Community Emergency Preparedness And Response

  • Disaster Preparedness Program

    DISASTER PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM Clark Subic Marketing is proud to present a one-of-a-kind, exclusive program of disaster preparedness and risk reduction.  Choose from 4 diverse courses all tailored to help your governmental or private organization ready for the inevitable.  Held in Subic Bay at facilities formerly occupied by the United States Military, these programs are comprehensive in scope, understandable to a broad range of participants and ideally suited for any large public entities, municipalities

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  • Fema, Preparedness and Mitigation

    immediate response and reassuring the community that their lives will promptly return to normalcy. Nonetheless, no matter the size of the city, the local government leaders are responsible to oversee all four phases of the Emergency Management process, which are Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Mitigation. Furthermore, whenever we discuss disaster, the first thought that comes to mind is “Hurricane Katrina” because of the blatant misguided approach and lack of timely and effective response during

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  • Risk Loss, Prevention & Emergency Planning

    October 5, 2012 Risk Loss, Prevention & Emergency Planning Case Study #3 October 5, 2012 Risk Loss, Prevention & Emergency Planning Case Study #3 Risk Loss, Prevention and Emergency Planning Case Study 3 Disaster preparedness is achieved partially through readiness measures that expedite emergency response, rehabilitation and recovery and result in rapid, timely and targeted assistance. It is also achieved through community-based approaches and activities that build the

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  • Disaster Preparedness

    Disaster Preparedness March 21, 2013 Whether a disaster is man- made or natural, it can occur at anytime and anywhere. General response to any disaster is thereby in terms of rescue and relief operations which are after the event. If we are well and adequately prepared, it is very easy to reduce the impact of that disaster. There can be reduction of the impact through being aware by understanding well the preventive actions, together with having knowledge of particular tools and techniques; at

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  • Emergency Preparedness Paper-Nur408

    Community Emergency Preparedness & Response Paper NUR 408 March 25, 2013 Community Emergency Preparedness & Response Paper Media coverage of disasters across the globe come in real time and with intensity that one would believe that natural or manmade disasters happens more frequently, affecting thousands if not millions of lives. People prepare for the worst such as buying premium insurance to decrease the anxiety but still expecting the best. Disasters in all form is part of life and

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  • Assessment of Volunteers Performance of Cyclone Preparedness Programme from Community Point of View

    becomes the landing ground and breeding place of catastrophic cyclones formed in the Bay of Bengal. The high number of casualties is due to the fact that cyclones are always associated with storm surges. The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society Cyclone Preparedness Program (CPP) is being a joint venture with the Government of Bangladesh, The CPP is an organic component of the nation’s institutional early warning system as clearly defined in the “Standing Order on Disasters”. The BDRCS CPP program is the most

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  • Disaster Preparedness

    defined as an event in which illness or injuries surpass resource capabilities of a community or medical facility (Ignatavicius & Workman, 2010). Disaster preparedness is a process of ensuring that an organization has complied with the preventive measures and is in a state of readiness to contain the effects of a predicted disastrous event to minimize loss of life, injury, and damage to property. Disaster preparedness can also provide rescue, relief, rehabilitation, and other services in the aftermath

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  • Community Assessment

    Collaborative Learning Community: Phoenix Metropolitan Area Rose Alfano, Stella Ihim, Laura Norris, & Jodi Subcliff Grand Canyon University Community Nursing 427V Elizabeth Plata July 14, 2013 Collaborative Learning Community: Phoenix Metropolitan Area The Phoenix metropolitan area is the fifth largest city in the United States. A major barrier that separates Phoenix from other cities is the county line (Cole, 2013). It sits in a valley that is surrounded by mountains ("Phoenix

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  • Community Emergency Preparedness and Response

    Emergency preparedness is the ability of individuals, organizations, and communities to respond to public health emergencies, such as natural disasters, bad weather, bioterrorism, outbreak of diseases, accidents casualties, and chemical or radiation emergencies. The most indigenous role of the federal, state or local government is to protect and prevent citizens from injury or potential harm, which involves helping people to prepare and respond to emergency situation, including people with disabilities

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  • Educational Preparedness

    Educational Preparedness: The Differences Between Associate-Degree and Baccalaureate-Degree Nursing Competencies Starting as a profession that was reserved for the bottommost members of the social order, nursing has risen to the stature of an exceedingly regarded profession. There is an intertwining connection between the increasing regard for the nursing profession and the quality of education required of nurses. In the early nineteenth century there was no formal education required or provided

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  • Emergency Operations Disaster Paper

    An Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for any healthcare organization consists of procedures designated to effectively handle any natural, resource, system, or human-related incident or disaster. The procedures are in compliance with various national emergency response requirements. Each healthcare organization follows these requirements while establishing a plan that makes the most sense for their specific location, given their capacity and resources. For this particular assessment, Banner Thunderbird

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  • Emergency Preparedness Term Paper

    Program Management The emergency preparedness program starts with the building of a foundation involving management, leadership, commitment and financial support. Without the financial support and commitment from management, providing and building a successful emergency planning program and maintaining the necessary resources will be very difficult. Investing in a preparedness program is essential for maintaining and/or rebuilding your business after a disaster. As many as 40% of businesses affected

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  • Emergency Response

    A competent and careful driver has the ability to assess the need for an emergency response. They also have the ability to drive a vehicle safely to emergencies and the ability to demonstrate the correct attitude when responding to emergencies. The exemptions in place for Emergency Drivers include; treating a red traffic light as give way, passing to the right of a keep left bollard, driving on a motorway hard shoulder (including against direction of the traffic) and disobey the speed limit.

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  • Hospital Response

    Hospital Response Plan: Fire Evacuation A hospital, depending on its size can house hundreds of patients on any given day. Fire is a severe risk to the hospital because of its erratic nature. In this scenario, a fire in the mess hall has developed outside the staffs’ ability to successfully control and snuff out the fire. The fire has reached a level extreme enough to where management has deemed it necessary to call for a complete evacuation of the hospital. The Federal Emergency Management

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  • The Role of Social Media in Crisis Preparedness, Response and Recovery

    THE ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN CRISIS PREPAREDNESS, RESPONSE AND RECOVERY By Jason Christopher Chan (RPO) Executive Summary In recent years, social media has exploded as a category of online discourse where people create content, share it, bookmark it and network at a prodigious rate. The five key characteristics of social media: collectivity; connectedness; completeness; clarity and collaboration lend itself to be used increasingly to support crisis management functions. This paper examines the

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  • Community Emergency Paper

    Neighborhood Community Emergency NUR408 July 8, 2013 Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper Emergency preparedness is an important procedure that is needed to protecting or limiting the amount of injuries or death caused by either natural or manmade disasters of citizens in any community. The purpose of this paper is to show the importance of community emergency preparedness, and events that can occur if there is a lack of preparedness and planning

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  • Community Assessment

    Community Assessment WGU Community Assessment Kitsap County is located in Western Washington on the Kitsap Peninsula. It is bordered by Jefferson County to the northwest, Mason County to the southwest, Pierce County to the south/southeast, King County to the east/southeast and Snohomish County to the east. Kitsap County is connected to the eastern shore of the Puget Sound via multiple Washington State Ferry routes. It is made up of multiple cities including Bremerton and Silverdale (central)

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  • Emergency Preparedness

    Central Florida is a vulnerable geographic location and is susceptible to emergency events such as hurricanes, wildfires, and threats to homeland security. Since hurricane begins June 1st and goes through November 30th, I have updated my standard operating procedure for the safety of my family. The purpose is to provide guidance and procedures regarding Hurricane preparations activities. Preparation and communication is key for the safety of my family. Important documents such as birth certificates

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  • Community Preparedness and Response

    Community Preparedness and Response NUR/408 Community Preparedness and Response This paper discusses The Neighborhood - Pearson Health Science season two, episode five at the University of Phoenix student website. The examination of the actions of health care workers in response to the health concerns of key characters will be highlighted including the community hospital, senior center, school, and the Bley household. The role of the preparedness of the public health agencies, who initially

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  • Emergency Preparedess and Response

    Running Head: Emergency Preparedness and Response Emergency Preparedness and Response Michelle Gage NURS408 Epidemiology: Global and Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Emergency preparedness is a key factor in helping with disasters and emergent issues that happen around the world. Emergency preparedness requires attention not just to specific types of hazards but also to steps that increase preparedness for any type of hazard (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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  • Emergency Preparedness

    Crystal Behr Chapter 12 Emergency Preparedness part x Medical Reserve Corps In the event of a public health emergency, Medical Reserve Corps volunteers provide surge capacity for existing emergency services in Broome, Chenango and Tioga Counties. The unit is an essential aspect of Broome County's planned response to Public Health Emergencies and new volunteers are always welcomed! Be BC Ready Be BC Ready is a program developed and presented by local government and human services organizations

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  • Critical Assumptions in Emergencies

    Critical Assumptions in Emergencies Name Institution Critical Assumptions in Emergencies Communication is widely regarded as one of the most essential elements in successfully managing an emergency situation. The dissemination of information, which is both timely as well as accurate, to the parties concerned goes a long way to lend a hand in ensuring that the recovery activities in an emergency situation, together with its management takes place effectively. For that reason, five

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  • Contingency Plan Significance in Emergency Preparedness

    Contingency Plan Significance for Disaster Preparedness Tanya Vadnais Southern New Hampshire University Contingency Plan Significance for Disaster Preparedness We never know when disaster will strike in the healthcare profession, and therefore, disaster preparedness needs to be in the forefront of our minds. The most important part of disaster preparedness is planning in advance, and contingency plans are the most reliable way of accomplishing this. Contingency plans can be defined as “planning

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  • Assessment on Disaster Preparedness

    RESEARCH PROPOSAL I. Research Title: ASSESSMENT OF DISASTER PREPAREDNESS IN 8 SELECTED BARANGAYS OF DAGUPAN CITY II. Name of Proponent/ Institution: PIMSAT Colleges III. Address: Bolosan District, Dagupan City, Pangasinan 2400 a. Name and Designation of Faculty/ Researcher Rodrigo P. de Vera, Jr., Ed.D.- Research Leader Members: Rosita Carvajal 3/E Armado Deleňa 2/M Eduardo Poblete

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  • Special Operations for Emergency Medical Personnel

    CAPABILITY OF EMERGENCY SERVICES TO REACT TO DISATERS Devon Clemons American Military University 12 February 2015 Abstract Every day throughout United States, thousands of emergency personnel respond to various types emergencies both natural and man-made. Such disasters pose significant problems for emergency managers and emergency response personnel as well as the medical facilities that treat them. At a moment’s notice, medical facilities can become overwhelmed after a disaster

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  • Anaphylaxis Pathophysiology and Emergency Response

    2009). This essay will discuss these points in detail as well as the pharmacological actions of adrenaline, the drug used to fight anaphylaxis in a pre-hospital setting. Anaphylaxis is Type 1 hypersensitivity response as it is ‘IgE mediated’. This involves an antigen/antibody response. To develop hypersensitivity a person must first be exposed to the antigen. On the initial exposure, the antigen activates the immune system and a hyper-production of IgE (immunoglobin) antibodies, which are produced

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  • Emergency Plan

    Emergency Plan For Food Defense South-Western City School District TABLE OF CONTENTS I | Overview | | A | Purpose of the Plan | 4 | B | Planning Assumptions | 5 | II | Mitigation and Prevention | | A | Vulnerability Assessment | 6 | B | Prevention Strategies | 6 | III | Preparedness | | A | Security | 9 | B | Supervision | 11 | C | Safety | 14 | D | Maintenance | 15 | E | Record Keeping | 15 | F | Training | 16 | G | Emergency Contacts | 16 | IV | Response

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  • Roles of Responsibilities of Emergency Response

    scene and depict what has happened and to try and find a cause. In situations were the are no live witnesses it is important for the police to give the public an answer/explanation of what they believe has happened. When responding to an emergency Ambulance response drivers will turn their sirens and lights on to get to the scene as quickly as possible. Once at the scene it is down the paramedics to assess the scene and recognise which casualties need attending too. From personal experience working

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  • Emergency Planning

    COMPREHENSIVE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PLAN ____________________________________________________ 1. PURPOSE: To provide resources for the continuation of patient care during a variety of emergencies that may disrupt operations at the W. G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center, Salisbury, NC, the Winston-Salem OPC, the Charlotte CBOC and all other associated clinics. The plan describes how the medical center will establish and maintain a program to ensure effective response to disasters or emergencies affecting

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  • Community Preparedness

    Community Preparedness Felisha M. Pearson, RN HCS/408 » Epidemiology: Global and Public Health July 13, 2015 Kim Hall Spreading Like Wildfire A wildfire broke out in the fifth episode of the second season of the neighborhood. The wildfire incident generated many reports of the negative effects in diverse parts of the community. There were obvious concerns about the smoke and other possible pollutants from wildfires posing health threats to the community. Those concerns were certainly well

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  • Community Emergency Preparedness and Response

    Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper In this paper the subjects to discuss are newspaper articles and scenarios given in season two, episode five of Pearson Health Science Neighborhood in the course materials section of University of Phoenix student Website. A fire began in the Neighborhood community and the residents developed respiratory problems related to the smoke. The fire is not contained even after five days (Pearson health science, 2011). The community needs an emergency

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  • Community Emergency Preparedness

    Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper Kelly M. White NUR/408 August 10, 2015 Amy Reagan Community Emergency Preparedness and Response The terms “preparedness” and“readiness” can be used interchangeably. Preparedness is defined as the existence of plans, procedures, policies, training, and equipment necessary at the Local, State, and Federal level to maximize the ability to prevent, respond to, and recover from major events (Katz, 2013). Emergency preparedness is essential in

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  • Emergency Legal Preparedness

    Public Health Law Seminar 2nd Draft Case Study: Emergency Legal Preparedness Part I ​In accordance to the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (the Act), the Governor may declare a state of public health emergency upon the occurrence of a public health emergency as defined in Section 1-103(m) of the Act. A “public health emergency” is an occurrence or imminent threat of an illness or health condition that is believed to be caused by the appearance of a novel or previously controlled or

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  • Emergency Plan

    Emergency Preparedness Planning Guidelines Version 3, October 2006 Table of Content Foreword 4 Part 1 - Introduction to Emergency Preparedness Planning 5 CARE Approach to Emergency Preparedness 5 Measurement of Preparedness 6 Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning 6 Emergency Preparedness Planning Steps 8 Writing and Distributing the Plan 8 Monitoring and Updating the Plan 8 Part II – The Written Plan 10 Executive Summary 10 1. Formation of Emergency Response

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  • Emergency Management Case Study

    Emergency Management Case-Study The City Manager of Marshall, Florida has expressed concerns over two issues that he believes are directly related to the City’s post storm and tornado recovery. He has presented some statistics regarding spikes in crime after each critical incident and during the recovery period after storms. He has also provided some empirical information pertaining to a noticeable increase in reported injuries to hospitals. He noted that the injuries were not necessarily the

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  • Community Preparedness

    Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper Epidemiology: Global and Public Health Nur/408 Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper It is undeniable that being properly prepared and ready for any type of emergencies, could make a big and importance difference not only individually but also in our communities. In the following paper, I will be discussing the importance of community emergency preparedness and response. As mentioned by the California Department of Public Health

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  • Emergency Prepardness

    Emergency Preparedness The world has encountered multiple disasters throughout the past decade. The devastation from tsunamis, mudslides, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, wildfires, super storms, and terroristic attacks impacts the lives of millions, and the affects will be felt for generations. A "disaster is an event that causes a level of destruction, death, or injury that affects the abilities of the community to respond to the incident using available resources" (Nies & McEwen, 2011,

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  • Nature of Emergencies

    Emergency services at scene Some examples of these are the use of the voluntary sector not just being regarded, but also being given a role to play in emergencies, statutory or not with regard being given to the original reason they are not currently included. There could amendments made to identify “safe supporting roles” in which to use willing civilian bystanders providing extra manpower and releasing pressure

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  • Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness

    explore disaster preparedness from a health care organization’s perspective, looking at the extensive preparation required to adequately deal with an event of serious magnitude. The Importance of Planning Ahead In today’s highly complex world, with the threat of terrorist attacks and natural disasters impacting virtually every major population center, there are myriad scenarios that must be considered and planned for in advance of an actual event. To not do so would render communities woefully unprepared

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  • “National Preparedness, as a Whole Community

    Assignment 2: “National Preparedness, as a Whole Community” A look at the National Preparedness Frameworks “National Preparedness, as a Whole Community” The United States has a National Preparedness framework in which Federal State Local and Non-Governmental agencies utilize in order to safeguard the citizen Property and assets of this great nation. (Staff, FEMA, 2015)The National Preparedness framework outlines 5 key areas in which aid and support may be administered to areas affect by

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  • Pandemic Emergency Plan

    Pandemic Emergency Plan Name Course Professor Date Overview of Pandemic Emergency plan The Pandemic Emergency Plan is one of the 2015-2016 bills (code CMS–3178–P) addressing the campus preparedness actions and the responses designed to maximizing pandemic impact on operations within the Campus environs, students, and the employees (Dietz, 2012). The plan design is with intents of reading, understanding and exercising in response to threats and occurrences of a pandemic or just any other outbreak

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  • Community Emergency Preparedness Response

    Community Emergency Preparedness and Response In addition to a population of approximately 64, 200 residents, the Neighborhood Community is situated near a forest and along the river bank. This community is currently experiencing a forest fire that has lasted for the past five days while destroying huge acres of land and is nearing its town. The efforts to fight the fire are characterized by the battles of firefighters to control the forest fire, health care workers trying to keep patients breathing

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  • Emergency Preparedness

    people feel powerless and depend on their community or government to assure their safety. As an individual, community, or government, we need to be prepared for an emergency disaster. And what makes the big difference is the degree of preparedness. The preparedness should be towards planning, educating and training the emergency mangers personnel and public. The level of disaster prevention management consist of three phase, prevention/primary, response/secondary and recovery/tertiary. In the

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  • Emergency Preparedness

    Emergency Preparedness and Response Joy Carr NUR/408 January 10, 2012 Sandi Wheeler, R.N., MSN Emergency Preparedness and Response Public emergency preparedness and response is the ability of the public health and health care systems, communities, and individuals, to prevent, protect against, quickly respond to, and recover from emergencies, particularly those whose scale, timing, or unpredictability threatens to overwhelm routine capabilities. Preparedness involves a continuous process

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  • Ems Preparedness

    Emergency Preparedness and Response Esteban Guaderrama NUR Emergency Preparedness and Response Emergency preparedness is a key factor in helping with disasters and emergent issues that happen around the world. Emergency preparedness requires attention not just to specific types of hazards but also to steps that increase preparedness for any type of hazard (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010). It is important that all the

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  • Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper

    Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper NUR/408 April 2, 2012 University of Phoenix Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper Firefighters cannot contain a forest fire that has been blazing for five days. The risk of the fire is not life-threaten but citizens are encouraged to remain indoors unless necessary to leave home because of the smoky winds. The smoke from the fire is affecting many of the residents in the community, especially those with preexisting lung diseases

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  • Nrf Preparedness Cycle

    NRF Preparedness Cycle The National Response Framework (NRF) is the Nation’s guide on how to conduct effective responses through all-hazards. The strategic framework is built upon a foundation adaptable coordinating structures that are scalable, flexible, and to align key roles and responsibilities across the Nation. The NRF defines specific authorities and best exercises for managing incidents that range from the serious but merely local, to surprise terrorist attacks or catastrophic natural

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  • Emergency Prepardness

    July 7, 2012 Emergency Preparedness and response WEEK 3 assignment questions Individual Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper | Access The Neighborhood website using the link on the student website.Read all of the community resources and character scenarios in Episode 5 of Season 2.Click Season 2 from the Season menu at the top of the course home page.Click Episode 5 from the Episode menu.Click on Neighborhood News under the Neighborhood Information menu and read the articles

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  • The Role of Community in Disaster Response

    (2010) 29:127–141 DOI 10.1007/s11113-009-9133-x The Role of Community in Disaster Response: Conceptual Models Olivia Patterson • Frederick Weil • Kavita Patel Received: 1 May 2007 / Accepted: 15 October 2008 / Published online: 5 November 2009 Ó Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2009 Abstract We focus on the role that community plays in the continuum of disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and we explore where community fits in conceptual frameworks concerning disaster decision-making

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  • Earthquake Preparedness

    Director of Earthquake Preparedness, Los Angeles FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 05th September 2012 Earthquake Preparedness Los Angeles, California – Earthquakes usually occur without any warning given to public and has the capability of enormous destruction which could lead to severe loss of lives and huge destructions. Natural disasters like earthquakes-preparing ahead of time can help us to save lives, protect our property and increase the pace of recovery. There are few simple steps that should

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