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    and save time. RBA approaches are accepted as strong and efficient technologies for access control. Answer b) If MPS is to strengthen user authentication then biometric techniques will bring a definite improvement by increasing the level of security and being cost effective. That’s because biometric techniques are the authentication methods that use one or more intrinsic physical or behavioural characteristics for recognising an individual. So, there is no question of forgetting passwords or

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    ACADEMIC YEAR 2011/2012, SEMESTER TWO, TEST TWO. COURSE NAME: COMPUTER SECURITY COURSE CODE: CSC3207 Instructions: Answer all questions. Duration: 1hour. Date sat. 15th April 2012 Test is out of 40marks. 1. Is magnetic media safe for data storage? Elaborate on your answer. 6mks NO. - It is volatile. - A lot of vigilance is required (no exposure to heat, sun light etc) - Forensics (data recovery tools undermine some operations like delete)

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    Computer Security Careers Blake Eubank Harrisburg Community College 1 A. After going to I learned it is a great place to get certified in more than 20 different specialized information security areas. It targets specific skills sets rather than generalizing. They offer more disciplines and focus on the skills required to master specific jobs. (Northcutt, 2011) The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) is a non-profit organization which provides forums

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    Computer Security Victoria M. Deardorff Brevard Community College April 10, 2012 This paper is written as a basic overview of computer security for the non-technical user. This paper is meant to educate the reader on practical steps that can be implemented to secure their home-based computers. Additionally, the reader will be informed of industry and government needs for and methods of computer security. With this information, the reader should gain a better understanding of why agencies

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  • Computer and Network Security

    Computer and Network security Problem statement Unauthorized Access “As the threat of unauthorized access grows companies and people continue to look for security to upgrade.” (Howard, 2009)``Unauthorized access'' is a very high-level term that can refer to a number of different sorts of attacks. The goal of these attacks is to access some resource that your machine should not provide the attacker. For example, a host might be a web server, and should provide anyone with requested web pages

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    faster and use much shorter keys than existing public-key encryption methods. Usability: symmetric-key encryption is easier to understand by a non-expert than public-key encryption. 2. Give an example of the false sense of security that can come from using the “security by obscurity" approach. Solution There are many examples. One possibility would be to use a weak encryption algorithm, like the Caesar cipher and try to keep secret the type of algorithm that you are using, in addition to keeping

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  • All-in-One Computer Security Systems

    All-in-one Computer Security Systems CIS/105 Some of the different programs that I choose to use as all-in-one security that has total protection are Norton Internet Security and McAfee has an exclusive active protection technology that analyzes and blocks threats in milliseconds. McAfee can immediately detect and remove viruses, even root kits, adware, spyware, and blocks. McAfee has a two-way firewall which blocks outsiders from hacking into your PC. The program also contains other features

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  • Introduction to Computer Security

    CSS150-1302B-04 Introduction to Computer Security Phase 3: Discussion Board 3 Networks, Cryptography, and Malicious Activity Professor: Shawn Murray June 5, 2013 In this paper I will discuss a malicious computer worm that spread rather quickly and affected thousands of people and targeted a company in Utah. I will discuss how the worm spread in detail. Lastly, I will discuss how to prevent / defend against such worms. On January 26, 2004 MyDoom, also known as W32.MyDoom@mm, Novarg

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    CSS150 – Introduction to Information Security Phase 5 Individual Project Kenneth A. Crawford Dr. Shawn P. Murray June 23, 2013 Table of Contents Phase 1 Discussion Board 2 3 Phase 1 Individual Project 5 Phase 2 Discussion Board 8 Richmond Investments: Remote Access Policy 8 Phase 2 Individual Project 11 Richmond Investments: LAN-to-WAN, Internet, and Web Surfing Acceptable Use Policy 11 Phase 3 Discussion Board: Blaster Worm 17 Phase 3 Individual Project 19 Phase 4 Individual

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    INTRODUCTION 4 SECURITY 4 Client Security 4 Server Security 5 Document Confidentiality 5 Risks and threats to E-commerce Sites 5 Hackers 5 Software/hardware failure 5 WHY SECURITY FAIL 6 Exposure of confidential data 6 Modification of Data 6 Errors in Software 6 Poor stipulation and testing 6 Repudiation 6 Solutions to E-commerce Security Risks 7 Encryption 7 Data Encryption Standard (DES) 7 RSA Public Key Algorithm 8 Digital signatures 8 Digital certificates 9 Security for Transactions

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    user or admin have a guessable password in Windows NT (CVE, 2013). In the first article it discusses the use of USB devices in the workplace. USB’s are used for transporting data from one computer to another. These allow for business requirements to be reached at a faster pace but they also pose a number of security challenges. Those challenges may be “disgruntled workers, careless users and malicious individuals” (Couture, 2009, p. 6). Ways to migrate this issue is by gluing shut the ports, disable

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    Principles of Information Security Fourth Edition Copyright 2011 Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved. May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part. Due to electronic rights, some third party content may be suppressed from the eBook and/or eChapter(s). Editorial review has deemed that any suppressed content does not materially affect the overall learning experience. Cengage Learning reserves the right to remove additional content at any time if subsequent rights restrictions

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    CSE 4482 Computer Security Management: Assessment and Forensics Introduction to Information Security Instructor: N. Vlajic, Fall 2010 Learning Objectives Upon completion of this material, you should be able to: • Define key terms and critical concepts of information security. List the key challenges of information security, and key protection layers. Describe the CNSS security model (McCumber Cube). Be able to differentiate between threats and attacks to information. Identify today’s

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  • An Introduction to the Computer Security Problem

    Worry About? An Introduction to the Computer Security Problem Donald L. Brinkley and Roger R. Schell This essay provides an overview of the vulnerabilities and threats to information security in computer systems. It begins with a historical presentation of past experiences with vulnerabilities in communication security along with present and future computer security experiences. The historical perspective demonstrates that misplaced confidence in the security of a system is worse than having no

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    Information Security refers to the processes and methodologies which are designed and implemented to protect print, electronic, or any other form of confidential, private and sensitive information or data from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption. Wikipedia says, "Information security means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. The terms information

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  • Computer Systems Security

    Michael Anderson Principles of Info Security Professor Corey Jackson Outline In order for a company to be successful it needs to ensure that the security of its network is up to par and can protect the data from 2.0 Incident-Response Policy for Gem Infosys. |Gem Infosys Policy Sections | |1.0 |Identification of Incidents/Threats

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  • What Is Computer Security?

    Computer security (Also known as cybersecurity or IT Security) is information security as applied to computers and networks. The field covers all the processes and mechanisms by which computer-based equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction. Computer security also includes protection from unplanned events and natural disasters. One way to think of computer security is to reflect security as one of the main features Some of

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  • Intro to Computer Security

    Name 4 Security Tips that the end user can implement. For this week`s task we have been asked to name four security tips that users can do themselves to help protect their computers. The four security tips that I have selected to discuss are; update Windows software, use strong passwords, run a virus scan on a schedule, and update virus definitions daily. Describe the goal of each security tip. Windows update should be run to make sure that your computer has the latest patches. These updates

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  • Introduction to Computer Security

    Introduction to Computer Security CSE 3482 Introduction to Information/Computer Security Instructor: N. Vlajic, Winter 2014 Learning Objectives Upon completion of this material, you should be able to: • Describe the key security requirements of confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). • Describe the CNSS security model (McCumber Cube). • Identify today’s most common threats and attacks against information. • Distinguish between different main categories of malware. Required

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  • Theories of Computer Security

    The Internet growing technologies have created vast opportunities for business growth and likewise increased the exposures of businesses and organizations’ information assets; consequently jeopardizing the key elements of information and systems security—confidentiality, integrity and availability (Kim, Ullrich & Wang, 2012). Online criminality has over the years become a prosperous economic industry especially in the emerging markets; the perpetrators, largely motivated by financial or military

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  • Computer Security

    tremendous increasing number of connected people and devices, it is a bigger risk there to be resolved. A rough definition for the term cybercrime is a crime which is influenced by some kind of computer or cyber aspect. To be more specific, it is a crime that has illegal activities through it by using computers or network or hardware devices as its primary medium for some commissions. The commissions depend on how huge the illegal activities are. There are lots of cases that the performers of the cybercrime

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    QUOTE In view of all the deadly computer viruses that have been spreading lately, Weekend Update would like to remind you: when you link up to another computer, you’re linking up to every computer that that computer has ever linked up to. —Dennis Miller, Saturday Night Live, U.S. television show VIGNETTE Treatment of Sasser Worm Author Sends Wrong Message Unleashed in April 2004, the Sasser worm hit IT systems around the world hard and fast. Unlike most computer viruses before it, the Sasser worm

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  • Computer Updating and Security Management

    Computer Updating and Security Management Once again the IT Administrators have asked to clarify certain points to them on the implementation of the new network being installed. This takes in account that they know the basics of Server 2008 for windows, and have some knowledge working it. Let us then answer their questions on computer updating and security management. The first thing to address is the software and service Microsoft Server 2008 had in place for centralized updates. IT has a program

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  • Computer Network & Information Security

    Media has focused on computer security of big businesses and how they have been breached, yet individuals do not stop and think about their own personal computer safety. Information can be stolen or damaged, access of personal computers can be gained without permission, viruses and worms can enter creating problems for a user, and our computers may be susceptible to cyber-attacks from hackers. Yet most computer users are new to the technology or do not realize the dangers at hand. This is why users

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    offline methods. As the information at ABC institute is very sensitive, they cannot go for symmetric key if sensitive information will be sent through the World Wide Web. In order encrypt data and send it securely, Asymmetric is the stronger in security of the two. Asymmetric features key public key is shared to every one and each party or individual will have their own private key to decrypt the message and can be safe and cannot be read by others. Since it eliminates the need of sharing your secret

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  • Computer Network Security Lab 1

    is the purpose of the dynamic host control protocol (DHCP)? 3. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a protocol that lets network administrators manage centrally and automate the assignment of IP (Internet Protocol) configurations on a computer network. 2 4. 3. Identify the DHCP allocated source IP host address for the vWorkstation desktop and the TargetWindows01 virtual server. and 4. When you pinged the targeted IP host ( or

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  • Computer Security & Privacy - Tjx

    Computer Security & Privacy - TJX Case Backgroud: TJX, largest apparel and home fashions retailers in the off-price segment was struck with Security Breach in all of its eight business units in US, Canada and Europe. Intruder had illegally accessed TJX payment system to hack personal and credit/debit card information of an unspecified number of customers. Security breach had affected Customers - pay for the purchases made by the intruders/ card invalidated / expiring the spending power, Financial

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  • Computer Security in Education

    Maintaining internet security is of the utmost importance to higher education systems. The majority of universities’ administrative, financial, and clinical systems are available through a campus-wide network (Rasmussen, 2011). This means that highly confidential documents, such as student’s personal information, medical records, and much more are housed on campus servers. This information is vulnerable to security threats and puts the university at risk for lawsuits if the information is exposed

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  • Threats to Computer Security

    Threats to Computer Security Source: An Introduction to Computer Security: The NIST Handbook National Institute of Standards and Technology Technology Administration U.S. Department of Commerce Special Publication 800-12 Computer systems are vulnerable to many threats that can inflict various types of damage resulting in significant losses. This damage can range from errors harming database integrity to fires destroying entire computer centers. Losses can stem, for example, from the actions of supposedly

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    combinations he must now test to try to open this lock using a brute-force attack? 6) Question C-2.11 (p.109) A bank wants to store the account number of its customer (an 8 digit number) in encrypted form on magnetic stripe ATM cards. Discuss the security of the following methods for storing the account number against an attacker who can read the magnetic stripe: (1) store a cryptographic hash of the account number; (2) store the cipher text of the account number encrypted with the bank’s public key

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    Computer Network Security Alternatives Computer network security and integrity is a large concern among all types and sizes of companies. The options for solving security risks are as varied as the companies themselves. However, it is possible to break down the methods for dealing with security risks into three major categories. Companies have the option to: 1. Select best of breed products for their various security needs and assemble the products together to form their own customized solutions

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  • Home Computer Security

    Home Computer Security -- Glossary Note: This is an historic document. We are no longer maintaining the content, but it may have value for research purposes. Pages linked to from the document may no longer be available.Home Computer Security       Glossary | This section contains definitions of terms used throughout this booklet. Unless otherwise stated, the definitions come from the Webopedia Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms. | ARPAnet | The precursor to the Internet, ARPAnet

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    Network endpoints and network devices have different security considerations and implications. A user workstation implies certain security issues that remain in the user domain while network implications remain part of the LAN or LAN-to-WAN domain. However, during the course of investigating an intrusion, you may have to source data from logs kept in routing devices and end-user systems. Suppose an attacker intrudes upon one of your servers. How do you reconstruct the events of a crime? Log files

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  • Security from the Ground Up & Controlling a Computer

    delusion? It's a false belief held despite evidence to the contrary. Are extreme security measures acting on false threats that don't really exist? Some consider some of my security strategies a bit extreme. I call it meticulous precaution. Sure, the threat might not be real. No one may ever actually want what you have on your PC. But does that really matter? Does the threat have to be real to warrant strong security? Sometimes I have a "Password Day" where I change every password I own on the

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  • Computer Operation and Security

    8/31/14 Computer Operation and Security Task 1 AMI - 6 beeps AMI – BIOS cannot switch CPU into protected mode Phoenix - beep - pause - beep beep beep - pause - beep beep beep beep- pause - beep beep + 1-3-4-3 Phoenix – Test 512K base memory Task 2 Both hardware and software firewalls prevent unauthorized access and unauthorized use to the network. These firewalls ignore information that is not secured and comes from locations that are unknown and suspicious. Hardware firewalls can

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    Contents 1.1) Computer threats categories 2 This attack covers: 2 2.) Bob signs up for internet banking. 3 2.1) how the security scheme works 3 2.2) is it secure against dongle theft 3 2.3) if safe from eavesdropping, does this eliminate need for dongle 3 2.4) the cryptographic primitives used 3 2.5) purpose of the serial number 3 2.6) does the serial number need to be randomly generated 3 Computer security and protecting our systems 4 Bibliography 5

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    Computer Security Assignment 2 Solutions ECE568, Winter 2011 Introduction Answer the following questions. When a word count restriction is given for a question, exceeding it will result in marks being deducted. If your answer is more than twice the maximum length, you will get zero for the question. Please include a word count for all your answers. We recommend that you use a utility like wc on ECF to count the number of words in your answer. Your answers should be written in proper English, with

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  • Computer Security Chapter 2 Review

    Nguyen Dinh Computer Security Assignment 2 1. Both general management and IT management are responsible for implementing information security to protect the ability of the organization to function. Decision-makers in organizations have to set policy and operate their organization in a manner that complies with the complex, shifting political legislation on the use of technology. Management is responsible for informed policy choices and the enforcement of decisions that

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    PA r T O N e Foundations of Network Security Fundamentals of Network Security 2 Firewall Fundamentals 43 VPN Fundamentals 79 Network Security Threats and Issues 111 CHAPTer Fundamentals of Network Security 1 C OMPUTER NETWORK SECURITY is very complex. New threats from inside and outside networks appear constantly. Just as constantly, the security community is always developing new products and procedures to defend against threats of the past and unknowns of

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    November 2015 Computer Security: Worms and viruses Nowadays, in the domain of computer sciences, there is a big problem to face: Worms and viruses. Being in the technology is a good thing, but being n the technology without knowing how to avoid the consequences of the technology is worse. Viruses and worms affect the computer and damage, or in other words corrupt some files that are important to the good functioning of the computer. Viruses have many ways of penetration that computers user ignore

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  • Computer Security

    TITLE: PERSONAL NETWORK SECURITY INTRODUCTION: Computer security is the process of detecting unauthorised use of your computer or PC . As the old saying goes “prevention is better than cure” , going by this we realise that if we learn about the possible loopholes in the security we can prevent it in the first place. But the big question is 'why should i care about my computer security?' . We use computers for everything from banking and investing to shopping and communicating with others through

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    adopted, but till many companies find it necessary to be tailored so that it is tailored to an organization security needs and most till need to be updated to reflect ever changing impact of the cyberspace transactions in everyday activities. Like all company document, cyberspace follows good design and various format in order to make the document not be vague and follow government policies on security design. These policies also need to be reviewed regularly to ensure that they conform to the business

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  • Computer Security

    other controls for effective implementation.Question #05: Numerically list the 5 security controls that cryptography requires. In your own words, explain each control. | | Question #06: What is the main idea behind cryptography?Question #07: What is the main problem with symmetric cryptography?Question #08: What is the basic idea in asymmetric cryptography?Question #09: What does key length have to do with security?Question #10: What is a one-way hash function? Why is it used? SHA-1 is discussed

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  • Computer Network Security for Social Networking

    Computer Network Security for Social Networking McCray C. Devin Undergraduate Business, Leadership, Information System Technology Security Regent University 1000 Regent University dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23464 e-mail: Abstract In this paper, I will address the security issues, flaws, and problems that social networking sites are faced with in retrospect to information that the sites hold. The Information is not protected from the public in any way, why is this

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  • Intro to Computer Security Chap 2 Review Questions

    Linda Fernandez Chap 2 Review Questions 1. Why is information security a management problem? What can management do that technology cannot? Both management and IT management are responsible for the protection necessary to secure information. They are the ones who make the decisions regarding the appropriate security system and what level of security will work for the system. 2. Why is data the most important asset an organization possesses? What other assets in the organization require

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  • Facebook Computer and Network Security

    Computer and Network Security Abstract Facebook began in 2004 as a kind of online directory for undergraduates at Harvard University, created and launched by Harvard students Mark Zuckerberg et al. Two months later, the site expanded to include other Ivy League schools. After that, the college network slowly grew and by the end of 2010, Facebook has over 500 million active users. Facebook is social networking. People have been “facebooking” each other for about 6 years now, making Facebook the

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  • Evaluating the Security of Computer Networks

    Evaluating the Security of Computer Networks Security in Systems Architecture and Applications SE579 2 Table of Contents Evaluating the Security of Computer Networks I. Vulnerabilities A. Design Flaws B. Poor Security Management C. Incorrect Implementation II. Firewalls A. Packet Filtering B. Circuit Level

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    Workstation Domain is a part of the protection that needs to be kept up to date and mentioned in the AUP. Allowing a computer without the most current updates and patches could be a harmful. New threats have come along and need the newest updates to keep from allowing Viruses, Malware, or Spyware from getting into our Internal Use Only documents. Leaving your desk with your computer unlocked leaves it open for unauthorized access . A simple control+alt +del with a password protection would prevent

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  • Computer Security

    Computer Security Protecting Your Computer System Do’s and Don’ts Abstract This paper explores the computer security process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of computers. I will also discuss: A. The prevention measures (do’s and don’ts) to help you stop unauthorized users (also known as “intruders”) from accessing any part of your computer system. B. Detections methods that help you to determine whether or not someone attempted to break into your system; a. If an attack

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    Discussion Questions - Unit 1 1. Consider the information stored on your personal computer. Do you, at this moment, have information stored in your computer that is critical to your personal life? If that information became compromised or lost, what effect would it have on you? (150 - 200 words) I do have personal information stored on my computer that is very critical to my personal life. My personal computer holds credit card numbers, bank account details, passwords, medical information, websites

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