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    If the family you are in is keeping you too busy, and/or is too full of noise, and distraction when will you move on to a new “family”? A choice many groups of people feel is the answer to what family really is. Family is a word of different meaning. A word that has been here since the beginning. A word that carries such a powerful meaning to certain cultures and societies and little meaning to others. There are 23 definitions in our Webster dictionary for the word family. Which tells us

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  • Marriage and the Family

    Marriage And The Family Soc 215-50 Mr. A.B. Njai Critical Thinking I Gail Ashwood January 23, 1999 MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY Five Myths About Marriage And The Family Myth 1 Families Were Happier In the Past Myth 2 Marrying And Having Children Are the “Natural” Thing To Do Myth 3 “Good” Families Are Self Sufficient

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  • Courtship Family and Marriage

    Screening Dimensions which consist of Good Character, the Quality of Your Self-Conception, Watch Out for Red Flags, Anger Management, Obsteperousness, Understandings About Family, and Family Background. These first 7 are probably the most important things that must be observed. Character being foremost I would say. A Christian character will easily reveal itself in the heart and attitude of a man or woman. The second group is called the Core Personal Dimensions which consists of Intellect, Similar

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  • Marriage and the Family

    Marriage and the Family Marriage is a legal contract signed by a couple with the state in which they reside that regulates their economic and social relationship. Family is a group of people related by blood, marriage or adoption. From a marital perspective let’s look at three essential topics which would better one’s marriage, and by extension better one’s family. A good marriage, would ultimately lead to a good family. The first topic is topic is companionship. Companionship is very part of

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  • Marriage & the Family

    Name: Sharmayne Duncan Date: 12/06/2012 Class: marriage and the family The effects about divorce Undoubtedly, divorces cause a lot of negative effects, some of which are short-term and less harmful, but some can be very lasting and very harmful causing serious health problems, development and behavioral problems in children, leading to a lack of academic or other success, as well as inability to feel happy and pleased with this life. According to the latest statistics, children of divorced

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  • Family and Marriage

    Basics in Social Science “Family and Marriage”– What is Family? Family is considered to be one of the oldest institutions of the society. Sociologists have traditionally viewed the family as a social group whose members are related by ancestry, marriage, or adoption and live together, cooperate economically, and care for the young. (Murdock, 1949) ❖ When we think of a family, we picture it as a more or less durable association of husband and wife with or without children or of a man

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  • Marriages, Families and Relatiohsips

    Page 24 Chapter 1 3. What important changes in family patterns do you see today? Today I see family patterns change in many perspectives ways. Families are more independent. They form their own opinions in their decision making. Do you see positive changes, negative changes, or both? I would have to say that I see both positive and negative changes in families. The positive that I see is that many husbands are more involved with their children and even some are now stay home dads taking

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  • Marriage and Family Therapist

    Marriage and Family Therapist John Doe University of Southern Mississippi Upon entering into college I never really knew what I wanted to major in. I have always felt the desire to help people. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with troubled teens in a Psychiatric facility, and that experience influenced my decision to major in psychology. One of my major concerns was trying to figure out what I really wanted to do with a Psychology degree, and once decided if I would have

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    JAMILLAH DUGAN GRADE 11 Forms of Marriage Monogamy (the union of one wife to one husband) is the prevalent form almost everywhere. Polygyny (or polygamy; having several wives at one time), however, has been a prerogative in many societies . It is commonly found where the value of women's labor is high and may be practiced as a way of acquiring allies: A man may cement his bonds with several other men by marrying their sisters or daughters. Polyandry (having several husbands at one time)

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  • Structural Approach to Family Counseling

    Structural Approach to Family Counseling Beverly Manning COUN 601 – Marriage and Family Counseling I Liberty University July 5, 2013 ABST RACT Families are always growing and changing. They are considered living systems made up of many components. If families can’t adjust to change, the capability of the family and its individual members can be compromised. Structural family therapy (SFT) is a therapeutic approach that identifies that families have a lot of strengths

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  • Christian /Counseling

    way of convincing the reader with his philosophies. I will discuss the four perspectives: Goal of Christian Counseling, Basic Concepts, Basic Strategy, and Developing a Counseling Program in the local Church as recorded in Effective Biblical Counseling. Then will Compare and Contrast the assigned articles listed in the course. Goal of Christian Counseling Dr. Crabb, stated, “many of us place top priority not on becoming Christ like in the middle

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  • Family Counseling

    Family Counseling Approach: Structural Model Jennifer Tankard Liberty University Abstract Structural family therapist takes an approach to therapy that seeks to help the entire family rather than looking at the family member that has a presenting problem. Healthy families have a healthy balance within the family subset when clearly defined roles are present. Structural family therapy was developed by Salvador Minuchin and a team of researchers from New York. The techniques of the theory are

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  • Family Counseling Approach: Narrative Counseling

    approach including poststrucuralism, deconstructionism, self-narratives, cultural narratives, therapeutic conversations, ceremonies, letters and leagues. A personal integration of faith in this family counseling approach is presented and discussed also in this paper. NARUMI AMADOR’S FAMILY CONSELING APPROACH Introduction Narrative therapy is found under the Social Construction Model. Using the Narrative approach, the therapist will not be the central figure in the therapeutic

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  • 4- Mat Review 2: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

    4-Mat Review 4- MAT Review 2: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Liberty University Diane Jaynes McMinn, Ph.D., Mark R. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (2011) 4- MAT Review 1: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Summary McMinn used psychology, theology and spirituality in the process of supporting individuals with improving distinctive facets of their lives. For a counselor to be effective, McMinn stated throughout the book that it is very

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  • Marriage & Family Therapy

    issues. The Microsystem. I grew up in a traditional family household for a time being that consisted of my mother, father, and sister. Although, it was considered a traditional two parent household, my father was rarely home, and when he was home he was unavailable. My mother was emotionally unavailable and suffered from manic depression. My mother stayed at home and my father was either out working or pursuing one of his addictions. My family was homeless until I was the age of 5. We had lived

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  • Family Counseling Theory

    Family Counseling Theory Family therapy in a nutshell is a form of therapy in which the counselor works with the entire family at once instead of individual members. Often, a family therapist will even reschedule a session if one or more members of the family aren't present. The essential theory behind family therapy is that a family is a system made up of parts and a problem with one of the parts affects the entire system. Families try to maintain stability, if one member of the family does anything

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  • Psychoanalytic Family Therapy Counseling Approach

    PSYCHOANALYTIC FAMILY COUNSELING APPROACH Psychoanalytic Family Therapy Counseling Approach Liberty University 2012 COUN 601-B05 LUO Dr. Jenkins Abstract When a family’s environment becomes saturated with chronic conflict the members become unable to achieve a healthy balance and mutual respect. This turmoil needs to be neutralized rather than exacerbated, in order to gain mutual respect for all family members. Family therapy can establish the reduction of conflict among the family system.

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  • Effective Christian Counseling by Larry Crabb/ Compare and Contrast Paper

    DB Forum 3: Working with Individuals Clinton & Ohlschlager, 2002 identify five concepts/approaches in working with individuals. They are as follows: (1) Circular over Linear Causality; (2) Family Homeostasis and the Identified Problem; (3) Family Roles; (4) Family Secrets, Myths, and Lies; (5) Family Triangles According to Clinton & Ohlschlager, 2002, the importance of a system approach began in the 1930’ and 1940’s when “mathematicians and engineers developed systems concepts to apply

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  • Christian Counseling

    and frankly boring. The ‘growth movement’ aimed to make psychotherapy a powerhouse of liberated individuals. It was part of a general socio-political trend towards the overthrow of established structures ranging from civil authorities to the nuclear family, under slogans such as ‘the personal is political’, the ‘sexual revolution’ and liberation movements for all minority sections of society. This climate of rebellion was the hub around which a range of psychologies gathered. These included approaches

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  • Marriage and Family

    Breanna Westbrooks Ms. H Marriage & Family paper 24 February 14 Marriage and Family Once said by Winston Churchill, “There is no doubt that it is around the family and home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened, and maintained.” Marriage is a socially recognized union between two people, which may pave the way to starting ones family. Usually, when one thinks of the definition of family, the picture of a mother, father

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  • Christian Counseling Compare and Contrast

    Compare and Contrast Paper Bianca Withers CC 201 Part I: Goal of Christian Counseling Psalm 1:1-2 “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.” The scripture goes on to say that “he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of the water, that brings forth his fruit in his season.” The scripture speaks of

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  • Family Counseling Approach

    Family Counseling Approach: Narrative Lisa R. Murray Liberty University Online Abstract Narrative therapy is a therapeutic approach that is used alone or in conjunction with other methods of therapy. This particular method of therapy is used in family therapy to help clients focus on gaining access to preferred story lines in reference to their lives and identities the family dynamics that may affect them. The preferred story line will replace the place of the previous negative and self-defeating

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    Decide: Understanding your spouse – Ten Guidelines  Sandra Pacheco Marriage and Family - SOCS 315  Professor Gomes  October 4, 2013  DeVry University                Marriage is a difficult already. So it only gets worse when children come along. Things get complicated when children come along, since there is more people to take care of. Even though, children are a blessing from god, they are huge responsibility. Marriage with children can be very stressful. Couples can sometimes have conflicts

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  • The Larson Family Story...and Marriage

    The Larson Family Story FAS 331 Darrell Carson 11 October 2012 Academy Award winning actress, Gwyneth Paltrow stated in an interview that marriage is hard. She was referring to her union with the Coldplay front man, Chris Martin. Both Martin and Paltrow are in lines of work that help them to live relatively comfortable lives financially. Yet, by her own admission, without major financial burdens, marriage for them is still difficult (Heller, 2011). American poet and rapper, Notorious B.I

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  • Marriage and Family Changes: American Society

    Marriage & Family Changes: American Society DeVry University April 11th, 2014 Spring 2014, Session II Changes to Marriage & Family: American Society The American society has had very dramatic changes in the ways that certain aspects of our modern culture are shifting the traditional American family. These changes bring a new different perspective to the rise in divorce rates. Cohabiting relationships rather than traditional marriages has brought a new way of viewing relationships

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  • Marriage and Family

    many challenges that couples and families are faced with, they may find themselves dealing with problems and situations that they are unsure how to resolve. It is during this time, couples or families may seek out the help of marriage therapist. The purpose of this paper is to examine a brief history and the development of marriage and family therapy, and its importance to the counseling field. Five aspects of this field will be discussed: roles of marriage and family therapist, training and licensure

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    Head: ETHICAL CONCIDERATIONS FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP Ethical Considerations for Group leadership in Counseling David Cook Liberty University HSER 511-04 Dr. Pinkston July 4, 2014 Abstract Ethics has been in the forefront in the counseling field, especially in the recent cases of PTSD and military and family counseling. This type of family and group counseling presents new ethical considerations for professionals. Group leaders have to be aware of new updates in

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  • Counseling Clinical Depression: Nouthetic Versus Contemporary Christian Counseling

    to depression. It is estimated that 6.7 percent of Americans who are over the age of 18 suffer at some point from depression in any given year.[1] Christians are not immune to depression or its affects. Pastors and Christian counselors often meet people who face depression for a variety of reasons, up to and including sin. Inside of the Christian circle there are many different views and methods on handling depression. Some view depression as an illness, and say that it is something that cannot

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  • Christian Counseling

    Nadine Mooney December 12, 2014 Christian Counseling The goal of Christian Counseling, according to Dr. Crabb, is to become more like the Lord. Counseling can go down many roads, leaving patients with the “I want to feel good” feeling, or I want to be happy (Crabb, 1977, p. 22). However, in order to fully be happy or to feel good, you must put the Lord first, especially in counseling. The more I abide in Christ, the more I will enjoy the pleasures available in fellowship with God (happiness)

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  • Marriage and the Family

    Stephany Flores Marriage & Family Paper #1 My Family in a Nutshell Family Structure I grew up in a nuclear family. The definition of a nuclear family is one that consists of a father, a mother, and their children. Although there are several variations of this specific type of family, the one I was raised in has nothing out of the ordinary. The major characteristic of my family is the monogamous relationship between my mother and father. They are married and live together under the same

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  • African Christian Marriage

    AFRICAN CHRISTIAN APOSTOLIC REVELATION OF MARRIAGE Many abuses, especially of women and children, happen under foreign practices which are falsely labeled African traditions, arts and culture, interestingly such classifications are made by non-Africans or Africans who Steve Biko said have “colonized minds”. When God send many foreign missionaries to Africa, in His grace to teach them, they generally see things differently. Many of them believe that they are bringing the Gospel to Africa, and

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  • Christian Counseling Techniques

    Christian Counseling attempts to provide encouragement and guidance for those who are facing losses, decisions, or disappointments. Counseling can stimulate personality growth and development, help people cope more effectively with the problems of living, with inner conflict, and with crippling emotions, assist individuals, family members, and married couples to resolve interpersonal tensions or relate effectively to one another and assist persons whose life patterns are self-defeating and causing

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  • Media and Christian Family

    TOPIC: ‘CHRISTIAN FAMILY AND THE MEDIA’ INTRODUCTION: Every Christian family is a balanced environment designed by God for the growth of human beings. God’s idea of family is to transmit values from generation to generation. Every Christian family is originated in God alone. And every family has its purpose from God. When we study about Christian family, we find that each family differs from one to the other in terms of design, lifestyle, background, character, purpose, goal and the structure

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  • Christian Marriage and Justice

    South Asia, women who bring dishonor to their families because of sexual indiscretions or even rape are forced to pay a terrible price at the hands of male family members. This brutal act is most commonly found among Islamic religion. For example, in Palestine, women and girls suffer a wide range of physical violence at home from their husbands and other family members. A woman’s life is at risk if she is suspected of engaging in behavior her family or community considers taboo, such as talking with

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  • Effective Christian Counseling

    In order for Christian Counseling to be effective, an emphasis must be placed on the utilization of a curative theology, and the promotion of biblical sanctification. There are many instances when temporary relief can be found through secular psychology, but that relief is most often fleeting, and the person is quickly thrust back into a world inundated with “father absence, abuse, violence, marital discord, and emotional problems” (Clinton, Hart, & Ohlschlager, 2005). By emphasizing a curative

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  • Marriage and Family

    found only in God. THE MEANING OF OUR CALLING * The one who calls is GOD Vocation speaks about the one called but not so much of the One who calls – GOD. We are called by GOD to be holy, and be holy ourselves. * We share a common Christian vocation that is rooted in baptism From the moment we are baptized, GOD offeredus a new life with Christ through the spirit. Our parents and godparents promised to help us along the path of holiness. * We share this call with others GOD willed

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  • Circumplex Model of Marriage and Family Therapy

    Circumplex Model of Marriage and Family Therapy Paper Dindy Williams BSHS/312 APRIL 4, 2011 Sharla Hansen Circumplex Model of Marriage and Family Therapy Paper The Circumplex Model of Marriage and Family Systems was developed in an attempt to bridge the gap between research, theory and practice. The model, together with the assessment tools developed to use with it, are specially designed to assess the functionality of families and develop a treatment plan. The hypothesis of the Circumplex

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  • The Family Counseling Approach Research Paper

    FAMILY COUNSELING APPROACH RESEARCH PAPER INSTRUCTIONS Part I: You are required to write a research paper/formal literature review in current APA format on 1 of the specific approaches to family counseling, (e.g., structural, psychoanalytic, Bowenian, experiential, etc.; i.e., not a technique). You will identify leading figures, historical and current events, assumptions, development of the theory, concepts, and techniques related to your chosen approach. You will also note any similarities or

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  • Philosophy Paper of Christian Counseling (Unfinished)

    I am a Christian going on to become a counselor and Psychologist. Here is my philosophy that I began writing. It is not complete but will be soon. Introduction: The Need for Biblical Counseling The need for Biblical counseling has always been a need ever since the beginning of sin. When Adam and Eve chose to disobey God in the garden of Eden, a terrible thing happened. Sin had entered into the world, and through sin, sickness, pain, addiction, and hardships also came with it. and it is

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  • History of My Christian Family

    build a family. They have a large business in farming. They have machines, ten-wheeler and six-wheeler trucks. According to the people surrounds them, they were the first family who were wealthy in the place. Their first child, my mom, named Ma. Luz Linda was born. After a month, Martial Law started. That was the time that they started evacuate in Bukidnon again and again. War here, war there, killing here and killing there. Yes, it was very chaos in that place. A war between Christians and Muslims

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  • Christian Counseling That Reall Works


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  • Domestic Abuse Within the Christian Marriage

    Domestic Abuse within Christian Marriages Linda J. Whitworth Liberty University Abstract Domestic abuse has become a worldwide epidemic. It affects every part of life, from lost time at work to suicide or homicide. It effects every culture, every race, every gender and every socioeconomic background. When domestic abuse happens within the confines of a Christian marriage, it can shake the abused spouse to the core, causing her to question her belief in God. Women are told that they are to submit

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  • 4-Mat Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

    4-MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Liberty University McMinn, Ph.D., Mark R. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (1996) 4 MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Abstract Christian counseling is all about integrating psychology, theology and spirituality into counselor and clients lives. Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling gives insight into how these three perspectives can be used to help individuals

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  • Family Counseling

    Family counseling has a growing interest not only as a technique, but also as a theoretical approach to counseling. The number of members in the American Association for Marital and Family Therapy (AAMFT) has doubled since 1978 (M. Schoettle, personal communication, September 16, 1986). Researchers have encouraged the use of family counseling in school settings (Goodman & Kjonaas, 1984), as well as with college students (Held & Bellows, 1983). Substance use disorder treatment programs

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  • Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling

    Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course Pre-Marital Counseling (PACO 610) February 18, 2010 Summary Worthington has an approach that is dependent largely on the empathizing of the counselor rather than the willingness of the involved (xiii). The essentials of this approach are the couples’ willingness to be expressive in their affection only while continually being reserved in reactions to provocations. Apparently, there is a chemical

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  • Christian Counseling

    January 31, 2012 Summary Prayer is one of the most powerful and frequently used spiritual interventions performed by Christian counseling groups all over the world. However, combining religion and science has always been a controversial issue for centuries. According to Weld and Eriksen, most clients want to include their spirituality and their religion as part of their counseling sessions. The integration of this spiritual therapy is done by conducting surveys and observations. The core of this

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  • Marriage Counseling

    hope-focused marriage counseling consists of a “blueprint” that is reported to help couples to improve their relationship. Based on this blueprint, the marital counseling involves the following components: goal, focus, strategy, target areas, and interventions (Worthington, 2005). The overall goal according to this blueprint is to produce stronger marriages instead of those filled with strain and trouble. Although this is the overall goal, it must be appropriate for each individual within the marriage. The

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  • Marriage and Family Week 7

    Week 7 Assignment What factors bind marriages and families together? How have these factors changed, and how has the divorce rate been affected? Factors that bind marriages together are legal, economic independence, social and moral. These factors are lessening and intimacy is being more sought after. Marriage mates can maintain stability by taking out time for each other; they need to find a proper way to balance family time over work time. The divorce rate is increasing due to very little

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  • Sociology 315 Marriage & Family

    Nicole Turpin Sociology 315 Marriage & Family Professor Scheier Page 25 3. What important changes in family patterns do you see today? Important changes in family patterns I see today are more independency and the value of family is coming back into perspective. Do you see positive changes, negative changes, or both? I see both positive and negative changes in families today. The positive I see are fathers being more involved in their kids’ lives rather than just the moms and the negative

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  • Family and Marriage

    1. What factors bind marriages and families together? How have these factors changed, and how has the divorce rate been affected? The factors that bind marriages and families together are economic interdependence; legal social and moral constraints; and the spouse’s relationship itself. (Page 405) These factors have changed because Americans have moved toward a less familistic set of attitudes and a greater individual investment in self, career, and personal growth. Family members basically don’t

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