Common Difficulties Encountered By High School Students In Philippines

  • The Causes of Drug Abuse Among High School Students

    THE CAUSES OF DRUG ABUSE AMONG HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT’S 2 The parents of a teenager who talk to his or her teenagers about the use of drugs on a regular basis are 42 percent to not abuse drugs than a teenager whose parents did not talk to him or her. There is a higher amount of male teenagers arrested who have been tested and found positive for marijuana (The National Institute of Justices Arrestee and Drug Monitoring System). With many teenagers, drugs and alcohol

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  • How High School Students Perceive Effective Teachers

    hoolHow High School Students Perceive Effective Teachers Jerome G. Delaney Faculty of Education Memorial University of Newfoundland Abstract Traditionally high school students have not been given many opportunities to offer their insights and comments on education and schooling. This paper reports on a study which asked students to list the top five characteristics of effective teachers. Their perceptions are congruent with the literature and one of the several conclusions is that teachers, administrators

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  • High School Students in Part-Time Employment: What Effects on Scholastic Performance?

    High school students in part-time employment: What effects on scholastic performance? Educators in the United States have long argued about the effects of part-time work on the academic performance of high school students. Though many studies claim that there is a relationship between a student’s grade point average (GPA) – the standard measure academic performance in high schools and universities in the US – and the number of hours the students is employed, there seems little agreement

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  • Factors Affecting Academic Failure Among High School Students

    St. Thomas More Academy, Inc. High School Department Molino III, Bacoor City, Cavite Factors Affecting Academic Failure Among High School Students of St. Thomas More Academy 2012-2013 Zarah Abigail L. Hernando Christian Dale C. Martagon John Bon Oliver V. Reyes Majella Marie S.D Miguel John Rene S.G Masuba Liezel Ann D. Deslate Jason Paolo D. Dumon Crisbie G. Villondo IV - St. Rita of Cascia Chapter I The problem and its background Introduction Education makes a man perfect. Everyone

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  • Accounting Basics for High School Students

    Basics of Accounting for High School Students Brittney Dial American Intercontinental University Accounting 1&2 March 31, 2013 Basics of Accounting for High School Students 2 Hello students! I welcome you to the world of accounting. You might wonder, what’s the point of crunching numbers behind

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  • High School Student

    to each step directly on this form. For the three-step process questions, you may use short phrases and sentences for your answers. Then add a page break, and write your response as directed in the case study and save the document as one file. Student name I. Plan A. Analyze the Situation 1. What is your general purpose? The general purpose of planning is to inform, persuade or to collaborate with the audience. The general purpose determines the appropriate degree of the

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  • Common Difficulties Encountered by High School Students in Philippines

    Common Difficulties Encountered by High School Students And their Coping Mechanism MR. RONNIE G. CAINGLET A research paper submitted to the New Era University research center Hanz Lumba Christine Keith Tercias Radnan Oneza Herminia Salamat Donna Valenzuela Shaira Martinez Marko Capili March 2013 IV-LEVI I. Background of the Study Students all over the world face a number of problems which dishearten them. There are so many issues they have to deal with- study, time, money

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  • Motivating High School Students to Suceed

    Motivating High School Students Today Your name Professor ENGL-1001-2 English Composition October 4, 2013 To help high school student’s graduate teachers must be motivating; students must be active participants in the classroom, and students need to be rewarded for their accomplishments. We need to show these preoccupied teens that they can no longer skate through classes with passing grades without first mastering the material. Sadly this happens frequently. Statistics show that, “tens

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  • Common Difficulties Encountered by High School Students in Philippines

    4exploring the curriculum Field Study Episode 1 “THERMOMETER CHECK” Name of FS Student: Langga Neljun S. Course: BESED-English Year & Section: III Resource Teacher: Maria Cristina Sonza Signature: __langss_________________ School: MSU SND You’re Target At the end of this activity, you should be able to describe through your reflection of how the school promotes partnership and dialogue. You’re Map For this process, go through the following

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  • Common Difficulties Encountered by High School Students in Philippines

    HUMANITIES ISSUES AND CONCERNS OF PHILIPPINE EDUCATION THROUGH THE YEARS Joel M. Durban1, Ruby Durban Catalan2 1 Far Eastern University, Manila, 2University of San Agustin Iloilo City, PHILIPPINES, ABSTRACT The essay is an attempt to analyze, evaluate and criticize issues affecting the educational system through the years with the end view of recommending possible improvements. The metamorphosis of Philippine education through the years was a gradual

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  • Problems Encountered in Teaching High School Science in the Philippines

    up with a great list. Here it is: 1. Preparing students for state exams while giving students a positive outlook of science 2. Familiarity with classroom manipulatives. How to choose right/appropiate outside readings and material. 3. Change in mindset when moving to a learner focused teaching method. Changing nature of science based on what is currently known 4. How to create a rubric that can be used to effectively assess students in a timely manner. 5. How to tailor class plans

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  • Motivating High School Students

    involvement along with utilizing modern technology and cyberschooling will help motivate high school students to successfully graduate with their peers with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Though we cannot force students to want to learn and graduate we can implement new teaching techniques and technology that interests them which in turn will motivate them to want to learn. Motivating a student can be a challenge for teachers as well as parents therefore teachers and parents

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  • Should High School Students Be Able to Get Free Condoms at School?

    Should high school students be able to get free condoms at school? I think high school students should be able to get free condoms at school because this can help young students to lower the risk of pregnancy and to protect them from sexual diseases. First of all, free condoms are the most efficient way to prevent an unexpected pregnancy. More and more high school students have sexual act and this is the true which is hard to be changed by education or prohibition from parents and school teachers

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  • What Are the Effects of High School Students Having a Boyfriend or Girlfriend.Docx Uploaded

    What Are the Effects of High School Students Having a Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Dating in high school may result in unexpected consequences. For many high school students, having a partner is near the top of their priority list and some individuals may feel left out or inadequate if they aren't in a serious relationship by the end of high school. In the short term, having a boyfriend or girlfriend can lead to happiness and a sense of belonging, but such a relationship can also lead to other, less

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  • Career Preference of High School Students

    there are some factors associated why people choose one above other. A student might choose Engineering because he is good at Mathematics or Accountancy because it is an in-demand course. This proves that choosing a career path is an important decision that will make in determining future plans because this decision will impact throughout ones lives. Usually, this occurs in the midst of fourth year in high school of the students. For them to be able to go onto higher level, they are sought to choose

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  • Common Reasons of High School Drop- Outs in Emiliano Tria Tirona Memorial National High School Year 2002-2007

    Being in high school is one of the most important endeavors that a child should experience. It may be difficult to adjust to the new changes during the first year because some can be confused and scared but it can also be very exciting to others. However, the students will soon notice that high school life and learning is fun yet complicated. Generally, being responsible students, they should deal with the problems being faced in high school in a positive manner. Public schools handle about

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  • The Common Problems Encountered by Hospitality Industry Management Students During Their on-the-Job Training

    intended to serve as practicum guide to students who will take their practicum for hotel and restaurant. The manual serves the following purposes: 1. To introduce students and practicum coordinator to the hotel and Restaurant Practicum Program; 2. To serve as a resource for students in planning the practicum experience in the Hospitality Industry; 3. To articulate the policies and procedures of the Hotel and Restaurant Practicum Program for students and practicum coordinator; and 4.

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  • Understanding Why Students Drop Out of High School, According to Their Own Reports

    Understanding Why Students Drop Out of High School, According to Their Own Reports Are They Pushed or Pulled, or Do They Fall Out? A Comparative Analysis of Seven Nationally Representative Studies Abstract Research on school dropout extends from early 20th-century pioneers until now, marking trends of causes and prevention. However, specific dropout causes reported by students from several nationally representative studies have never been examined together, which, if done, could lead to a better

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  • Difficulties Encountered by Accounting Students in Their on-the Job Training

    DIFFICULTIES ENCOUNTERED BY ACCOUNTING STUDENTS IN THEIR ON-THE JOB TRAINING Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTINGS Introduction of the Study A student apprenticeship program is an organized course training plan carefully intended to transfer relevant knowledge, skills, and outlooks within a designated period of time from a proficient practitioner in a precise field of study or profession to a novice student who preferably has completed a speculative program study. In some cases, schools

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  • Knowledge and Behavior Towards Caffeinated and Carbonated Beverages Among High School Students

    Knowledge and Behavior towards Caffeinated and Carbonated Beverages among High School Students Chapter One Introduction of the Study Chapter one is divided into five parts: (1) Background and Theoretical Framework of the Study, (2) Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis, (3) Significance of the Study, (4) Definition of Terms, and (5) Delimitation of the Study. Part One, Background and Theoretical Framework of the Study, presents the rationale and the reasons why the study is being conducted

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  • Study Habits of Fourth Year Students of Kakawate High School

    Chapter I INTRODUCTION Physics is considered as one of the most difficult and mathematically rigorous of the sciences as a subject in high school. A student cannot learn much in Physics if he does not develop good study habits as well as his attitudes and use towards studying. The role and study of Physics in our country is very vital in order to achieve better changes. Teaching of Physics as a subject its relationship that would enable them to apply and control the things. Good study habits

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  • Study Habits of Fourth Year High School Students of Asu Laboratory High School

    This study was conducted to find out the habits of the fourth year high school students of Aklan State University Laboratory High School during School Year 2010-2011 in terms of: time of studying; plan of studying; place of studying; materials used for studying; purpose for studying; and drive for studying. The study used the Descriptive Method of research. The respondents were 42 fourth year students of ASU Laboratory High School, Banga, Aklan. The instrument used in gathering the data was

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  • Understanding Why Students Drop Out of High School

    Understanding Why Students Drop Out of High School Even though the percentage of students that achieve graduation has increased during the past hundred years, dropping out of school persist as a problem that interferes with the future of our society. Dropping out is defined as leaving school early without achieving a diploma. Many students feel that dropping out is the best option when facing personal or academic difficulties and for them school attendance becomes a burdensome responsibility. The

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  • Smoking, Drinking and Drugs Abuse Among Fourth Year High School Students

    Abstract Smoking, drinking, and drug abuse creates a great interest in the society and the usual victims are the students. Those students are in the middle of puberty and because of different influential factors, they tend to abuse their freedom. The study has an objective to identify the effects of this abuse and set another push for the prevention strategies. The applied method of the study is the utilization of the comparative case studies that is very beneficial to the current research. The

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  • Prevalence of Alcoholic Drinking Among High School Students

    prevalence of alcoholic drinking among high school students ALCOHOLISM “It discloses secrets; ratifies and confirms our hopes; thrusts the coward forth to battle; eases the anxious mind of its burthen; instructs in arts. Whom has not a cheerful glass made eloquent! Whom not quite free and easy from pinching poverty!” (Horace first century B.C.) Initially, I wanted to write this paper on substance related disorders. However, in reading the text I felt compelled to focus on the psycological effects

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  • Computer Addiction Among High School Student

    generation. Let’s take a look at the smaller units of society. What about the digital natives of the country called the pearl of the East? Are they similar? Are there any comparison? Maybe yes but how come? According to the National Survey of Philippine Computer Research Agency, the total percentage of youth who visits social networking sites within the boundaries of the country has reached to 83.7% while those who were addicted in playing computer games either lan or online has reached to

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  • Correlates of High School Students Performance in Science

    Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology BONGABONG CAMPUS Labasan, Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro CORRELATES OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS’ PERFORMANCE IN SCIENCE IN THE DISTRICT OF BANSUD SY 2010 – 2011 (Thesis Proposal) In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in Research 200 Presented to: EDNA G. PIOL, Ed. D. (Professor) Presented by: REA E. FAJARDOSA MA ED – Biological Science March 12, 2011 Chapter I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction The

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  • The Level of Involvement in Smoking and Drinking Among High School Students in Cotabato

    "coming of age thing" when a student goes to teenage life and encounters vices such as drinking and smoking is very rampant nowadays. Such vices cannot be ignored anymore as to the more students seem to be detaching from their spare time or even they intend to cut classes just for this so called vices, they seem to be enjoying freedom too much. A student may be influenced to be involved in any of the stated variables. High School is far different from being a college student. A person will have a new

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  • Correlates to Career Preference of Graduating Students of Clsu Science High School

    CORRELATES TO CAREER PREFERENCE OF GRADUATING STUDENTS OF THE CLSU SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL submitted by: CHERYL ANN P. GALVEZ to: Dr. Arneil G. Gabriel In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Research Methodology for Public Administration PA 213 SY 2014-2015 2nd sem CORRELATES TO CAREER PREFERENCE OF GRADUATING STUDENTS OF THE CLSU SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL INTRODUCTION Education is often regarded as passport to social mobility. This simply means that education can pave the way

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  • Factors Affecting Course Preference of High School Students

    TOPIC: Factors that affects High school students in choosing their courses in college. INTRODUCTION A labour force survey suggested that the Philippines has the highest unemployment rate among the countries from the Southeast Asia (Ericta, 2013). Mismatch graduates are believed to be a reason why the country has high unemployment rate. The reasons of these mismatches might be due to the produced graduates of colleges that do not fit the present demand of the economy, or the graduates were not

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  • Common Grammar Errors Encountered by Elementary Studenta

    called Germanic. Philippine education system has been using English as a medium of instruction from elementary to tertiary and even to the graduate level. English is a living language and is therefore, an indispensable tool in the pursuit of higher learning. English becomes the controlling language of government, business, science and even mass media (Adapun, Ismael, 2011). However, English is not an easy language to learn. Even English as a second language student (ESL) students who have a background

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  • Problems Encountered by Oa Students

    Difficulties Encountered by the Student - Researchers and the Effects on their Research Output Anna C. Bocar Faculty of College of Arts and Sciences La Salle University – Ozamiz ABSTRACT This study was conducted to investigate the most difficult item student-researchers of Political Science 8 in La Salle University encountered when they conducted their research study during the first semester of the school year 2008-2009. The descriptive survey method was utilized

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  • Common Problems Encountered by Students in School

    Common Difficulties Encountered by High School Students in Philippines In: English and Literature Common Difficulties Encountered by High School Students in Philippines Common Difficulties Encountered by High School Students And their Coping Mechanism MR. RONNIE G. CAINGLET A research paper submitted to the New Era University research center Hanz Lumba Christine Keith Tercias Radnan Oneza Herminia Salamat Donna Valenzuela Shaira Martinez Marko Capili March 2013 IV-LEVI

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  • “Study on How Video Games Enhance the Mental Skills of a High School Student”

    of the City Manila) College of Liberal Arts ________________________________ _________________________________ “Study on How Video Games Enhance the Mental Skills of a high school student” In partial fulfillment in English Proficiency Instruction II Submitted to: Prof. Maria Antonette Lofamia Submitted by: Gregorio, Fernan Joseph Panerio, Jose Mariel Date submitted: March 16, 2015 Chapter I Introduction For

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  • Factors That Affect the Academic Performance of High School Students

    A. Student Performance Galiher (2006) and Darling (2005), used GPA to measure student performance because they main focus in on the student performance for the particular semester. B. Learning Facilities Karemera (2003) found that students' performance is significantly correlated with satisfaction with academic environment and the facilities of library, computer lab and etc. in the institution. With regard to background variables, he found a positive effect of high school performance and school

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  • Self-Reported Delinquency of High School Students

    Gutierrez and Shoemaker – Self-Reported Delinquency of High School Students Upon going through the study, the first thing I noticed was the small sample size. Only gathering data from nine schools throughout Metro Manila wouldn’t really give a reliable result. Although the findings do coincide with those of other studies, I still feel that more information could’ve been derived with a bigger sample size. The second thing that I noticed was the downfall of the method of self-reporting

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  • Effects of Romantic Relationships on Academic Performance of High School Students

    whether or not there is an association between academic performance and involvement in a romantic relationship amongst high school students. The variables looked at were dating status (single or involved), level of involvement in the relationship, and grade point average. Variables were calculated on a survey measuring relationship and school satisfaction. Seventy-five high school students studying in St. Joseph College were surveyed. Approximately fifty-one percent of those surveyed were involved in a

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  • Successes and Difficulties of Earist Cavite Campus Bs Criminology Students in Their Major Subjects

    everyone. The researchers devoted themselves to assess the Successes and Difficulties of their batch enabling them to fulfill for whatever field they may engage either Board Passers or Non-Board Passers. Having so stated, this study focuses about: Academic & Economic Aspects in order to gauge and recommend practical, technical, legal and logistics programs and practices applicable hereto subject to the approval of the School Administration that will assure positive impact to the concerned stakeholders

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  • High School Student

    differences). This will give you an idea of how much wealth there is per person (on average). Compare this to the country where you already live. Unemployment rate - This will give you an idea of the competition for jobs. Debt-to-GDP ratio - If this is high, it may indicate possible government austerity measures in the near future (in other words, reducing government services). Besides resulting in less service from the government, the reduced spending would affect the entire economy, creating the potential

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  • High School Students and Their Allowance Management

    are using their skills in order to find a decent job that will give them high salary and support his and his family’s financial needs. People of young age, especially teenagers, are going to school, learning many things and preparing of having a job or profession in the near future. In order for this to work out, parents are supporting their financial needs; they are giving allowance to them whenever they are going to school. In this study, allowance is the main topic to be discussed;

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  • Study Habits of High School Students

    delimited to the cause of poor study habits of high school student and its implication to teaching effectiveness. The investigation include the specific problem such as the profile of respondents the poor study habits of high school student: The effect of their poor study in teaching and learning process. What is the teaching could do to change or improve the student poor study habits and any suggestion of teacher to improve the students poor study habits There are reason to consider

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  • Study Habits of High School Students

    Background of the study The middle school years are a critical turning point in young peoples’ lives. At ages 11-14 years, children go through the early adolescence stage. Adolescence is an important period when a child adjusts physically, learns new cognitive abilities, forms positive social relationships, develops a positive sense of self, and forges a personal code of ethics and morality (Eccles, Midgley,1989;Jackson & Davis,2000). Schools, along with peers and families, play an important

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  • Problems and Difficulties Encountered by Grade 10 Students in the District of Mariveles Towards Mastering Learning Competencies in Mathematics: Basis for Mathematics Enhancement Program

    PROBLEMS AND DIFFICULTIES ENCOUNTERED BY GRADE 10 STUDENTS IN THE DISTRICT OF MARIVELES TOWARDS MASTERING LEARNING COMPETENCIES IN MATHEMATICS: BASIS FOR MATHEMATICS ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM ________________________ A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School Bataan Peninsula State University _______________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts in Education Major in Mathematics ______________________

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  • The Effects of Computer Game-Playing to the Academic Performance of High School Students

    Approval Sheet This thesis entitled “The Effects of Computer-Game Playing to the Academic Performance of the Grade 10 students of Don Bosco College – Basic Education Department High School Level School Year 2015-2016”, prepared and submitted by Syrell B. Almazan, Axl B. Cantil, Jorish B. Del Rosario, and Cyrihl C. Velasquez, in partial fulfillment of the requirements in English X, is hereby recommended for oral examination. Mr. Artell L. Almonte Subject Teacher Approved by

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  • Teaching Middle and High School Students Literature

    Teacher and Author: Teaching Middle and High School Using Literature Sandra Coleman Grand Canyon University RGD 545 Professor Karen Foster February 27, 2008 Teaching Middle and High School Student Using Literature Outline: I. Short Stories a) Activating Prior Knowledge b) Responding to the Selection c) Short Story Selections 1. Suggested Activities to use with Various Groups

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  • The Proficiency Level of High School Students Taught by Major and Non-Major Teachers

    THE PROFICIENCY LEVEL OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS TAUGHT BY MAJOR AND NON-MAJOR TEACHERS ________________________________________ A Thesis Presented To the Faculty of the School of Graduate Studies University of Nueva Caceres City of Naga ________________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics _________________________________________ JUMAR R. VELASCO July 2011 APPROVAL

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  • Academic Problems Encountered by Students

    ACADEMIC PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED BY ACCOUNTANCY STUDENTS CHAPTER 1 PROBLEM AND REVIEW OF LI TERATURE Introduction The continuous learning of students through the help of books, professors and even internet is a mere fact which shows that knowledge still flourish in our humanity. Thus, different students have different views and ways of understanding such transmitted information and studies. Life as a student is said to be fun yet

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  • Teenage Relationships and Study Habits of High School Students

    curiosity. On a daily basis, e students are faced with a conflict of interest: to study or not to study. Often times these decisions are affected by outside factors that are beyond the control of the student (i.e. work, athletics, involvement in organizations). One other factor that is believed to be a major influence is the existence of a significant other. While involved in a relationship during college, one might be forced to choose either studying for school or spending time with the significant

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  • Igh School Students’ Difficulties in Solving Problems in Physics

    IGH SCHOOL STUDENTS’ DIFFICULTIES IN SOLVING PROBLEMS IN PHYSICS Luzviminda M. Panes THE PROBLEM          This study sought to determine the difficulties of fourth year high school students in solvingproblems in Physics. METHODOLOGY           This study is a diagnostic-illuminative type. It was intended to reveal conceptual or proceduralerrors that students commit in solving word problems in high school Physics. To achieve this end, theresearcher used the survey method of gathering information

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  • Career Choice Factors of High School Students

    Choice Factors 1 CAREER CHOICE FACTORS OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS By Michael Borchert A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science Degree With a Major in Career and Technical Education Approved: 2 Semester Credits ____________________________________________________ Investigation Advisor The Graduate College University of Wisconsin-Stout December, 2002 Career Choice Factors 2 The Graduate School University of Wisconsin-Stout Menomonie

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