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    Memo To: From: Date: 10/30/2012 Re: Request for Funding of a Business Communications course I would like to request funding to participate in an upcoming class, Business Communications (GB512), at Kaplan University Online. As an employee of Lowe’s who cares about employee development and performance I have decided to do some research on performance management best practices that could be beneficial to the company as a whole. My ability to communicate better as a professional

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    Memo To: Clients From: CC: Firm CPA’s Date: Re: SAS 112- Statement of Accounting Standards In May of 2006, the AICPA Auditing Stands Board published the SAS-112 in previous years there where changes made to the auditing standards that had an effect on the auditing procedures performed on financial statements. The new standards of changes are described in SAS-112. This memo will clarify the requirements of the new standards and how it will affect your business.   The terms below are

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    MEMO To: Anisur Rahman Student’s Name: X Student’s ID: Date: 24.01.2013 1. Sales by Region Row Labels | Sum of Total Sales | East | 529124.8 | North | 233832.75 | South | 234595.05 | Grand Total | 997552.6 | 2. Sales by item Row Labels | Sum of Total Sales | 101 Keyboard | 18294.15 | 17" Monitor | 139461 | Desktop CPU | 833800.95 | PC Mouse | 5996.5 | Grand Total | 997552.6 | 3. Sales by store Row Labels | Sum of Total Sales | 1 | 90281.1 | 2 | 54262.7 | 3 | 90051.25 | 4 |

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    Luis Cubilla ENG/221 Technical Writing Fundamentals Zachery Koppelmann January 28 2013 The organization of the memo from Hugh to Abram is partially organized. Hugh does not stray from his subject much and appears to stay on point with what he wants to address. The letter has an average format with a standard intro body and conclusion along with a signature which should be included in all e-mails. The clarity however leaves little to be desired for but at least Hugh admits that he does not

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    T.C. Memo. 2009-93 UNITED STATES TAX COURT THOMAS J. WOODY, Petitioner v. COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, Respondent Docket No. 30077-07. Filed April 30, 2009. P alleges that during tax year 2004 he had a real estate investment and rental business. P deducted expenses associated with this activity as business expenses under I.R.C. sec. 162. R disallowed the business expense deductions. On the basis of this disallowance, R determined a deficiency in P’s Federal income tax for 2004. P petitioned

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    depending on how many hours a week they work. There are no stores closing and no new stores will be opening. If you have any question regarding the changes please e-mail me back. Thanks for you time and I hope the transitions goes well. From Stephanie Memo: New Store times The following are some changes that have been made. The Stores will no longer be open on sunday. So we will be open monday through saturday. Also the time that the stores will be open are changing as well. The stores will be opening

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    Determine one assessment and evaluative measure as directives for HR that will measure your divisional effectiveness over the next five years of Coca-Cola. -Once the assessment and evaluative measure is determined write 2-3 sentences explaining what it will measure and why it should be used to help Coca-Cola's HR effectiveness over the next five years. In relation to the organization Coca Cola Inc. one of the assessment methods which can be used as directives for HR include the observation of

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    stereotype shape self-esteem of Asian American women. This project defines self-esteem as an individual’s assessment of self-worth that encompasses positive or negative beliefs and attitudes about the self. “The looking glass self,” pioneered by Charles Horton Cooley, explains how individuals’ self-esteem can be formed through the eyes of family members. Depending on individuals’ assessments of how others perceive them, people feel pride or shame, which contributes to their sense of self-esteem.

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    Memo Date: December 1, 2012 To: All BUSAD 106 Students From: Instructor ------------------------------------------------- Subject: Reminder of Individual Report As I mentioned in last memo, each student is required to submit a businessresearch paper. This memo is reminding you that your individual report is due by one week ahead from this week. As you all know the main topic, you should be able to consider to some important steps as you need to complete your individual report. Some of

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    ACCOUNTING CASES, RESEARCH, AND ANALYSIS INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT #2 MEMORANDUM TO: Professor Siyi Li FROM: Mariam Shamshad DATE: September 11, 2013 SUBJECT: Partition of Restatements as Error or Irregularities This memo discusses the main ideas of Hennes, Leone and Miller (2008) research on restatements reclassification that is studied using the guidelines from Gordon and Porter (2009) reading and understanding academic research. Main Research: There has been much research on causes

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    SUBJECT: Important Risk Analysis: Assessment of Audit Risk The objective of this memo is to introduce the financial position of Hormel Foods Corp. and provide the general assessment of the company’s audit risk. The overall assessment of risk of material misstatement is moderate. This memo presents the potential high-risk areas as followings. Revenue Recognition GM’s major sources of revenue is manufacturing and marketing branded consumer foods sold through retail stores. It also supply branded

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    Coca-Cola India Private Limited and re-launched Coca-Cola in 1993 Coca-cola faced some difficult challenges in India regarding social and ethical issues Criticized by Indian government, NGOs and international environmentalists. Consumers ran anti-cocacola campaign & refused to drink Coca-cola. The company's strategic plan during this crisis situation was very bad and it fueled up the situation further - sales dropped, profit fell Lesson learnt: internationally more aggressive to invest in CSR -

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    Pa205 Unit 8 (Natalie Attired Memo) Memorandum To: (Senior Partner) From: Date: Subject: Natalie Attired Unemployment Compensation Claim Office File: PA205 Statement of Facts: Natalie Attired began employment with Biddy’s Tea House in May, 2009. During her employment, Natalie received four evaluations, which improved consistently and showed no reprimands. There is no employee manual or written policy about employee conduct. In June 2010, Natalie purchased a full-sleeve tattoo which

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    | ACME | Memo To: | Company President | From: | ME | cc: | HR | Date: | November 8, 2013 | Re: | Soft Skills Training | | | After the last project review one area that needs to be improved is our communication not only with the stakeholder, but vendors and our team as well. Having gone through soft skills training before while in the Marine Corps, before I was assigned to recruiting duty, I know that soft skills training will have a positive impact on our team and improve our overall

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    following memo seeks to highlight the past and current problems facing federal health care expenditures within the U.S. It tries to answer the question if health care spending is now on more sustainable path along with giving projections for its current outlook. More specifically it addresses “supply-side” reforms, “demand-side” reforms and “voucher” reforms within the Medicare program, analyzing the benefits and downsides of each and what underlying problems these approaches contain. The memo summarises

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    emails and interactions with other companies and industries, and even memos like the one you are reading now. Immediately I knew you all would prosper from this information. As industrialists you will be making the big bucks because of an education you dedicated yourself to, but just because you have a degree does not mean you are done learning. That is why I encourage you all to read Bunn’s Essay, which I will attach, a link to this memo. If we take pride in simple strategies of how we read and write

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    To: ​Mark Smith, Director of Human Resources From: ​Floyd Sea, Accounts/Receivable Coordinator Date: ​February 11, 2014 Subject: ​Request for Business Writing course Funding The purpose of this memo is to appeal for funding for Floyd Sea to attend a Business Communications course. As an Accounts/Receivable Coordinator this course will help improve my ability to record strong, concise, and effective messages in proficient method. Being a part of this course will afford me with a prospective

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    policy violation changes will be enforce affected immediately. This list is just the simple outline of the new changes for you to explain to your employees. There will be a more detailed company-issued policy memo covering all the issues sent to you in the upcoming weeks. Once you’ve received the memo, it must be posted up at each bureau in an area visible to employees to see. That is all for now, you all have a nice day!

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    BMKT01C03 BMKT01C03 Dr. Farid Haddad Dr. Farid Haddad The CocaCola Company Group Report Done by: Yasmeen El Feki 113108 Merna Ashraf 113593 Salma Rakha 112877 Yasmine Mokhtar Yehya Tarek Salem Mady The CocaCola Company Group Report Done by: Yasmeen El Feki 113108 Merna Ashraf 113593 Salma Rakha 112877 Yasmine Mokhtar Yehya Tarek Salem Mady Outline: 1. Coca Cola Background 2. 7 P's 3. Market PESTEL analysis (Egypt) 4. SWOT analysis (Egypt)

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      Donnielle Mims Human Capital Management MEMO October 15,2010 TO: First level Managers FROM: Donnielle Mims SUBJECT: Managers Responsibility During Transition DATE: 15 October 2010 As you all are aware InterClean, Inc. is in the process of merging with EnviroTech. During this transition it is very important we don’t lose sight of our mission and managerial goals. I would like to go over a few key factors to help us stay on a successful track. As we combine forces

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    The purpose of this memo is to explain the role of technical writing in professional sports, specifically the Colorado Avalanche Management and Team Services department. The information was gathered from an interview with Francois Giguere the former General Manager and Executive Vice President. Background Mr. Giguere previously worked as the Assistant General Manager and Vice President of Hockey Operations for the Colorado Avalanche and he also worked in the Quebec Nordiques organization before

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    Memo 1 Re: The medium is the message Dear madam, I understand that the datacenter is undergoing an upgrade to modern configuration that support VOIP(voice over internet protocol) which is impossible with the 10-base-T LAN cables hubs, which is considered to be an outdated technology. Data centers are focused on the LAN technologies, with the goal of redundancy and then to create a more scalable fabric within the data center. In this memo two network cabling option will be

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    easy-to-understand checklist and value limits for gifts and hospitality. We also developed additional training around corporate entertainment, including specific training delivered to all CCE people attending the London Olympics. Our Compliance Risk Assessment Methodology forms the basis for providing any additional training as part of our three-year Ethics and Compliance training curriculum. For our Code of Business Conduct to be effective, employees must feel confident in raising concerns or questions

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    Billing Memo This memo is to remind the office of the important of documentation of coding and coding. If something has not been documented it does not happen then we can’t be billed for those services. There are minimum documentation requirements that are needed for reimbursement. Within documentation there are general principles that comes along with documentation. They are as followed chief complain of the patient on their time of visit. A relevant history of the patient. If any physical exam

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    Memorandum To: Stephanie Nissen From: Nichole Dennis Date: 11/16/13 Re: Bureaucracy Memo INTRODUCTION In 1992, Kristin Lardner was murdered by a man who should have been in prison. Kristin was a creative and intelligent art student from D.C., living in Boston. She began dating Michael Cartier a few months before he took her life. Michael was already on probation for numerous violent acts. Acts against other people and property. WEBER’S CONCEPT OF BUREAUCRACY Max Weber’s Concept

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    | Sparky Designs | Memo To: | Mario and Luigi CEO | From: | Brian Duncan | cc: | Peach and Toad | Date: | August 3, 2014 | Re: | Web Conferencing | | | After having fulfilled the request of researching a web conferencing tool for the company to use, further research shows that Cisco WebEx and IBM Sametime are our best possibilities moving forward. A compare and contrast assessment of the two companies listed, shows that for the size and possible growth of Sparky Designs Cisco

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    RISK ASSESSMENT AND ENGAGEMENT SELECTION MEMO The purpose of this memo is to gain an understanding of the firm structure, its accounting and auditing practice, and its system of quality control. Based on the risk factors noted, the team captain will select engagements to be reviewed to reduce peer review risk to an acceptable level. Peer review risk consists of two parts: 1. The risk (consisting of inherent risk and control risk) that an engagement will not be performed and/or reported

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    | Landslide Limousines | Memo To: | Bradley Stonefield | From: | Jennifer Maldonado | cc: | Traci Goldman | Date: | October 24, 2014 | Re: | Compliance Laws | | | Employment Laws Austin Texas Our client Landslide Limousines is opening a limousine transportation service in the city of Austin in the state of Texas, as per your request I am including relevant employment laws that need to be kept in mind in order to have a safe and law abiding company. As a small business with

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    bring the bad attitude into the workplace. The positive attitude is the key to improve the productivity of the managers and their employees. So always try to exhibit the good behavior, and the positive attitude at the workplace. In addition to this memo, there are different types of management actions that align with employment laws. Our broad goal in this company is provide for all employees, regardless of race, age, gender, religion, national origin, or disability, an equal opportunity to compete

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    (n.d.). Retrieved September 29, 2014, from 2. Online Meeting and Web Conferencing Tools – Best Of. (n.d.). Retrieved September 29, 2014, from 3. Sample Memo to a Supervisor. (2012, January 1). Retrieved September 29, 2014, from

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    business environment. Westport, Conn.: Quorum Books. Senker, C., & Foy, D. (2012). Coca Cola. London: Wayland. Strydom, J. (2004). Introduction to marketing. Cape Town, South Africa: Juta. Su-Mei Lin,. (2011). Marketing mix (7P) and performance assessment of Western fast food industry in Taiwan: An application by associating DEMATEL (Decision making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) and ANP (Analytic Network Process). AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, 5(26). doi:10.5897/ajbm11.894 The real

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    Memo #1 To: Business Relationship Manager, XYZ Inc. From: 670-21-4428 Date: 02/14/2015 Problem: XYZ Inc. is in a situation wherein it is unable to meet a given Project X deadline with its available resources and budget constraints. Causes: The following were identified as potential causes for the problem stated above: * Lack of formal scope definition process has resulted in vagueness and open ended conclusions about the actual requirements among the associates which has resulted

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    Triton Treats – Potato Group Memo To: Gary Prellwitz, General Manager, Sodexo From: Max Leible –, Wesley Sebacher –, Ly Tran –, Fei Liu – Re: Triton Treats Proposal Date: 27 October 2014 Our group members have been discussing the Triton Treats project over the past few weeks and have come up with some suggestions for how the logo contest is going to run. We have also proposed activities

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    | | | |agendas. | |Memos |Most memos I have seen |Technical |Memos in my work place are very rare. The | | |used to inform the | |memos I have seen inform the readers of | | |reader of change being | |what is

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    To: Professor From: Date: Subject: executive memorandum This memo is a summary of the data analysis of portfolio of two common stocks. Firstly, we download 84 months data including returns, risk free and s&p500 index. Then we use return minus risk free to get the excess return for each company, because we need to use the excess return to graph the investment opportunity set and regression. For the second requirement, we need to compute the arithmetic mean, which is the historical

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    MEMO To: The Technology Advisory Committee From: Date: November, 6 2010 Re: Purchase of Sage Products Dear Technology Advisory Committee, It is my pleasure to announce I have decided to choose Sage to handle our accounting software needs. I reviewed the information that your team provided and I found Sage to be the most beneficial for our company. According to the needs analysis, we need a program that will provide basic accounting functions and be compatible with Microsoft

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    Memo To: Recipient’s Name, Recipient’s Title Department of Defense Army National Guard From: Your Name, Your TitleSGT Jameka Samuel (Automated Logistic Specialist) CC: National Guard Bureau Name and title of individuals you want to copy in on your correspondence; if there are no courtesy copies, leave this line off Date: The date you are sending the memo19 June 2014 Subject: A clear subject line reflecting the focus of your document In need of a sponsor for writing

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    based rainwater harvesting projects and help lending conservation education. The company has made sure that the following ideas are considered during their operations: 1. Environmental due diligence before acquiring land 2. Environmental impact assessment before commencing project 3. Ground water and environment survey before selecting the site 4. Ban on purchasing CFC emitting refrigerating equipment 5. Waste water treatment facilities 6. Compliance with all regulatory environmental requirements

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    Memo To: The 2009 Client Files From: Susie Senior Re: December 2009 Reduction in Force/ Restructuring Background On December 14, 2009, the Company notified US and French employees that the Company would be reducing its workforce. For the US employees, this was communicated formally (writing) on company-wide and individual basis and those individual employees affected were terminated and revoked security access on December 14. For the French employees, this was communicated formally (writing)

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    Memorandum To: Janice Jones, Committee Manager From: Chrissy Joyner, Project Manager Date: May 22, 2009 Subject: The Advantages of Using Lot 123 as an Eatery This memo is to show the importance of placing an eatery in the vacant location on the first floor. Based on my findings, I have found that it is extremely beneficial to our company if we place an eatery with several local restaurant choices on the first floor. What Are the Advantages? One of the

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    MEMO #1 Para: Gerente General De: Gerente de producción Asunto: Recomendación sobre política de cumplimiento de estándares razonables para trabajadores de contratistas extranjeros. Fecha: Jueves, 21 de mayo del 2015. El motivo de la presente es para dar mi recomendación sobre una de las políticas acerca del cumplimiento de estándares para los trabajadores de nuestros contratistas extranjeros. Pienso que es importante que como organización nos involucremos con los trabajadores de nuestros

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    state-owned company of Bangladesh, used to bottle and market Coca Cola products in Bangladesh until September last used to distribute cocacola in dhaka and rajshahi. But Tabani stopped its operation in September when Coca Cola made a partnership with a private company for bottling and marketing of its there is no distributer of cocacola for the capital city and rajshahi. The plan for setting up a plant and commence own sales and distributions showed the company's keen interest

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    RES341 University of Phoenix August 15, 2011 Memo The purpose of this memo is to inform you that ABC Sports Equipment sales have declined due to the fact that a number of chain stores have moved in to the area and they also sell sports equipment. In order to meet our customer needs we have given customer surveys at the store and outside the store. Our surveys contain questions such as cleanliness of our store, hours of operation, competitive pricing, personalized services, product selection

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    MEMO To: From: Re: Date: Introduction The long-term unemployed will make state and nation decrease the productivity and increase debt in public system. In response to the chronic unemployment of low and non-skilled workers in state X, the government aims to train them to get back to social and increase the productivity to society. There are two company could take the action for government, one is private sector that offers the on-the-job training program and another one is education program

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    MEMO To : Dr. Janie Liew From : Azizul Hafiz Rustam Date : 21-22 September 2011 (Wednesday and Thursday) Subject : Membership of Rotary Club Introduction : Rotary club was adopted as a worldwide program of rotary in 1968,when the rotary international board of directors saw a need to extend the opportunity of service to young adult. Rotary club is very important to the young people now days because rotary club programs and activity help their member to gain tools and skill to develop

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    Memo DATE: November 18, 2015 TO: All Downtown Merchants and their Employees FROM: Jack Jones, VDEF Executive Director SUBJECT: On-street parking complaints I am sending this memorandum out in response to above average numbers of complaints regarding on-street parking by employees of the downtown. As you are all aware, paring for clients and customers within the downtown area is at a premium. I would like

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    | Jing Li | Memo To: | Dr., Michael Wasylenko | From: | Jing Li | cc: | | Date: | April 15th 2013 | Re: | Annual Physical exams | | | Medical cost is one of the major soaring expenditure in the United States. Besides, the price of medical cost for annual physical is relatively expensive. Reducing medical cost by eliminating the annual physical cost in the United States has become a critical issue. Background of Medical costs Medical costs rate in the United States has grown

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    MEMO IE Business school Saturday, October 3rd 2015 Dear Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño, My name is Sami and I have recently joined the MIM program for the September 2015 intake. I would like to constructively comment on the introductory weeks for this program and highlight some important details you may take into account for next year’s intake. I believe that this part of the program is very important and key to build a successful year ahead. First of all, I think that the 2 weeks

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    Memo To: Ms. Boyce, Chief Executive Officer From: Student, Personnel Management Consultant Subject: Karen Carlin Case Study: Issue Analysis and Proposed Solutions Date: 21 October 2010 INTRODUCTION The purpose of this memo is to analyze and propose solutions for the issues Karen Carlin faces as she takes on the supervisor role for the schedule typist department of Hepplewhite & Boyce. The three issues to be analyzed are (1) lack of productivity, (2) insubordination and abuse of company

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    Memo: There are three possible alternatives to address this situation. Let us discuss each alternative one by one. The first alternative is that company issues a warning that the toy is unsuitable for the children and thus, the whistle should be used with caution. The major advantage of this alternative is that it does not result in any financial losses as the toys can be shipped immediately. However, this alternative can attract legal consequences as the toy fails to pass the regulatory standards

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