Civil Service Reform

  • Compensation Management as Tool for Improving Organizational Performance in the Public Sectors: a Study of the Civil Service of Anambra State of Nigeria

    organization like the Anambra State of Nigeria Civil Service. Guided by the Vroom’s expectancy theory of motivation, this study seeks to ascertain if financial compensations have a significant relationship with employee performance in the public service using Anambra State Civil Service as a reference. It also aimed at finding out if efforts of the employees are commensurate with financial compensations and ascertain the extent to which reform programmes of the State Government have affected

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  • Eco Reforms

    India's Economic Reforms an Appraisal India's economic reforms began in 1991 when a newly elected Congress government, facing an exceptionally severe balance-of-payments crisis, embarked on a programme of short-term stabilization combined with a longer-term programme of comprehensive structural reforms. Rethinking on economic policy had begun earlier in the mid-1980s by which time the limitations of a development strategy based on import substitution, public sector dominance, and pervasive government

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  • Reforms

    normally 12 months or less Items purchased Commodities, some specified materials Supply Abundant Decision authority Decentralized III Sourcing management Procurement focus Bottleneck items (e.g., electronic parts, catalyst materials, outside services) Key performance criteria Cost management and reliable short-term sourcing Typical sources Global, predominantly new suppliers with new technology Time horizon Variable, depending on availability vs. short-term flexibilitytrade-offs Items purchased

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  • Agrarian Reform

    AGRARIAN REFORM CURRENT ANG HISTORICAL PROBLEMS BRIEF HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF AGRARIAN REFORM * Historically, agrarian-related remedies extended by past regimes and administrators proved to be totally unable to fulfill the promise of alleviating the quality of life of the landless peasants. * The land laws have invariably contained provisions that enabled powerful landowners to circumvent the law, or even use the law to sustain and further strengthen their positions in power. 1. Pre-Spanish

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  • Civil Engineering 2025

    ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers THE VISION FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING IN 2025 BASED ON THE SUMMIT ON THE FUTURE OF CIVIL ENGINEERING June 21 – 22, 2006 Prepared by the Task Committee to Plan a Summit on the The Future of the Civil Engineering Profession January 5, 2007 (Final draft prepared by TC) Contents Executive Summary ...................................................... 1 2006: Status, Concerns, and Opportunities in the Civil Engineering Profession .............................

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  • Nigerian Civil Service

    and a Democratic elected Government since then. The country also suffered its first civil war in 1966. The violence against the Igbo increased their desire for autonomy and protection from the military's wrath. By May 1967, the Eastern Region had declared itself an independent state called the Republic of Biafra under the leadership of Lt Colonel Emeka Ojukwu in line with the wishes of the people. The Nigerian Civil War began as the Nigerian (Western and Northern) side attacked Biafra (South-eastern)

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  • Healthcare Reform

    form for each source. |Source 1 Title and Citation: | |Health Care Reform Is a Disaster for All Americans | |Ferrara, Peter. "Health Care Reform Is a Disaster for All Americans." The Uninsured. Ed. Debra A. Miller. Detroit: Greenhaven | |Press, 2011. Current Controversies. Rpt. from "The Right Prescription: The

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  • Civil Service Reform

    INTRODUCTION The sole purpose of this project is to examine whether children behave Differently, after they have been watching violence on television. In addition the question that is of paramount importance to this whole piece of investigative work is: • Are children more likely to imitate acts of violence or aggressive behavior because of what they have seen on television? A continuing debate between Broadcasters and Scientists is permanently ongoing and in spite of the accumulation

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  • Civil Disorder

    Civil Disorder By Kevin Penn CRJS305 Unit 2 ~ IP American InterContinental University February 21, 2013 Abstract In this assignment I will be looking at and giving examples of three totally different types of and yet still civil disorder researching and describing what happens when a situation with civil disorder happens within the United States, what plans are in place

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  • Judicial Reforms by Lord Cornwallis in India

    India and the reforms of 1774 and 1780 were passed. The Company was dissatisfied with the plan of 1780 because it had separated the revenue and judicial functions, thus proving to be costly. Accordingly, the Directors advocated a merger of the two functions on the grounds of simplicity, efficiency and economy. Lord Cornwallis assumed the role of Governor-General of the Company in 1786 and continued till 1793. He was directed to take up three specific matters, one of them being reforms of the judicial

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  • Public Service Reforms in Kenya: a Case Study of the E-Government

    Interview/Focus Discussion Guide Topic: Public Service Reforms in Kenya: A Case Study of the E-government INSTRUCTIONS: This tool seeks to obtain data on e-government in Kenya. The quality and effectiveness of this information is vital for the study. All information given will be treated with strict confidence. 1. The government of Kenya introduced the e-government program in June 2004, what would you describe as some of the key achievements over this past 10 years? 2.

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  • Reform Judiasm

    Reform Judaism Tamara Rice Instructor: Eric Speir REL 212 March 11th, 2012 Background Over a month ago when I selected the topic of Judaism as the subject for my field research paper, I thought that the outcome would be cut and dry. I knew that Judaism served as the foundation for my own faith (Christianity) and that Jews honored the Sabbath from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. I also had in my mind the imagery of the Star of David, the Torah scroll and the

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  • Reform

    Marijuana Madness While researching texts on the Marijuana Reform, I have found a few articles that have been published about the issue with legalizing marijuana. These articles have information on what the federal government may and may not implement with the laws on marijuana. It has been heard in the grapevines that some states have been working numerous of months to craft and enact a regulatory framework for commercial marijuana cultivation and distribution in their states. Though there is

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  • Tort Reform

    Tort Reform All humans on this earth, whether they live in a crowded city, a sparsely populated farming community, a developed or developing nation or a small tribe in the rainforests of the Amazon, have some way by which their civilization is led and regulated for the safety and comfort of its inhabitants. People living together in near proximity need some sort of social control to regulate conduct and relations be it by laws or morals or both. Ivan Nuy, an author who developed the Social Control

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  • Alexander's Ii Reforms

    Tsar. Because of this intolerable humiliation, Alexander II found his back pushed against a wall and was forced to make all sorts of reforms in order to ameliorate the poor conditions of his country. As one of Alexander’s first reform, in 1861 Alexander II declared “the edict to emancipation”, in other words, the abolishment of serfdom for fear that it would “reform from the below”. Even though Slavophiles stressed the importance of serfdom in the preservation of political and social stability, Westernizes

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  • Civil Disopbeidence

    Cannon 30 April 2013 Civil Disobedience When should civil disobedience be justified? Civil disobedience is defined as the refusal to obey government laws, in an effort to bring upon a change in governmental policy or legislation. Civil disobedience is not an effort to dissolve the American government, because without government our society would result in chaos. Sometimes, when there is an unjust law and the government won't take the initiative to fix it, the public must act as civil disobedient to bring

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  • Evaluation of Stolypin's Reforms

    Assignment Question – Evaluate Petr Stolypin’s Reforms P.A. Stolypin was a pivotal political figure in the 1906-11 period. He became Minister of Internal Affairs in Russia from the spring of 1906, after the revolution of 1905. He combined this position with Russian Premier (Prime Minister) from 23rd July 1906 until his assassination in September 1911. Peter Waldron claims that after the "near downfall of the tsarist regime in 1905" Stolypin's reforms could "have changed the face of politics and

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  • China Reform

    I"It matters not whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice." Deng Xiaoping Paper DENG XIAOPING : The chinese reform Elmahdi Fathi : 2014-81611 China has always been renowned for being successful in the domains of science and arts, however in previous decades, China has been ravaged by famines, civil discomfort and foreign outsourcing. China was consumed by this injustice until well after the Second World War when Mao Zedong introduced Communism adapted from the U.S.S.R

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  • Reform

    receive job training, and have healthy interactions with people is likely to walk out of prison in worse shape than when he went in. Conversely, after undergoing effective reform programs, he can make a positive impact on the community when he re-enters. To conclude, the true aim of our prison system must be to reform and rehabilitate criminals, not to simply punish them. ?

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  • Research for Reform

    RESEARCH TOPICS: Law + Statistics + Services + Reform RESEARCH TOPICS: Law + Statistics + Services + Reform 08 Fall 08 Fall RESEARCH – EMILY RUSSELL 1. DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE - MARRIAGE ACT 1961 (Cth) (s 5); Hyde v Hyde; s 43(a) FLA) * 4 ELEMENTS: Marriage means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others voluntarily entered into for life * Men and women… without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion have a right to marry

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  • Tax Reform

    Tax Reform Racket First and foremost let us begin by clarifying that we are by no means economists. However, we are United States taxpayers, and we know us as well as our neighbors are being robbed. For a better understanding of this let us look at a few areas that led to this. These areas include Article I section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Civil War, and the 16th Amendment. Article I section 8 of the U.S. Constitution authorizes the power, The Congress shall have Power To lay and

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  • Healthcare Reform

    Ignatius Public Health Policy, Law & Ethics, PHS 512 Professor Green-Alexander April 11, 2007 Introduction to the Law of Torts A tort is a civil wrong, other than a breach of contract, committed against a person or property (real or personal) for which a court provides a remedy in the form of an action for damages. Tort includes both an individual personal and professional level which involves

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  • Budget Reform

    Budget Reform Our country’s budget battle continues to rage. Congress and the president reach a resolution just to have a new fiscal cliff begin another round of arguing. Our government is dysfunctional, constantly proven by operating on the basis of continuing resolutions and temporary provisional measures. At its worst, our federal government shuts down, this is their entire job and they shut down. The influence of these clashes is terrible for the economy. Few people argue that our budget

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  • Civil Rights

    More"! The maintenance of white power had been pervasive and even innovative, and hence those fighting to get out from under its veil had to be equally unrelenting and improvisational in strategies and tactics. What is normally understood as the Civil Rights movement was in fact a grand struggle for freedom extending far beyond the valiant aims of legal rights and protection. From direct-action protests and boycotts to armed self-defense, from court cases to popular culture, freedom was in the air

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  • Tort and Civil Action

    A sum of money awarded in a civil action by a court to indemnify a person for the particular loss, detriment, or injury suffered as a result of the unlawful conduct of another. Compensatory damages provide a plaintiff with the monetary amount necessary to replace what was lost, and nothing more. They differ from Punitive Damages, which punish a defendant for his or her conduct as a deterrent to the future commission of such acts. In order to be awarded compensatory damages, the plaintiff must

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  • Constitutional Reform in Bangladesh

    Volume I (2010) ISSN 2218-2578 The Northern University Journal of Law Constitutional Reform in Bangladesh: Exploring the Agenda M. Jashim Ali Chowdhury 1. Prelude The Bangladeshi brand of democracy has caused some horrible nightmares in recent times. Though democracy in Bangladesh has got a certain degree of consolidation during the last eighteen years, ‘she could not make significant progress in consolidating her democratic institutions.’1 Over the years Bangladesh has gone through a phase

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  • Civil Service Reform

    The Civil Service Agency is responsible for the placement, recruitment, hiring and management of all government employees. Due to the two decades of civil war the entire system broke down and the fundamental basis of placement in government offices were ignored. Placements were made on affiliation with warring factions, political affilations, patronage and other means outside of the merit system and the civil service standing order. Because of these unmeritorious moods in the civil service of Liberia;

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  • Reform

    Immigration Reform ABSTRACT The debate over immigration has become one of the most heated arguments. Immigrants leave their home countries desperate need for food to feed their families, unemployment purposes, their poverty conditions environment, for those who are employed are tired of the below market wages, and the unequal treatment. Today they

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  • Crucial Judicial Developments and Legislative Reforms Within Each of the Traditions of Common Law, Civil Law, Islamic Law and International Law

    This paper will explore crucial judicial developments and legislative reforms within each of the traditions of Common law, Civil law, Islamic law and International law and how the key elements have forged the evolutionary journey towards uniformity of rules. Similarities and stark differences in the approach of the four abovementioned legal systems will be noted in an effort to verify which, if any, of the legal systems have achieved uniformity of rules. The extent to which uniformity of rules was

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  • Civil

    Rivera 1 Mrs. Smith Extra Credit 8 May, 2014 The Civil War During the summer of 18 61, Willmar McClain decided to move his family to Appomattox, courthouse from harms away. In 1865, Lee surrendered his army of northern Virginia to Grant in the front yard of the courthouse and on that day.. The civil war was fought in ten thousand places. More than 3 million Americans fought in the civil war and as a result over six hundred thousand men died. The war consisted of Four years(1861-1865)

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  • Civil Society in Vietnam

    Article review: One‐Party Rule and the Challenge of Civil Society in Vietnam Vietnam has experienced important changes since the Doi Moi in 1986. One of these changes is the emergence of the political civil society groups. Nowadays, these groups gain importance over the years. The reason of the presence of those association and groups is because of the repression of the state, the hegemony exercised by it, the corruption and other social ills. That is to say that Vietnam may face domestic instability

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  • Inmigration Reform

    applying the laws that are effective for the benefit of our society. In the next few months, immigration reform will be high on the list of priorities in the House of Representatives. Despite significant public support for immigration reform among members of the public in both parties, many of the most basic facts about immigrants and immigration remain misunderstood. Immigration reform is part of the solution for creating a stronger, more successful, and unified nation. America is a nation

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  • Human Services

    Clara Virgil February 06, 2015 Cory Jones Capstone Checkpoint HSM/230 An issue in human services that is being mulled around in my community and state is what to do about drug and alcohol use while collecting welfare and other state benefits. The money that is meant to get the parents back on their feet and provide for the children is being grossly misused. Many people who are collecting benefit checks, food stamps, and medical benefits are unable to pass a drug test so in essence are not

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  • Security Sector Reform

    SECURITY SECTOR REFORM Before I proceed, please allow me to give a sincere opinion on Lt Gen Gaudencio S. Pangilinan AFP (Ret) regarding his lecture on Security Sector Reform. These are what I think that makes Gen Pangilinan a good lecturer/speaker. He is a subject matter expert, knows the subject well, and can expand beyond basic concepts readily found in books. He communicates well and is very dedicated in what he is doing. Nothing new about Security Sector Reform (SSR) as we all know

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  • Hb4 - Tort Reform in Texas

    HB4: The 2003 Tort Reform in Texas Tricia Guzman MGT6106.E1 – Law Applications for Managers Amberton University Professor David Campbell May 15, 2015 HB4: The 2003 Tort Reform in Texas Texas is known as a tort reform state. Tort reform is essentially any attempt to limit someone’s rights to seek redress in a court of law for a civil wrong. The goal of tort reform in Texas is to create and maintain a fair, honest, and predictable civil justice system that balances the rights of both

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  • Reforms

    Religious Sources of Reform A. Second Great Awakening--religious revivals among Protestants. 1. Unlike Puritans, who emphasized election, Arminian theology stated that salvation was a matter of individual choice. Individuals needed to repent, confess sins, and accept God's gift of salvation. 2. Focus on the Second Coming of Christ. Need for reform of society to hasten the new Kingdom of God. 3. Biggest impact among women. Evangelical mission to save others gave women more status, purpose

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  • Political and Constituitonal Reforms in Nigeria

    Sokunbi Adetoyese Politics of Political and Constitutional Reforms in Nigeria. Andrew Heywood in his book, Global Politics (2010) identifies that politics, in its broadest sense, he defines it as the activity through which people make, preserve and amend the general rules under which they live. As such, politics is inextricably linked to the concepts of conflict and cooperation, which means politics is a social phenomenon with the characteristics of both struggle between opposing groups,

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  • Civil Rights

    Civil rights Movement Truman Harry Truman is not a name usually associated with America's Civil Rights movement if only because the main 'points' happened after his presidency - Montgomery, Little Rock, Birmingham, the careers of Martin Luther Kingand Stokely Carmichael. However, some very important civil rights issues were covered in his presidency. Truman’s ancestors had owned slaves. His first recollection of African Americans was a household servants within his family - and he did not come

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  • Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

    The Thirteenth Amendment ended slavery and African American slaves gained their freedom during the Civil War; however, this did not mean they were fully integrated into American society. After the war, Southern Whites faced a crisis. The emancipation of slaves and the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee of citizenship undermined their assertion that citizenship was for Whites only. The clear line between Whites who ruled and Blacks who were ruled became vulnerable. Since Whites slave owners could no

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  • Prison Reform

    Prison Reform YourFirstName YourLastName University title Michigan Prisons are Failing Inmates: An Argumentative Essay Introduction It has been reported by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that huge amount of fund has been utilized to make Michigan prisons better and more humane. However, at the same time it has also been reported by Ann Arbor News and later confirmed by Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) there are several instances of abuse, deprivation of water

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  • Reform

    Example shown above. 2/25/09 Topic: Parliament Limits the English Monarchy (pages 156-159) Section 5 • Drill: Write a paragraph explaining how the English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution are revolutions. • Classwork: Students will create a pamphlet convincing others to join their side of the English Civil war. Students will choose one side either the Puritans or Royalists side . They must have graphics and picture in the pamphlet. • Puritans (roundheads)

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  • Civil Service Commission Chapter 6 to 10

    organizations shall register with the Civil Service Commission at the Department of Labor and Employment. The application shall be filed with the Bureau of Labor Relations or Regional Offices (3 days transmittal upon receipts) of the Department which shall process the same in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code of the Philippines. Certificate of Registration. The corresponding certificates of registration shall be jointly approved by the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission and the Secretary

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  • Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program

    Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program under the Corazon Aquino Administration Aside from restoring democracy in the Philippines in 1986, the administration of the late President Corazon Cojuanco-Aquino was noted in history for instituting a Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) that aims to give land to the landless. But 28 years later, the Cojuanco-Aquino’s own 5,000-hectare sugarcane plantation in Tarlac is yet to be actually distributed to the beneficiaries of her own social reform program.

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  • Reform Juvenile Justice in Delaware

    Focusing on rehabilitation for our juveniles should be a main priority, not locking them away for years on end and depriving them of services such as substance abuse counseling and psychological therapy programs that they would immensely benefit from. Another recommendation that could help Delaware’s juvenile justice system is to expand the civil citation program. The Civil Citation program was initially implemented in Leon County, Florida, and the goal of this program is to hold the juvenile offender

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  • Prison Reform in America

    Mcevoy 1 Brandon Mcevoy ENG 105 Malory Klocke April, 27, 2016 Prison reform in America For the entirety of our lives in America we all know of certain taboos, the no no’s of American culture. Examples being drugs, assault, theft, drug distribution. What needs to be discussed are how these infractions are handled in America, how our justice system operates, how mandatory minimum sentences are discerned, parole and probation are handled as well as their violations, and punishment for violations

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  • Reform and Demand Response in the British National Health Service

    1 Introduction Governments facing scal pressure have increasingly turned to proposals to create or enhance consumer choice for public services (see, e.g., Besley and Ghatak 2003, Blochliger 2008, Hoxby 2003, Le Grand 2003). In health care, choice is a popular reform model adopted by administrations of di erent political orientations in many countries, including the US, the UK, Denmark, Italy (Lombardy), the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. The belief is that by increasing choice for patients

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  • Reform

    Is the reform of the Chinese University Entrance Examination necessary? In 1978, the Chinese University Entrance examination was resumed. After which, flaws in the system has become increasingly unbearable and the desire for a better system has been prevalent in the current society. The term ‘Chinese University Entrance Examination’ refers to a system of selecting students from high school by university through a national examination in China. The examination is also known as “Gaokao”. In this

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  • Walfare Reform

    as well. The individualized selfish motives of gaining votes by the politician leads to actions that benefit the general public such as the welfare reforms. This piece has attempted to compare the welfare reforms of the two political parties, Democrats and Republicans. It then highlights similarities and then the differences in the welfare reform beliefs and actions of the two parties. Welfare programs for any society are very important and have the soothing power to satisfy the general public

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  • Health Care Reform -Ethics

    Katie Bender OL690 Health Care Reform The Affordable Health care act was signed into effective on March 23, 2010 ( The purpose of the Patient Protection and affordale care act was Healthcare reform, yet there were other provision through into the law to get it passed. The law best known as Obama Care, is being challenged in the court system since it went into effect. In March of 2012, the constituality of the law will be agrued in front of the Supreme Court. The

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  • Banking Reform in Cambodia

    Cambodia faced almost three decades of civil war and political unrest which have made Cambodia one of the poorest countries in the world. From April, 19975 to January, 1979, it was a genocidal regime in Cambodia, about 2 million people were killed; the population was about 7 million people during that time. Cambodia was brought back to year zero because almost everything was destroyed. Vietnam invaded Cambodia in late 1978, and completely took control the country on January 07, 1979. Vietnam installed

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