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    overview of his finances • The customer can immediately verify the checks issued from his account How are these benefits achieved at Citibank? A simple application program was written to extract account records into a single data file. Using sort headers, such runs can be performed and merged several times, while a sorted document sequence can still be achieved. Citibank uses the Papyrus Designer to visually and graphically design and maintain the data input format, the statement definition, and the

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    practical aspects were studied in regard to this project. The Project tries to highlight the role of today’s banking style. Various parameters were analyzed to know the current status of the Indian Banking Industry and the various products of the Citibank ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Nobody is born perfect in himself; it is some timely guidance, proper teaching and blessings by well wishers and seniors around us who give me perfection and skills to make myself prepared to walk on the path of success. My

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    functional structure to that of the divisional structure, including the nature of their design, their respective advantages and disadvantages, and the types of environments in which each might best be used. What role may these factors have had at Citibank in 2009? FUNCTIONAL Nature of Design Functional departmentalization High level of centralization Jobs are narrow and highly specialized Best used for creating specific, uniform products Advantages High efficiency Little redundancy

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    customers. It provided the tools and channels for its customers to receive money efficiently and to make payment in a timely fashion. In 2000, intense competition and the dot com boom put pressure on Citibank and its competitors to transform their business in the new economy. In response to these challenges, Citibank made a serious push to deliver integrated solutions that would enable its corporate customers to conduct transactions on-line. Citibank’s e-business strategy – Connect, Transform and Extend –

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    Citibank : Launching the Credit Card in Asia Pacific 1.0 Abstrak Citibank is already established consumer business in Asia. It’s about 11 years this bank operated in Asia. That have 15 countries thought Asia Pacific and Middle East. Rana Talwar is the head of Citibank’s Asia Pacific Consumer Bank and she want to launch a new product about the credit card. 2.0 Issue Citibank want to market the credit card to the Asia but have constraint to established it. Firstly is because little credit of experience

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    CASE: Citibank: Launching the Credit Card in Asia-Pacific (A) (HBS 9-595-026)     Rana Talwar, head of Citibank's Asia Pacific Consumer Bank, is considering introducing a credit card to enhance the growth of future revenues. Talwar feels that the credit card would enable the bank to target customers outside its thriving branch banking operation and then cross-sell other Citibank products and services to these customers, but he is facing a healthy amount of skepticism from Citibank's New York

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    Denise Gail Watson MSL735 Homework – Week 5 September 12, 2012 Citibank Plans for Changing Staffing Needs The year the Citibank HR manager was given to assess the staffing needs in Australia were important to the success of the bank in this location. It gave time to formulate a plan for the recruitment and selection in hiring of personnel through assessment of all facets of expatriate issues. This would include the recruitment, selection and take into the account of cultural suitability

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    ingresos 6 m. $, benficios: 4,3 m. $. o Base de clientes muy diversa. o Competencia intensa. o JM en Citibank desde 1985 (1992: dirigir oficina) con resultados financieros impresionantes. o Indicadores no financieros: puntuaciones distintas a las financieras. • El nuevo cuadro de evaluación. o La estrategia de Citibank en Califronia era establecer una posición rentable en el segmento alto de mercado: atención personal cuidada y amplia selección

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    Citibank Launching the Credit Card in Asia Pacific Citibank had many competitive advantages. In 1989 Citibank was the largest banking company in the US, leader in foreign exchange market with wide range of services all over the world. Head of its international consumer businesses had extensive experience managing huge US card businesses and was disposed towards international expansion. Asian government had strict regulations limiting expansion of foreign banks, so it was critical to offer the most

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    baru Citibank dimaksudkan agar cabang tersebut dapat terus beroperasi, sehingga sovereign risklimit hanya dengan pengaturan batas jumlah uang yang cabang bisa pinjam dalam mata uang asing. * Proses riview sovereign risk dimulai pada pertengahan tahun dengan manajer negara mengusulkan batas risiko sovereign. Batas ini dibahas dengan manajer divisi dan grup dan akhirnya disetujui, pada suatu jadwal waktu, oleh spesialis senior internasional pada staf perusahaan. * Penganggaran di Citibank adalah

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    2013; Forecasts as of March 15, 2013) 9|P a g e GENERAL DISCLOSURE “Citi analysts” refers to investment professionals within Citi Research (“CR”), Citi Global Markets Inc. (“CGMI”) and voting members of the Citi Global Investment Committee. Citibank N.A. and its affiliates / subsidiaries provide no independent research or analysis in the substance or preparation of this document. The information in this document has been obtained from reports issued by CGMI. Such information is based on sources

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  • Citibank Insight by Yingjiesheng 花旗银行 2012 校园招聘简介: 花旗银行(Citibank, N.A.)是花旗集团属下的一家零售银行,其主要前身是 1812 年 6 月 16 日成立的“纽约城市银行”(City Bank of New York),经过近两个世纪的发展、并购, 已成为美国最大的银行,也是一间在全球近五十个国家及地区设有分支机构的国际大银行,总 部位于纽约市公园大道 399 号。 花旗银行 2011 校园招聘回顾:包括公司银行部、零售银行部的管理培训生,操作部、招 聘助理、人力资源部、培训发展部以及财务方面等等的见习生,招聘人数较多。 花旗银行 2012 年校园招聘的情况请同学们随时关注 大街网花旗银行 2012 校园招聘俱乐 部的最新信息。 此次大街网推出了花旗银行 2012 校园招聘大礼包供同学们备战。 此外,我们会随着 2012 年度各名企校园招聘项目的进度,适时地为同学们 提供花旗银行 2012 校园招聘第一时间上线通知、网申攻略图解、HR 官方答疑、 应聘笔试面试指导等各种求职信息,助你在面试路上披荆斩棘,通关获胜。 让我们·赢在

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    Citibank Indonesia - Case Study According to the case study, Mr. Mistri is not new to the banking industry, he has been part of the organization for many years, and also has proved to be a successful executive in his current and prior roles. The budget submitted by Mr. Mistri was a reflection of his concerns about the risk return ratio of his branch, which is the return in terms of risk for a specific time period, oil prices decreasing based on the recession Indonesia is going through, and the

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    1 CITIBANK* Frits Seegers, directeur général de la Citibank (Californie), réunissait son équipe de direction afin d’examiner les performances et de décider des primes relatives aux directeurs d’agence de Californie. L’évaluation de la performance de James McGaran était la prochaine à venir. Frits se sentait mal à l’aise à son sujet. McGaran était le directeur de la plus importante agence de la région de Los Angeles et ses résultats financiers étaient impressionnants. Un an plus tôt, il aurait

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    Citibank Case: Questions and Answers 1) Why has Citibank introduced a performance scorecard? The article comes straight to the point articulating that Citibank introduced a performance scorecard for the sole purpose of “highlighting the importance of a diverse set of measures in achieving the strategic goals of the division”. Because Citibank was competing with Bank of America and Wells Fargo, at the least, they had to set themselves apart within the banking sector. Citibank wanted to “build a

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    and pop” businesses, the dominant segment in other regions, were also present but to a much lesser extent. Competition was intense. Two competitors—Bank of America and Wells Fargo—had offices less than a block away from James’s branch. James joined Citibank in 1985 as assistant branch manager. He had worked in the banking industry since 1977. Within a year, in 1986, he was promoted to manager of a small branch. He progressed quickly through the ranks until 1992 when he was given the responsibility of

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  • Citibank: Performance Evaluation Citibank: Performance Evaluation Case Analysis November 21, 2010 James McGaran’s Performance Evaluation. Doing the year-end performance evaluation for James McGaran, the branch manager of the flagship office in the Los Angeles area, was probably one of the most difficult experiences in all my years with Citibank in the capacity of area manager. James has been not just an exemplary employee in

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    Citibank Case Study 1. There are mixed feelings in regard to how swiftly Citibank responded to their customers about the potential security breach. First the thorough investigation has to be appreciated. Citibank did make an immediate effort to identify where the problem originated and make corrective active to avoid any further possible instances. Maybe some warning could have been sent to all customers to watch for any unauthorized use of their accounts and to report it immediately because

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    ----------------------------MATCH---------------------------------------HR SOFTWARE:- As such in the software we have a eye on various activities such as we have SOFTWARE USER ID (CHECK IN TO CHECK OUT HR :- With the new employee to join the organisation have a various factors to go and have to kep up the records which the process have to be complete out HR HR RECIRTMENT:- The task to have a new employee get into the organisation

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    Retention of HR and other related records The legal position There is a substantial and complex amount of EU and UK legislation which has an impact upon the retention of HR and other related records. Examples of legislation dealing with particular categories of records are provided in the boxes below. Other important statutes, statutory instruments, EU Directives, and further provisions and proposals include the following: Acts      Limitation Act 1980 Data Protection Act 1998 Freedom

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    HR Metrics and The Measurement of HR Tony Guse Human Resources Management AL359 Instructor: Mary Felder 5/10/2014 The goal of an effective HR department is to add value, make an organization more viable, and contribute towards the objectives and goals of a business. Human Resources Metrics convey the value added by the HR function; demonstrate the contributions made by human capital; and measure job-related duties. To be considered a strategic partner, HR must understand business.

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    importance of Human Resource Management has been acknowledged. Humans are considered to be an important aspect in every part of the organization. Humans make the organization and they run the organization. One of the top priority areas of Citibank corporate reform is Human Resource Development. The Bank has undertaken several initiatives to ensure induction and training of professionals with the objective of ensuring high level of professionalism and productivity at all levels of its employees

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    materials are the product of, and copyrighted by, Citibank N.A. They are solely for the internal use of Citi-bank, N.A., and may not be used for any other purpose. It is unlawful to reproduce the contents of these materials, in whole or in part, by any method, printed, electronic, or otherwise; or to disseminate or sell the same without the prior written consent of the Professional Development Center of Latin America Global Finance and the Citibank Asia Pacific Banking Institute. Please sign your

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    statement. What is the new Performance Scorecard? While financial measures typically were the way Citibank measured success in the past, they recognized a need to measure customer service as well, and thus developed a Performance Scorecard. The six different types of measures the Performance Scorecard evaluated were:  financial  strategy implementation  customer satisfaction  control  people  standards Citibank felt it was necessary to update the previous evaluations to include non-financial measures

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    Recommendation……………………………………………………………13 References…………………………………………………………………………...14 1.0 Background of the Company’s case On June 16, 1812 City Bank of New York (now called Citibank) opened for business in New York City—with only $2 million of capital.  Through many different leaders and economic environments over the course of its rich history, Citibank continues to grow and prosper.  On October 8, 1998, all Citicorp and Travelers Group divisions merged to become Citigroup Inc.  Citigroup is today’s pre-eminent

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    Citibank: Performance Evaluation 1. Briefly analyze the performance evaluation plan that is currently in place at Citibank’s California branches. The California Division of Citibank has a new performance scorecard that highlights the importance of a diverse set of measures in achieving the strategic goals of the division. One of the new measures is on customer satisfaction indicators, which will tell how satisfied the bank customers are. It complements existing financial

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    acct 6201 | Measuring performance: The Balanced Scorecard | Citibank: Performance evaluation | | | | In an age in which financial performance is dependent on more than the management of tangible assets, it is necessary to move beyond traditional financial performance measurement and evaluate the adjacent behaviors which ultimately lead to improved financial success. Citibank has moved forward by introducing a new performance scorecard evaluation system. While it maintains a traditional

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    RESEARCH PAPER NO. 1488 Strategy, Organization, And Incentives: Global Corporate Banking At Citibank David P. Baron David Besanko April 1998 RESEARCH PAPER SERIES GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STANFORD UNIVERSITY Research Paper No. 1488 STRATEGY, ORGANIZATION, AND INCENTIVES: GLOBAL CORPORATE BANKING AT CITIBANK David P. Baron and David Besanko Stanford University and Northwestern University April 1998 Abstract This paper addresses the interplay of strategy, organization

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    CITIBANK INDIA Industry: Banking Financial services Owner Citigroup Founded 1902 Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Profit After Tax INR 3422 crores (fiscal year ended March 31, 2015) Total Income INR 13490 crores (fiscal year ended March 31, 2015) Number of employees 7,500 Citibank financials:

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  • Citibank Assignment Akshay Madhogaria CitiBAnk India credit card Strategy For Profitable Growth CitiBAnk India credit card Strategy For Profitable Growth To: Harpeet Grewal From: Akshay Madhogaria Re: Citibank India Case Date: 11/01/2015 This purpose of this memo is to recommend a new strategy and a new market segment for Citibank’s credit card business. Citibank should start targeting a broader market segments in the major metropolitan cities

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    Citibank Indonesia Mehli Mistri – Citibank’s country manager for Indonesia David Gibson – Direct leidinggevende, (the division head for southeast asia) het afdelingshoofd voor Zuidoost-Azië November 1983 - Mehli Mistri – Citibanks’ country manager for Indonesia, werd geconfronteerd met een moeilijke situatie. Hij had net een memorandum (notitie) ontvangen van zijn immediate superior (direct leidinggevende) David Gibson, afdelingshoofd voor Zuidoost Azië, om hem te informeren dat tijdens de

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    Citibank : Performance Evaluation “Performance management is about creating relationships and ensuring i l i hi d i effective communication Its about focusing on what organisations, managers and team members need to dt b dt succeed” - Robert Bacal Performance Management Why do even best of great strategies fail? A study of 275 professional portfolio managers reported that the ability to execute strategy was more important than the quality of the strategy itself (“Measures That Matter,”

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    Citibank Case Evan Anderson In 1996, Citibank California introduced nonfinancial performance indicators into the balanced scorecard that was used to measure branch manager performance and determine their bonuses. Frits Seegers, the president of Citibank California believed that customer satisfaction was a critical measure for the long term success of the bank, so much so that customer satisfaction was included on the balanced scorecard for 1996.James McGaran was the manager of a branch in the

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    Citibank Performance Evaluation Case Assignment – 7 pts. a. If you think that James’ customers are actually more or less satisfied than the level of satisfaction indicated by the scores on the Customer Satisfaction Score metric. Briefly discuss how you feel about this and why you feel as you do. From the exhibit, we can’t see the specific standards to measure customers’ satisfaction. Thus we can’t identify what part of service performed not well. On the other hand, customers

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    1. How does the Indonesian macroeconomic setting affect Citibank Indonesia’s ability to budget revenues and costs? Citibank was one of eight foreign banks set up in Indonesia, with the intention to serve both international and local customers, assist in the economic development of the country whilst sharing in potential profits and growth that the Indonesian economy could offer. For Citibank, two significant macroeconomic factors impacted the bank’s ability to budget revenues and costs:

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    a) Why has Citibank introduced its performance scorecard? What benefits does Citibank does Citibank expect the performance scorecard to provide? Strategy is to buld relationship with customers, but financial measures don’t do that, or show that 2) Signalling to employees the importance of these measures • Everyone comparing all managers or branches performance , so others can see and try to beat everyone else’s performance Assumed linkages If customer satisfaction increases it’ll

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    Case Analysis: Citibank: Performance Evaluation Elena Wellard MBA 620 - 02 Professor Peter Frischmann November 23, 2008 1. Why has Citibank introduced a Performance Scorecard? The implemented performance scorecard specifies goals and measures manager’s performance in 6 areas:       Financial measures Strategy implementation Customer satisfaction Control measures People Standards The primary purpose of the balanced scorecard is to set goals and allow managers to complete well-rounded

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    1 CITIBANK* Frits Seegers, directeur général de la Citibank (Californie), réunissait son équipe de direction afin d’examiner les performances et de décider des primes relatives aux directeurs d’agence de Californie. L’évaluation de la performance de James McGaran était la prochaine à venir. Frits se sentait mal à l’aise à son sujet. McGaran était le directeur de la plus importante agence de la région de Los Angeles et ses résultats financiers étaient impressionnants. Un an plus tôt, il aurait

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    I. Introduction a. Company history Citibank was first incorporated in 1812 as the City Bank of New York. Citibank is a U.S. based commercial bank, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. The bank offers consumer finance, mortgage lending, retail banking products and services, investment banking, commercial banking, cash management, trade finance and e-commerce products and services, and private banking products and services. Citibank is also the daughter company of Citigroup, Inc. It

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    ther Banking Services: We also provide access to specialized Banking Services through Citibank, N.A. such as: Expatriate Wealth Management Services: Our Global Executive Banking offers one banking relationship that you can maintain throughout your entire career – whether you are transferring domestically, relocating globally, or simply traveling for business. Business Banking Solutions: CitiBusiness® is Citibank’s world-class banking service designed to help you succeed by empowering your

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    Diana Marcela Rueda Diana Marcela Cuenca Juan Pablo Rodas Sergio Alejandro Galvis EVALUACION PARCIAL: Citibank, lanzamiento de la tarjeta de crédito en Asia Pacífico 1. creemos que CITIBANK, con su enfoque geocéntrico, si debería lanzar su tarjeta en algunos de los posibles mercados mencionados puesto que estos presentan una oportunidad única de expansión de su base de clientes que de otra manera no seria posible captar, puesto que muchos de ellos operan principal y exclusivamente de

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    Citibank in China 1. What were the reasons for China to open banking to
foreign banks? The Peoples Republic of China wanted to gain membership into the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the People's Bank of China (PBOC) wanted to force domestic banks to become more competitive. 2. What are Citibank's competitive advantages in
foreign markets? Citibank's competitive advantage in a foreign market is its global network. They've been in foreign markets for nearly 100 years

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    In: Business and Management Citibank Case Study Table of content 1.0 Background of the Company’s case……………………………………...…3 2.0 SWOT Analysis………………………………………………………………3 3.0 Citibank’s Distinctive Competencies………………………………………..7 3.1 Resources……………………………………………………………...8 3.2 Capabilities………………………………………………………...…9 3.3 Core Competence, Competitive Advantages and Sustainable Competitive Advantages……………………...…………………….10 4.0 Citibank’s strategies in place………………………………………………11 4.1 Corporate-Level……………………………………………………

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    for the recommended course of action: Due to the difference in the service charge that Citibank charges comparing to other local banks, and due to the local government protection of the domestic banks, it’s almost impossible to get ahead by pricing competition for Citibank. It will also hurt Citibank’s current position. Keeping the upper class positioning and developing more market share are the goals of Citibank. Thus, providing more perceived value will be the only way to attract more middle-class

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    becomes a secured debt owed to the creditor who gives the loan Mortgage loan - money is used to purchase the property Unsecured loan - loans that are not secured against the borrower's assets (e.g bank overdraft) Trade services and finance: Citibank offer a full suite of trade solutions to support your business growth and expansion. Dedicated trade advisors to handle your queries and provide timely updates to your trade transactions Trade services: Full range of trade services from documentary

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    Citibank: Launching the credit card in Asia Pacific Country entry strategy Objectives of this case ...  To understand market evaluation, target market selection, and product positioning issues in services operations.  To appreciate globalization/country entry issues in financial products.  To understand the underlying economics of customer acquisition and retention. Key Strategic Issues Should Citibank launch the card product ? Why ? Why not ? Given the upscale customer base , how

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    reviews here: 5 Citi vs Chase 6 Cit vs HSBC 7 Citi vs Chase Citibank Starts Marketing Mobile Check Deposit * Posted by JJ Hornblass on February 23, 2012 at 5:00pm * View Blog Citibank has within the last few days begun aggressively marketing its mobile check deposit function, which it is offering

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    because there are no details about the budget accomplishment in 1983. Since a bottom-up budgeting process at Citibank brought more participation of lower level managers, manager’s incentive compensation was closely combined with budget-related performance, and inexperience staff was a big issue due to high turnover, budgetary slack or budget padding could be possibly happen. If the result of Citibank Indonesia in 1983 performed not so well in terms of related budget, considering Mistri’s aggressive budget

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    QUESTION 1: Conduct General Environment Analysis. How will Citibank affected by external factors? SOCIALCULTURE * Target corporate Client Base * Include MNCs, Financial Institutions, Government Sectors, Local Corporations and SMEs. * Offered an integrated solution enabling corporate customers to offer Web and telephone payment capabilities to their clients. ( enable client to be confident ) * World Link Payment Services * Payment can be made in more than 135 currencies through

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    management business into an e-business framework. This case discusses how Citibank is using its traditional assets and integrating Internet initiatives into its e-business strategy to create sustainable competitive advantages. Competition in the cash and trade business is becoming intense and a new breed of competent and aggressive competitors is vying for the market, including technology companies interested in B2B e-payment. Citibank is responding to the competition by continually evolving its e-business

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