Co Operative Society In Bangladesh

  • Ngos in Bangladesh

    for helping me providing information’s whenever we asked for it. Without their kind co-operation in all respect it would not been possible for me to prepare this assignment. CONTENTS Sl.No. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15 16 17 18 19 Introduction Objectives of the study Methodology of the study Theoretical discussion Concept of NGOs Historical background of NOGs in Bangladesh Types of NGOs Functional coverage of NGOs Role of NGOs behind the rural development Advantages

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    STIPEND PROGRAM IN BANGLADESH Janet Raynor, University of London Institute of Education Kate Wesson, Open University, Milton Keynes Citation Raynor, Janet, Wesson, Kate (2006). The Girls’ Stipend Program in Bangladesh. Journal of Education for International Development 2:2. Retrieved from’StipendPrograminBangladesh.pdf on [insert month] [insert day], [insert year]. Abstract The Female Stipend Program (FSP) was created in 1982 in Bangladesh to help increase

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  • Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

    University of Information Technology & Sciences Topic: Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh Course title: Introduction to Sociology Course Code: HUM– 381 Department: Bachelor of Business Administration Prepared for- Mohit Prodhan Lecturer of Sociology School of Liberal Arts Prepared by- Rawnak Razzak (ID: 08310026) Afsana Khanom (ID: 08410001) Sadi Muhammad Naved (ID: 08410056) Sharmin Zaman (ID: 08410023) Date of Submission: April 10, 2011 10th April, 2011 Mohit Prodhan

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  • Cyber Crime in Bangladesh

    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Definition of Cyber Crime The internet in Bangladesh is growing rapidly. It has given rise to new opportunities in every field we can think of – be it entertainment, business, sports or education. There are two sides to a coin. Internet also has its own disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages is Cyber crime – illegal activity committed on the internet. The internet, along with its advantages, has also exposed us to security risks that come

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  • Bangladesh

    t r i b u t i o n o f U N F PA a n d I P P F Bangladesh Country Evaluation Report DFID Department for International Development Addressing the Reproductive Health Needs and Rights of Young People since ICPD: The contribution of UNFPA and IPPF Bangladesh Country Evaluation Report September 2003 Written by: Alanagh Raikes Malabika Sarker Hashima-e-Nasreen For: UNIVERSITY OF HEIDELBERG UNFPA and IPPF Evaluation: Bangladesh Country Report CONTENTS Acronyms............

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  • Corruption in Bangladesh

    INTRODUCTION Background There is a widespread recognition within Bangladesh that corruption is endemic and its roots lie deep in bureaucratic, business and political institutions. Corruption, however, has become a worldwide problem and has been brought to the forefront of the development agenda with the World Development Report 97: The State in a Changing World. It was followed by the World Bank report "Helping Countries Combat Corruption", which presented a four-pronged approach to guide the Bank's

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  • Population Police in Bangladesh

    had undertaken a wide array of public policies. The Policy stands out as one of the most remarkable achievements of the government. Since 1976, this policy emphasis has been reflected in all successive 5-year plans and programs. The population of Bangladesh is likely to grow up to 172 million by the year 2020 and will stabilize at 210 million by the year 2060, even if replacement level fertility (i.e. Net Reproductive Rate-NRR=1) is achieved by the year 2010. 15 MAJOR OBJECTIVES OF THE NATIONAL POPULATION

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  • Co-Operation Between Internal and External Auditors: a Comparative Study on Nationalized and Foreign Banks in Bangladesh

    22 - 35 Co-operation between Internal and External Auditors: A Comparative Study on Nationalized and Foreign Banks in Bangladesh Rehana Fowzia Effective co-operation between internal and external audit leads to a range of benefits for both parties, and the clients they serve. This study comparatively examines the influence of different factors on co-operation between internal and external auditors of foreign banks with nationalized banks in Bangladesh. Empirical evidence reveals that co-operation

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  • The Prospects of Insurance in Bangladesh

    Chapter 1 Introduction In this report we will mainly talk about the insurance business in Bangladesh and its prospect in the country under the topic of “The prospect of insurance business in Bangladesh”. In this chapter we will focus on the origin or background of the report, objectives of the report, scope of the research, methodology of the study and also the limitations that we have faced in preparation of the report. 1.1 Origin of the report: We have made the report basically to fulfill the partial

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  • Unilever Bangladesh

    Executive Summery Most of the South Asian economies (e.g. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) have made significant economic progress in the last two decades and are well on track to becoming major regional or even world economic powerhouses. In the recent years, many MNCs are increasingly putting more attention to the emerging. Asian countries for competitive advantage. One classic example is China. With a population of more than 1.3 billion China is predicted to be the largest economy in the

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  • Purbanchal Saving & Investment Co-Operative Limit

    CHAPTER - 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study 'Co-operative' refers to work together for common benefit. A co-operative organization is such an organization which is established by economically weak persons. This organization functions under their mutual co-operation of all the members. Specially, co-operative organization is such autonomous organization, which is established voluntarily by the group of persons for the fulfillment of the social, economical and cultural expectations

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  • Co-Cultures in a Multicultural Society

    Save the Last Dance is a film about a young high school girl, named Sara who is a ballet dancer. She had a dream to be in Julliard, which is one of the most prestigious schools of the performing arts. Her mother dies in a car accident on her way to see her daughter’s audition. Sara holds resentment towards her mother for not making her audition and blames her mother for her failure in the audition. Sara learns that her mother died on her way to the audition. She holds in a lot of guilt for

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  • Adr Bangladesh Compiled

    4. Introducing A.D.R. in Bangladesh Justice Mustafa Kamal Former Chief Justice Supreme Court of BangladeshWHY A.D.R?The Vagaries of Civil LitigationA. D. R. means Alternative Dispute Resolution, mostly applied to civil cases. When a civil case is instituted in a court of competent jurisdiction, the scenario usually is, that a long time is taken to serve the process, the defendants beat the law and submit their written statement/s after a long delay beyond the permissible statutory period of two

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  • Ecotourism in Bangladesh

    INTRODUCTION While tourism is a concept almost everyone around the world is familiar with, ecotourism is a relatively newfangled concept that not too much people have heard of and this is more realistic in the context of our country Bangladesh. Even we, when first assigned with this particular topic as our research project, did not have clear idea what ecotourism exactly was all about. Later, we studied in detail regarding the concept and got to what ecotourism actually is. Two topics that have

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  • Guide to Invest in Bangladesh

    Guide to Doing Business Bangladesh Prepared by Lex Mundi member firm, Amir & Amir Law Associates This guide is part of the Lex Mundi Guides to Doing Business series which provides general information about legal and business infrastructures in jurisdictions around the world. View the complete series at: Lex Mundi is the world’s leading network of independent law firms with in-depth experience in 100+ countries. Through close collaboration, our member

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  • Bangladesh

    well as social affairs. Empowerment of women in Bangladesh Empowerment of women in Bangladesh Women’s position in the past: In past women were segregated from out of home productive work. They were kept within the four walls. The hearth became the place for them. So cooking, cleaning, washing, giving birth and rearing children became their jobs. Men became the wage earners and all other activities became their responsibilities. In Bangladesh position of the women is very humiliating. Women

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  • Cooperative Societies

    The Co-operative Society is yet another form of business organisation. It is formed in a similar manner like a Joint Stock Company. It is a unique form of organisation. It is started with the motive of organising and rendering services to its members. The first ever Co-operative movement was started by ROBERT OWEN in the year 1844, with 28 members called as ROCHDALE Society of Equitable Pioneers. It was a consumer's Co-operative Society. Definitions: The Word 'Co-operation' is derived from

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  • Bd Asiatic Society

    (Title) I iƒc‡iLv (Synopsis)| wk‡ivbvg (Title) t Ávb PP©vq evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi f~wgKv Synopsis (iƒc‡iLv) 1. cÖ¯Ívebv (Introduction) t evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwU GKwU AivR‰bwZK Ges AjvfRbK cÖwZôvb ‡hwU Society Act of 1864 Ges NGO Bureau KZ©…K ‡iwR‡÷«kbK…Z| Gwkqv msµvšÍ Ávb PP©vi Øvi D‡¤§vPb Kivi Rb¨ wek¦weL¨vZ Archaeologist Avng` `vwbi ‡bZ…‡Z¡ 1952 mv‡j Asiatic Society of Pakistan MwVZ nq| GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwU MV‡b Wt gynv¤§` kwn`yjøvn, Wt G we Gg nweeyjøvn, gynv¤§` Avãyj nvwj‡gi b¨vq weL¨vZ

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  • Are Co-Operatives Relevant in Today’s Global Environment?

    co-operatives are relevant because they bring large number of people under one group and provide them employment hence in one way they are removing the problem of unemployment by providing job opportunities to many people and that job is also free of corruption, contributing to the growth of people and our nation. These are now a days, becoming more popular than private and public sectors because of their characteristics of providing job opportunities to many people. Globalisation, as it is meant

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  • Issues in Corporate Govarnance in Bangladesh

    on investment, enhance operational efficiency and ensure long-term productivity growth. Consequently, such corporations attract the best talent on a global basis. It also ensures the conformance of corporations with the interests of investors and society, by creating fairness, transparency and accountability in business activities among employees, management and the board (Oman, 2001). Again, GCG increase public confidence in a corporation, and lowers the cost of capital for investment. According

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  • Real Estate in Bangladesh

    Sector in Bangladesh Present Status and Policies Implications Suborna Barua* Ali Haider Al Mamun Mridha** Rezwanul Huque Khan** Abstract The real estate sector is the growth centre for the development of an economy. Bangladesh, being one of the densely populated nations in the world, has been experiencing severe of houses shortage for its citizens. Although majority of the population is segmented into the middle and the low income groups, still housing for all 1has been a fallacy in Bangladesh. The

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  • Merchant Banking in Bangladesh

    An article on Merchant Banking in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Prime Finance & Investment Ltd Abstract Prime Finance & Investment Limited has been running its merchant banking operations for about fourteen years. In this short period of time it has gained great momentum and expanding at a fascinating rate. However, the growth can be best evaluated by considering the financial factors as well as its operations. Capital market of Bangladesh is yet to play its potential role as a vehicle

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  • Globalization & Bangladesh

    CHALLENGES OF GLOBALIZATION: HOW BANGLADESH CAN REAP ADAPT ITSELF TO REAP THE BEST BENEFITS IN THE 21ST CENTURY Lt Colonel Sharif Md Abul Hussain Dir Planning and Development, Bangladesh University of Professionals, E-mail: ABSTRACT The study investigates specific information regarding the challenges of globalization faced by Bangladesh and how it should prepare itself to coup with the challenges. The result suggest that Bangladesh is not in comfort in coping with the winds

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  • Mnc and Bangladesh

    Trade Unionism and Industrial Relations in Multinationals in Bangladesh Monowar Hossain Mahmood East West University Bangladesh Abstract Using the ‘convergence-divergence’ thesis as the baseline for the study of industrial relations and trade union activities in multinational subsidiaries, the present study tried to investigate extent of the trade union activities and IR practices of MNCs in a developing country context, i.e. Bangladesh, as well as influence of the MNCs on trade unions and IR activities

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  • Digital Bangladesh

    Final Draft PERSPECTIVE PLAN OF BANGLADESH 2010-2021 ____________________________ MAKING VISION 2021 A REALITY General Economics Division Planning Commission Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh April 2012 Contents ABBREVIATIONS ...............................................................................................................................v PREAMBLE of the Perspective Plan (2010-2021) ......................................................................

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  • Banking System of Bangladesh

    Banking system of Bangladesh Central bank: * Bangladesh bank Schedule bank: State-owned commercial banks: State-owned are functioning as nationalist. Here is the list - 1. Sonali Bank Limited 2. Janata Bank Limited 3. Agrani Bank Limited 4. Rupali Bank Limited Private commercial banks(PCB): * Conventional private bank 1. AB Bank Limited 2. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited 3. Bank Asia Limited 4. BRAC Bank Limited 5. Dhaka Bank Limited 6. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

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  • Csr Activites in Bangladesh

    Summary: The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices of some local banks and track the performance of these banks with superior ratings for environmental, social and governance practices in Bangladesh and these banks are: Eastern Bank Limited, One Bank Limited and Mutual Trust Bank Limited. The study specifically focused on the extent to which companies practicing CSR complied with basic legal labor standards involving their employees and my

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  • Cyclone Condition in Bangladesh

    * Sadman Kabir Mohammed * Shamma Nafisa * Nusrat Sarmin * Tanzibul Islam Ridoy * Environment: Developmental strategy for Cyclone Bangladesh is a newly independent country; this country is only 43 years old. But, within her little age she faces different problems. Still she is fighting and her only weapon is development. Bangladesh passed her four decades through different development projects. Among them environmental developments is one of her priorities. Environment is that

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  • Post Operative

    Pre-Operative 1. The nursing responsibilities in the pre-operative phase of surgery are to do a patient screening, this includes any blood and lab work, history of surgery, any allergies to medications, history of chronic illness, nutrition level including any dietary regimens the patient should be on before and after surgery, as well as assessing all medications the patient is on and if there are any contraindications to surgery. To prepare the patient mentally physically and spiritually and

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  • Analysis Ngo on Bangladesh

    Internship Report On NGO Accounting Practices in Bangladesh-A Case Study on BRAC Submitted to: Dr. Mahfuzul Hoque Professor Department of Accounting & Information Systems Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Submitted by: Syeda Marzana Farha Roll No-11097 M.B.A. 11th batch Department of Accounting & Information Systems [pic] University of Dhaka CHAPTER 1 Introduction

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  • Tourism of Bangladesh

    Tourism in Bangladesh Bangladesh as a vacation land has many facets. Her tourist attractions include archaeological sites, historic mosques and monuments, resorts, beaches, picnic spots, forest and wildlife. Bangladesh offers opportunities for angling, water-skiing, river cruising, hiking, rowing, surfing, yachting and sea bathing as well as bringing one in close touch with Mother Nature.  She is also rich in wildlife and game birds. HISTORY: The history of Bangladesh has been one of extremes

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  • Flower Profit in Bangladesh

    FLOWER MARKETING IN BANGLADESH 1. Introduction In these days a number of commodities are getting faster market response with the help of marketing activities. One wonderful and beautiful category, which is full of fragrance, is also moving towards a strong branding and marketing initiative. This natural category is the category of flowers. Flower is the symbol of beauty and serenity. It is the only entity which enhances beauties of anyplace where used. Many songs, poetries and literatures have been

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  • Adr in Bangladesh

    of ADR in Bangladesh: Whether arbitration and mediation is appropriate procedure to solve dispute”. The aim of this research is to analyses the cachet and efficaciousness of the instrument of ADR in Bangladesh. At the same time an attempt is made to evaluate the sociological aspect of the ADR in Bangladesh. Hence, this writes up especially for those who have no legal background but want to have an idea about it is interesting to note that the concept of ADR is developing in Bangladesh as a performance

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  • Usaid in Bangladesh

    [pic] Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) – Bangladesh ELEMENTS OF A NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR DEVELOPMENT OF AN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENABLED SERVICES SECTOR IN BANGLADESH USAID Bangladesh IT Enabled Services Project SETA Task Order Number: 4002-345-001 Subcontract Number: 011227001/4000 Contract Number: GSOOK97AFD2185 Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction 10 2. The Market for IT Enabled Services

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  • Customer Engagement Co-Operative Food

    Customer Engagement at The Co-operative Food Customer Engagement is going beyond exceptional service and is about delivering more personalized experiences based on authentic relationships with customers. The more the store owner knows about the customer, the more personalized the customer experience will be. This, in turn, leads to repeat sales and having potential loyal customers. Co-operative Food sees new technology as a main factor of improving customer engagement and they put emphasis on

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  • Rural Development and Co-Operatives Division Bangladesh

    51 Rural Development and Co-operatives Division 1.0 Introduction 1.1 About 70% people of Bangladesh live in rural areas. Without the development of this segment of the population the overall development of the country is not possible. In a developing economy like Bangladesh, for formulating policies for eradication of poverty it is very important to ensure equality between man and woman. Rural Development and Co-operatives Division is working intensively to eliminate poverty and

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  • Performance, Problems & Prospect of Islamic Banking in Bangladesh.

    Banking and A Comprehensive Review on Investment of First Security Islami Bank Ltd “as a part of E.M.B.A. Program. I tried my best to gather relevant information for preparing a complete report by following internship proposal. Without the sincere co-operation and proper guidance of you, it is not possible for me to prepare the report. For this act of kindness I am grateful to you. This report is not free from mistake due to some limitations. I hope you will accept it with gracious consideration

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  • Co-Operation in a Capitlist Economy

    Co-operation in a Capitalist Economy This course has taken us through the history and development of the co-operative economic structure, looking in depth at the co-operative movements’ roots and the formation of its laws. Examples such as the Mondragón Corporation and the co-operative movement in Italy were provided, to allow for a better understanding of how this system has evolved and its existence in modern society today. As this semester comes to a close, I wanted to take a closer look at

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  • Intership Paper on Prime Bank Bangladesh

    do the report. Scope Of The Report Prime Bank Limited is one of the new generation banks in Bangladesh. The report covers the organizational structure; background, functions and the performance of the bank; so my report covers all the activities and performance that the bank offers to the customers to attract them. This Report Directly Focuses On: ▪ The banking system of Bangladesh ▪ The history of Prime Bank Ltd. ▪ Different Deposits and Credit schemes of PBL to attract

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  • Corporate Law - Under What Circumstances Can the Order of Attachment of Property Be Passed by the Co-Operative Court What Are the Powers of Sale Where an Attachment of Property Has Been Ordered

    though they are limited companies? 10. “A company cannot be party to a contract before it has come into existence.” – Discuss. 11. Who is eligible to become a member of a society? How is membership acquired? 12. Under what circumstances can the order of attachment of property be passed by the Co-operative Court? What are the powers of sale where an attachment of property has been ordered? 13. Can a minor be admitted to partnership? If so, what will be the rights and liabilities

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  • Corporate Law - Under What Circumstances Can the Order of Attachment of Property Be Passed by the Co-Operative Court

    though they are limited companies? 10. “A company cannot be party to a contract before it has come into existence.” – Discuss. 11. Who is eligible to become a member of a society? How is membership acquired? 12. Under what circumstances can the order of attachment of property be passed by the Co-operative Court? What are the powers of sale where an attachment of property has been ordered? 13. Can a minor be admitted to partnership? If so, what will be the rights and liabilities

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  • Unilever Bangladesh

    Unilever Bangladesh Limited” Submitted to Sharmin Shabnam Rahman Lecturer BRAC Business School BRAC University Submitted by Md. Robin Miah Id# 06204032 BRAC University Date: 02-09-2010       September 2, 2010 SHARMIN SHABNAM RAHMAN Lecture BRAC Business School BRAC University Subject: Submission of Internship Report Dear Madam, This is to inform you that I am submitting the internship project report titled “Evaluation of Entry into Ice cream Business for Unilever Bangladesh Limited”

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  • Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh

    Introduction The positive relationship between economic growth and poverty reduction is not automatic. In Bangladesh, development expenditures have been growing in various proportions in agriculture, rural development, water resources, infrastructure, education and health sector. Each of these sectors impacts growth and poverty reduction differently. Allocation on agriculture, rural development, health, education and social safety net impacts poverty reduction at a higher rate and impacts economic

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  • Legal Encironment of Business in Bangladesh

    Legal Environment of Business in Bangladesh A Report On “Legal Environment of Business in Bangladesh” Course Title Legal Environment of Business Course Code LAW-234 Submitted to Abeer Khandker Lecturer Faculty of Business Administration ASA University Bangladesh Submitted by Name ID Hosnain Ahmed 092-12-0002 Riyadh Ahmed 092-12-0003 Mahmudul Hassan 092-12-0006 Tasmia

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  • Globalization and Bangladesh

    of globalization: Globalization means the coming together of different societies and economies via cross border flow of ideas, finances, capital, information, technologies, goods and services. The cross border assimilation can be social, economic, cultural, or political. But most of the people fear cultural and social assimilation as they believe this would have a negative impact on the existing culture of their society. Globalization therefore has mostly narrowed down to economic integration

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  • Problem of Performance Appraisal in Bangladesh-a Case Study

    neighbors that RDRS Bangladesh (PO of PKSF) had introduced land lease loan programme for the ultra poor on simple and flexible conditions. Hanufa Begum right away got involved in a group named Modafat Chandramollika Samity and took a loan amounting Tk. 10 thousand from there. With that money she leased 30 decimal lands from her father-in-law. Her husband Md. Farhad Hossain also engaged in the process and received a 2-day long training on spice farming from RDRS Bangladesh. According to the suggestion

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  • Bangladesh

    Local Government Systems: Bangladesh Bangladesh ________________________________________________ 1. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE COUNTRY 1.1 Socio-economic profile Bangladesh emerged as an independent nation state in 1971. Although a new state, Bangladesh is an old country with a long recorded history of several thousand years. In its recent past it was part of Pakistan (1947-1971) and was known as East Pakistan. Prior to this, different parts of present Bangladesh were under British India (1765-1947)

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  • Co-Cultures in a Multicultural Society Paper

      Co-Cultures in a Multicultural Society Paper The movie Fools Rush In is a great example of how gender as well as cultural differences can hinder communication in a multicultural society. Fools Rush In is about two people, Alex and Isabel, who come from two different cultural backgrounds who after a one night stand become pregnant and decide to get married. However, along with the marriage come compromises that include cultural traditions and personal sacrifices. The movie is a comedy but can

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  • Co-Operative Society in Bangladesh

    Co-operative society, its expansion and future possibilities in context of Bangladesh Co-operative Society: A Co-operative society is essentially an association of persons who joined together in a voluntary basis for the further once of their common economic interests. Short Overview on Co-operative Society: The co-operative movement began in Europe in the 19th century, primarily in England and France, although The Shore Porters’ Society claims to be one of the world's first co-operatives,

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  • Co-Operative

    Co-Op Bank and Abc In: Business and Management Co-Op Bank and Abc DEFINITION (ABC) Activity-Based Costing is the costing approach that identifies and classifies a business’s activities and then allocates a cost to each activity. ABC subsequently assigns these costs to all the services or products associated with the actual consumption. By applying ABC, a business can accurately estimate the cost of an individual product or service. Organisations can then recognize and remove those products

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