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    Cisco Case Study Cisco Systems is a leader in its industry and a leading supplier of networking equipment. Through its history it struggled to go from a corporate name to a household known brand. Although Cisco equipment significantly contributed to the backbone of the internet and the company was very successful, the recognition on the brand was low. In the past Cisco’s marketing campaigns targeted corporations and IT decision makers but in 2003 they entered the consumer market. The acquisition

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    Cisco IT Case Study Organizational Change and Advanced Services for Operational Success How Cisco IT Implemented Organizational Change and Advanced Services for Operational Success New organizational framework greatly improves operations. Given today’s pressing need to optimize IT services and resources while reducing costs and improving organizationwide productivity, the Cisco lifecycle methodology offers the framework needed to make operations more efficient and responsive. Cisco IT Network

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  • Cisco Systems Inc. Analysis

    INTRODUCTION Cisco Systems was started by a team of husband and wife, Leonaid Bosack and Sandy J. Lerner in 1984. They developed the first specialized microcomputer that enable two or more networks communicate with each other by deciphering, translating and funnelling data between them. This microcomputer also called as “multi-protocol” router has opened up and boosted the functionality of the Internet world. Over the years, Cisco managed to become the spearhead in the data networking equipment

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  • Cisco Seeing the Future-Summary

    Cisco sees the future, an interview with John Chamber-Summary It seems that there is no period of economic contraction that Cisco could not overcome. Thanks to CEO John Chambers and his leadership team, the company has demonstrated it could handle various downturns, predict the future trends or recognize market transitions before its competitors. The article gathers two interviews of Chambers in order to identify the combinations of conversations and the processes used by the CEO and his team

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    Table (forum_question) 4.7.5 Answer Table (forum_answer) 14 14 14 14 15 15 15 16 17 18 19 20 20 21 22 23 24 5 System Testing 5.1 Testing 25 25 6 System Implementation 6.1 Planning 6.2 Development of Modules 29 29 29 6.3 Integration of Modules 6.4 Testing 6.5 Deployment 30 30 30 7 Conclusion and Future Enhancements 7.1 Conclusion 7.2 Future Enhancements Appendix A. Coding B. Screen Shots C. User Manual D. Read Me 31 31 32 33 33 47 56 60 References 62

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  • Case Study – Gsk’s Acquisition of Sirtris: Independence or Integration?

    Case Study – GSK’s Acquisition of Sirtris: Independence or Integration? Questions to be answered: 1. Slaoui and Andrew Witty, GSK’s CEO must sell the acquisition of Sirtris to two key constituencies: the GSK board of directors, as well as to Westphal and the senior team at Sirtris. How would you make these pitches? 2. If you are Westphal, how do you feel when you get the call from Slaoui? What terms are you most inclined to negotiate? 3. The vast majority of startups “exits” during

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    ii Cisco TelePresence Fundamentals Cisco TelePresence Fundamentals Tim Szigeti, Kevin McMenamy, Roland Saville, Alan Glowacki Copyright©2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. Published by: Cisco Press 800 East 96th Street Indianapolis, IN 46240 USA All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher

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    1. Cisco systems 2.1 Income Statement Cisco Systems (CSCO) Income Statement | | | | | Fiscal year ends in July. USD -- millions except per share data. | 2009-07 | 2010-07 | 2011-07 | Dell 2011 | Revenue | 36117 | 40040 | 43218 | 61494 | Cost of revenue | 13023 | 14397 | 16682 | 50098 | Gross profit | 23094 | 25643 | 26536 | 11396 | Operating expenses | | | | | | Research and development | 5208 | 5273 | 5823 | 661 | | Sales, General and administrative | 9968 | 10715

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    Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American-based multinational corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, networking and communications technology and services. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cisco has more than 65,000 employees and annual revenue of US$40.0 billion as of 2010. By providing a highly connected workplace, an inclusive and diverse environment, comprehensive health and wellness programs, robust professional development opportunities, and competitive compensation and benefits

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        Corporate Strategy   Cisco System: New millennium – new acquisition strategy? 1. What was unique in the way Cisco managed its acquisitions in the 90’s?   During the 90’s, Cisco has based its growth strategy mainly on acquisitions. From the first acquisition of the company called “Crescendo” in 1993, Cisco has bought more than 45 firms until 1999. Cisco can be considered as unique in its way of managing its acquisition deals because of the methodology that they have

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    Cisco Case Study 1. Observable artifacts are the manifestations of an organization’s culture that employees can easily see or talk about. They supply the signals that employees interpret to gauge how they should act during the workday. An example of observable artifacts of Cisco’s culture is their use of cross-functional teams, councils and boards to enhance innovation and teamwork which lead to faster decision-making. CEO John Chambers uses three words to describe the benefits of this team oriented

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    [pic] In response to Cisco System’s annual financial conference held December 4, 2009, and the current financial and economic situation of Cisco Systems, this memorandum analyzes the forces driving Cisco’s current resources, plan for growth, and competition. Cisco Systems competitors are primarily in the computer networking equipment industry. Cisco Systems competes in other industries as well including: server and mainframes, satellite and broadcast network equipment, and wireless

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  • Merge and Acquisition

    Acceleration Strategy for a rapidly changing world Summary of the article: Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) values for 2011 year were said to exceed a trillion dollars, an incremental percent increase over the previous years. Nearly seven out of 10 companies planned to make at least one acquisition in 2012, significantly higher than 2011. In the first six months of 2012, the number of corporate’ Mergers & Acquisitions deals jumped to nearly 5,900, up from about 5,100 in the

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    you improve Cisco’s acquisition selection and integration process? Re: Acquiring other companies is an important strategy for Cisco to rapidly offer new products, reach new markets, and grow revenue. Cisco strengths were its large scale production reaching to large customer base, good reputation, and good financing capabilities. However, unlike other networking companies Cisco doesn’t always develop new technologies on it own and have to rely on acquisition. Cisco acquisition selection should the

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    1. At the start of the case, Cisco's information systems are failing, yet no one steps forward to lead the effort to replace them. Why is this? Why were no managers eager to take on this project? The reason is Cisco was such a big company and growing very fast at that time. The legacy system was very hard to get rid of and the efforts and time it requires to replace a new system would not be accepted by the board. The CIO was first trying to avoid an ERP solution and let each functional area

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    which they execute effective innovation processes, leading to innovations in new product, services and processes, and superior business performance results. An extensive review of the literature on innovation management, along with a case study of Cisco Systems, develops a conceptual model of the firm as an innovation engine. This new operating model sees substantial investment in innovation capability as the primary engine for wealth creation, rather than the possession of physical assets. Building

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  • Cisco Acquisition Integration

    Acquisition Integration A Cisco on Cisco Case Cisco_IT_Case_Study © 2007 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Public 1 Overview Challenge Integrate the employees, operations, and department-level functions of newly acquired companies quickly and easily Solution Apply standard principles and processes for acquisition integration Results Easier integration that maximizes value of acquisition Next Steps Continue to build integration expertise throughout the company

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  • Week Four Reflection Discussion Summary

    Reflection Learning Team “B” University of Phoenix Online QNT/351 Quantitative Analysis for Business April 13, 2014 The last four weeks have been challenging but also fulfilling for our team. We have formed a collaborative learning team that works well together using problem solving techniques and work experiences. Our collaborative reflection for the last four weeks is as follows: The Steps in Testing a Research Hypothesis Hypothesis testing begins with a statement and assumption that determines

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    Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking, has continued to refocus its brand on the B2B market after pulling the reins in on a much-scrutinized extension into consumer audiences. Cisco’s brand has always been able to remain relevant in the switching and router market, but that may not be enough to maintain Cisco’s performance in the future. The recent acquisition of NDS, a leading provider of video software and content security solutions, indicates that Cisco could be looking to gain a more solid

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  • The Four Secrets to Employee Engagement Summary

    The Four Secrets to Employee Engagement Summary The Four Secrets to Employee Engagement Summary This article discusses how to better engage employees in any company. It mentions how most supervisors set up the company for failure and disengaged employees by delegating the HR department to handle employee complaints or concerns. The best human resources staff is not set up to take the actions required to affect the attitudes of the employees or their teams. This being said direct supervisors

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  • Managing the Post-Acquisition Integration Process

    MANAGING THE POST-ACQUISITION INTEGRATION PROCESS: HOW THE HUMAN INTEGRATION AND TASK INTEGRATION PROCESSES INTERACT TO FOSTER VALUE CREATION* The paper of Birkinshaw, Bresman and Håkanson argue that the underlying processes of a succesful acquistition are task integration and human integration. An effective and successful integration is achieved by separating these two sub-process into a two-phase process. In phase one that lasts around 5 to 7 years, human integration usually proceeds smoothly

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    Cisco Systems ERP – Case Study Andree Grecchi Hawai’i Pacific University 2/19/2014 IS 6005 Professor: Ken Rossi Table of Contents Who is Cisco? 2 Prehistorical Infrastructure 4 Seeking for a new start 4 Evaluation 6 Conclusion 7 References 8 Who is Cisco? Cisco is one of the most powerful and successful corporation in the IP network industry. In the fiscal 2013 their revenue totaled $48.6 billion and their Net Income was $10.0 billion (Cisco 2013

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    A Case Study Report On Cisco Systems Risk Strategies Submitted to, Amy vuong Submitted by, Marut shah Vishal Dave Manthan Shekhadia Keyur Patel Rudraksh Gaikwad Imran Siddique Mohammad Faisal Contents 1. Introduction ............................................................. 4 1. Executive summary .............................................. 4 2. Issue identification .................................................. 5 1. Challenge & Issues ........................................

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    Cisco Systems Inc. INDIVIDUAL PROJECT REPORT Date Submitted November, 20, 2013 Table of Contents SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS 0 Products and Services Offeered 0 Global Markets Currently Served 0 Corporate Structure and Leadership Resources and Competitive Position 0 COMPANY'S EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 0 Competitors in Top Five Countries Served 0 Marktst For Company and Rivals 0 Key Success Factors for Their Market 0 COMPANY'S COMPETITIVE POSITION 0 Competitive Position

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  • Video Summary Nt1110 Unit Four

    Unit 4 video summary 2 When building your own computer most people will tell you to pick one of two first either motherboard or cpu. Cpu dictates motherboard and vice versa. You should not buy either until you have made a decision about both and the case you need is also determined by these decisions. There are three form factors to determine these. * Atx form factor- has soft power switch and many slots to support different connections and uses a p1 power connector * Replaced older

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  • Managing the Strategic Dynamics of Acquisition Integration

    strategic Dynamics of Acquisition Integration: Lessons from HP and Compaq Suggala Indraneel 012513187 Aim of the paper: This article discusses about the Hewlett Packard company and Compaq merger and analyzing the final result of the acquisition of the companies. The aim of the paper is to examine the operational integration process, process of formulating the integration logic, and strategic

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  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Chapter 1 Course 7: Mergers & Acquisitions (Part 1) Prepared by: Matt H. Evans, CPA, CMA, CFM Basic Concepts Mergers and acquisitions represent the ultimate in change for a business. No other event is more difficult, challenging, or chaotic as a merger and acquisition. It is imperative that everyone involved in the process has a clear understanding of how the process works. Hopefully this short course will provide you with a better appreciation of what is involved. You might be asking

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    Cisco System, Inc Cisco System, Inc SMIF Stock Report Information Technology – Communication Equipment Analyst: Thanh Nguyen Date 12.04.13 Ticker: ●CSCO Recommendation: ● HOLD Price: ● 21.24 (as of 12.04.13) Price Target: ● 21.74 Highlights * HOLD Recommendation: Cisco’s expected revenues for the coming quarter will be down 8 to 10% because of weak demand in emerging markets. However, the company had high earnings, and was consistently increasing revenues over recent years

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    fellows have gone on to form a cadre of Service leaders, knowledgeable in the organizational and operational opportunities made possible by revolutionary changes in information and other technologies. To prepare for the fellowship, the fellows spend four weeks in training. Specifically, participating in lectures on current political and military topics such as strategies, technologies, and process improvement methodologies; meeting with senior DoD officials, Congressional delegates, business executives

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    Problem definition Cisco Systems Inc. is one of the leading companies operating in the telecommunication industry. At the present moment, the company has a strong position in the world market and actively develops its business targeting at the wider implementation of new technologies. In fact, the company was traditionally oriented on the introduction of innovations and nowadays it is still focused on the development of new technologies which can improve the position of the company in the market

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    Cisco Systems, Inc. 2011 Annual Report Annual Report 2011 Letter to Shareholders To Our Shareholders, Fiscal 2011 was one of the most transformative years we have seen at Cisco. We prioritized, simplified, and took action to drive Cisco’s continued market leadership. We aggressively changed the way we do business to become a faster and more agile partner, with the goal continuing to be to increase our ability to deliver unique value to our shareholders, customers, partners, and employees. Throughout

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  • Cisco Systems :: Collaborating in New Product Development

    Part A Executive Summary (one Page) Part B+ Part C + Part D= Max 8 pages Part B (imp) Q. Cisco is committing to produce Viking at a single source Foxconn. Moreover, the Viking production mostly takes place within two-hour driving distance of the Hong Kong fulfillment center. “Cisco ran the risk of being overly dependent on a single supplier and whatever financial and operational constraints it had”. What are the potential risk factors in and around Hong Kong? Some risk factors are natural

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    University of Houston Case Study of Cisco Systems, Inc. Nirav Sheth INTB 3354: Introduction of Global Business Professor Alana Aleman April 8, 2015 1. Introduction Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, the married couple who met at Stanford University, founded Cisco in 1984 in San Francisco, California. During Cisco’s founding years at Stanford University, Leonard Bosack, Sandy Lerner, and a few others helped connect hundreds of computers throughout Stanford University on a wired network

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    Excellence in Financial Management Course 7: Mergers & Acquisitions (Part 1) Prepared by: Matt H. Evans, CPA, CMA, CFM This course (part 1) provides a concise overview of the merger and acquisition process, including the legal process, federal regulations and due diligence. The purpose of the course is to give the user a solid understanding of how mergers and acquisitions work. This course is recommended for 2 hours of Continuing Professional Education. In order to receive credit, you

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    impact of Leadership on Mergers and Acquisition. Focus on one success and one failure story 2. Assignment Flow 3.1 Executive Summary 3.2 Failure – BMW and The Rover Company * Summary * Acquisition Details * Analysis * What Went Wrong? 3.3 Success – AkzoNobel N.V – Imperial Chemicals Industries plc. * Summary * Acquisition Details * Analysis

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    process, integration and result of merger of Lafarge and Holcim two giant cement company. We request you to excuse us for any mistake that may occur in the paper despite of our best effort. We believe that you will view all mistakes with your generous consideration. Yours sincerely Asmina Akter, ID-35 Mohoan Chowdhury; ID-46 S. M. Yusuf Mallick; ID-71 Md. Harun-Ur-Rashid; ID-73 Department of International Business (MBA 7th Batch) University of Dhaka 2|Page Executive Summary Corporate

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    rP os t 9-699-022 REV: MAY 6, 2002 ROBERT D. AUSTIN RICHARD L. NOLAN MARK J. COTTELEER Cisco Systems, Inc.: Implementing ERP History of Cisco op yo Pete Solvik, Cisco Systems chief information officer (CIO), considered the last remaining line item of his ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation budget. Cisco had a history of rewarding performance with cash bonuses, but the amount allocated for rewarding the ERP team, over $200,000, was unprecedented. To be sure

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    study “Social Strategy at Cisco Systems” written by Mikolaj J. Piskorski, Daniel Malter, and Aaron Smith. It emphasis on a main concern, which is aligned with Cisco Learning Network and Internet of Everything (IoE) and is presented in a question; how can Cisco’s phenomenon of “Internet of Everything” be attained through Cisco Learning Network? The issue highlights the importance of Cisco’s strategic commitment of advancing and supporting the Internet of everything. The Cisco Learning Network, a social

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    Mini Case:  Cisco Systems 1.  How does the business strategy affect information systems and organizational systems decisions? The information system strategy triangle shows the alignment between business strategy, information system strategy, and organizational strategy. Most successful companies have business strategy that drives both organizational strategy and IS strategy. (Pearlson & Saunders, 2012) Cisco’s website states that “Having a strategy discipline is more important than ever

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  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Krishnan In an ideal merger, the newly created entity pools the best features of the two merging organizations. A well planned process built on the foundations of an open, honest and consistent communication strategy can pave the way. Mergers and acquisitions have become a common phenomenon in recent times. A merger of the size like HP-Compaq has implications for the workforce of these companies across the globe. Although the merging entities give a great deal of importance to financial matters and

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    Cisco IT Case Study – August 2013 Big Data Analytics How Cisco IT Built Big Data Platform to Transform Data Management EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CHALLENGE ● Unlock the business value of large data sets, including structured and unstructured information ● Provide service-level agreements (SLAs) for internal customers using big data analytics services ● Support multiple internal users on same platform SOLUTION ● Implemented enterprise Hadoop platform on Cisco UCS CPA for Big Data - a complete

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    HP- CISCO Alliance • • Executive Summary • • Despite HP- CISCO top management intentions and senior and middle management commitment to renewed alliance stalemate has reached, due to lack of clearly defined ground rules, absence of detailed plan of action, cultural disconnect in decision making and non availability explicit financial integration plan. • • Hurdles for the formal agreement between the two organizations • Change of management team

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    CISCO case analysis Introduction and background As one of the largest makers of computer network gear Cisco provides a broad line of products for transportation of data, voice and video all over the globe. Cisco is one of the big impacts on how we connect as people, communicate and collaborate. Cisco are focused on the delivery of intelligent networks, technology and business architecture built on integrated products, services, and software platforms to its customers. This case is going to

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    Cisco Systems, Inc.: Implementing ERP [HBR case #699022] Reviews Cisco System's approach to implementing Oracle's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software product. This case chronologically reviews the diverse, critical success factors and obstacles facing Cisco during its implementation. Cisco faced the need for information systems replacement based on its significant growth potential and its reliance on failing legacy systems. The discussion focuses on where management was particularly savvy

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    Cisco Systems [pic] Networking the Internet Revolution Brandi Martin Table of Contents Paper Objective Section 1: The Network Equipment Industry A. Industry Profile B. Competitive Strategies within the Industry C. Porter Model Evaluation of Industry Forces D. Globalization of the Industry E. Importance of Information Technology to the Industry Section II: Company Perspective:

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    value More in-depth Summary I. Cisco Systems Architecture: ERP and Web-enabled IT a. Company vision i. Pioneer ”New World Network” where voice calls are free over the Internet ii. Cisco = “Internet experts: the Global Internet Company” b. Company background i. Founded by two Stanford scientists in 1984 / went public in 1990 ii. Dominates “Internetworking” Market iii. March 27, 2000, Cisco overtook Microsoft

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    Final Paper July 6th, 2010 Liliana Azuara Patricio Elizondo Akim González 457179 588726 371282 Index            Executive Summary Brief Outlook of CISCO Corporate Governance General Economic Analysis Industry Analysis Competitive Analysis Financial Analysis Value Creation Analysis Recommendations References Appendix – Appendix 1: Balance Sheet – Appendix 2: Income Statement – Appendix 3: Cash Flow Statement – Appendix 4: Liquidity – Appendix 5: Profitability – Appendix 6: Leverage

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    Case Study: Cisco Systems Cisco systems has developed a quality approach to satisfy his customers. The approach is published at: customer needs Approach to Quality Executive Message |Dedication to customer success is a core value that affects everything Cisco does. We recognize that we must earn the right every day to continue to | |serve our customers. It is this understanding that

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  • Chapter Four Summary Mgt 230

    industries that involve companies competing and dispersing resources among the industry. These strategies are concentration strategy, vertical integration, concentric diversification, and conglomerate diversification. Concentration means a company focuses on one business in one industry. Expanding the organization using distributors is vertical integration. Concentric diversification strategy adds new organizations that produce products related to the market. Conglomerate diversification differ

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  • Cisco Systems, Inc.: Collaborating on New Product Introduction

    CASE: GS-66 DATE: 06/05/09 CISCO SYSTEMS, INC.: COLLABORATING ON NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTION On November 13, 2007, more than 100 employees of Cisco Systems, Inc. assembled in classic Cisco fashion: they dialed in from multiple locations around the world for an important meeting. The purpose of the gathering was to get the green light from senior management to manufacture a new high-end router that would make the giant networking company more competitive in an age of surging Internet traffic

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