if the law

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  • Guns on Campus

    Guns on College Campus Should guns be allowed on college campus? Kenton L. McGowen Abstract This paper will determine whether guns have a place on college, and school campuses. The conclusion that the paper reaches is that students who have guns will be tempted to use them, especially at universities and colleges that are full of drug use, stress, and anxiety. The mixture of guns into a formula like that is simply not conducive to a safe environment. This paper will take evidence

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  • Campus Map

    ar bor Ai por r t 143 Tem pe 10 60 Rur al 101 87 M es a DIRECTIONS TO CAMPUS The Thunderbird Campus is at the corner of 59th Avenue and Greenway Road; the main entrance is on 59th Avenue, north of Thunderbird Road. Take Interstate 17 north to Exit 210, Thunderbird Road, and drive west four miles to 59th Avenue. Turn right and drive north on 59th Avenue 3/4 mile to the campus entrance on your right.

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  • Campus Life

    of good environment and prosperous thinking. BMC always has been an example for these phrases and an ideal college to present the process or program of education in a congenial manner. The campus life of BMC has been always an enthralling and enchanting experience for the students tamed and trained in the campus. The traditional education is on the pattern of Gurukul that has been followed in this college. This college has the guidance of well-qualified dedicated faculties. They impart well-designed

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  • Conformity: a Concealed Identity

    Andrea Marshall Kim Palmore English 1B 30 May 2012 Conformity: A Concealed Identity Society is made up of predominately heterosexual people. Our instincts tell us in order to repopulate the world; a man and a woman must reproduce offspring. This is considered to be a social norm; mankind’s very survival depends on it. More recently, society has given people the ability to express themselves in ways they never thought possible. The American Gay Rights Movement in 1924 sparked animosity throughout

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  • Concealed Weapons in Gun Free Zones

    Concealed Weapons In Gun Free Zones Recently many people have started debating whether or not having a concealed weapon in a gun free zone is an intelligent and safe way to maintain protection. Allowing responsible citizens in good legal standing to carry concealed firearms in a lawful manner in gun free zones decreases certain types of violent crimes such as murder, property crime, and even mass shootings. The decline in these types of crime is due to rational behavior of criminals as a group

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  • Concealed Carry on Campus

    Concealed Carry on Campus: Yea or Nay? 1 Concealed Carry on Campus: Yea or Nay? Toni Struve COM/155 University Composition and Communication I May 6, 2012 Kathleen Zurich   Concealed Carry on Campus: Yea or Nay? 2 Abstract This essay debates the pros and cons of allowing concealed carry weapons on campuses. Both sides have relevant information that supports their point of view. I have presented data from both sides of this issue and leave it to the reader

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  • Campus Events

    Kurt Smith AL -301 Section 1 February 11, 2013 Campus Event Paper For my campus event of my choice I wanted to choose something that was appealing to me. I wanted to find something fun that I would enjoy instead of something that I didn’t care about and would have been bored with. When I heard of the Mardi Gras event that was going to be held on campus I knew I had to take advantage of that and check it out. The event was held this past Thursday in front of the university student union

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  • Concealed or Not

    Concealed weapons in the workplace have been a legal issue in the business field for quite some time. Citizens shouldn't be permitted to carry a concealed weapon to their workplace because this would cause more danger than it would protection in the workplace. Besides the dangers it will cause, on the civilian side there are also liability issues that have arisen concerning employee rights and workplace safety. There are laws passed at both the state and federal levels that allow United States citizens

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  • Conceal Carry

    [Type the company name] | Concealed Carry Controversy | [Type the document subtitle] | | Steven Kilburg | EN 104-8F | rough draft | As of November 1, 2011 a new law went into effect in the State of Wisconsin. It is the concealed carry law. There are people on both sides for or against this new law. The few things about this law that bothers this writer is the absence of proper training prior to obtaining a permit; the difference in the new law compared to hunter safety education

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  • Concealed Weapons

    Concealed weapons in the workplace have been a legal issue in the business field for quite some time. Besides the dangers it will cause, on the cilivain side there are also liability issues that have arisen concerning employee rights and workplace safety. There are laws passed at both the state and federal levels that allow United States citizens to carry concealed weapons as long as they retain a permit to do so. However, many businesses do not allow their employees to carry weapons on their persons

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  • Campus Violence

    Term paper title : Campus Violence. Course : Eng-102 Sec : 19 Introduction: In our recent time campus violence is a worldwide burning and worrisomeissue. Political instability, student politics, psychological problem and mental instability of students are the most responsible factors to occur this incident frequently. Since globally campus violence is increasing

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  • Campus Resources

    Christian Zuniga Ms. Do Carmo English 60B March 12, 2013 Campus Resources Norco College offers a variety of resources to students who attend RCC Norco and seek assistance in education. For instance, RCC Norco offers students tutorial services; this service provides a supportive learning environment to students who seek help academically to improve in their classes. For example, tutoring services offers students with course assistance by providing tutors to help students understand there class

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  • Live on Campus or Off

    Students Live on Campus or Off? As we all know, many college students are live at dormitory. There are two, three, four, or even more students live in a room. They share one room, the electricity, balcony, and they almost share all the equipment except their own beds. It is not convenient for college students who have a lot of free time and have different classes or things . In my opinion, college students should have more freedom to live off campus, but it should close the campus. Living off

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  • Styles on Campus

    Styles on campus Harley Peterson Recently, there was surveillance done on campus. Three students were selected for this survey; two gentlemen and a lady. The two gentlemen interviewed are in their freshman year, and the lady is a junior. They were surveyed about what they were wearing. In this survey, students were asked if their style changed from high school to college, why they were wearing what they were wearing at that particular moment, and if they thought that their appearance mattered

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  • Campus Journalism

    Introduction to Campus Journalism What is Journalism? According to Wikipedia, Journalism is: - a method of inquiry and literary style used in social and cultural representation. - it is a public service machinery in the dissemination and analysis of news and information. Whereas, according to The Free Dictionary, it is: - the collecting, writing, editing, and presenting of news or news articles in newspapers and magazines and in radio and television broadcasts. What/Who is a Journalist

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  • Pro and Contrast Living in on Campus or Off Campus

        When enter colleges, college students will face many new problems or decisions, which they have to make. Among which there is a choice for them at first place, that is, he or she has to decide whether to live on campus or live outside of campus. Actually, both of the two choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, different people may have different opinions. For example, they will think about the cost, location, how to make friends easily and be specific.   Sometimes, it is very

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  • Improving Campus

    Executive Summary This proposal aims to indicate why the integration of lockers on campus proves to be a wise investment that shall benefit not only the students, but also the university as a whole. By taking this step towards improvement, we can create an environment in which our students can easily access their personal belongings, therefore facilitate the learning process, create a safer environment and decrease theft. Organizational Capacity As Logistics students we clearly understand

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  • Campus Royalties

    Campus Royalties © purpleyhan 2011 Please do not redistribute without the author's consent. *************************************************************************************************************** Prologue Isa ka ba sa mga sikat na students sa campus niyo? Well, ako rin. Pero ayoko talaga. Then I met this freaking guy, na sikat rin sa campus namin, na walang ginawa kundi pahirapan ako. But, I fell in love with him. Pero mukhang di niya napapansin yun. He’s still enjoying

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  • Campus Recruitment

    A STUDY OF CAMPUS RECRUITMENT (Term Paper towards partial fulfillment of the assessment in the subject of Human Resource Management) Submitted by: Submitted to: Nikita Gupta Dr. Vedantam Leela Roll Number-- 598 Faculty of Management Semester- IV National Law University, Jodhpur Winter Session (January-May 2010) ACKNOWLEDGMENT ____________________________________________________________ __________________ No work can be perfect without ample guidance. I acknowledge

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  • Carry Trade - Global Finance

    Carry Trade INTB 693W – Global Finance A carry trade is a strategy in which an investor borrows money at a low interest rate in order to invest in an asset that is likely to provide a higher return. This strategy is very common in the foreign exchange market. For example, in the period up to 2007 many investors borrowed in Japanese yen or Swiss francs, taking advantage of very low interest rates in Japan and Switzerland, and used the money to take long positions in currencies backed by high interest

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  • Campus Violence

    Running head: CAMPUS VIOLENCE 1 Campus Violence has escalated since the Massacre at UT Berketa L. Livingston Liberty University Online ENGL-104

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  • Legalizing Concealed Weapons

    Jasmine Anthony Mrs. Kenney English 112 April 29, 2014 Legalizing Concealed Weapons: Research Synthesis Many times people confuse whether or not allowing gun laws actually reduces the crime rate. As gun rights is a natural born right of citizens, some believe that should be banned, and many others believe that the law should be extended to lawful citizens. Based on my own experiences there have been several instances where I wish a legalized weapon was in arms reach. There was an instance

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  • Campus Smoking

    Rikesh Patel Professor Marino Academic Writing I November 8, 2012 Campus Smoking Cigarettes are a habit that we all see, no matter where we go. However I believe we all have the right to have clean air. On campus smoking seems to be an issue for most people including myself. I am not supporting the habit but I believe there is a solution to both problems. Smokers should be able to have a designated area where they can smoke and non-smokers will be content, and can avoid these areas. Respect

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  • Concealed Carry on College Campuses

    Concealed Handgun License Carriers Rights in Higher Education: A Classical Argument With around 300 million guns in civilian hands, the United States is a nation thriving with gun culture. Time after time, tragedies of guns falling into the wrong hands, leading to a school massacre, provokes schools to restrict firearms on campus through school policy. Even though facilities of higher education have been deemed generally safe places, school shootings have periodically disrupted that ideology, triggering

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  • Carry Trade

    As we saw the trend of carry trade in international exchange market, the yen and the dollar were a main currency of carry trade during the last decade. The yen carry trade dominated international finance between 2003 and 2007. However, this trend was ended by the financial crisis. The dollar carry trade dominated international finance between 2009 and 2012. Also, this trend was ended by the yen's downturn starting in November 2012. It seemed that party in carry trade was over. But, the euro can be

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  • Campus Creche

    According to Campus Creche, they have five individual centers for different aged children. They have basic vision/plan that they use in common but also each center has an individual style and age appropriated programs and curriculums. They seem to understand that each stage of child’s development, there are things that are important to learn and develop. For example, children aged from 3 to 18 months need to build trust so it is important to help babies to feel settled and happy in a safe and secure

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  • Campus Crime

    authority when they reach college. The first campus police force was established in 1894 at Yale University (Hess & Orthmann, p. 254). The first campus police were not highly educated and did not have proper facilities for work, but it was the beginning to something that would become much larger. Most university police forces today have complete authority and can write tickets and make arrests. Some officers carry cuffs, tasers, or guns. One requirement of campus law enforcement is to report appropriately

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  • Open Carry Gun Laws

    Open Carry Gun Laws By Ryan Hanson In this research paper we will attempt to answer the question, what is “OPEN CARRY”? And the laws and regulations that pertain to open carry, as well as what they mean to you should you decide to purchase a firearm or if you already own one. Open carry is defined as the practice of openly carrying a fire arm on one’s person in public, many people living in the United States already do and this also scares many others. There are a few questions that come

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  • Online vs on-Campus Class

    Online Education vs. On-campus COM/170 3/9/2015 Online Education vs. On-campus Online classes require a lot of responsibilities, but give students the time and space that he or she needs. (Paul, 2003) Most universities now offer a plethora of on-campus courses for students to choose from. However, many students are not able to take campus-based courses due to distance or timetabling limitations. An important option for such students has always been distance education; Sometimes students ask

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  • Carry Mark

    | | Carry Marks SEMESTER SEP SESI 2014/2015 (A142) | COURSE | : RETAILING MANAGEMENT (BPMM3133) | GROUP | : A | LECTURER | : DR. AHMAD SAID IBRAHIM ALSHUAIBI (5088) | | Bil. | Matrik No. | NamaPelajar | Marks 60  | 1 | 214600 | Mohamad Amiryudin Bin Rashid | 43.5 | 2 | 216378 | Khairun Syafiqa Binti Mohd Noh | 50.5 | 3 | 216575 | Zaitun Binti Hassan | 49.5 | 4 | 218917 | Voon Cheng Sze | 48.5 | 5 | 219184 | Aliza Binti Mansur | 50.5 | 6 | 219341 | Chua Shu Ling | 49 | 7 | 219762

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  • Why We Carry Weapons

    Why do people carry Weapons? Reynaldo L. Bautista ENG/147 February 19, 2015 Kathy Kraus Why do people carry Weapons? Have you ever wondered why humans carry and use weapons? Since Homo sapiens became earth's dominant species, they have built a variety of tools. One of those tools are weapons, which in modern times have evolved to a gun. Guns are today's tool of choice for independent people who choose to own a gun and use it responsibly, if necessary, in the world. Typically

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  • The Unprepared Campus Recruiter

    The Unprepared Campus Recruiter Introduction Most new hires do not have the proper knowledge needed to “hit the ground” running. Companies that hire people for a certain job position such as a campus recruiter should make sure that the candidate is well qualified for the position. Being a campus recruiter for any company requires knowledge and well developed skills to accomplish the task of successfully hiring new employees on time. In society today, organization plays a major role in how well

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  • A Tobacco Free Campus

    Tobacco Free Campus As I left Canal Hall and walked the path on my tobacco free campus towards building 12 for class I began to notice the awful lingering stench of cigarette smoke. Being an asthma patient the smoke caused me to immediately start coughing uncontrollably until I found my inhaler in my purse. The worst part about getting closer to the individual smoking was the fact that I began to realize it was my professor. If the professors can’t follow one of the simplest rules on campus, how do

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  • Open Carry

    Terrorist attacks have put fear among many American’s regarding the entry of Syrian refugees in the United States. Concerns exist that, along with the refugees, members of the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations might enter the country and carry out attacks against the United States. Playing it safe is what many Americans seem to see as a paramount value today. The American backlash against refugees is based largely on the fear that a Paris-style attack could be replicated in America if the

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  • Concealed Campus

    2015 Fostering a Concealed Campus In 2007 during the Virginia Tech Shooting, a boy’s best-friend’s brother was there, in one of the classrooms that the gunman targeted. He escaped but this information gave him chills. That boy’s name is Jeff. Why is it that issues don’t matter until a horrifying story has a personal connection to its readers that it causes them to fully gasp the situation? There are many alternatives to students carrying weapons on campus. Advocates for guns on campus say that it will

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  • New Campus Carry Laws

    College campus are a hot topic because every year they attract and house hundreds of thousands of not always quite mature teens and young adults. The perception is that the Campus Carry Law will not be very effective and could quite possibly back fire on innocent faculty and student body members, victimizing anyone who may come in contact with one of these radically violent individuals intent on harming people. (2015) Arrigo Bruce and Acheson Austin Contemporary Justice Review, Concealed carry bans

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  • Concealed Carry

    CONCEALED CARRY WEAPON Introduction Protecting ourselves and family from this violent society by use of guns. Law enforcement response to emergency call most of the time are unsatisfactory, not enough first responder to go around. It’s up to us to hold the port down until they arrive. Concealed weapons permit in the United States are increasingly becoming popular. Fearing on influx of violence in our society, some individual are exercising their second amendments right to the full extent of its

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  • Carry Nation

    Carry Nation or Carrie Nation was a strong believer in doing what was best for the people of America and would try to help thought otherwise. Nation's past was very influential what she did and why she did it. Nation got married in 1867 to Charles Gloyd, a physician. Gloyd had a drinking problem and was a very heavy drinker. When the couple had a child named Charlien who was born with a condition and Nation blamed the condition on Gloyd's drinking problem. Soon after Carry Nation left Gloyd and became

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  • The Intangibes They Carries

    needs to carry but they are incomparable to that of a soldier. Tim O’Brien emphasizes this in his short story, “The Things They Carried” as he takes on the narrative role explaining what he observed of the soldiers he once fought alongside. Chronicling both the intensities and tragedies of war he tells the stories of fellow soldiers and reveals truths of war at the same time. In precise detail and intentional metaphorical language O’Brien describes what it is that each soldier carries and how that

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  • Metro Cash N Carry

    INTRODUCTION TO METRO METRO Cash & Carry – this name stands for one of the great success stories in modern commerce. The unique wholesale business-to-business model of METRO Cash & Carry is focused only towards professional customers such as hotels, restaurant, and caterers as well as small and mid-sized retailers. METRO Cash & Carry offers this target group a greater efficiency than the multilayered supply chain thus helping them to improve their business: By offering them a one-stop solution for

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  • Which Is Better: to Live on Campus or Off Campus

    English 105 03/07/2012 Dongyu Bian Which is better: to live on campus or off campus When they enter colleges, college students will face many new problems or decisions, which they have to make. Among which there is a choice for them at first place, that is, he or she has to decide whether to live on campus or live outside of campus. Actually, both of the two choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, different people may have different opinions. For example,

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  • Carry Trade

    ECOn3104- Assignment 1 Carry Trade: Impacts Abroad INTTRODUCTION The carry trade phenomena refers to the process whereby an investor borrows money in a relatively low interest rate currency (funding currency) and effectively invests in a high interest rate currency by converting funds into the high interest currency and lending the amount to yield a higher return. We can show how the European Central Bank (ECB) to permanently increase the money supply will have a direct affect on the

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  • Campus Emergency

    Questionnaire 4 2.4 Limitations 4 3. Results 5 3.1 NUS Students’ Awareness of Emergencies on Campus 5 3.2 NUS Students’ Readiness for Emergencies on Campus 5 3.3 Percentage of Right Answers Between Males and Females 8 3.4 Percentage of Right Answers Among Four Nationalities 8 3.5 Percentage of Right Answers Among Five Faculties 9 3.6 Students’ Attitudes towards Emergencies on Campus 11 4. Discussion 14 4.1 Comparison between Males and Females 14 4.2 Comparison among Four Nationalities

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  • Campus Recruitment

    Campus Recruitment Introduction Economic and demographic trends continue to affect the job market and how employers develop and manage their campus recruitment programs. In a competitive environment, maintaining campus relations is crucial to the success of campus recruiting. To do this, companies must build relationships with faculty, administrators, career center staff, and students. Campus recruiting is becoming more competitive. Winning companies will have a strong product offering and be

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  • My Case for Conceal and Carry

    My Case for Conceal and Carry In the United States and elsewhere, there are a variety of laws surrounding if a person can carry a firearm on their person in public. “Concealed carrying” is the most common form. Concealed carrying involves concealing a firearm from public view on the body, usually underneath a coat, at the lower back, hip, leg, or on one side of the rib cage. Carrying a concealed handgun in public is permitted for non-law enforcement officials in 49 states as of July 13, 2011

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  • A Campus

    classmates lapped up high paying jobs with MNCs and leading corporate, Amit decided to stay back on campus to prove a point in entrepreneurship. Originally from Madhya Pradesh, Amit, who passed out in March 2011, has been staying back at the student's hostel for the past one year to run High Octane, a boutique cafe-food court- bookshop combine, which has been a big hit with the students and faculty on the campus. Buoyed by the success of the plush outlet, Amit is currently in talks with banks and consultants

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  • Carry on

    the keeping-on-living that’s hard. | | Carry on!Robert W. Service | It’s easy to fight when everything’s right, And you're mad with the thrill and the glory; It’s easy to cheer when victory’s near, And wallow in fields that are gory. It’s a different song when everything’s wrong. When you're feeling infernally mortal; When it’s ten against one, and hope there is none, Buck up, little soldier, and chortle; | Carry on! Carry on! There isn't much punch in your blow. You're

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