• Cmst

    Article Reflection It has been debated that children that grow up in different countries or places where the dialect, or the way they speak is different than the customary school English have more difficulty with reading acquisition. These children have been taught dialects such as African American Vernacular English (AAVE). The dialect of African American Vernacular English is very similar to that of school English except for a few differences. Some of these differences include the reduction of

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  • Communications 1001 Essay Exam

    Essay Exam CMST 1001 This essay exam is to explore your understanding of the materials presented throughout the course. Please cite any sources you may use in your answers. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. Grammar and spelling will be taken into consideration, please make sure that you are re-stating the question in your answers. The preferred format for the test is for you to type your answers under the question that you are answering. This exam is worth 100 points

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  • Exclusive Report Assignment

    References: Whenever you use someone else’s idea or work in developing an argument or providing an explanation, you must cite the author(s). To do otherwise is plagiarism. You can impress yourself, your instructor and client by citing material from CMST 311. (-5 points) 6. Tables and Figures: You may have numerical data or illustrations that you need to present. If so, these things go after the references; tables first, figures second. If it has numbers on it, then it is a table. If it is a graphical

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  • Cmst

    Drug Testing: The Aid to Improving Our Welfare System By: Jennifer, Jacob, Kelsey, Mattie, and Devin Introduction Attention-getting remarks: Every single one of us in this class will one day have a job, and with that job we will be required to pay taxes. Have you ever thought about where the taxes we pay goes to and whether or not it’s going towards a helpful and productive cause? Thesis: Today we will break down the pros and cons of enforcing welfare recipients to be drug tested. Preview:

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  • Socialization and Self Concept

    Ernesto Mendoza CMST 101 #66703 M/W 11:00am (Fall 2012) Lisa Shiba October 8, 2012 Reaction Paper #1 Socialization is a big part of our lives it goes hand in hand with our self concept. Self concept helps us understand who we are and how we think we look compared to other people. How you view yourself plays a very important role in your life. Although we view ourselves one way our self concept may be distorted. My experience is a very recent

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  • Cultural Analysis of Alvin Ailey's Revelations

    CMST 3300 April 21, 2013 Ailey, Revelations, & Their Legacy One may ask why a dance company’s founder, most renowned piece in its repertoire, and the impact it had on the world would be a subject worthy of a historical and cultural analysis. It is because dance, and a society’s reaction to it, are important and cultural indicators. As a part of culture, dance is both acted upon by other aspects of a society and acts upon those same aspects. Because dance is a part of culture, it is

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  • Jones Blair Case

    website and took a look at the some of the functions it has to offer. V. Exit line: As Facebbok grows larger hop Kayla Washington CMST 100 Work cited

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  • Ethic - Ritz Carlton Case

    Warren. Together they founded a successful law partnership. They remained close eyen after Warren—a wealthy, upper 28. Matthew 6:1-^ (New Revised Standard). 29. Matthew 6:16-23 (New Revised Standard). 14 ST. THOMAS LAW REVIEW [Vol.25 cmst Bostonian, married to a snobby anti-semetic senator's daughter—was called away from the bar to take over his family's business. Warren was annoyed by all the attention the popular tabloid press paid to his extravagant life. So he convinced the brilliant

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  • Cmis

    Project 3- Research Paper Tehira K. Wright Instructor: Veena Radhakrishnan Digital Media and Society CMST 301-6382 October 6, 2013 Outline Social media apps and websites have opened the door for consumer driven news and content, as well as online streaming of almost anything. Partnered with smart phones and mobile devices, it comes as no surprise that more media is consumed via Smartphone, tablet or computer than any other way. “Digital media consumption leads the race with people using

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  • The Importance of Canadian Regulation

    focus on radio, television or both: if you think alternative means of support are more important, detail why this is true. Submitted By: XX Submitted To: XX Professor: XX Student Number: XX Submission Due Date: November 29, 2010 Course Code: CMST 1A03 The Importance of Canadian Regulation Question 1 – Why Is Canadian Regulation Important? In society today, one contemplates the content that is portrayed via media. The Canadian government has placed numerous conditions and restrictions

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  • Comm 2060 Self Evaluation 1

    CMST 2060 34 11/26/2013 In October, I attended a comedy event at the LSU Union Theatre. T.J. Miller and his companions hosted a stand-up comedy event for the students of LSU and anyone was welcome to attend free of charge. Miller and his friends’ purpose were to entertain the audience; however, there were many elements such as structure, content, and delivery attributing to the efficacy, direction, and purpose of their performances. T.J. Miller did not adhere to a strict structural script within

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  • Human Trafficking

    Faith Lor CMST&101 Persuasive Speech November 12, 2013 Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery Thesis: By raising awareness and being involved in the movement, we can help prevent human trafficking. I. Attention A. Attention Getter: What is human trafficking? According to the Polaris Project, Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. It is the illegal trade of human beings, mainly for the purposes of forced labor and sex trafficking. B. Credibility: We thought

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  • Problem Based Argument

    Philip Hauser CMST 331 Dr McCabe T TH 8:00-9:15 Problem Based Argument Attraction and touch communication go hand in hand. We all will be attracted to someone in our lifetimes at some point When we are attracted to someone with romantic intentions we may want to embrace those individuals with touch. The tricky thing is that touch communication is sensitive and sometimes needs to be pursued with caution. Touch is interpreted in many different ways and knowing when and how it is to be

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  • Cmst 4160

    Essay 2: Summarizing a Study that Tested the EPPM Through the use of fear appeals, the purpose of the study, “Preventing the Spread Of Genital Warts”, is to decrease the spread of genital warts. The authors of the study used the EPPM, as a guide to understand why fear appeal campaigns tend to not work in certain public health issues. The purpose of this study relates to the EPPM because genital warts are a public health risk. By testing five hypotheses, supporting facts were found that predicted

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  • Advertisement of Allison Cascio

    Marshall Pearce CMST 1061 Written Exercise PRINT AD This advertisement if for Alison Cascio. She’s attempting to maintain her spot on the Metro Council. There are fallacies and transparent rhetorical strategies in this ad. A fallacy is false cause. It claims she has “worked successfully” to improve neighborhoods, implement Smart Growth strategies, and solve day-to-day Metro Council issues. This indicates that she had an extremely integral goal in completing these tasks. While she may have

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  • Persuasive Outline

    CMST 2060 SAMPLE OUTLINE Persuasive Speech INTRODUCTION I. Attention-getter A. An attention-getter can be an anecdote, bold claim, rhetorical question, interesting fact or statistic, or something else. The important thing is that you make it interesting. B. Attention-getters should, of course, be relevant to your topic. II. Orienting material A. Introduce your topic clearly and quickly. B. Relate your topic to the audience. C. Establish credibility (what

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  • Kennetras Work

    Kennetra Isler CMST 2060 MWF- 730 Speech Reflection Paper Doing an Informative speech was not an easy task at all but it was worth it after you finished it. This speech included an outline, scholarly sources, and a lot of hard work and preparation. My topic I chose was Internet dating, but I wanted to be a little more detailed and go into the new dating scam called Catfishing. After I finally was sure about my topic I began to search for sources. I actually had a very difficult time finding

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  • Three Stages of How People View Me

    Vyacheslav Shulikov CMST& 210 23rd January, 2015 I did not know that it was possible for me to be three different people while remaining in my own body the whole time. The purpose of this paper is to show the different views people have of one another, and how the relationship between the two people affects how one views another. In this paper I would like to discuss the views of three different people and how the closeness of my relationship

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  • Racism in America

    An Trinh CMST 340 Pros. Amy Miller Mar 19th, 2015 Research Paper The United States is an immigrant nation, so there are different religion and color in America. Since the United States is one of the most wealthy nation in the world, other nations assume that America also an equitable country, which all race live happily together. However, they do not aware of how much racism still occur in schools, workforces, and any where else in the United States. Racism is the discrimination of different

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  • Cmst Interviews

    CMST Interview Evaulation Peter Interview 1: Peter began the interview in a unique way compared to the other interviewers. After I told him what major I was, he asked me the most interesting class I have taken at LSU. I thought that was a unique way to get to know a little about me without simply asking me, "Tell me something about yourself." Peter never used any closed questions during the interview. I believe he did that because he wanted to get the most information out of me in the allotted

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  • The Digital Millennium of Encryption

    Professor: Brian Wright CMST 301 7985 The Digital Millennium of Decryption Rights Outline * Introduction * Decryption Case Intro * Digital Millennium Copyright Act * United States copyright laws replaced by DCMA * DeCSS Tool * Tool Properties * Research/Findings/Context * Motion Picture Association of America * Trafficking of digital media and the right associated * DeCSS * Creation * Intended use

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  • Social Media and Political Revolution

    Social Media and Political Revolution Project 3: Research Paper Steve Gubenia Professor: Robert Zornes CMST 301 Outline I. Introduction a. Rise of digital media in political upheaval II. Body b. Social Media i. Development 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. YouTube 4. Others but these are “big three” ii. Attraction to sites 5. Ease of use 6. Socio-economic barriers 7

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  • Are You in ?

    CMST 301 Final Paper Are you in? Military recruiting is challenging not only because of the scale of the recruiting mission, but also because of the current environment in which recruiting takes place. Alternatives to military service are more attractive to young people. To meet its human capital needs, the Department of Defense must convince about 200,000 people each year – the majority of them recent high school graduations – to join the military (United States General Accounting Office)

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  • Cmst

    Table of Content * Company Introduction * Business * Indian Market * Entering ways * Laws * Hurdles * Conclusion CMST Development Co. Ltd hold by CMST is a modern state-owned comprehensive logistic company, and listed in shanghai stock exchange (600787) in January 1997.The Headquarters is in Beijing, and there are more than 70 centres in key cities and main ports in China. The logistics system of ZCGF includes warehousing, distribution, multimodal transportation, freight

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  • Intro to Communication Chapter 5 Reflection Paper

    CMST 192 2:00-3:15 pm - Dr. Fischer Chapter 5 Reflection Listening skills are a very important for each and every person to have. Without them, how is one able to understand another? We are all guilty of poor listening at some point, especially in this generation because of all the technology we have access to. Cell phones are one of the biggest distractions to listening that I have seen. A lot of times you will see students sitting on their phones during the middle of a lecture or even sitting

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  • Cmst 102

    Course Syllabus |Course:          CMST 102: |[pic] | |Intro to Mass Communication | | |Instructor:       Jason F. Lind | |

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  • Concussion Awareness

    Alec Arnold CMST 210 Advocacy Speech Ever since I was a kid, sports has always played an important role in my life. Growing up, wrestling and football was my life; everything I did, everyone I met, and why I am who I am was helped shaped by the sports practiced throughout the years. My knowledge of concussions was very slim growing up until I was in 6th grade. Years before I had never heard of what a concussion is and what kind of tolls it has on a person. In 6th grade, a concussion became aware

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  • Cmst 301 Umuc

    Dollar Shave Club University of Maryland, University College CMST 301 01/31/2016 Introduction & Synopsis In The New York Time article written by Dahl titled “ Riding the momentum create by a cheeky video” the author presents a founder of a Dollar Shave Club company which is based in Santa Monica, California. The company sells shaving razors to man based on a monthly subscription. Michael Dubin was the founder and he used digital media to achieve a goal of

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  • Cmst 301: Digital Media and Society Final Exam

    CMST 301: Digital Media and Society FINAL EXAM Click Link Below To Buy: Page 1 of 2 This is a take home final exam. The exam consists of 7 essay questions. You may use the information from our online course, on the web, or other sources to answer the questions. All answers must be in your own words and in APA or MLA format. Each essay question should have cited sources at the end of your essay response

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  • Cmst 301: Digital Media and Society Final Exam

    CMST 301: Digital Media and Society FINAL EXAM Click Link Below To Buy: Page 1 of 2 This is a take home final exam. The exam consists of 7 essay questions. You may use the information from our online course, on the web, or other sources to answer the questions. All answers must be in your own words and in APA or MLA format. Each essay question should have cited sources at the end of your essay response

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  • Persuasive Speech

    Communication Critique- CMST 110 Student Name: ___________________ Topic: ____________________ INTRODUCTION: 20 POINTS 1. Did you provide an effective attention getter? 0 1 2 3 4 5 2. Did you present your audience with a strong credibility statement? 0 1 2 3 4 5 3. Did you attempt to directly relate your topic to the audience? 0 1 2 3 4 5 4. Did you preview the main points? 0 1 2 3 4 5 BODY: 45 POINTS 1. Was your topic persuasive? Did you try to convince

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  • Social Media

    Alonzo Tacuyan CMST 102 Korolеnko Junе 7, 2016 Social Mеdia Social mеdia is vеry much a two sidеd coin, it has its grеat positivеs, and low nеgativеs. Positivеs, it's hеlpеd mе еxpand my horizons bеyond just school. A lot of my culturе and hobbiеs and prеfеrеncеs arе a dirеct rеsult of thе intеrnеt, and social mеdia. Thе music I listеn to, thе comеdians I likе, TV shows I watch, еtc. Things I do in my sparе timе, I don't think I'd еvеr considеr if I didn't havе thе intеrnеt. Nеgativеs, social

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  • Cmst 301: Digital Media and Society Final Exam

    CMST 301: Digital Media and Society FINAL EXAM Click Link Below To Buy: Page 1 of 2 This is a take home final exam. The exam consists of 7 essay questions. You may use the information from our online course, on the web, or other sources to answer the questions. All answers must be in your own words and in APA or MLA format. Each essay question should have cited sources at the end of your essay response

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  • A Class Divided

    Chelsea Mason March 11, 2010 CMST 10 Jane Elliot held a very interesting experiment for a lesson in discrimination. She divided her class of third graders into brown-eyes and blue-eyes and made certain rules for each group. For one day the blue-eyed children were “more superior” then the brown-eyed children. On the days that the children were part of the less superior part of the class, their thought process wasn’t on track like any other day. During and after this experiment, the children learned

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