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    Community A community feeling inside an online course can help me stay motivated by being able to talk to my classmates. We communicate by sharing ideas, reading each other’s point of views, asking questions about each other’s point of views and also by answering questions that are given to us about our point of views. Collaboration looks like a group of people working together as a team to get the work done. Like in a community, if someone needs a house

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    My Community John Jr June, 2011 Shepherdsville, Kentucky is where my community is. We have a very small community but pretty much very easy going. There are some issues around my community that may have racism issues such as, gender, looks, or speech in school or sometime even with jobs on who and when someone can work somewhere. These are really little problems that we have and if you ever visited you would see this as well. In my community the members that live near me do

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  • Issue

    ISSUES I. Under Massachusetts’ privacy statue, did Chad Thanton disclose private information about Marsha Kensington that was unreasonable and substantial or serious, when Thanton posted three personal pictures of Kensington, which she had never made public? II. Under Massachusetts’ defamation law, did Chad Thanton publish false information about Marsha Kensington to a third-party that could damage her reputation in the community, when Thanton made statements regarding how Kensington makes her

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  • Issue

    [pic] Foxconn ----- current issue and future forecast Table of Content Executive summary 4 Introduction 5 Overview of the company 5 Economic 7 Current Issue 7 Responding the suicide case in China in economic aspect 7 Current economic issue in Foxconn 7 Future opportunities and risk in Asia region 8 Opportunities 8 Risk 9 Recommendation 10 Political 10 Current Issue 10 Suicide case on political aspect

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  • Community Development

    What is locality development? As we stated in the first section of this chapter, community or locality development is community building through improving the process by which things get done. This can be an end in itself, but it can also be seen as the beginning of a larger process. While locality development can be defined as improving process, it, like all community organizing, must be focused on action and results. You can't get people involved in a process, or in creating a process, unless

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  • Community Assessment

    Collaborative Learning Community: Phoenix Metropolitan Area Rose Alfano, Stella Ihim, Laura Norris, & Jodi Subcliff Grand Canyon University Community Nursing 427V Elizabeth Plata July 14, 2013 Collaborative Learning Community: Phoenix Metropolitan Area The Phoenix metropolitan area is the fifth largest city in the United States. A major barrier that separates Phoenix from other cities is the county line (Cole, 2013). It sits in a valley that is surrounded by mountains ("Phoenix

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    What is a community? Traditionally a “community is a group of people who live in the same area,or people having common rights privliges or interests and living in the same place under the same laws”. This definition was found in Websters Dictonary, however; what about the less talked about communities that appear online? These communities have a lot of the same common interests and make it easier to stay connected with technology whether it is for work or personal interests. Our business is involved

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    Atlanta. In the community, there are a number of places where people go to meet and interact with one another. Churches and other religious institutions are important to the Atlanta community. It is a way of giving back and helping those that are in need of help. Atlanta has charitable events that are organized by churches and members of the community. Workplaces are a common location for people to discuss matters affecting the community and many local employers also participate in community-building activities

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  • Community Environment Issue

    Community Environmental Issue Kornorton Sullivan October 13, 2013 SCI/275 Claudia De Mendonca Synek Listopad Community Environmental Issue Environmental issues are continuously growing throughout America and the rest of the world. In order to protect what is left of the environment, each state developed an environmental department. These environmental departments are working to find ways to not only protect the environment, but to resolve the issues effecting the environment. Scientific assessments

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    Community Profile Chynette Gilkey EHT/316 July 16, 2013 George Price Community Profile In this paper, one will speak of her community. There will be talk of the population of Madison, Tennessee. The paper will talk of the type of people the community holds as well as the sort of work the people in the community do. The paper will tell how and where members of the community mingle, and interact with one another. One will speak on the responsibilities of individual’s to the community, in

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  • Community Diagnosis

    ELDERLY HEALTH ISSUES Community Diagnosis: Developing Health Issues and Costs Western Governors University Community Diagnosis: Developing Health Issues and Costs A community can be any social group that has a common cultural and historical heritage. Every community has their own health issues that they have to deal with. Each community’s issue depends of several factors. Age, location, religion, and political views are just a few of the factors that affect most communities. Data needs

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    Communities A community can be defined as a group of individuals that congregate to share common values, beliefs and interests. However, communities can be broken down to two different sub categories. A relational community would be a community where people come together based on a common interest whereas a territorial community would be where people are brought together due to their geography. Having previously attended a boarding school and currently attending college I will be comparing the

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  • Community Environmental Issue

    Community Environmental Issue/Coal Mining in Arkansas Kathleen Hastings November 7, 2013 SCI 275 Clifford Blizard Community Environmental Issue/Coal Mining in Arkansas “Coal Production in Arkansas is not often done, but there are some cases in Arkansas. In 2004, the state produced about seven thousand short tons of coal. Arkansas was twenty sixth in the nation in coal production according to the National Mining Association. Arkansas does have many coal deposits; however, the most accessible

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  • Community Policing

    practice of community policing today. In the following paper I will discuss and review the literature of the issues and history that have brought about the creation of community policing. I will start from the beginning with Sir Robert Peel and the creation of the Metropolitan Police Force in 1829, to the Political era starting in 1820, and the Professional and Reform era in the 1940’s to 1970 that has lead us to the implementation of community policing today. The policy and practice of community policing

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  • Problems or Issues in Community

    volunteer, so that you too can make a difference by volunteering. Here are couple different genres of volunteering, youth, homeless, seniors, and your community. There are at least 400 organizations across the valley of the sun that focus on raising money, providing food, shelter, and assistance for the homeless, youth, senior citizens and even for your community. Sometimes it is hard to find time or even selfish reasons get in our way from volunteering, but not only does volunteering makes the person you’re

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  • Community Assessment of Ankorcha Community

    Addis Ababa University School of Social Work Community Assessment Report Community: ANKORCHA By: Genene Yilma Yohannes Feyyisa Melsew Kibret Melese Yirga Mengistie Tegenie Feyisa Negashu Mussie Atlabachew Zebib Nesru Submitted to : Wassie Kebede(PhD)

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  • Community Issue

    more bills and issues, the solution is yes to be more conservative but without charging them. In conclusion The Resident Energy Conservation Program is not the solution to conserving energy because it is only frustrating and charging hard working member of the military who already have a hard time making ends meet. Conserving energy is task that is going to be difficult to complete but it has to be done by all family member before phase 2. People must realize that this is a big issue and although

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  • Community Observation

    Community Observation Paper Mike Richardson Liberty University Summer 2014 SOCI 200-D01 LUO Professor Cole Community Observation Paper My Community Observation Paper dealt with observing the homeless issue in my community and the local Mission that is the main source of support for individuals without a home. This experience is something that I’ve witnessed from my job for the past several years, but this prospective was different because of the many different types of people I witnessed

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  • Community Corrections

    Hakeem Abdul CRJU 2510-01 Mr.Beeler 8/27/14 Community corrections watch over people who work for the criminal justice system but who are not in prison or jail. Our poor economy has affected our society in ways the prison system has not been spared from what is a system wide budget cuts and closings (Vera2013). In the last 30 years that community corrections have become a substantial part of the correctional system. In recent years, the push for alternatives to incarceration has

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    Activity No. 1 Interview a community health nurse using the questioner on community health nursing. Additionally, request the community health nurse to accomplish the checklist on the awareness of the roles and functions of a community health nurse. QUESTIONNAIRE FOR THE COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSE As a Community Health Nurse, please answer the questions as briefly and candidly as possible. 1. What are some difficulties/problems that you have encountered in the performance of your roles/duties

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  • Community Environmental Issues

    Community Environmental Issue Holly Regan SCI/275 July 27, 2014 Stacy Murphy Community Environmental Issue The environmental issue of concern in the State of Oregon is its rivers. The water quality state of ten of the largest rivers in Oregon becomes polluted by tributaries which feed into them. Water quality is impacted not only by pollution, but also by water flow, streamside vegetation, and changes to the stream channel, and these factors are important for overall stream health. In

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  • Community Paper

    Elias M. Rosado March 6, 2011 Community Psychology Community Meeting Paper School Committee of Haverhill, Massachusetts Meeting Observation February 10, 2011 came along and I was undecided whether I should go to my evening class on campus, or if I should attend the school committee. It is a good choice that I decided to attend the school committee for the next one on February 24th was announced cancelled. The Haverhill School Committee is made up of six members elected for four year terms

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  • Community Health Assessment of a Community

    Community assessment and analysis Presentation Red group Interview with Community health Nurse Essex County New Jersey Demographic of Essex County Essex County is located in the North eastern part of new jersey. The history of Essex county dates back to 1666 when 30 families from Connecticut established settlement along the banks of Passaic river. Essex County was officially established in 1682 by east jersey legislature

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    Community Impact: Health Reference Imagine a world where everyone lives in a healthy community that improves quality of life. Access to healthy food, quality health care, financial education, and a supportive educational system enables all Passaic County residents of all ages (children, teenagers, adults and seniors) to thrive, and lead healthy lifestyles. United way of Passaic County understands the socioeconomic and community-level factors that

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    The town of Islip is located on the south shore of Long Island. Islip once had a population of 1,145 in the year 1820, since then it has grown to a community where there are over 335,000 residents that are living and working. Islip used to be a plantation, over the years it evolved to an area known for fishing and tourism. "On November 29, 1683, William Nicoll became the first patentee of Islip when he purchased land from Sachem (Chief) Winnequaheagh of Connetquot. He named his 500,000 acre plantation

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    CASE STUDY I. THE COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF SAN FERNANDO PAMPANGA TO THE PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT. February 10, 2014, I and my partner, went to the Municipality of City of San Fernando, Pampanga. We visited the City Environment and Natural Resources Office to conduct a short interview regarding the community involvement of their organization/department to the poor and environment. As a short discussion with Engr. Anele C. David (the Senior Environmental Management Specialist

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  • Community Organizing

    Compromiso: Promotoras and Community Health Workers Network and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Angels: Help for Society's Most Vulnerable People. The theme of the first video--Vision y Compromiso: Promotoras and Community Health Workers Network are to make the public officials to aware of the health issues that exist in their communities throughout California. This promotora is a community leader with a vision of bringing a bridge between the social services and the needy community of California.

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  • What Spiritual Issues Surrounding a Disaster Can Arise for Individuals, Communities, and Health Care Providers? Explain Your Answer in the Context of a Natural or Manmade Disaster. How Can a Community Health Nurse

    In terms of a manmade disaster, the after effects can include: distrust in the community, hopelessness for individuals, and a sense of struggle for health care providers. Spirituality is an aspect of life that is important to some and non-important to others. In my personal opinion, we all have some form of spirituality and sense of being within us, even though it may be blocked out consciously and emotionally from someone. Disasters can change someone obviously physically, but internally as well

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  • Community Environmental Issues

    Community Environmental Issue Rebecca M. Butler SCI-275 June 7th, 2015 Mr. Scott Rosecrans Community Environmental Issues In Aiken South Carolina, the biggest environmental issue is air pollution; this is mainly due to the Savannah River Site. The Savannah River Site is a nuclear reservation, in the United States, which is located in the state of South Carolina. In addition, this nuclear reservation is located on land in Aiken, Allendale and Barnwell Counties adjacent to the Savannah River

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  • Contemporary Issues in Community Development

    CDEV 461: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TOPIC: THE EMERGING TREND OF DRUG ABUSE AND PEDDLING IN EGERTON UNIVERSITY SUBMITED TO: DR. KAMURU MAKAL DEPARTMENT OF APPLIED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT STUDIES. DATE OF SUBMISSION ABSTRACT Drug abuse is one of the top problems confronting the nation today especially among the youth. Incidences of drug and alcohol abuse and related antisocial behavior have tremendously increased in the resent years this has become matter of concern to the government

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  • Community Health Issue: Teenage Pregnancy

    Community Health Issues: Teenage Pregnancy The local Community health issues that will be discussed is teen pregnancy, even though it stems further than just the community. Teen pregnancy has been going on for decades, just in the past few decades we have seen the problem increase, up until around the 1960’s it was appropriate for a 14 year old girl to marry and have kids. Since the decline of unwed teenagers was when everyone decided it was a problem and it has to be fixed. Even though it has been

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  • My Writing and Community Issues

    Unit 2 Assignment CM220 Lisa Lockett Kaplan University My Writing and Community Issues As I first read this assignment, I was a little confused. I have trouble speaking proper English and I know when I start to write in college, I was confusing my teachers with my run-on sentences and incorrect grammar. Now that I have attended Kaplan my teachers have used constructed criticism that help me want to learn to write even more. There are so many reasons why my writing was not reaching my readers

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  • Issue

    mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. The source of the stress in nursing students is related in their learning experience and the programs that they enrolled into. The learning experience is a series of planned activities in the community that would prepare students technically and professionally should they decide to pursue higher education in the health profession. Another factor is the time allocated in the nursing college’s classroom and laboratory. Students also advised, or rather

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  • Issue

    The speaker claims that the responsibility for protecting the environment ultimately belongs to each individual rather than government. The issue involves various aspects of environmental protection and government regulations. In my view, while it is true that ordinary people are ultimately responsible for protecting the environment, the government is also obliged to join the efforts, for the reason that only government has the necessary regulatory power and financial support to coordinate such efforts

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  • Community Analysis

    48205 believed they were “moving on up”. Zip code 48205, also known as the Osborn Community is located on the northeast edge of Detroit, bounded by East Eight Mile Road, McNichols Road (Six Mile), Gratiot Avenue and Van Dyke. From 1960 - 1980 the area was occupied by people of all diverse cultures, backgrounds and nationalities, including African Americans, Whites, Hmongs, Italians and Sicilians. Within the Osborn community there is an area named “Mohican-Region” which was once locally called “Little

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  • Community

    My Community Visit Community Pharmacy Visit Reflection is important as it allows us as students to look back at a particular event and help us improve for future references. In this piece of writing I will mainly use Gibbs reflective cycle[1] as it allows one to analytically reflect on events. When I first got to the pharmacy it was very busy and the dispensary staff as well as the pharmacist seemed quite calm despite the queue of customers and patients, at first I felt under pressure as I

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    Application of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing Western Governors University A1. Description of Disease Avian Influenza, commonly referred to as the Bird Flu, is a highly contagious virus amongst birds (avian). These viruses occur naturally and can move quickly from wild aquatic birds to domesticated chickens, ducks and turkeys. Wild birds infected with the avian influenza virus usually do not get sick. The virus that normally infects the respiratory tract, affects wild

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  • Issues

    GAC023 ASSESSMENT EVENT 4 (1) Issues Report Student’s name: Elda Guadalupe Coronel Corona. Student’s ID: 1674153. Teacher: Javier Morones. Due date: January 29th2016 Word Count: 300 1.0 Introduction The objective of this report is to conduct research to determine what aspects of biology a person must be familiar with in order to understand, deal with and attempt to solve the problem. This research is based on secondary research sources from internet and articles

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  • Community Organization

    The creation of a community based program that address fall in the older adults will play an important role in the well-being of the residents in our community. This program will address the main factors that directly affects this public health issue and promote better practices for everyone. Some of those factors are mobility and balance issues that are a normal part of the aging process, as well as conditions such as strokes and arthritis that influence mobility and balance as well. These adults

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  • Community


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  • Community

    Welcome to Community Connections! Community Connections provides comprehensive, respectful and effective mental health and residential services to residents of the District of Columbia and Montgomery County, Maryland.   Our Mission Community Connections provides comprehensive, respectful and effective mental health and residential services to residents of the District of Columbia and Montgomery County, Maryland.   Our Philosophy Community Connections was founded on the premise that service

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  • Community

    pace of the game, and that it afforded me a chance to hit other kids without penalty. Over the years, however, football came to mean more to me than a free-for-all arena. Especially by the time I entered high school, football was a community: the most important community in my life. Simply through getting up early day after day in the summer for grueling 2-a-days, and continuing that effort to just show up, battered and bruised, day after day, to get better and help my teammates achieve success,

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  • Community

    Community Assessment and Analysis - Rio Grande Michele Foster, Chelsea Simpson, Cinimol Teju, Ann Brennan, Jessica Ramaley Grand Canyon University Community Assessment and Analysis - Rio Grande The lower Rio Grande Valley is located along the United States and Mexican border. The lower Rio Grande Valley consists of four counties along the southernmost tip of Texas (Migrant Health Promotion, 2012). These counties include metropolitan areas such as Rio Grande City, McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville

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  • Community Issues

    Many communities have issues that bother or even cause trouble in the community. In my community the thing I most worry about is children safety while playing in the streets. Home appearance is also a big thing not only to the neighbors but to potential buyers. Also lawn care when your lawn is green and others look like deserts. The safety, lawn care, and appearance are an issue in every community that can cause either a place for great living or tension among neighbors. In my community there

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  • Community

    center for math and it’s great. The library is huge you can find a whole lot of books you need for assingments.The thing that I think is really cool is I don’t have to look for my consolers name,it pops right up if I need it. They also have communities you can go into if you have questions .The helpful videos when you sign in shows you anything you may have forgot, and they also quick links for everything. It’s made so everything is right in front of you I think I will enjoy the ols experience

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    The community in which I live is very diverse. They diversity is stem from immigrants whom have found a comfortable living arrangement with other members of their race, nationality and origin. The majority of those living in my community are African-Americans, followed very closely by Hispanic and Native Americans. The community in which I live is very urbanized, and residential. In regards to the members of my community, I definitely can relate to them. The reason I find it easy to relate to

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    Community Layman’s definition of community * A community is a place where an individual lives, works and plays. Olsen’s definition of community * A community is a social organization that is territorially localized and through which its members satisfy most of their daily needs and deal with most of their problems. * It is a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government and have a common cultural and historic heritage. Community, as a social

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    My community is not the typical town. We do not have racial discriminations, hate crimes or gangs. We don’t have the cultural day parades or blocks of neighborhoods that represent certain racial affiliations. We do not have the daily fights that some neighborhoods go through on a regular basis, striving for equality. Why? My community is overwhelmingly white. A person would have to struggle to find the minorities in my town. Is that a blessing for our community or a setback? While others are learning

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  • Community Organizing

    happening in our community. Particularly those groups of individuals living in rural communities, being described as those living in country side or far flang areas where in their source of services is from the police, fire department, schools, specially hospitals and health services are most often limited or shared among multiple communities. Since rural life is very different from both city and suburban life, and it needs to be address, a community organizing needs to be adopt. Community organizing

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  • Community

    however the dictionary defines “community” as “a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage”. A virtual community consists only of people that use their computers as the means of communication; however, they never meet personally. People discuss various ideas, share common interests, and find friends and partners with the help of virtual communities. Virtual communities exist, and there are a lot of

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