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    EXCEL DIGI LAB Hemant Yashwant Satpute Electronic Science Department, Fergusson College, Pune 4 [Affiliated to University of Pune] India (Maharashtra) Abstract Being a teacher, my aim is to always encourage students and other colleague teachers to make optimum use of PC machine which one has purchased and full functionality of the softwares available with that machine. As an example, here I am illustrating use of EXCEL to learn Digital Electronics. One can verify

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    The Eiffel tower is the trademark of Paris, France. With the tower being 984ft, it’s kind of hard not to notice it. The tower has a restaurant, radio and television transmitter and more. Gustave A. Eiffel created the tower to enter it in the worlds fair. It was made with wrought iron and had medium wind resistance. Gustave started in 1889 and completed in 1910. Gustave A. Eiffel created the Eiffel Tower. Eiffel oversaw the construction with such success that in 1866 he founded his own company

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    terminate Lease, the Landlord may terminate this Lease. Unpaid rent for the entire remaining Lease Term shall become immediately due and payable. Upon termination, the Landlord shall be entitled to: A Possession of ihe Premises. 13. Any uiipuid ii-nt, iuii, .md ddniiniouuiiv. Ui.u_v.&, t :. AnvcfiiniJiofi |iwHim*'l PgeloT10 ;,,*•?!)■?*.*, Umio-.ntfutnnwvsn*.iAiHrCO(Mfacl"* vov/S(tw^o Ircm AytnKojmy. uC iiaovv Kiwwni* bitc )01 nt. IX /MiM. IHIHJCWMWH

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    1 Microsoft Excel 2010 Tutorial Excel is a spreadsheet program in the Microsoft Office system. You can use Excel to create and format workbooks (a collection of spreadsheets) in order to analyze data and make more informed business decisions. Specifically, you can use Excel to track data, build models for analyzing data, write formulas to perform calculations on that data, pivot the data in numerous ways, and present data in a variety of professional looking charts. The Ribbon Understanding

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    new ones. One immediate decision is to incorporate account managers to assist in our customer support centers, due to both constant complaints from our customer and also feedback obtained by our top sales rep. SELF ASSESSMENT From completing the Excel project, I learned … * How to manipulate Pivot Tables to obtain a specific data set. * Incorporate a Chart, choosing the type of values to show (percentages, numbers) * Apply formatting to a table

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    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The company should decide whether to go ahead with the Citic Tower II project or not. The following alternatives can be used to address the problem: NPV: Net present value (NPV) is defined as the total present value (PV) of a time series of cash flows. It is a standard method for using the time value of money to appraise long-term projects. The method is used for capital budgeting, and widely throughout economics, it measures the excess or shortfall of cash flows, in present

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    Excel Excel ShortCut Keys and Tips Enter data by using shortcut keys To Complete a cell entry Cancel a cell entry Repeat the last action Start a new line in the same cell Delete the character to the left of the insertion point, or delete the selection Delete the character to the right of the insertion point, or delete the selection Delete text to the end of the line Move one character up, down, left, or right Move to the beginning of the line Edit a cell comment Create names from row and column

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    Excel Excel ShortCut Keys and Tips Enter data by using shortcut keys To Complete a cell entry Cancel a cell entry Repeat the last action Start a new line in the same cell Delete the character to the left of the insertion point, or delete the selection Delete the character to the right of the insertion point, or delete the selection Delete text to the end of the line Move one character up, down, left, or right Move to the beginning of the line Edit a cell comment Create names from row and column

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    Sigourney Jackson Unit-5 Discussion Board Introduction to Computer Lab March 14, 2013 Did not know there are so many functions for excel, some of the most useful tools in excel let you perform a variety of tasks automatically within a spreadsheet. They return different result depending on certain circumstance such as whether a particular condition is true or false. Excel includes a number of these functions that you can use to not only to make working with spreadsheets faster, but also to help ensure

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    Running Head: REVITALIZING CULTURAL HERITAGE Revitalizing Cultural Heritage Conservation of Merewether Tower & its impact on urban morphology Qurat-ul-Ain Rehman Abstract The past should never be forgotten as it constitutes an important part of the civilization of mankind. Historic monuments may contain some bitter and sweet memories therefore it should be preserved for future generations to know the life their ancestors were living. Although important, many historic sites are usually

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    ADVANCED EXCEL TRAINING Quality Management Objective  To provide the participants with an understanding of the advanced features of MS Excel Today is 7/22/2011 2 Advanced  ® EXCEL Topics Working with Data Lists Naming Cells and Ranges   Conditional Functions Lookup Functions   Pivot Tables Data Validation  Today is 7/22/2011 3 Naming Cells and Ranges Today is 7/22/2011 4 Name cells by using labels Name cells by using existing

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    Working with Excel® Adhere to the following directions to modify Appendix C, which displays an individual’s monthly expenses for one year. It may help to print these instructions while working in Appendix C. Keep this window open to view the show me how videos. Download and Open Appendix C 1. Click Appendix C under the Materials heading for Day 3. 2. Click Save (Do not click open). 3. Save the document as My First Workbook and store it in the Excel folder. (Show me how) 4. When the download

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  • Tower of Babel Painting

    My art selection is The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel. The Tower of Babel is a Renaissance painting created with oil on an oak panel in 1563. Bruegal was considered the greatest Flemish Renaissance painter of the 16th century. He actually painted The Tower three times. The first painting was smaller and is now lost. The second painting was created on a panel in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The third painting was a bit smaller and is now in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningon

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    DECS – 433 Excel Functions and Tools DECS - 433 requires knowledge of various Excel functions and tools. This document attempts to explain and summarize your basic responsibilities in this regard. The information is presented in the following general categories: • Basic Excel Functions SUM PRODUCT SUMPRODUCT • MAX MIN Excel Functions Commonly used in Simulation RAND RANDBETWEEN IF IF(RAND( ) … ) IF( … IF( … )) IF(AND … ) IF(OR … ) COUNTIF SUMIF LOOKUP LOOKUP(RAND( ) … ) • Excel Functions

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  • Logistic Control Tower

    Project : Logistics Control Tower Objective: To design a Logistics Control Tower Solution for E-Commerce Companies Write-up: A control tower is a single command centre for visibility, decision-making, and action, based on real-time data. It’s a powerful cloud service providing a comprehensive unified prospective of your business; top-down to bottom-up. Cross functional team can now rely on a single product to plan, monitor and respond to all business challenges (in this case all issues occur in

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  • Twin Towers

    Heroism in the Twin Towers | | | 1) One reason as to why some people act heroically in emergencies while others do not is based on the fact that heroic people possess positive morals and traits (Johnson, 2012). Furthermore, those people that possess positive morals and traits make good choices and will respond to a situation immediately (Johnson, 2012). In the case study, Heroism in the Twin Towers, the rescuers displayed positive morals and traits by using crowbars to break through

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    PivotTables, and PivotCharts to aid you in analyzing the data, which you will do in this project. Instructions: For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks: Step Instructions Points Possible 1 Start Excel. Download, save, and open the file named Exploring_e05_Grader_EOC.xlsx. 0 2 Sort the data on the Subtotals worksheet first by the Type column, then by the Art column, both in alphabetical order. 4 3 Subtotal the data at each change in Type. Identify

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  • Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel Tower * Eiffel Tower is an iron tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. * It was named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. * It has become both a global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. The tower is the tallest structure in Paris. * Submitted as a project in response to the note on the construction of a structure on the Champ de Mars, Gustave Eiffel designed the four legged tower

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    will visually represent the comparison of the total annual sales at the individual stores for each of the three years. Describe methods to make your strongest performing store stand out. * D - (TCO 7) Once you have finished the above tasks, your Excel workbook will be placed on your company server so that all of the managers can view it. You know that they may have questions regarding your work, and want them to know that you created the workbook so that they can contact you. Describe how you will

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    Excel Financiero 2010 Funciones para Amortizaciones Técnicas Objetivos de la Unidad Al finalizar la presente unidad el participante será capaz de: a) Usar las funciones de Excel para el cálculo depreciaciones. b) Diferenciar los diferentes métodos de amortización, para depreciaciones. c) Identificar las fórmulas de Excel correspondientes a un método y otro. 1 Unidad 2 Excel Financiero 2010 Se define como amortización económica o técnicas proceso de la depreciación de un bien. Las

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  • The Tower of Babel

    THE TOWER OF BABEL The Tower of Babel ( oil painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1563) Courtesy of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Genesis 11:1 – 9, the Babylonians wanted to build a tower "with its top in the heavens." Angry at their presumption, God disrupted the enterprise by confusing the languages of the workers so that they could no longer understand each other. The tower was left unfinished and the people dispersed over the face of the earth. The myth may have

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    Microsoft Excel 2010 Formulas & Functions  Table of Contents Excel 2010 Formulas & Functions ……………………………………………….….. o Formula Basics ……………………………………………….….. o Order of Operation ……………………………………………….….. Conditional Formatting ……………………………………………….….. Cell Styles ……………………………………………….….. Formulas & Functions ……………………………………………….….. Basic Formulas ……………………………………………….….. o Add the Values in Rows or Columns ……………………………………………….….. o Find the Average, Maximum, or Minimum ……………………………………………….….. Ranges & Individual

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    Function keys editing in a cell is turned off SHIFT+F2 adds or edits a cell comment. in excel ALT+F1 creates a chart of the data in the current range ALT+SHIFT insert a new worksheet Edits the active cell and positions the insertion point at the end of the cell contents. It also moves the insertion point into the Formula Bar when CTRL+F2 displays the Print Preview window When a cell reference or range is selected in a formula, F4 cycles through the various combinations of absolute and relative

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  • The Stone Tower

    October 6, 2012 CRW150 - Introduction to Creative Writing - Class # 27071 Doris Patton Midterm Part 1: Creative Story The Stone Tower 1 “Can you get a clear shot Draz?” asked Tankus. “If he takes a step forward I can,” answered Draz. Daylight was disappearing in the forest as dusk began to set, but there was still enough light for the two friends to observe the movements of the tracker who had been silently tailing them for a good part of the day. “What kind of tracker is he?” said

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    Microsoft Excel 2010 Formulas & Functions  Table of Contents Excel 2010 Formulas & Functions ……………………………………………….….. o Formula Basics ……………………………………………….….. o Order of Operation ……………………………………………….….. Conditional Formatting ……………………………………………….….. Cell Styles ……………………………………………….….. Formulas & Functions ……………………………………………….….. Basic Formulas ……………………………………………….….. o Add the Values in Rows or Columns ……………………………………………….….. o Find the Average, Maximum, or Minimum ……………………………………………….….. Ranges & Individual

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    the other, "Magna Park II," will handle hanging garments. Locating the two buildings side-by-side gives John Lewis the ability to consolidate different types of products for direct-to-consumer or Click & Collect orders. Say a customer orders a pair of shoes and a suit. The shoes would be picked in the Magna Park I facility and then married up with the suit picked in Magna Park II before the order goes out the door. The "binnable" facility is up and running now; Magna Park II will be completed and

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    10/22/14 Case: Palm Towers Introduction: Basis of the case is… This case is used to solve the problem of determining how much this company (the National Tower Company) should bid for the Palm Tower, if anything at all. Contrary to many of the other cases, this case is not a case of make or break. Alternatively, this is clearly a situation of a want and not a need, as CATO is mentioned nowhere here. It becomes evident from the beginning of the case that this is definitely a tower that comes with an

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    Towers Committee Minutes- 9/05/11 Present: Matt Best, Ali, Gianni, James, KC, Mike, Dizzy, TJ, Callum, Hayley, Piers, Chelsea, David, Charlie, Fran, Jack. Apologies: Simon Matt Best: -Audit next week -Grills for the BBQ? Ali: -A White towers tiger mascot from china is now on its way!! -International Friday, unfortunately I’m not here…so massive push to get people involved to make sure we get hall of the world -Will sort out Towers Hall of the year application -Technically only 10 fresher

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  • Watts Towers

    Watts Towers Art Center The Watts towers are a wonderful masterpiece by Simon Rodia. Simon Rodia designed and built the towers. He was an immigrant construction worker from Italy. It took 33 years to built the towers (1921-1954). Simon Rodia called the Watts Towers “Nuestro Pueblo” . When Simon Rodia was asked why he wanted to built the towers he said, “he wanted to create something big, so he did”. This is very impactful because a man saw a vision and refused to settle for anything that

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    New Perspectives Excel 2013 Tutorial 3: SAM Project 1a Spring Software ENHANCE A TIMESHEET Project Goal M Project Name Project Goal New Perspectives Excel 2013 Tutorial 3: SAM Project 1a Spring Software ENHANCE A TIMESHEET Project Goal M Project Name Project Goal PROJECT DESCRIPTION Devon Hastings is the human resources director for Spring Software, a software development company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has created a workbook for employees to use

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    ঄নু ঳ারয স্ক্রর স্পীড রিক করয রনন। Microsoft Excel ঴রে একরি Spreadsheet তরাগ্রাভ। আ঴া Microsoft Office এয একরি ঄ং঱। এরি একরি Worksheet Analysis তরাগ্রাভ঑। ভূ রতঃ এরেররয ঳া঴ারমে ডািা এরি এফং ঄োনারাআর঳঳ উবয় ঳ু রফধা ঩া঑য়া মায়। অভারদয ঩যীক্ষায Marksheet এয ঳ারথ অভযা ঳ফাআ ঩রযরচত। Spreadsheet ঴রে ভাকক঱ীরিয ভত এক ধযরণয ছক। Microsoft Word খুররর তমভন কা঳কয঳঴ একরি ঳াদা ঩াতা ঩া঑য়া মায় এফং কী-তফাডক তথরক ররখরত শুরু কযরর ঳াদা ঩াতায় তরখা শুরু ঴য়। ততভরন Excel খুররর ঳াদা ঩াতায ঩রযফরতক তিরফররয ভত একরি ছক ঩া঑য়া

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  • Indus Towers

    their long term success and competitiveness to take the sharing approach and establish a joint infrastructure management venture which would benefit the stakeholders. As the three service providers were all in agreement that establishing a shared tower network is in their common best interest, it is now critical that they bring in a neutral executive team to run Indus. Up to this point, each of the Telecom company leaders who oversaw the inception of Indus had a vast array of roles and wore many

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    Excel 2013 Help Page 1 of 8 Keyboard shortcuts in Excel This article describes what Key Tips are and how you can use them to access the ribbon. It also lists Ctrl combination shortcut keys, function keys, and some other common shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel 2013. In this article Keyboard access to the ribbon Will my old shortcuts still work? Ctrl combination shortcut keys Function keys Other useful shortcut keys Keyboard access to the ribbon If you're new to the ribbon, the information

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    Phiên bản thử nghiệm – Lưu hành nội bộ - Microsoft Vietnam 0 Phiên bản thử nghiệm – Lưu hành nội bộ - Microsoft Vietnam Mục lục Excel 2010 I. Những điểm mới trong Microsoft Excel 2010 .................................................................................. 7 Thêm tính năng Sparkline ........................................................................................................................ 8 Tính năng Slicers..............................................

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  • Devils Tower

    Devils Tower is a well-known rock formation raised high above the Ponderosa Pine Forest in Crook Country Wyoming. As part of the black hills range the formation is a sacred part of the Native American tribes that live there. Several Sioux and Kiowa legends surround the site with very similar story lines. Apparently while youth were playing in the area a large bear tried to attack them but they prayed to the Great Spirit who then caused the rock to grow from the earth to separate them from the

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    lai mà doanh nghiệp không kiểm soát được; hoặc b) Nghĩa vụ nợ hiện tại phát sinh từ các sự kiện đã xảy ra nhưng chưa được ghi nhận vì: i) Không chắc chắn có sự giảm sút về lợi ich kinh tế do việc phải thanh toán nghĩa vụ nợ; hoặc ii) Giá trị của nghĩa vụ nợ đó không được xác định một cách đáng tin cậy. Kiểm soát: Là quyền chi phối các chính sách tài chính và hoạt động của doanh nghiệp nhằm thu được lợi ích kinh tế từ các hoạt động của doanh nghiệp đó. Ngày trao

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    from 0.5, for a test no better than chance, to 1, for a perfect test. The Area Under the Curve is calculated by the summation of the average height multiplied by the width, as follows: ! ! T P (n) + T P (n + 1) 1 2 (F P (n + 1) F P (n)) See Excel Spreadsheets for examples of calculating each point on an empirical ROC Curve. 2 2.1 2.1.1 Information Measures Probability Review Basic Probability Definitions Joint probability: p(X, Y ) The probability that both X and Y are true. Joint

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  • Cn Tower

    THE CN TOWER 1. Relevant Info Complete name: Canadian National Tower Location: 301 Front Street West – Downtown Toronto Height: 553,33 mts = 1,815 Feet 2. History In the 70’s the building bloom in Toronto was been placed; however, people were experiencing problems with TV signal, since buildings weren’t tall enough to capture signal in their best. Therefore, the idea of creating a really high building that would solve communications problems and being a entertainment center at the

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  • Power Tower

    San Francisco State University  School of Engineering      Power Tower      12/11/2015  Engr 469  Fall Semester      Instructor: Professor A. S. (Ed) Cheng      Team:  Sanjeev Gupta  Abit Baral        Abstract:​  In this article different aspects of Power Tower has been investigated. Power Tower  or Heliostat power plant is one of the most promising and affordable Concentrated Solar Power  technology. Different parts of the Power tower namely heliostats, central receiver, heat transfer 

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  • Princes in Tower

    well regarded as a historian unlikely to distort events that had taken place. Dominic Mancini’s close acquaintance Dr Argentine, was one of the last men to see Edward V and his brother alive, meaning that he knew exactly what was taking place in the tower with rumours spreading around London. Mancini wrote his account outside of England which meant he didn’t have to leave information out because he doesn’t have to satisfy Richard with his writing. Sir Thomas More’s biography of Richard III was written

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  • Power Tower

    Power Tower in an Open Pit Mine: called a “Pit Power Tower” (PPT). | | By Jonathan Gwiazda and Francis A. DiBella | 1. Introduction1.2 Problem Statement The number of people and the amount of technology in the world are on the rise. People and technology both require energy. This rise in population and technology has led to a corresponding increase in energy demand. This trend is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.The three primary methods of power production today are 1) fossil

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  • Babel Tower

    something to the mind without mentioning it directly. In some of the works of those artists carry the allusion to The Tower of Babel. In Genesis 11, the story of The Tower of Babel is told. In this story the descendants of Noah are brought together to build a tower that reaches the Heavens. The reason they want to build this tower is to have power like God. So while they built the tower, God watched them and began to realize that they can someday be powerful. With that in mind, he went down with the

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  • Surf Excel

    MARKETING PLAN: SURF EXCEL M.BILAL KHAN (2642) I.U.G.C 1. CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION COMPANY PROFILE: Unilever Pakistan Limited manufactures and markets home and personal care products, beverages, ice cream, and spreads in the United Kingdom. The company provides food products, such as soups, bouillons, sauces and dressings, noodles, complete meals, margarine and spreads, olive oil, and tea, as well as frozen foods; cleansing and hygiene products for the home care market; and skin cleansing

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  • Mt Excel Gfwuihvl

    Instructions- 1. There are 2 deliverables for this assignment- a) An excel file with the necessary computations. b) A word doc with the corresponding explanations. (For the question involving macro, a separate file could be submitted. However, a single excel file is preferred). 2. Solve each question in a separate sheet in one excel file. 3. You’re required to state all your assumptions in the first sheet of the excel file. These assumptions should be written for all the sub-parts separately

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  • Excel

    Microsoft Excel Decomposition may reduce appeal emphasis on applications. Flow charts help make the analysis decision by identifying technique, computing statistics, and interpreting results. Associated data set accompanies the set purports to build a excel spreadsheet that discovers formula, illustrates the parameters, observes dynamic graphs and simulations that recodes, edits, validate, charts, and automatically links equations, data, and formulas to recalculate the data analysis. Excel recognizes

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  • Excel

    objective, changing cells and constraints), Solve and create an Answer Report. Resave your practice exam. This will still be a macro-enabled file. If you want feedback on your practice exam, please upload your file to Oncourse / Assignment 2 / Excel Case Practice link. On test day you will submit your completed exam to the Oncourse Assignment2 link.

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  • Microsoft Excel for Teachers

    Instructions as Applied to Microsoft® Excel for Teachers Project summary Goal Given access to a personal computer with Internet Explorer, instructor led, web-based lessons, and the Microsoft® Excel program, the learners will be able to create an Excel grade book. The teachers at Roosevelt Elementary School are urged to use technology daily. And while all teachers have access to the Microsoft® Office professional software suite, in addition to a schoolmaster program, staff surveys (January 2004

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  • Excel

    Understand what is required In Excel, a number can contain the charaters ________. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The cell being copied is called the source area (copy area). The range of cells recieving the copy is called the ________. receiving range You ________ a worksheet to emphasize certain entires and make the worksheet easier to read and understand. Format Pressing the _________ keyboard shorcut key(s) selects cell A1. CTRL + HOME How many chart types does Excel offer? 11 Which of the following

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  • Excel Formulas

    Microsoft Excel: Fo rmulas, F or mulas.. . Northern New York Library Network 6721 US Hwy 11 Postdam, NY 13676 877-833-1674 or 315-265-1119 Jim Crowley C3 - Crowley Computer Consulting 9148 State Highway 37 Ogdensburg NY 13669 315-394-7008 fax 315-394-7009 Description: Excel has hundreds of functions and nobody knows them all, but spend some time and learn to create more powerful formulas. Students will dive into decision making functions

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  • Microsoft Excel

    Using Microsoft Excel Getting Started Using Microsoft Excel About Excel What is a Spreadsheet? Microsoft Excel is a program that’s used for creating spreadsheets. So what is a spreadsheet? Before personal computers were common, “spreadsheet” referred to large sheets of lined paper, which were used by people in various businesses to record facts and figures in rows and columns, and then make calculations based on the information. When personal computers first began appearing, one of the first

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