Coleen Columbo Resisting Mortgage Fraud

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    Leah Dolce ECO 103 Mortgage Project While doing this project, I kept finding myself to be very indecisive as to what I wanted in a home and what things would be important to me if I were to purchase one. This project helped me understand the basics of buying a home such as: where I would want my kids to go to school, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, property, neighborhood reputation, and much more. I had very little knowledge about most of the surrounding area so now I know what kind

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    SUBPRIME MORTGAGE CRISIS The U.S. subprime mortgage crisis was a set of events and conditions that led to the late-2000s financial crisis, characterized by a rise in subprime mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures, and the resulting decline of securities backed by said mortgages. What is a subprime mortgage? A subprime mortgage is a type of loan granted to individuals with poor credit histories, who, as a result of their deficient credit ratings, would not be able to qualify

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    According to the IRS, ten percent of bankruptcy filings are fraud and less than one percent of those are convicted. Bankruptcy can be filed when a company or a land owner is unable to pay overwhelming debts. Sometimes people hide their money and assets, and file bankruptcy just so they won’t have to pay back the debts that they owe even though that person is fully capable of doing so, which is illegal. This is called bankruptcy fraud, which is federal white collar crime which can lead to a maximum

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    | Mortgage and Refinance | Financial Project | | To show calculations of paying a mortgage loan off in 20 years. To show calculations of refinancing a 30 year mortgage loan to be paid off in 20 years. | | Nakia Savoy | 11/18/2012 | | Five years ago, you bought a house for $151,000, with a down payment of $30,000, which meant you took out a loan for $121,000. Your interest rate was 5.75% fixed. You would like to pay more on your loan. You check your bank statement and find

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    What is a Fraud? A fraud is when one party deceives or takes unfair advantage of another. A fraud includes any act, omission, or concealment, involving a breach of legal or equitable duty or trust, which results in disadvantage or injury to another. In a court of law it is necessary to prove that a false representation was made as a statement of fact, that was made with the intent to deceive and to induce the other party to act upon it. It must be proven that the person who has been defrauded

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  • Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Ethics

    Introduction Within the subprime mortgage loan system which involved a relationship with brokers, lenders, and potential homeowners, many seemingly unethical practices were forged in the name of American families and individuals attaining part of the “American Dream” of owning a home. While this may neither have been the direct fault of neither party, each engaged in less than moral actions that played a part in the subprime mortgage crisis. Thus, the problem to be investigated is whether or not

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    for example. These are the security issues that clients and companies have to face as online investing, banking, and account management become more the norm. Identity theft, international money laundering, theft of business trade secrets, auction fraud, web site spoofing, and cyber-extortion are all schemes that were carried out in 2002 and involved at least 125,000 victims and more than $100 million. And these crimes didn’t make the Computer Security Institute’s Computer Crime and Security Survey

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    formulated laws that are designed to prevent liability and unethical performances in the business sector. The Board of Directors of the company in conjunction with their audit engagement team should act swiftly in responding to fraud allegations by addressing key areas of fraud. The first step is gathering all the relevant information that relates to the case. The actions and behavioral attitudes of the top management officials should be looked into. It entails their responsibilities to matters relating

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    in the “The CPA Journal”, “many studies suggest fraud is more likely to occur when someone has an incentive (pressure) to commit fraud, weak controls or oversight provide an opportunity for the person to commit fraud, and the person can rationalize the fraudulent behavior (attitude).” This is known as the fraud triangle. There are two types of fraud: fraudulent financial reporting and misappropriation of assets. For the first one, this kind of frauds came from the top management. Most of the pressures

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    Fraud  Is any purposeful communication that deceives, manipulates or conceals facts in order to create a false impression?  It is a crime and conviction may result in fines, imprisonment or both.  The most common fraudulent activities employees report about their coworkers are stealing office supplies or shoplifting, claiming to have a worked extra hours and stealing money or products. Accounting Fraud  Usually involves a corporation financial reports in which companies provide important

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  • Colleen Columbo Mortgage Fraud

    • What type of lease would you require if you were to lease a commercial building? Explain why. • The type of lease required for commercial building will be dictated by the type of service, location, or business rendered by your company. If your intention is to open up an automobile repair shop, Home Depot, Best Buy, CVS, etc…, and you have outstanding credit, then triple net lease would benefit you well. In the case of a small business, say an automobile repair shop, my preference is still

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    which is focusing on subprime mortgages and the housing market bubble. The paper will also analyze Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and how they are linked to the subprime mortgage crisis, including potential solutions to the crisis. References have been added to each section to show which references are being used in which section. References will be added as needed. 1) Abstract a. 120 word overview of paper 2) Introduction a. Introduction to the topic of subprime mortgages and the housing market bubble

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    JARAF The Journal of applied research in accounTing and finance V O L U M E 3 , i s s U E 1 , 2 0 0 8 Old Wine in New Bottles: Subprime Mortgage Crisis – Causes and Consequences Michael Mah-Hui Lim Information Lost: A Descriptive Analysis of IFRS Firms’ 20-F Reconciliations Marlene Plumlee and R. David Plumlee Negative Goodwill: Issues of Financial Reporting and Analysis Under Current and Proposed Guidelines Eugene E. Comiskey and Charles W. Mulford Electronic copy available at: http://ssrn

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  • Coleen Colombo and Colleagues Resist Mortgage Fraud

    Coleen Colombo And Colleagues Resist Mortgage Fraud Columbia College                           Coleen Colombo and Colleagues Resist Mortgage Fraud Synopsis In 2003, Coleen Colombo joined the California branch of BNC, where she worked as a senior underwriter. The BNC office in which Colombo worked was part of the regional group that offered a considerable amount of loan to its customers. The performance of Colombo in her work was outstanding. This is according to a wrongful termination and harassment

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  • The Risks of Resisting Change

    The Risks of Resisting Change Author Rachel Blount is a writer for the Star Tribune, in Minneapolis Minnesota. The article she wrote is titled: Despite tragedies, hockey reformer finds resistance to change. The author attempts to show how the play of hockey on the younger scope is not healthy, safe, nor productive. Despite the overwhelming evidence of tragedies in youth hockey in Minnesota; parents and hockey fans resist any safety changes on that level. One lone parent in the state of Minnesota

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    Fraud atas Kajian Hukum Kecurangan atau fraud adalah suatu konsep hukum dengan terminology dimana harus ditentukan oleh seorang ahli hukum. Namun, fraud dikategorikan sebagai tindak kejahatan/kriminologi di Negara Indonesia. Hal tersebut banyak kita lihat dalam undang-undang tindak pidana korupsi yang dimana unsur-unsur tersebut tergolong dalam pasal 2,3 dan 13 UU 31 tahun 2009 yo UU No. 3/71 yo UU no 24/Prp/60. Unsur-unsur yang ada dalam pasal 2 adalah 1. perbuatan melawan hukum 2. memperkaya

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  • Coleen Colombo and Colleagues Resist Mortgage Fraud

    Coleen Colombo and Colleagues Resist Mortgage Fraud Synopsis In 2003, Coleen Colombo joined the California branch of BNC, where she worked as a senior underwriter. The BNC office in which Colombo worked was part of the regional group that offered a considerable amount of loan to its customers. The performance of Colombo in her work was outstanding. This is according to a wrongful termination and harassment suit filed in California Superior Court on her behalf and on behalf of five other BNC employees

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  • Fraud on Wsj

    Fraud on WSJ: A Case Study of Goldman Sachs Case The secret of great returns which are difficult to explain is a crime that has not yet been discovered because it has been carefully executed -  Pere Goriot Goldman Sachs and Paulson Co. Inc.: The Players. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a global investment banking and securities firm which engages in investment banking, securities, investment management, and other financial services primarily with institutional clients. Goldman Sachs was

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    Theories of Mortgages 1) Title Theory of Mortgages: a. Mortgagee holds legal title to land until the debt is satisfied. Equitable title remains in borrower. When mortgage is paid off, lender loses legal title. b. Significance: With legal title, lender has superior claim to the rents over anybody else’s interest that arises later. The lender has the right to take possession upon foreclosure, and doesn’t need ancillary remedies. 2) Lien Theory of Mortgages (restatement)

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  • Mortgage Fraud

    Beginning in 2008, mortgage companies had begun to start making loans to individuals as a way to promote home ownership. With the help of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, there was increased pressure on these mortgage companies to loan to individuals who did not meet certain requirements that would qualify them. For obvious reasons, these qualifications were in place so that a crisis like this would have never happened. Additionally, the mortgage backed securities and collateralized debt obligations

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  • Case with Coleen Colombo and Colleagues Resisting Mortgage Fraud

    Synopsis In 2003, Coleen Colombo joined the California branch of BNC, where she worked as a senior underwriter. The BNC office in which Colombo worked was part of the regional group that offered a considerable amount of loan to its customers. The performance of Colombo in her work was outstanding. This is according to a wrongful termination and harassment suit filed in California Superior Court on her behalf and on behalf of five other BNC employees. The suit states that the work environment began

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    Olympus Accounting Fraud ACTG 6100 Professor Mark Jobe Feb. 18, 2014 Inhwa Kim M01243678 The Olympus has a pretty strong position in the camera market. This company is popular because they made the world’s first DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex). Many camera users who are located in all around the world prefer the Olympus. Also, the Olympus is popular because the company made the medical devices, endoscope which is able to watch inside the organ of human body. The Olympus, which

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  • Case with Coleen Colombo and Colleagues Resisting Mortgage

    Week 5 Case Discussion Explain if the “fight-or-flight” response is evident in this case. * In the case with Coleen Colombo and colleagues resisting mortgage fraud there is evident of fight or flight present. When our fight or flight system is activated, we tend to perceive everything in our environment as a possible threat to our survival. By its very nature, the fight or flight system bypasses our rational mind—where our more well thought out beliefs exist—and moves us into "attack" mode.

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    How are mortgages secured? A debt instrument, secured by the collateral of specified real estate property, that the borrower is obliged to pay back with a predetermined set of payments. Mortgages are used by individuals and businesses to make large real estate purchases without paying the entire value of the purchase up front. Over a period of many years, the borrower repays the loan, plus interest, until he/she eventually owns the property free and clear. Mortgages are also known as "liens against

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  • Mortgage Fraud

    obtaining subprime adjustable interest rates for a set period (UNC). This money lending boom led to a situation that Coleen Colombo and five other female employees of BNC found themselves in. Coleen, a senior mortgage underwriter that was routinely receiving “exceed expectations” on her performance reviews, started seeing a troublesome pattern. Coleen alleges that in 2005 a male mortgage wholesaler began bringing her questionable loan applications that contained incorrect applicant information including

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    Unit 8: Instructor Graded Assignment Mortgages Note: All interest rates are to be assumed to be yearly interest rates. For this assignment you will need the prime interest rate, as posted in the Wall Street Journal®. Use the internet to search for the current prime interest rate. * List the current prime interest rate:_3.25%_ Question 1 (15 points) 1. Using the internet, research and find a house listing that you would not mind living in. Any house will work, but it must be

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  • Colleen Columbo Case Study

    lending boom circa 2003, Coleen Colombo had just begun her job as a senior underwriter at BNC. This small office she worked in was part of a larger umbrella group whose coffers funded over a billion dollars in loans every month. Initially, she had great success and received rave reviews. Managers would often rate her job performance as “exceeds expectations”. However, only two years into the job she would be exposed to the dark underbelly of the mortgage business. Facing mounting

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    discoveries reveal their hunch was right, and they are able to stop the fraud. This case can be used in a classroom or seminar setting to: ● Discuss the Fraud Triangle and the importance of symptoms ● Discuss accounting symptoms of fraud ● Perform financial statement analyses to determine if fraud is suspected ● Identify and test a fraud hypothesis ● Analyze an interview ● Analyze an interrogation ● Draw conclusions and prepare fraud reports The case requirements include: 1. Perform horizontal and vertical

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    FRAUD: FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES A REVIEW OF THE CRIMES Introduction Investigations into fraudulent activities have brought much attention to Federal Government spending. The impact of fraud and the corruption caused by internal parties or external entities targeting government funds can be substantiated. For example, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in a 2012 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse projected a global fraud loss of more than $3.5 trillion per

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    SUBPRIME MORTGAGE CRISIS The beginning of 2000s, commodity, especially “petrol” and agricultural products prices was soared unexpectedly. Economic growth of high population countries such as India and China raised demand of agricultural and merchandise products and thus, this demand caused increasing of these products prices. In 2008, not only food prices but also gold and petrol prices reached the highest level in history. On the other hand, while these prices was increasing, the value of

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    Alba Salayandia Mortgages MM255 04/01/15 Unit 8: Instructor Graded Assignment Mortgages In this and future Instructor Graded Assignments you will be asked to use the answers you found in the Unit 1 Assignment. Note: For these questions you need to cite a reliable source for information, which means you cannot use sites like Wikipedia,®, and Yahoo® answers. If you do use those sites the instructor may award 0 points for your response. The Assignment problems must have

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  • The Case Study (Coleen Colombo and Colleagues Resist Mortgage Fraud, Page 250)

    David Rutherford 3/27/2015 MGMT 362 The competency test actually opened my eyes concerning my behaviors. I will speak on my highest score 96 for ethics, and my lowest score 73 for communication. We often read about scams and dishonesty, it’s sad that individuals behave this way. No longer is a man’s word enough, and it’s hard to trust what some people say sometimes. I work in the sales business and I retain and get new customers by providing

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    most people to obtain a mortgage, a loan to finance the purchase of your home. There are various types of mortgages and many pros and cons that come with each. To determine whether or not you are eligible for a mortgage loan, you must consider your credit history, how much money you can put toward a new home, and the new costs that come with owning a home. You also have to consider the principle, the sum of money you borrow to buy your home, the interest on your mortgage payments, property taxes

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    Scout Mortgage 1 Running Head: Changes at Scout Mortgage Assignment 5: Changes at Scout Mortgage Scout Mortgage 2 Changes at Scout Mortgage Discuss the nature of change in the work environment of the 21st century: There are pressures for change and it can be difficult and takes time. “Despite the challenges, many organizations successfully make needed changes, but failure also is common. As a result, managing change has become a central focus of managers in most organizations.

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  • Fraud Additional

    price above the competitive level. * Consumers expect that promises will be fulfilled through the exchange process. * Buyer/seller disagreement (i.e. products not meeting expectations) can result in fraudulent activities. * Consumer fraud results from intentional deception to derive unfair economic advantage from an organization. * Shoplifting (shrinkage) * Collusion (secret cooperation) * Duplicity (double-dealing) * Guile (deceipt) * Collusion in Sales

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    Mortgage Type of Mortgage | Pros | Cons | Fixed-rate mortgage | No surprises The interest rate stays the same over the entire term, usually 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30, or 50 years. | If interest rates fall, you could be stuck paying a higher rate. | Adjustable-rate (ARM) or variable-rate mortgage | Usually offers a lower initial rate of interest than fixed-rate loans. | After an initial period, rates fluctuate over the life of the loan When interest rates rise, generally so do your loan payments

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  • Colleen Colombo and Colleagues Resist Mortgage Fraud

    Colleen Colombo and Colleagues Resist Mortgage Fraud Synopsis In 2005, Colleen Colombo and five other female employees filed a harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit in the California Superior Court on Concord branch of BNC, a small office in California that funded over a billion dollars in loans per month. Colleen was hired as a senior underwriter for BNC in 2003 and was an exceptional employee even receiving a “exceeds expectations” rating in a performance review according to court records

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  • Fraud Fraud

    The Anonymous Caller Recognizing It's a Fraud and Evaluating What to Do[1] Learning Objectives • After completing and discussing this case you should be able to • Appreciate real-world pressures for meeting financial expectations • Distinguish financial statement fraud from aggressive accounting • Identify alternative actions when confronted with suspected financial statement fraud • Develop arguments to resist or prevent inappropriate accounting techniques

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  • Fraud

    third, it is to recommend the possible actions and preventive measures to curb these scandals. 1. Introduction In the recent years, the public and business community have been surprised with the exposure of many corporate scandals and accounting fraud by the managers of the company. It disappoints many stakeholders as after the financial crisis in 1997, many efforts have been initiated and implemented to strengthen the business control and foundation of the company. One of the important lessons

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  • Fraud

    A special CBI court on Thursday sentenced B Ramalinga Raju, his two brothers and seven others to seven years in prison in the Satyam fraud case. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 5 crore on Ramalinga Raju, the Satyam Computer Services Ltd's founder and former chairman, and his brother B Rama Raju and Rs 20-25 lakh each on the remaining accused. HT presents a lowdown of the country's biggest-ever corporate accounting scandal . What is the Satyam scam about? It is about corporate governance

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  • Fraud

    Fraud is a serious problem for most businesses today and often technology compounds the problem. In addition, the role of the independent auditor in the detection of fraud is often questioned. ( Fraud is dishonest activity causing actual or potential financial loss to any person or entity including theft of money or other property by employees or persons and where deception is used at the time, immediately before or immediately

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  • Resisting Satan

    Resisting Satan in Paradise Lost Satan, in Paradise Lost, is a very complex character. He constantly evolves throughout the poem. Over the years, critics have been questioning whether Milton wanted Satan to be appealing to readers. If this was his goal, he achieved it because most of the times one reads Paradise Lost it is hard not to sympathize with Satan’s character. The discussion over Satan has divided critics into “Satanists” and “Anti-Satanists”. John Carey says that “Satanists critics generally

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    Mortgages Brianna Hammar Rolfs Southern New Hampshire University The Right Mortgage for Me Choosing the right mortgage can become an overwhelming and daunting task for any person or family to undertake. The old cliché, “knowledge is power”, applies to the process as it enables the property owner to understand their options and feel more in control and, thus, less at the mercy of the intricate process of securing a mortgage. There are big decisions

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  • Mortgage Fraud

    Burning Down the House: Mortgage Fraud and the Destruction of Residential Neighborhoods Ann Fulmer March 2010 Burning Down the House: Mortgage Fraud and the Destruction of Residential Neighborhoods Mortgage fraud is bank robbery without a gun. 1 It is a high-yield, 2 low risk enterprise that has been reported in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, 3 Canada, 4 New Zealand, 5 Australia, 6 and England. 7 In the United States, it is committed by organized international and domestic

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  • Mortgage Crisis

    The mortgage crisis began in the early 2000’s when homes were increasing in value. Interest rates on mortgages were also low during that time. People thought it was a sure investment to buy a home with the low rates and increasing values. People simply thought the values would never stop going up. During this time people with bad credit could also qualify as subprime borrowers; in addition to this, there was people who also took on high risk loans and were qualified without much documentation checks

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    MORTGAGE A Mortgage is defined as a debt instrument, secured by the collateral of specified real estate property, that the borrower is obliged to pay back with a predetermined set of payments. Mortgages are used by individuals and businesses wishing to make large value purchases of real estate without paying the entire value of the purchase up front. Mortgages are also known as liens against property, or claims on property. It can be further described as the debt instrument giving conditional

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  • Fraud

    Fraud is defined as the, “intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right” (Fraud, n.d.). However, not all fraud is intentional. According to Kranacher, Riley & Wells (2011), there are four elements to fraud: a material false statement, knowledge that the statement was false when it was spoken, reliance on the false statement by the victim, and damages resulting from the victim’s reliance on the false statements (pp. 2-3)

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  • Scott Mortgage

    Changes at Scott Mortgage De’Sean Anderson Strayer University BUS 520 Leadership & Organizational Behavior Dr. Anderson June 12, 2010 Discuss the nature of change in the work environment of the 21st century. Between technological advances, the changing composition of the workforce, and the growing influence of the global economy, organizational structures and employees' careers are taking unprecedented and unpredictable turns. People still want to be successful in their jobs, want

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  • Fraud

    Donald R Cressey hypothesis became known as the “fraud triangle.” He studied the reasons behind the fraud. What led them to commit the fraud. His fraud triangle can explain of occupational offenders but not all. According to Cressey: “The first point represents a perceived non-sharable financial need which fell into six basic categories: violation of ascribed obligations, problems resulting from personal failure, business reversals, physical isolation, status gaining, and employer – employee

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  • Fraud

    Veronica Cantu Accounting Information Systems Written Assignment –Week 2 Gary Foster, a former vice-president for Citigroup, pleaded guilty to one count of bank fraud in Brooklyn, New York. Foster embezzled 22.9 million from the bank in a period of eight years, between September, 2003 and June, 2011. The fraud was detected after an internal treasury department audit. Foster joined Citigroup in 1999 after graduating from Rutgers University with an accounting degree. He climbed the corporate

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