Coaching And Leadership In The Workplace

  • Coaching Diary Example

    overarching needs and those that could be addressed during this session? I first established contact with KM over email following recommendation that KM was looking for some coaching support in his current role but had not had the opportunity to look into this. We met on the above date and time and initially discussed our coaching agreement pertaining to the confidentiality of the sessions and working within my current remit of competence. We agreed on 3 sessions, however due to the transitional nature

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  • Leadership and Performance in the Workplace

    Leadership and Performance in the Workplace When there is an evident and effective leadership base displayed amongst an organization, then the performance in the workplace can be one of harmonious and success. Leaders and workers rely on one another to achieve the goals set forth within a company. Establishing diverse work groups and team concepts can unify those to be able to embrace and complete company objective set forth. Implementation of leadership theories as well as identifying various influences

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  • Leadership and Performance in the Workplace

    Leadership and Performance in the Workplace When there is an evident and effective leadership base displayed amongst an organization, then the performance in the workplace can be one of harmonious and success. Leaders and workers rely on one another to achieve the goals set forth within a company. Establishing diverse work groups and team concepts can unify those to be able to embrace and complete company objective set forth. Implementation of leadership theories as well as identifying various influences

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  • Leadership and Performance in Workplace

    It is common misconceptions that only individuals involved in sales, marketing, or leadership position are hold the degree of persuasion. Whether he or she realize it or not, the individuals success, income, and even his or he relationships depend on his or her ability to persuade a motivate others. Persuasion is such a critical component of success in our everyday lives. My paper today will prove persuasion is good use in the right behavior. Showing knowleability on current uses: and how the breakdown

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  • Coaching Workplace

    DEVELOPING COACHING SKILLS FOR THE WORKPLACE ACTIVITY 1 Introduction In this report I will describe two types of coaching and how coaching can be directive and non-directive. Also, I will explain two differences between coaching and other learning and development methods. I will identify 3 benefits of coaching to the organization and an explanation of 3 ways that coaching can be used to meet organization objectives. Moreover, I will explain the meaning of coaching culture and therefore 2 options

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  • Coaching an Individual

    Leadership Portfolio #3 October 20, 2012 Coaching an Individual My sister recently came to me frustrated with her finances. This was the perfect opportunity for me to practice my “Coaching an Individual”. Her problem was that her bank account had been in the red for several months and she struggled to find ways to cut costs so that, she would not end up in the red month after month. What I did was I began by asking her a series of “Powerful Questions” to get the ball rolling and to get

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  • Developing Coaching Skills for the Workplace

    Coaching is a powerful tool based on the use of one-to-one discussions to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge or work performance. Coaching targets high performance and improvement at work and usually focuses on specific skills and goals, although it may also have an impact on an individual’s personal attributes. I have outlined a brief description of 2 coaching models GROW and OSCAR in Appendix 1. There are a variety of different types of coaching available and I have identified 2 specific

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  • Coaching

    Casos de Coaching en Empresas Cuando una organización aplaude la disposición de tomar riesgos en sus empleados, obtiene empleados vivos y motivados. Los empleados se sienten mas energizados cuando se preparan para actuar en situaciones difíciles. Un dicho no muy famoso expresa: “Si algo vale la pena hacerse, ¡vale la pena hacerse ahora!” y es una invitación a experimentar y arriesgarse. Robert Kiyosaki, en sus conferencias “El Dinero y Usted” usualmente relata la historia de la compañía

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  • Mentoring and Coaching

    Many companies are now beginning to grasp the significance of mentoring and coaching their employees. Although many entry-level jobs do require a college education and a few years’ experience, it is crucial to provide the necessary tools and training to those employees interested in climbing the corporate ladder into managerial or supervisory positions. Now more than ever, companies are realizing the need to provide leadership advancement opportunities to its employees so as to motivate them, stay competitive

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  • Communication and Leadership in the Workplace

    to making and communicating effective decision making in the workplace. Communication is one of the most important elements in the successful supervision of employees. An effective leader is expected to clarifying expectations, understand feedback, participate in meetings, coach, mentor, or mediate conflict and well as possess good listening skills when relating to their employees (Northouse, 2010). The process of leadership entails the association connecting individuals aiming to lead

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  • Leadership Styles and Behaviors in the Workplace

    “Leadership Styles and Behaviors in the workplace”: Working from the Bottom to the Top By: Arlita McCoy To: Dr. Moss Date: August 12, 2013 Class: Psychological Foundations of Leadership There are many leadership styles in the work place. There are certain styles used when communicating with employs versus management. Having a strong leadership background in retail/fast food. I’ve learned to try and treat every employee the same. The management style that I used

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  • Leadership and Coaching

    Coaching is a profound leadership mindset, but you have to believe in it first. Andrew Wood explains the big picture as follows: "Leadership is not a right of passage, or at least it shouldn't be. Leadership is a state of mind. A philosophy. An attitude. Understanding this, you can recognize and develop the key traits that will enhance and improve your personal capacity for leadership." Great leaders touch the lives of their followers through coaching. The key to consistent business success is to

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  • Show Leadership in the Workplace

    Robert Poole BSBMGT40A Show leadership in the workplace Due Date 03/07/2010 [pic] Table of Content Assessment Task 1 P3 Introduction P5 Body P5 3i. 5 Key Characteristics P5 3ii. Inspirational Leaders P7 3iii. Steve Irwin P7 3iv. Mahatma Ghandi P8 3v. Dalai Lama P9 Conclusion P11 References P11 Assessment Task 1: Questions A good leader should be able to demonstrate very good communication skills this

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  • Coaching

    Stevenson Regent University LDRC 502 Leadership Coaching: Convergence Spiritual Life Coaching When we look at the role of coaching and how it speaks to a person’s spiritual life we first must understand the definition of coaching. Whitmore (2001) quoted Gallwey’s definition of coaching as “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them” (p. 8). There are several definitions of coaching that attempts to pinpoint or identify

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  • Coaching

    something that I try to re instill in my players on a weekly basis. Our speaker also brought up climate, is the climate a positive one that they will want to do it? is it a negative climate, and or demeaning? And I feel without a doubt, that my coaching style is very demanding, and face paced. However, it is very positive, and safe. The climate I have created for my practices is one that is highly demanding, high energy, that involves constant moving, participation and communication from all players

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  • Coaching

    the role of Human Resourcing Unit Number 3DCS Developing Coaching Skills for the Workplace Nichola Mackay 0510453 CIPD Foundation Certificate 15 January 2014 1000 Words Summary The below should help you understand the nature and purpose of coaching, know how to use a coaching style to improve performance in the workplace and be able to identify ways in which coaching can be implemented in an organisation.

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  • Coaching

    Coaching Summary Report Jiajun Li 2014-05-02 Northeastern University Author Note This paper was prepared for Developing Bench Strength, taught by Professor John Ellsworth. Background Nowadays, coaching has become one of the concepts in leadership and management. It used when the members of a group or a team are competent and motivated, but do not have ideas about the long-term goals of an organization or individual. We have to admit that coaching is an important

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  • Coaching

    Leadership Coaching is the latest buzz—but all too often companies embark on coaching initiatives that are not well thought out, that their executives do not embrace, and that are doomed to fail. In Chapter 24 of the OWP (Orchestrating Winning Performance) Book 2008, “Riding the winds of global change”, to be published in September 2008,Professor Jack Wood explains how organizations can instead implement a thoughtful, integrated coaching strategy which can deliver long-lasting results. The purpose

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  • Coaching

    Coaching is a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve. Directive coaching - is where the coach offers solutions, tools and techniques for moving forward (as in the sports arena). Sometimes it may be useful to offer solutions, however the danger is that the solution may not be quite appropriate for the situation and consequently people may not feel fully committed to the solution provided. Non-Directive coaching - is coaching where the coach asks questions

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  • Leadership Management Coaching

    | Managerial Effectiveness 571 | Assessment 2 Leadership & Management Implementation Coaching Report | | Megan Scott 16364420 | Due: 18th October 2013 | Lecturer: Ron PettapieceTotal Word Count: 2745 | Contents Journal Entry One: Establishing expectations 2 Journal Entry Two: The development plans 5 Journal Entry Three: Making Progress 8 Bibliography 11 Journal Entry One: Establishing expectations Ben Tomason and Megan Scott (me) – via skype video chat Word Count:

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  • Leadership in the Workplace

    clearly specified and employees are closely supervised to make sure they are following proper patient procedures. As a leader in my organization I would have to say that my dominant leadership style is situational for the reason that I normally modify my leadership style to employee readiness. Situational leadership is needed in the health care industry because employees must possess situational readiness because of this fast paced and constantly changing environment. Every management style has

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  • Coaching

    Minnesota, then with the Pittsburgh Steelers, then the Kansas City Chiefs, and then back to Minnesota with the Vikings. Four times in the past decade, he had been invited to interview for head coaching positions with NFL teams. All four times, the interviews hadn’t gone well. Part of the problem was Dungy’s coaching philosophy. In his job interviews, he would patiently explain his belief that the key to winning was changing players’ habits. He wanted to get players to stop making so many decisions during

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  • Coaching

    Resources > Factsheets > Coaching and mentoring Coaching and mentoring Revised September 2014 Related resources Factsheets Learning methods Induction In this factsheet What are coaching and mentoring? Developing a coaching culture Who delivers coaching in UK organisations? When is coaching the best development intervention? The role of HR and L&D in managing coaching activities CIPD viewpoint Useful contacts Further reading Guides Coaching and buying coaching services Developing resilience:

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  • Leadership

    Definition of effective leadership in today’s workplace In today’s workplace, effective leadership is becoming increasingly difficult to master. Leaders are currently encountering a variety of challenges in the workplace. In order to be effective, the leader must be able to deal with all types of people from different generations, with different skill levels, and with different personality traits. A leader must determine the best way to deal with all of these obstacles so that they can influence

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  • Coaching and Mentoring

    Foundation Design: Coaching and Mentoring Introduction Organisations are increasingly evolving quicker due to globalisation and advances in industries and technology. These events have made market environments progressively more competitive and have changed the economic climate in which organisations operate. Unfortunately some organisations have had to implement restructures and reductions in workforce to ensure survival. Foundation Design are one of these organisations whose company size

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  • Leadership Role in the Workplace

    Leadership Roles in the Workplace Prepared for Management and Supervision MGT-410 Instructor Ms. Jacqueline Carreras Prepared by Connie Burns-Marshall Management-Skills and Application by Rue & Byars book have a lot of useful information. It focuses on the essential skills that are needed to become a successful manager. It’s a roadmap for critical thinking that’s needed in leadership where problem solving, decision-making and empowerment are daily routine

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  • Coaching Plan

    Running head: JOHN CRAIG’S COACHING PLAN My Coaching Plan John D. Craig II Waldorf College JOHN CRAIG’S COACHING PLAN A Reflection On Me During an army career that spanned 30 years, five continents and, 5 conflicts, I had the opportunity to coach and mentor some of the bravest young men I have will ever have the honor of knowing. Some were brand new privates right out of boot camp, and some were fresh lieutenants straight out of college. Either way, they had no real idea what the army

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  • Coaching

    Patricia J Beckett Coaching Session Capella University MHA5042- Team Dev Pers Ldrshp Hlth Care Dr. Darleen Barnard I didn’t pick Steve as a coach, but I am very grateful for being assigned to him. He was, for me, the perfect coach. He asked the right questions and opened my eyes to many things. I recognized Steve as a high-performing individual because he seemed to follow the five rules of defining your leadership pipeline. The research that the Harvard Business review did found some things

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  • Generational Conflict in Leadership Perception: How the Millennials Are Transforming the Workplace

    Perception of Leadership Millennial’s have the perception that the following attributes are the true characteristics of leadership according to a study of 5,940 respondents native to the United States by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) (Cullen, Deal, Gentry, Stawiski, n.d., p.5): • Hierarchical leadership characterized by placing importance on social rank, following tradition, and abiding by the rules ((Cullen, Deal, Gentry, Stawiski, n.d., p.5). • Autonomous leadership characterized

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  • Coaching Model

    Running head: COACHING MODEL COACHING MODEL Assignment 2 HRM-538 Performance Management Submitted by: TJ McPhail Submitted to: Dr. Karen Golaub, Instructor August 9, 2015 This paper evaluates the coaching model and team-based performance of an organization. Moreover, this paper describes the selected organizations approach of coaching for their employees to optimize the organizations performance management activities. For this paper, United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

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  • Leadership and Performance in Workplace

    Leadership and Performance in the Workplace Leadership and Performance in the Workplace At Woody’s Veneer Factory there are many issues that are affecting the success of this establishment. For one there is an absence of a team work ethic. In order for the company to become more successful the floor workers and managers need to develop a team like mentality. Another element that would contribute to the organization would be finding leadership theories that would improve the performance of the

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  • Coaching Reflections

    My own ethical and moral values, beliefs, attitudes and personal integrity and assessment of my effect on my own and others’ behaviour in the leadership mentoring or executive coaching relationship – critically reviewed. Within the Myers-Briggs psychometric analysis I fit the personality type is Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging (ISFJ). The fact that this is not a common personality type in the Service is perhaps an indicator of the amount of learned behaviour I have accumulated in my 19 years

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  • Coaching

    “ High school students “ with a well-developed curriculum revised by people who work in this field as the main objective is to work with them on developing their skills Skills      Presentations skills Communication skills Management and leadership Music Production Writing “articles” Nermeen Emad hassan Page 2

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  • Leadership in the Workplace

    Henry Ford Leadership Styles The Leadership Style of Henry Ford Henry Ford is one of the most iconic industrialists in history. Despite his death nearly 70 years ago, a day doesn’t pass that we don’t see his name either in an ad, or on the back of a truck tailgate. We all know of his engineering and entrepreneurial achievements in the American industrial revolution, but it was his leadership qualities coupled with these strengths that led to his great success. Through his morality and vision

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  • Coaching Priorities

    Coaching Priorities and Principles The central theme of this section is teaching life lessons that will impact your players for the rest of their lives through the game of baseball. The game of baseball is truly the greatest game for instilling trust, teamwork, cooperation, discipline, work ethic and many different character traits that will provide a solid foundation for the rest of their lives. These coaches talk about the love of the game, making baseball fun, competing with class, hustling

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  • Psy 435 Week 5 Learning Team Leadership and Performance in the Workplace Paper

    PSY 435 Week 5 Learning Team Leadership and Performance in the Workplace Paper To Buy This material Click below link Read the following scenario: Woody’s Veneer Factory has contacted you because the board wants their organization to be evaluated to determine the reasons for loss of money, increases in garbage fees, and loss of production. The data given to you shows that veneer production

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  • Leadership

    Helping an International Friend Develop as a Team Leader Gena Lucas Leadership Strategies February 29th, 2016 Strayer University International Leader In a diverse world many companies include employees from different races, nationalities, religions and age groups to become leaders within the company. A multicultural leader is a leader with the skills and attitudes to relate effectively to and motivate people across race, gender, age, social attitudes and lifestyles. (DuBrin,

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  • Basketball Coaching

    English 12 19 October 2015 Basketball Coaching There are many kinds of basketball coaches, there are good ones and there are bad ones. The way that the team you are coaching plays all determines which one the coach turns out to be. A basketball team is either a well-oiled machine or they are dysfunctional. It is all up to the coach and how they teach them to determine if the team will be a good one or not. A basketball coach has many jobs that they do while coaching the team. They have to make drills

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  • Coaching

    University of London: Coaching Programme SGUL’s coaching programme was launched in 2008 and to date, over 70 members of staff have benefitted from participating in the programme. Participants are drawn from a wide range of roles. Some currently have line management responsibility, some are aspiring managers and leaders, some have no line management responsibility but are responsible for managing resources or projects. What is Coaching? There are many published works on coaching. The following definitions

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  • Cognitive Coaching

    Cognitive Coaching Mia L. Whitley EDL 531 July 3, 2013 Cognitive Coaching Defined Cognitive coaching is the processes of helping students gain an understanding of how they think and encouraging them to engage in metacognition, thus deepening their readiness to apply their problem-solving and decision-making strategies (Ravitch, 2013). Why Cognitive Coaching? Knight describes why the interest in coaching has grown. In the era of No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, a launch for the search of

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  • Leadership in the Workplace

    Communication and Leadership in the Workplace Effective leadership has many different communication strategies but there are also several barriers to effective communication that an effective leader should overcome. I have had the opportunity to witness leadership and effective communication at my job that have impacted me in both a positive and negative way. Effective leadership is a vital part of an organizations lifeline and leaders should constantly find new ways to overcome any barriers that

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  • Leadership Anx Performance in the Workplace

    Leadership and Performance in the Workplace Woody’s Veneer Factory is an industrial unit that provides high quality and environmental-friendly services within a 20,000-square meter area. Currently, Woody’s Veneer Factory has been experiencing counterproductive work behaviors by the managerial staff and its floor workers. The veneer factory production is at its lowest point because of the series of episodes such as embezzlement, increase in garbage fees as well as loss of production. Therefore

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  • Coaching and Mentoring

    Introductions The use of coaching and mentoring is on the rise within the workplace. Several organizations have adopted the process of coaching and mentoring as development tools to develop those employees who are seeking future advancement. Also, they are setting the foundation for future leaders. The adaption of these developmental tools within an organization is providing employees with the necessary feedback and support to establish and plan their career. Coaching and mentoring provides an

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  • Coaching and Leadership in the Workplace

    Coaching Leadership in the Workplace According to Mike Noble in his article, Transform Managers into Coaches: Five Steps for Coaching Success, an effective manager is a coach and not just a boss. The most effective managers are those who can coach and collaborate. If one is able to coach their employees effectively then they are able to create sustainable long-term results for themselves and their company. Coaching is action of helping others to perform better, whether it is through feedback

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  • Coaching Philosphy

    Coaching Philosophy Coaching philosophies are an instrumental part in a coach’s overall success. From the way you handle winning or losing, how you handle your players, and the lessons you want to get across to them, philosophies in general are very broad and cover many different aspects of coaching. Overall I believe my coaching philosophy will be based the morals and values that were taught to me by my parents. I have also played for some great coaches so far in my athletic adventure and I will

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  • Coaching Business

    formal, technical book. If you are setting up – or are thinking about setting up – a coaching business, or for that matter any other small business, I recommend it – highly.’ ADRIAN OLSEN | Managing Director and Head of Global Project Finance Bank of Ireland Corporate Banking ‘I would readily recommend this book to anyone thinking of setting up their own business, whether or not it is in the field of coaching. It covers the whole spectrum of what it takes to organise and run your own enterprise

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  • Leadership in the Workplace

    Summary of Key Learning Experiences - Leadership In The Workplace • Leadership is The ART of Understanding Oneself First and Then Understanding Others • The Present Day Leader is faced with the challenges of a fast changing environment & complexities of wide varied and often unclear and misunderstood human motivations and emotions. To manage these it is important for a Leader to understand others’ psyche – their Project To Live (PTL) • Leaders must be able to understand an individual’s Power

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  • Leadership

    In today’s world, many organizations and businesses need effective leadership in order for them to continue to be successful. Organizations without an effective leadership cannot correctly function or maintain the achievement of the company goals and visions. Effective leadership is a role dependent upon the leader and whether or not they can make certain their employees meet the objectives and standards of the company. There are a few things a leaders must know and show in order to encourage others

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  • Coaching

    reflection-onaction to be integral to reflection-in-action, and accept his argument that the notion of reflection-in-action has emerged as a consequence of the limits of technical rationality. When one takes this standpoint, particular issues arise for the coaching community, and it is some of these that we focus on in the remainder of the chapter. BECOMING A REFLECTIVE COACH: ISSUES TO CONSIDER Drawing on anecdotal accounts, Lyle (2002: 245) contends that many coaches in professional sport are

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  • Critical Reflection on Coaching Within Business

    Plagiarism and Academic Integrity on the University website at Critical reflection on my coaching experience: An ongoing journey Coaching is a relatively new professional field that has increased in popularity during the past decade (Tompson et al, 2008). Despite several different definitions of coaching and ways to understand or categorize coaching practice, all coaching’s approaches have a common denominator: the goal of achieving changes in the client. Depending on

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