Classroom Management Strategies

  • Classroom Management Survey

    according to your honest assessment of the effectiveness of the classroom management practices. Please answer all items. Weight Verbal Interpretation 1 Very Effective 2 Effective 3 Not effective A. Teaching Management | VE | E | NE | 1. Plans daily lesson well. | | | |

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  • Classroom Management

    Running head: Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related Angela Williams EDU August 15th, 2012 For many years I associated discipline with whooping or punishment. When I heard of someone being disciplined by their parents, I always thought they had gotten a spanking. Later, I soon learned that when you discipline someone you help to guide them in the right direction, you steer them from the wrong

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  • The Importance of Classroom Management

    The Importance of Classroom Management An effective classroom management plan is the key to becoming an effective teacher, as well as making sure that is learning going on in the classroom. (Wong, Wong, Rogers, & Brooks, 2012) All classrooms should have an effective teacher to teach the students. An effective classroom management plan will also help the teacher keep the classroom under control and it helps the students focus better. An effective classroom management plan will help keep the teachers

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  • Classroom Management

     Classroom Management Approaches Students sometimes misbehave, engaging in activities such as noise making and play fighting that disrupt the classroom. Educators need ways to discipline students in a way that will encourage long-term good behavior. However, educators tend to use the same kinds of discipline techniques even when students have unique problems. Here are some ideas on how to choose the most appropriate strategy for managing your class. Reward System * One way to encourage good

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  • Current Philosophies of Classroom Management

    Current Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management Grand Canyon University: EDU 536 December 9, 2012 Current Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management My current personal philosophy on Classroom Management: How the teacher should act. * Professional- dress, looks, and personality. You are someone the students need to look up to. * In control of the situation- Always having control of what is going on in your classroom. * Responsible- for my actions as a teacher and my student

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  • Classroom Management

    Classroom Management Task 2 Class regulations and procedures are vital in every classroom. Systems and regulations permit the pupils to be aware of what is expected of them, and encourages a constructive environment within the classroom and the needed tools to operate within society through adulthood. The two activities I shall address are the use of learning centers and computer workstations, and submitting assignments. Then I will address two out-of-classroom activities and the behavioral

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  • Classroom Management

    Classroom Management 1. Describe and critically discuss the major features of the main approaches to behaviour management the Porter (2007) describes in her text. 2. Critically review the appropriateness of each model to Australian Primary or Secondary School settings. INTRODUCTION Classroom management is a highly emotive and at times spurious phrase. It conjures up many images and experiences in which there are abundant publications bursting with competing theories, applications

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  • Classroom Management Trends

    Classroom Management Trends Ashley Lafortune Grand Canyon University Abstract Classroom management trends are presented to help teachers facilitate the learning environment. The three trends are context management, conduct management, and covenant management. I will compare the trends against each other and present strengths and weaknesses to each method. I will also present which approach will be used in my lesson plans. I will discuss the trends in classroom management. The three methods

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  • Classroom Management Routines

    Classroom Management Routines B. Routines. Describe one routine for each situation. Secondary Situations: 1. Beginning of class. Prepare to study. 2. End of class. Exiting the classroom. 3. Transition between classes. Two minute drill. 4. Distribution of materials. Passing out papers. 5. Field trip. Start of field trip. 6. Lunch. Entering the lunchroom. 7. Fire or disaster drills. Exiting the classroom. C. Procedures. Outline a three step procedure for each routine. 1. Beginning

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  • Classroom Management

    Governors University June 18, 2012 A teacher’s expectations can greatly impact how well a student does in a classroom. If a teacher demonstrates expectations in rational and positive manner, the student is more likely to excel in the classroom. However, if a teacher has a negative outlook and does not let the students know exactly what is expected, the classroom will not run as smooth and the students’ grades might be poor. There are many expectations that would positively influence

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  • Aed 200 Classroom Management

    Classroom Management Krystal Alford AED/200 March 31, 2013 Melissa Randolph An Effective Classroom Management Workshop Workshop Presenter: Krystal Alford Organization, Motivation, Discipline, and teaching style Organization, motivation, discipline and a teaching style are all essential elements of an effective classroom that acts as a positive learning environment for students. Classroom organization can affect how students learn and your own ability as a teacher to reach the students success

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  • Ell Classroom Strategies

    has to be comfortable with themselves and their teaching strategies in order to run successful classroom with English Language Learners because the student are learning a new language and skills. As well the teacher should use a diverse instruction because not all the children learn the same and require the same needs. Needless, to say every teacher should incorporate different learning concepts and instructions that tailor the classroom. The teacher should have lessons and instructions that teach

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  • Classroom Management

    Module 1 Assignment: Classroom Management Philosophy Trevour Smith Grand Canyon University: UNV-536: Classroom Engagement and Management 9/28/2013 INTRODUCTION Based on my current views of classroom management, I will discuss and annotate what classroom management may look like. HOW THE TEACHER SHOULD ACT He/She should be professional in the classroom, address each student by their names He/She should not use jargon or slang to the students unless situation is appropriate

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  • Student Diversity and Classroom Management

    Diversity and Classroom Management Grand Canyon University- EDU 450 October 20, 2013 In today’s classrooms teachers have a lot of diversity to deal with while trying to teach. When it comes to diversity in the class it varies from cultural, mental socio-economic, physical differences. Educators today have to be able to meet all the needs of the students within the class. Teachers need to have knowledge of all the different types of diversity. All of the diversities within the classroom can present

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  • Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

    PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY 1 Current Personal Classroom Management Plan Grand Canyon University EDU 536 November 6, 2013 CURRENT PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY Current Personal Classroom Management Plan As professional educators we have a responsibility to practice good classroom management. It is important to have a plan to be organized. We must organize our material, time, classroom, and students so we can ensure the student practices effective learning in the classroom (GCU EDU-536 Lecture, 2013). Canter (2006)

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  • Classroom Management

    My purpose in writing this paper is to present my personal ideas on how a classroom should be managed. Every classroom is unique in their own ways and each of these ideas my need revising, but my personal goal is to apply these methods in my classroom. I want to become an effective teacher when I have my own classroom and without a proper classroom management plan, I fail myself and my students. My classroom management ideas will be reflection on how I want to teach and reflect the goals that

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  • Classroom Management

    books out and ready on the student’s desk. C) Reinforcement: All the students who have all their material and books ready for class will receive the classroom “buck” which can be redeemed at the end of the week for a prize. D) Consequence: Those students who do not have all their material and books ready for class will not be receiving the classroom “buck”. II) Cooperative Learning: A) Goals: Students will actively listen, share, and support each other’s idea. B) Rule: Students will take

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  • Classroom Management

    Ethical Implications of Classroom Management 2 There are many things as teachers we have to watch out for when it comes to being good role models for students. The wrong move towards a student can lead to the beginning of a long drawn out process that can get your teaching license revoked, or worse than that jail. Knowing the rights and regulations for student and parent will neglect such things. We as role models

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  • Classroom Management

    whistle or bell line up at the designated area in ! ! a quick and polite manner. ! f.! Remain in line and resume hallway etiquette during transition to restroom and ! ! drink break. ! g.! Politely and quietly reform line and proceed back the the classroom.! ! 7. Situation: Fire or Disaster Drills (Assumed Fire Drill)! Routine:! Let’s all be safe! a.! Immediately stop everything and quietly focus on the teacher for instructions.! b.! After receiving appropriate instructions, politely, quietly

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  • Classroom Management

    Running Head: Snyder’s Classroom Management 1 Classroom Management XXXXX EDU650: Teaching Learning and Leading in the 21st Century Instructor: Snyder’s Classroom Management Snyder’s Classroom Management Culinary Arts/Home Economics A. Goal 2 The goal of this classroom and program is to ensure that all students who are taking a great interest in professional cooking, and have enrolled at a upper high school level( Grades 11 and 12) vocational program, are prepared in knowledge with

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  • Classroom Management

    FLUENCES_AND_OUTCOMES 1.0 DESIGNING A MIXED-METHOD STUDY This symposium reflects on a the two-year (2006-2008), ESRC-funded, multi-disciplinarystudy which used an integrated mixed-method design. The project investigated variations in teachers‟ classroom practice, and relationships with professional life phase, identity and school context (using value-added pupil attainment scores as indicators of schools‟ overall academic effectiveness) , which builds on and extends a four-year longitudinal research

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  • Ethics and Legality in Classroom Management

    Elly Mallen Grand Canyon University – EDU 536 June 25, 2014 Classroom discipline, management, misbehavior, behavior are four different terms that impact each other significantly. Classroom management deals with how things are done. Discipline deals with how people behave. Behavior is a response of an individual or group to an action, environment, person, or stimulus. Misbehavior means when you do something wrong or bad. In order to describe each picture word is sort of difficult because are

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  • Classroom Management and Motivation

    Classroom Management and Motivation 1a. Describe 5 class rules you would enforce. Give reasons for your choice of each rule. 1b. What are the consequences for breaking these rules? There are four categories of disciplinary behaviors identified by Stage and Quiroz, they are: (1) reinforcement, (2) punishment, (3) no immediate consequences, and (4) combined punishment and reinforcement. Rules have to be clear and preferably with no room for misinterpretation. The level of appropriateness

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  • Classroom Management

    Smith, Lesko, and Fernandez(1989)These researchers reported the following roadblocks to apositive teacher-student relationship:1. Adjustment: Schools do not provide a personal and supportive environment.2. Difficulty: The type of instructional strategies utilized (i.e., lecture) and the fact that there was not enough time proved difficult for students.3. Incongruence: There was a lack of personal-social alignment between the students and the school.4. Isolation: Students had no personal relationship

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  • My Philosophy of Classroom Management

    Weinstein (2006) define classroom management as “the actions teachers take to create an environment that supports and facilitates both academic and social emotional learning.” This simple means that classroom management is a set of rules, words, and deeds that you, the classroom teacher, use to keep your classroom running smoothly so that you and your students can work, teach, and learn safely and efficiently. I will first take into consideration the physical environment of my classroom. Since my students

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  • Classroom Management Plan

    Classroom Management Plan: CALMM CLASS 9th-12th grade Kristin Guffey     I currently teach at Soddy Daisy High School in the CALMM Class. CALMM stands for Coaching All Mentoring and Modeling. I teach social skills to high functioning autistic high school students. I have 12 students in my class. I have 3 girls and 9 boys in my classroom. There ages are from 14-18 years old. In my class students are instructed to walk into the room and sit at their assigned seats at the big tables in

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  • Classroom Management

    learning to take place a classroom must have a since of order. Students must feel safe in their environment and want to engage in the educational process. By developing a reasonable procedures and expectations that will create the environment students need to learn. Classroom Expectations and Procedures The classroom expectations and procedures that I have set up are for a fourth grade classroom. The first component of my class management plan is to establish classroom rules and social expectations

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  • Classroom Management

    Classroom Management Procedure/ Routines Paper Classroom management is the most essential key to a successful learning environment in the classroom. When effective classroom management strategies are not implemented you take away learning time from your students. There are many important elements to have a productive, self- sufficient classroom. One of the most important elements is establishing procedures and routines in your class. According to Harry Wong, the teacher is the decisive element

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  • Classroom Management

    The two positive reinforcements that I will use for individual students who are behaving in my classroom would be: activity reinforcements, as well as social reinforcements. Activity reinforcements will be given to the student’s that adhere to all the rules that have been given to them. For example, everyday a child does everything they should be doing they get one star, any color of their choosing. If they are given a star everyday of the week, they receive a gold star. At the end of the month

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  • Classroom Management

    Classroom Management Plan Description of Setting: I serve as teacher in first grade classroom at Hutchinson Elementary School. The school has more than 900 students of all learning abilities and includes grades 6-8. My classroom will be a place where students feel safe. The classroom rules, designed to assure safety, will be prominently visible in the room. By decorating the classroom with students’ work, the room will be welcoming to the students of all abilities and will make them feel more

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  • Classroom Engagement and Management

    Philosophy of Classroom Engagement and Management Assingment Michael Santana Grand Canyon University: EDU 536 4/22/2015 My Philosophy for classroom engagement and management revolves around student interaction and establishing a strong curriculum that helps student’s grow in knowledge. In addition, rules of the classroom will be laid out early and apply to everyone in the classroom. The expectations of the classroom will be labeled and displayed where all students and teachers can see

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  • Classroom Management Plan

    Classroom and Behavior Management Plan Dr. Renee Murley Learning in the Urban Environment ICL 7709 July 31, 2009 Rules and Procedures On the first day of class, the students and I will have a conversation about my expectations and the students’ expectations for the classroom. From these expectations, together, we will create a set of guidelines for conduct in the classroom. We will also discuss common occurrences in the classroom such as late arrival, preparation for class, etc., and

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  • K to 12 Classroom Management Strategies: Their Impact on Student Academic Performance

    Introduction The classroom is the place bounded by the wall and roof which teachers houses their students for the purpose of giving instruction to their students. In other words, it is a place where teachers and students engage in discussion. To some teachers, classroom teaching is a complex process in a complex environment whereas to others, classroom teaching is like rearing their own children in their own home. The classroom is an immediate environment where management is applied in order for

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  • Classroom Behavior Management

    Classroom Behavior Management Strategies and Techniques for the Most Difficult to Manage Students Willie Butler ED X997 Dr. Spencer Walton October 24, 2005 I have a student that is Autistic and I will call him James for the sake of this paper. With the Autistic disability comes some challenging behavior such as impulsive screaming or yelling and hitting. I am a new teacher to this unit and James is a new student to the unit and Middle school, and before I had the opportunity

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  • Classroom Management

    continue behaving correctly and receiving positive attention, rather than negative attention and his attention seeking behavior. A5. The outcome in our classroom would change dramatically, I believe, once I start to give Joey positive attention rather than negative attention. “There are many reasons for off-task behavior in classrooms. However, interventions that only consider changes in consequences such as loss of privileges) may be unsuccessful because they ignore the conditions that lead

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  • Classroom Management

    Classroom Management Theorists and Theories/Burrhus Frederic Skinner < Classroom Management Theorists and Theories Contents 1 Overview of Skinner's Theories of Classroom Management 2 Implementation of Skinner's Theories 3 Critique of Skinner's Theories 4 Questions for Consideration 5 References Overview of Skinner's Theories of Classroom Management[edit] The Theory Skinner believed that the goal of psychology should be practical (Lieberman, 2000). As it relates to education, Skinner

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  • Philosophy of Classroom Engagement and Management

    Philosophy of Classroom Engagement and Management Cheryl Lindsey Grand Canyon University: EDU-536: Classroom Engagement and Management Dr. Strickland September 23, 2015 Philosophy of Classroom Engagement and Management This paper uses annotated bibliographies to discuss key topics of this author’s philosophy of classroom engagement and management. We will look at both, teacher’s role and student’s role. A closer look at the classroom atmosphere and appearance will help us understand how

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  • Classroom Management

    School David Mitchell, Douglas Gerwin, Ernst Schuberth, Michael Mancini, and Hansjörg Hofrichter 1 Picture a breezy spring morning at the beach. White-tipped waves roll rhythmically up the sand, washing away footprints like a blackboard eraser on a classroom blackboard. A group of children on a school outing marches purposefully along the shore through the edge of the frothy waves. A couple of eager kids stride out in front. The teacher walking along with the main group of the class notices that one

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  • Classroom Management

    this work to the HCT. I understand that I may be orally examined on my submission. 1.Abstract Classroom management is one of the most difficult challenges for teachers, especially for us as we are beginners. Learning can be affected negatively if there is no effective management of the classroom. However, every learning environment varies from the other, therefore classroom management strategies and problems are different in the UAE. Some teachers face many difficulties and problems in primary

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  • Assessing Classroom Management

    Assessment and classroom learning By Black, Paul, Wiliam, Dylan, Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice Mar1998, Vol. 5, Issue 1 ABSTRACT This article is a review of the literature on classroom formative assessment. Several studies show firm evidence that innovations designed to strengthen the frequent feedback that students receive about their learning yield substantial learning gains. The perceptions of students and their role in self-assessment are considered alongside

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  • Nbt1 Classroom Management

    NBT1 Classroom Management (1114) Task 1 Michael Huffman 000425912 20160316 A1. Positive Social Interaction Ms. Smith’s homework policy has some positive ideas within it in order to develop the students and parents social and interaction skills. For example by providing handouts for students to review and give to their parents allows the parents to get involved in the child’s education and provide guidance for them in regards to homework requirements. Also, by writing the assignments on the

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  • Implications of Classroom Management

    Implications for Classroom Management Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management Phedelia Singleton Grand Canyon University EDU-536 Classroom Engagement and Management December 21, 2011 Ethics is a word for human behavior which includes classroom behavior. Ethical behavior is a realm of classroom ethics. In every complex society proper ethical is difficult, but it starts when a child is young. The implications below are a few of many ethical principles in the classroom which

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  • Classroom Management

    striking and inspiring discoveries. One of these discoveries is classroom management skills wherein teachers’ competencies are much desired to fashion because it is the professional landscape of the learner’s personalities. Education, therefore must equip the learners with the ability in the proper use of classrooms and materials as far as their aptitudes and capabilities warrant. The ability of teachers to organize classrooms and manage the behavior of their students is critical to achieving

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  • Ethics and Legality in Classroom Management

    Running head: ETHICS LEGALITY CLASSROOM Ethics and Legality in Classroom Management Jordan Hollern GCU EDU 536 03/04/2012 Ethics and Legality in Classroom Management A teacher must deal with disruptive classroom behavior throughout their career. To do so, they must not only develop their skills in handling these situations but also develop ethical standards for their classroom. These standards set forth by the teacher will help them deal with their students, those students’

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  • Classroom Management and Engagement

    Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related EDU – 536 Classroom Engagement and Management Grand Canyon University By: Emanuel Brown II March 7, 2012 Brown 1 In our classrooms everyday we stand in front of a group of students from all different walks of life. But for eight hours a day they are all in the same room for the same

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  • Classroom Management

    Classroom Organization and Management Plan Abstract The following essay discusses rules, Standards, Strategies, Accommodations and Formulas, that are utilized in my 9th grade health class. Pictures of my code of conduct and rules are included also. Rules Behavior is a choice, and a teacher's role is to aid students when learning to make good choices. Inappropriate

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  • Classroom Management

    journal Classroom Management and Cooperative Learning There were many different things discussed this week in our readings. I have chosen two that stood out to me as being the most important of this week’s lessons, classroom management and cooperative learning. Classroom management might be one of the single most important things to having a successful teaching career. Some teachers have terrible discipline problems, while others create an atmosphere in the classroom that is conductive

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  • Classroom Management Plan

    Classroom Management Plan Introduction and Overview In teaching there is no one style of classroom management that fits all classrooms. Every classroom is unique, with diverse students going through many things especially in a middle school classroom. Nonetheless, that’s why having a formal, written classroom management plan is of utmost importance especially in a changing classroom. Hence, in planning my own classroom management plan it is why I implemented a plan that relies highly on teacher

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  • Classroom Management Plan

    Effective Classroom Management Plan   AED/203 In order to achieve your highest teaching and learning potential you must pay attention to your classroom organization because it plays an important role. Classroom organization is known to bring together and keep the atmosphere in a classroom calm because the teacher has the ability to place the students in areas throughout the class so she can keep an eye out for the ones that are likely to cause trouble. Also classroom organization

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  • Classroom Management

    SUBJECT ASSIGNMENT: CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT SUBJECT ASSIGNMENT: CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT GENERAL INFORMATION: The subject assignment consists of doing eight short exercises. To do so, leave the activities’ statements where they are and just answer below them. This assignment must be done in groups of three or four (the corresponding tutor will choose the group members during the tutorials) and the work must fulfil the following conditions: * Length: between 8 and 10 pages (without

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