Community Health Nursing Task 4

  • Community Health Nursing Reflection

    Community Health Nursing Reflection NUR/405 2012 Diane Schlicke RN MSN Community Health Nursing Reflection The role of the community health nurse in the participating family’s community is to focus on the health needs of the aggregate or group. Community health nursing refers to a systematic, comprehensive focus on wellness, health protection, and disease, and injury prevention for the population residing in a specific area. The nurse functions as advocate, case manager, consultant, health

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  • Community Health Nursing Reflection

    Community Health Nursing Reflection NUR/405 August 7, 2012 Community Health Nursing Reflection According to Phyllis Meadows (2009), “Community health nurses are valued for their adaptability and willingness to provide care in many settings, including community health clinics, churches, homeless shelters, and schools,” (p. 19). Community health nurses aim to improve health outcomes and improve the infrastructure used to monitor and manage disease within the community. Healthy People 2020 has

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  • Nursing Concepts of Community and Population Health

    Introduction Community or public health nursing is a concept intended to shift the focus of the traditional nurse role to a global scope. Nursing practice is based in the art and science of identifying individual patient responses to illness and decreasing patient suffering when possible. Public health nursing expands beyond the individual to explore causative health related factors both negative and positive within the community, while developing processes to alleviate suffering while

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  • Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection

    Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection Cynthia Clayton NUR/405 January 14, 2012 Sandra Winters Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection Community and public health nursing provide health education, care management and primary care to individuals and families who are members of vulnerable populations and high risk groups. Public health nurse integrate community involvement and knowledge about the entire population with personal clinical understandings of the health and illness

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  • Community Health Nursing

    Nutrition: A Handbook for Community Nurses JUDY BUTTRISS SARA STANNER AMANDA WYNNE WHURR PUBLISHERS Nutrition A Handbook for Community Nurses This page intentionally left blank Nutrition A Handbook for Community Nurses JUDY BUTTRISS PhD, SRD, RPHNutr Science Director, British Nutrition Foundation AMANDA WYNNE BSc, MSc, PGDipDiet, SRD and SARA STANNER BSc(Hons), MSc, RPHNutr Nutrition Scientist British Nutrition Foundation SERIES EDITOR MARILYN EDWARDS BSC(Hons),

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  • Community Health Nursing

    Communicable Diseases: Task 3 Measles is an infectious illness that can lead to pneumonia, encephalitis, croup, blindness, diarrhea, or death if left untreated. According to Queensland Health (2013), measles symptoms usually start to show after about 10 days. The early symptoms are similar to that of the common cold; they include fever, fatigue, runny nose, conjunctivitis, and coughing. A trademark of measles is small white spots on the inside of the cheek. Once these small white spots appear,

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  • Task 3 Community Health Wgu

    Community and Population Health By Malka Molly Hayman, RN Task three Communicable disease outbreak of the Measles Communicable disease outbreak occurs when there is a larger then expected incidence of a disease. It can affect a small group or thousands of people in a region. In some instances even just two independent cases can lead to an outbreak, eventually leading to an epidemic, or pandemic which refers to a global outbreak. Measles is a communicable disease that is highly contagious

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  • Wgu Community Health Task 2

    critical care nursing experience. Facing death and illness on a daily basis requires self-examination and a high degree of comfort with one’s own mortality, limits and values. Constant exposure to the fragility of life forces respect for the whole person and the people who love them. A general approach to patients who are actively dying is to allow them to define what they want and need during this time. The nurse’s role is to support what is important to the individual. Nursing care is tailored

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  • Wgu Community Health Task 2

    R.M Community Health Task 2 When caring for the terminally ill patient, one must examine their feeling in order to provide care. It is important for the nurse not to judge the patient or family for decisions made, only to support and advocate for the patient and family during this time. As a critical care nurse the author has participated in the care of numerous terminally ill and palliative care patients. Unfortunately every person that lives will eventually die and it is the responsibility

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  • Evolution of Community and Public Health Nursing

    Evolution of Community and Public Health Nursing University of Phoenix NUR/405 Sandra Byrd 3/10/14 University of Phoenix Material Evolution of Community and Public Health Nursing Identify a minimum of 3 major events (or influences) in the evolution of community and public health nursing and describe how each event led to advancement of the field. For each event, describe the following: Key health issues at the time Perspectives and goals of community and public health nursing Roles and

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  • History of Community Health Nursing

    History of Community Health Nursing and Health Promotion/Risk Reduction Cumberland University History of Community Health Nursing and Health Promotion/Risk Reduction For this assignment, I have chosen two articles from the American Journal of Nursing written in October of 1900. Article 1 The first article obtained is titled Work for Nurses in Play-Schools written by Mary Boyle O’Reilly for the first edition of American Journal of Nursing (O'Reilly, 1900). The article discusses how district

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  • Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection

    Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection NUR/405 Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection My family lives in Encanto, which is an underserviced community with very little resources for theses lower income diverse families, which have many vulnerabilities. In this paper we are going to identify how community, public health nursing and community partnerships can be of service to this community. We will also take a look at epidemiological influences in Encanto as well as look at

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  • Community Health Nursing Task 4

    Community Health Nursing Emergency Response 725.8.8 Stefanie Pipia Western Governors University April 18, 2014 Disaster in Franklin County In the event of a disaster there are many people with various roles needed to respond and meet the needs of the community affected. The role of major public health personnel is to assess the incident for immediate health needs, severity of health needs and the potential health risks of the community. The public health personnel have specific

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  • Progress in Community and Public Health Nursing

    Progression in community and public health nursing Kristine Porritt NUR/405 April 5, 2014 Karen Wilson Progression in community and public health nursing There has been much advancement in the nursing profession over the centuries but three key points in time stand out; The Marine Hospital Service Act of 1798, The Port Quarantine Act of 1878 and the National Health Department establishment in 1879. These three separate acts improved our medical and nursing system to what it is today; the

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  • Assessment and Diagnosis Nr443 Community Health Nursing

    Assessment and Diagnosis Kimberly Bowen NR443 Community Health Nursing Ellsworth Wisconsin in Pierce County is a smaller community of mostly farming, nestled in Northwestern Wisconsin it consist of 250 square miles. According to Wisconsin Department of Health Services (2013). Pierce County residents are among the healthiest in the state, according to the 2013 County Health Rankings released by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute (UWPHI) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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  • Community Nursing

    Running Head: COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING INTERVENTION Community Health Nursing Intervention During the initial surveys and studies performed, the Town of Breckenridge was shown to be healthy and affluent. But, even with this affluence, and the services available because of it, there were populations that were shown to be vulnerable. These vulnerabilities are in part due to lifestyle choices of some residents as well as the access to health care due to job opportunities. The purpose

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  • Community Health Task 3

    SARS: Task 3 Community Health Tasheema P Bullock Western Governors University SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, according to the website, is “a viral respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus, called SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV)”. ("Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome", 2014) The outbreak occurred in Southern China that quickly spread to North America in 2003. The people that were found to have the disease, had recently traveled to southern China. People that

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  • Community Health Task 4 Wgu

    The Roles of Health Personnel in Disaster Management When a disaster occurs the public health personnel must ready, prepared and organized in order to help the community. Public health personnel are better prepared and will perform tasks more effectively with the proper training. The roles of the public health personnel vary but are all focused on one goal: the overall well-being of the community. An experienced public health nurse is very important when a disaster occurs, they need to have specific

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  • Wgu Community Health Task 1

    Community Health Assessment Szt Task 1 Community Description This city of Port Orange is located in Central Florida, in Volusia County. Dr Milton Hawks arrived during what was actually the second wave of settlers to explore what is now known as Port Orange. He is also credited with giving the settlement its name. It was incorporated April 26th of 1867. As of the U.S. census there were 56,048 residents of the growing city. The city’s total area is 28.7 square miles, of which 2.0 sq miles

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  • History of Community Health Nursing

    History of Community Nursing Matrix As long as people have existed, they needed to look after their health. As a result, the healthcare industry was born. Nurses were a vital part of that growing community. This paper will approach three different historical periods in the United States, discuss the nurse’s role in the community in regards to the major health issues of that period, how they partnered with the community to create new programs and finish with an intellectual discussion on how Jean

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  • Community Health & Population Focused Nursing

    B1. Community I did my study for this assignment in Stokes County, North Carolina which is where I recently moved to from Iowa. Stokes County is made up of several small towns but King, which is where I live, is the largest town. Stokes County is in the middle northern part of the state near the Virginia border, a mountain chain, and a lot of wilderness. Some of the towns are incorporated and some are not and a few only claim to be villages. Using the Population Economic Status Assessment, I looked

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  • Hgt1 Community Health Nursing Practicum Wgu Western Governors University

    HGT1 Community Health Nursing Practicum WGU Western Governors University DESCRIPTION Introduction: The following are directions to write the narrative description of your field project. It should be written in APA (6th edition) format, appropriately noting in-text citations, references, etc. You may attach as appendices any charts, tables, or other materials

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  • Wgu Szt1 Community and Population Health - Entire Course All 4 Tasks

    WGU SZT1 Community and Population Health - Entire Course ALL 4 Tasks TASK 1 Task: A. Formulate an appropriate community diagnosis for the selected community by doing the following (suggested length of 4–6 pages): 1. Describe the selected community based on the assessment. 2. Interpret the collected data using concepts of epidemiology (e.g., birth

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  • Hgt1 Community Health Nursing Practicum Wgu Western Governors University

    HGT1 Community Health Nursing Practicum WGU Western Governors University IF You Want To Purcahse A+ Work then Click The Link Below For Instant Down Load IF You Face Any Problem Then E Mail Us At JOHNMATE1122@GMAIL.COM DESCRIPTION Introduction: The following are directions to write the narrative description of your field project. It should be written in APA (6th edition) format, appropriately

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  • Community Health Nursing Task 2

    vaccinated. By the 16th of April the state laboratory of Public Health was able to confirm the diagnosis, with the last known case being confirmed on May 7th. The investigation of this outbreak revealed 4 patients with a confirmed diagnosis that had received one of vaccination of the two part series. The other 19 cases had not ever been vaccinated. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services issued a letter informing the community of the outbreak, and offering recommendations for providers

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  • Application of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing

    APPLICATION OF COMMUNITY HEALTH & POPULATION-FOCUSED NURSING VWT Task 2 Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Kelly Belcher 307442 Western Governors University ("INSTITUTO DE BIOLOGIA & INGENIERIA DE ECOSISTEMAS: RUSSIAN REPORT WARNS OF GRAVE MONSANTO THREAT TO WORLD," n.d.) I chose to do this assignment about the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). It is caused by the coronavirus MERS-CoV. I have never heard of this condition, and arbitrarily picked it because my best

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  • Community Health and Population Focused Nursing

    Identification of Community The community to be discussed is Oklahoma County, Oklahoma which is located in central Oklahoma. Oklahoma County seats 20 different cities and town. As of the 2013 census there were 755,245 residents in Oklahoma County. Oklahoma County is 718 Square miles with a population density of approximately 1,013 people per square mile. The average housing density is approximately 416 per square mile. The county consists of a lot of open land, rivers, lakes, and ponds. The

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  • Unit 4 Task 4 Health and Social Care

    Saga Magazines... How does ageing affect you? MENOPAUSE The menopause, sometimes known as “the change of life”, is where a woman’s ovaries stop producing an egg every 4 weeks, meaning she no longer has periods and is unlikely to get pregnant. Monthly periods can sometimes stop suddenly when you reach the menopause; however it is more likely that your periods will become less frequent, with longer intervals between each one, before they stop altogether. In the UK, 51 is the average age for a

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  • C228-Community Health Nursing-Task 1

    C228-Community Health Nursing-Task 1 Western Governors University Identification of Community Along the northern-end of Utah’s Wasatch Front is a scenic region of land known as Weber County. This county ranges from the peaks of the Wasatch Mountains into a portion of the Great Salt Lake of the lower valley. The Weber and Ogden rivers and their tributaries run through its valleys (Weber County, 2015). Weber County is the second smallest county in land mass and has the fourth largest population

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  • Application of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing

    Dana Agovino WGU A. Explain the difference between a regulatory agency and a professional nursing organization as it pertains to your professional nursing practice. A regulatory agency would best be described using the example of the State Board of Nursing, which regulates the standards of nursing practice by providing policies or laws to ensure safe practice within a scope. The State Board of Nursing provides and enforces these policies to protect society from unsafe practice and unqualified

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  • Nursing 427 Concepts in Community and Public Health

    Substance Abuse in Adolescents Seana Benham Grand Canyon University Nursing 427 Concepts in Community and Public Health November5, 2015 Prevalence of substance abuse among youth In 2013, the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey revealed than an estimated 16.6 percent of Colorado high school youth reported binge drinking, 10.7 percent reported cigarette smoking, and 19.7 percent reported marijuana use in the 30 days prior to the survey. As many as 13.6 percent abused prescription drugs at some

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  • Community Health Nursing

    RN Community Health Nursing Course Project Milestone #2 Small Town USA INTRODUCTION A small town that doesn't have that big city element can be referred to as suburbia, or is predominantly white, with low crime rates. Small Town USA is more predominant than realized. Although the town of Mayberry was a fictional small town that was featured in "The Andy Griffith Show" where almost all the residents are white with little or no minorities it sets a particularly accurate setting

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  • Community Health Task 2

    Governor’s University RN-MSN Student ID# 000379988 In the United States we are very fortunate. For the most part we do not live in fear of disease outbreaks from day to day. Our government along with the Centers for Disease Control and Public Health Departments have managed to have adults and children vaccinated and set up recommendations regarding those vaccinations. Despite all that is done our country allows freedoms. One of these freedoms is to not vaccinate your child from communicable

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  • Community Health Nursing

    ABSTRACT A well respected English author once wrote that nursing is a passionate profession and is akin to a fever in the blood[1], with the hard work and long hours fading in importance against the vocational rewards. But community nursing has shown how the nursing profession is no longer viewed as merely hard work and long hours, it has illustrated nursing is a skill, a crucial facet of government health strategy, and a social and medical science. This passion extends from hard work and includes

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  • Community Health Task 2

                                          Community Health and Population­Focused Nursing  Task 2  Laurie Webster  000515728  January 3, 2016                                  Requirements:  A.  Analyze the selected communicable disease outbreak (​ suggested length of 2–3 pages)   ​ by doing the following:  Measles    Measles are a highly contagious disease and the first documented case was in the 9th  century.  According to the History of Vaccine website measles were first discovered in the 

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  • Community Health and Population Focused Nursing Task 1

    TASK 1 Application of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing AngelitoArguelles WGU Student No. 000476784 A. The community that I have chosen for the assigned community assessment is Broomfield county in the state of Colorado. This particular county is fairly new in its inception. According to the city and county of Broomfield website’s constitutional amendment section (n.d.), the city of Broomfield became the city and county of Broomfield on November 15, 2001. Before then, the

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  • Application of Community Health and Population Focused Nursing

    Application of Community Health and Population Focused Nursing VWT Task 1 Cassidi Roberts Western Governors University Community Health and Population Focused Nursing Rated number one for the best place to live in America, McKinney, Texas is “unique by nature” As one of the fastest growing cities in the US, McKinney has a current population of more than 149,000, located 30 miles north of Dallas and is the seat of Collin County. McKinney offers rolling hills, lush trees, a historic downtown

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  • Community Health Nursing Final

    Identification of Community Originally called the Tri-City, Westminster is in Orange County, California. “Westminster is landlocked and bordered by Seal Beach on the west, by Garden Grove on the north and east, and by Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley on the south”, (Westminster Wikipedia entry, 2014). Westminster is also called Little Saigon. “The 2010 United States Census reported that Westminster had a population of 89,701 with a population density was 8,926.5 people per square mile”, (Westminster

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  • C228 – Community Health Nursing – Task 2

    C228 – Community Health Nursing – Task 2 Renee Todd Western Governors University Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a severe acute respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus named MERS-CoV. It is believed that the virus is found in camels and passed on to humans who are in contact or around infected animal. These camels are mainly located in Egypt, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia (WHO, 2015a). Those infected with MERS exhibit fever, cough, and shortness of breath

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  • Community Health Task 2

    Application of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing Western Governors University Introduction This paper is about an epidemic outbreak of tuberculosis in Haiti after January 2010’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake, which killed and injured about 600,000 people and left about 1.5 million displaced. This disease will be described; involved risk factors will be discussed. The following topics will also be discussed: how the outbreak could affect the community, reporting protocol if the outbreak

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  • Application of Community Health and Population Focused Nursing

    Head: Application of Community Health APPLICATION OF COMMUNITY HEALTH & POPULATION-FOCUSED NURSING Ann Coddington Western Governors University Abstract This paper focuses on the health status of Yakima Valley in Washington State from numerous published data and interviews. A. Identification of Community/Windshield Survey This paper focuses on the health status of the Yakima

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  • Community Health and Population Task 1

    Community Health Survey Task 1 Kinita L. Evans Western Governors University Author Note This paper is being submitted on March 14, 2016, for C228 Community Health and Population Focused Nursing course. Community Health Survey Task 1 Hillsborough County is a county located in the state of Florida. As of the 2010 census, the population was 1,229,226, making it the fourth most populous county in Florida. Its county seat and largest city is Tampa. Hillsborough County is included in the

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  • Task 1 Community Health

                            TASK 1:  APPLICATION OF COMMUNITY HEALTH & POPULATION­FOCUSED  NURSING          A. Identification of Community  The community that I have choose is Harrison County, Indiana. Harrison County  is located far down in the southern part of the state of Indiana its border is followed and  made up of the Ohio River on the east side. The ​Blue River​ runs along the county's  western border. Six counties are adjacent to Harrison County. The county has a total area 

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  • Community Health Nursing

    Community Health Nursing SZT Task 2 February 7, 2014 A. Personal Perceptions Serving as a patient care advocate is the most important role a nurse serves as a health care provider. Nurses serve to support the patient, sometimes having to put their own personal beliefs and values to the side. Although this is ingrained in us as nurses, sometimes health care providers allow their emotions to alter their perspective when dealing with death and dying. For twenty-four years I have served

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  • Community Health and Population Focused Nursing Task 2

    Community Health and Population Focused Nursing Task 2 Cecilia D. Vazquez Western Governors University A. Identification of international outbreak The communicable disease that caused an international outbreak is Swine Influenza A which is also known as H1N1. I will be describing the epidemiology and transmission of the outbreak, the effect of the outbreak on my community at a systems level and finally discuss what actions will be appropriate for a community health nurse when confronted

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  • Wgu Community Health Task 2

    Communicable Disease Outbreak (Measles) Community Health Task 2 Western Governors University Carissa J Dugan Student ID: 000468111 August 20, 2015 Measles was discovered in the 19th century by a Persian Doctor, but was not recognized until 1957 as an infectious agent in human blood by a Scottish physician. In 1912 measles became a notifiable disease and in the first decade that records were kept there was on average 6,000 deaths per year reported from the disease

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  • Community Health and Population­Focused Nursing

    Running head: COMMUNITY HEALTH AND POPULATION                      Community Health and Population­Focused Nursing (C228)  June 29, 2016                  1      Running head: COMMUNITY HEALTH AND POPULATION                                        A. Identification of Community    2      Running head: COMMUNITY HEALTH AND POPULATION  The community that I will be presenting a health assessment status of for this task is  Collierville

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  • Public Health and Community Nursing

    Public Health Layers NUR 408 April 23, 2012 Deborah Nallo Public Health Layers The focus of Public Health continues to shift with time because of various social, economic, and political forces. Exploring the public health layers of history in the Los Angeles County, State of California, and the United States, and a comparison between public and community health nursing is the beginning to increasing our knowledge toward resources available. The history of public health in the county of Los

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  • Community Health Nursing Reflection

    Community Health Nursing Reflection NUR/405 Cynthia Januale Community Health Nursing Reflection This assignment was very interesting and unique compared to other assignments that I have had in the past. Visiting and studying the community that I chose gave me quite the insight on various issues that, had it not been for this assignment, I may not have picked up on before. “In any setting, the role of public health nurses focuses on the prevention of illness, injury or disability, the

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  • Community Health

    Running head: COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING ASSESSMENT Community Health Nursing Assessment Alison C. Jessup Saint Joseph’s College COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING ASSESSMENT Abstract COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING ASSESSMENT Prior to becoming a nurse five years ago I didn’t really give much thought to the community that surrounded me. I independently went about my daily life without really considering my neighbors or municipality and I certainly wasn’t geared towards thinking about how I can give

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