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  • Apple Presentation

    and 2,900 temporary full-time employees around the world. Apple Inc. strongest selling strategy is the way of promoting the product. Apple let people think that if they own an Apple product they will get a easier life and a better one. On presentations the words; amazing, perfect, great and easy to use are commonly and very often used to get the minds of the customers. On Apple products advertisements they use the family and friends centered themes for the customer wants to buy the product to

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  • Introductory Presentation

    Introductory Presentation ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Purpose of Presentation: to introduce yourself as a (potential) professional ------------------------------------------------- Audience: class members and your tutor ------------------------------------------------- Due: Week 3 Seminar 1 (Week starting 27 August 2012) ------------------------------------------------- Time limit: (3 minutes, Powerpoint not required)

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  • My Presentation


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  • Vampire Presentation

    Good afternoon everyone, as you know, my name is MIA. In my presentation today, I'm going to talk about Vampire [ˈvæmˌpaɪə]. There are six part of this presentation, which are What's the vampire, The history of Vampires, The vampire's features and fears, Vampire's propagation [ˌprɔpəˈgeɪʃən], The reality of Vampires and Vampires on the movies. So, to begin with, let's look at what's the vampire. Vampires are mythological or folkloric[ˈfəukˌlɔ:rik] creatures who subsist[səbˈsɪst] by feeding on

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  • Presentation Tips

    1 Giving Presentations – Expressions and introductory phrases Thank people for coming Good morning afternoon etc. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for coming here today… Beginning and stating objectives Right, let’s make a start. Let’s begin I’m going to begin by… I’m here today to… The object/subject of today’s talk is to… Organization My presentation/talk is divided into three parts/sections… I’d like to begin by… I have four main points… Introduce another speaker I

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  • Good Presentation

    workplace calls for mastery of the basic elements of public speaking  Help you identify the best strategy and structure for your presentation.  Give you specific techniques for presentation style and delivery.  Provide a detailed checklist for using visual aids.  Introduce you to a powerful technique for calming presentation nerves. 5Ss of Effective Presentation: 1. Strategy – understanding your audience and its needs. 2. Structure – preparing your content. 3. Support – making sure you

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  • Investigating the Presentation of Speech

    Investigating the presentation of speech, writing and thought in spoken British English: A corpus-based approach1 Dan McIntyre a, Carol Bellard-Thomson b, John Heywood c, Tony McEnery c, Elena Semino c and Mick Short c a Liverpool Hope University College, UK, b University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, c Lancaster University, UK Abstract In this paper we describe the Lancaster Speech, Writing and Thought Presentation (SW&TP2) Spoken Corpus. We have constructed this corpus to investigate the ways

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  • Oral Presentation

    The presentation on “How to buy a new car” by Rob Gruhl was effectively delivered to the audience. Rob had a clear and loud voice, which made his point across; his choice of words was very effective, because he used clear sentences and visual representation on the power point slides. The visuals, were eye catching and humors, and engaged the audience in laughter. His technique and style of presenting is getting to the point, and saying the facts as they are. His vocals were clear and very projective

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  • Presentations

    I watched the presentation by Sue Austin titled Sue Austin: Deep sea diving… in a wheelchair. This was an amazing about the power of never stop believing. Sue Austin took a preconceived conception of how we see wheelchair bound people and threw it right out the window. She wanted to break out of the mold of a helpless wheelchair bound individual and into thinking no matter what happens in life you can do anything. This video can be found at

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  • Presentation

    making or eating this snack Racial, ethnic, and cultural background: Race and ethnicity has nothing to do with it, but cultural it may have a tiny impact. It depends on what the expectations are on preparing fish cake. Group membership: This presentation is for all members of society. There’s no membership required to enjoy an easy snack. Other (specify): Although there are people who are judge mental, it does not matter what their opinions are when preparing my snack. Everyone does not have the

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  • Instructional Presentation

    ETT4/5 - Effective Teaching Practices: Instructional Presentation and Follow-Up Course of Study Your competence for this course of study will be assessed as you complete the 10 tasks that make up the ETT4/5 performance assessment and the EIO4/5 objective assessment. Introduction Welcome to Effective Teaching Practices. Effective teaching depends on effective planning. Teachers need to devote systematic thought to what they want students to learn and to how students will best acquire knowledge

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  • Presentation Skills.

    Week 5 – Basic Presentation Skills: Creating a presentation. What are the most effective practices in creating and delivering a technical business presentation? The presentation needs several things to create a memorable presentation. Presentations need a well structured opening, middle, closing, and presentation aids. The opening will let your audience know who you are, why you are there, and sets the stage for the rest of the presentation. It is the first opportunity to send the message

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  • Planning a Presentation

    Planning a Presentation © 2013 Learning Development Basic structure (e.g. 20 min presentation) 2 • Introduction (1-2 mins) • Body or discussion: – 3-5 sections (3-5 mins each) • Conclusion (1-2 mins) March 6, 2013 LD Planning a Presentation | The Introduction • Greet the audience • Gain their attention – how? • Tell them what to expect – topic, purpose, outline • ‘Housekeeping’ – documents, questions March 6, 2013 3 LD Planning a Presentation | www.newcastle

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  • Chapter Presentation

    It all starts from the eight octaves and where it en nobody knows. Its limits are infinite as the universe its joy is like a never exploding balloon, and it’s passim has an overwhelming six billion followers around the ever shrinking globe. Even animals respond to music that's who they say. Music is for every occasion- from partying to Rock 'n' Rolla disco, from everyday life to a wedding anniversary and even to a somber funeral, everything has music embedded in it. Its magic alright- though we

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  • Presentation

    strategies. First step is the professors must log-in first and make quizzes in their presentation. They can log-in through google account or make new nearpot account. However, the students do not have to make their ID. They can log-in with their name. And put the number of pin number for finding professors’ presentation. I will show you how to work in nearpod later. When the professors share the quizzes in their presentation, the students can do quizzes there during the class. And also the professors can

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  • Presentation

    Business presentation Structure 1.Greet the audience 2. Introduce Yourself (full name, name of the company, your position) 3. Introduce the topic + background to the topic 4. Inform about the duration of the presentation 5. Inform about the procedure of asking questions 6.Inform about the source of information 7. Outline the plan of the presentation ------------------------------------------------- 8. The BODY (introduce each part, signal the end of this part, then introduce next part

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  • Powerpoint Presentation

    CHAPTER I Introduction Background of the Study This study investigates whether PowerPoint presentations improve student’s learning and attitudes compared with traditional classroom presentations. While the use of PowerPoint and multimedia in the classroom has significantly increased globally in recent years (Connor and Wong, 2004; Bartsch and Cobern, 2003), few studies have systematically investigated its impact on student learning and attitudes. Rebele et al. (1998) note that little research

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  • Effective Presentations

    Richard Liu EAS546-002 2/19/2014 Effective Presentations Preparation In order to deliver a passionate, charismatic presentation, it is necessary to carefully rehearse and prepare beforehand. As introduced by “Preparing to Be Real,” there are several strategies during rehearsal which can help better connect the speaker with the material and his/her charisma: (1) find and rehearse its essence, by running through the high-level structure of the speech in a short duration (learning what’s important and

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  • Sales Presentation

    Amway/ARTISTRY COSMETICS By ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents Report for Maxi Boutique 3 Prospecting 3 Pre-Approach/Presentation/Script 4 Approach/Script 4 Handling Objectives/Script 5 Handling Objectives/Script 6 Closing 7 Follow Up Call/Remarks 7 Conclusion 8 Work Cited 9 Report for Maxi Boutique/Prospect Hair Boutique and c/o is the NEW hair

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  • Presentation

    qualification, its storage, processing, portrayal and dissemination, including the infrastructure necessary to secure optimal use of this information"[1] or "the art, science or technology dealing with the acquisition, storage, processing production, presentation and dissemination of geoinformation".[2] Geomatics is a similarly used term which encompasses geoinformatics, but geomatics focuses more so on surveying. Geoinformatics has at its core the technologies supporting the processes of acquiring, analyzing

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  • Chapter 8 End of Chapter

    Chapter 5 1. State several factors that have affected the incidence of lawsuits against CPAs in recent years. a. “Growing awareness of the responsibilities of public accountants by the users of financial statements. b. An increased consciousness on the part of the SEC for its responsibility for protecting investors’ interested c. The complexity of auditing and accounting functions caused by the increasing size of businesses, the globalization of business, and the complexities

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  • Sales Presentation

    What is a sales presentation? In a nut shell, a sales presentation is an advertisement delivered in person to the customer. The sole purpose of it is to make the customer buy your product. In consumer world, advertisements are extensively used - either in TV or Radio or Magazines/Paper or Internet. But In business to business world, advertising through conventional media does not work, so companies developed a set of slides - which contain certain messages to the customer. And this is conventionally

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  • Presentation

    Presentation Evaluation Form If you are on the same learning programme as the person making the presentation then make a copy of this evaluation for yourself. Your name: .......................................................... Date: .................................................................... Location .............................................................. Presenter: • • • • Mark within the indicated range of five general and fairly loose categories. Do ask questions

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  • Marketing Presentation

    Marketing Presentation Notes / Aug 16, 2014 1, Category- Demand Segmentation, Market Research & Focus Groups, 4P’s Use GE marketing matrix 2. Competition- does not like swats likes individual analysis of competition and what can they kill you with. 3. Company & Competition Compare Together 4. Consumer 5. Customer -Market segmentation - Target markets - Brand loyalty - Customer relationship marketing - Need, want, perceptions, attitudes

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  • Guidelines to Presentation

    Guidelines for presentation and report: Following are the guidelines (also mentioned by Sir in class) that you need to focus on: 1. Analysis of the case study. Write 2 to 3 paragraphs about the case identifying the problems and challenges. 2. Discuss the solution given in the case study. You can either agree or disagree with the solution given. However, you will get extra marks if you disagree with the solution of the case, explain your reasons for disagreement and come up with a solution of your

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  • Powerpoint Presentation

    living organisms. Environmental issues include various aspects but the pollution of air, water and noise but water pollution is the topic of presentation as water is the main constituent of life and various life processes need water as an important part. The teaching is done in the Khalsa School Fremont which is in the Sikh temple. The people attending the presentation were the community members, general public and the students of the Khalsa School. The permission was granted by the director of Sikh temple

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  • Make a Presentation

    Make a Presentation Harmesh Singh Student ID : BIC00700 Analyze Your Audience Put yourself in the audience's shoes - try to understand your listener's level of understanding, their map of reality, and anticipate what they want to know. Once you know what your audience wants, you can figure out how to "sell" the benefits of your topic to them. Set Your Goal and Keep It Before You Decide what it is you would like to happen as a result of your presentation. The four main goals of any

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  • Oral Presentation

    FIN 3210 Assignment - Mini-Research Paper and Oral Presentation This assignment is worth 10% towards your final grade and will be accomplished in small groups. For this assignment, groups will need to research a recent merger and acquisition (M&A) that has concluded or been proposed in the last year and a half (Since January 2013). It can be a complete merger, or one that was rejected, or is in progress. To emphasize the key points discussed in class, each group will write a short paper summarizing

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  • Brainshark Presentation

    Brainshark allows the creator of the presentation to target specific viewers. For example, the creator can enhance power point slides and other business materials into interactive presentations for enhancing sales, corporate communications, e-learning and training programs. Of course, the more relevant the presentation is the more the receiver will better interpret the message that was intended. Not only does Brainshark allow you to upload your PowerPoint presentations, it also enables you to add audio

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  • Presentation

    FOR YOUR NEXT PRESENTATION 10 TIPS BY BRENT MANKE So you’re getting ready for your next presentation! Awesome! I hope you’re excited to get up there and share your talk. Whenever you have the chance to give a presentation, you have a unique opportunity to connect with and win your audience over. Whether you’re a rookie presenter or a seasoned veteran, it’s always a great idea to think about how to improve your skills to make a bigger impact on your audience. I’d like to share a few insights

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  • Presentation

    Midterm Presentation | Final Presentation | Presentation Criteria | 12 | 10% | 15% | English Conversation II Fall 2012-2 = Level 3 * Midterm Presentation will cover Units: 1, 2, 4, or 7 * Final Presentation will cover Units: 3, 9 ,11, 8, or 12 | | Drama or Video5 -10 minutes(Groups of 3-4) | Minimum 5 minutes presentation (Groups of 3-4) | | * 3 * 4 | Drama or Video5 -10 minutes(Groups of 3-4) | Minimum 15 minutes presentation (Groups of 3-4) | | | | | | Presentation Implementation

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  • Presentation Skill

    effective presentation and what skills are needed. It is also important to understand that effective presentation skills are not solely for the fortunate few who are naturally good communicators but that effective presentation skills can be developed in anyone and that we all have the ability to learn how to become highly effective presenters. In this article we’ll be looking at some techniques to help you achieve more from your presentations. Key Objectives of Effective Presentation Skills The

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  • Business Presentation

    IMT-N-I-BC1-2014 Business Communication I Session 3 July 1st -2nd, 2014 Chapter 13, Designing & Delivering Business Presentations, BCOM, Lehman-Dufrene-Sinha, Cengage, 2011, pp 302-331 Learning Objectives  Business Presentations  Good Presentations?  Coping with Stage Fright  Planning a Presentation- Control on Content  Visual Aids  Speech Delivery Good Presentations    Contents match the audience  Level of complexity/ details fit the audience profile Language matches

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  • Presentation

    |First Submission / |Resubmission authorisation | | | |resubmission?* |by Lead Internal Verifier* | |Oral presentation | | | | |(power-point tools) | | |

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  • Decorating Presentation

    and high-end look without spending lots of money?! II. You can create a specific look seen in the media with the right accessories. III. Creating the desired effect in a home can become costly overtime, but it does not have to be so. IV. My presentation will serve as a guide filled with information of how to create the exact look you want without spending a lot of money to achieve it. Inspiration to decorate your home from something grand and expensive can be recreated if you are armed with the

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  • Presentation Skills

    INTRODUCTION TO UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES EFFECTIVE ORAL PRESENTATION SKILLS GROUP 1 MEMBERS: KENNETH CHEGE BACS/NRB/3043/15 VALENTINE MBUTHIA BACS/NRB/3110/15 PRESENTED TO WINNIE NDETA PRESENTATION DATE: 26/02/15 INTRODUCTION A presentation is ‘any opportunity you get to communicate your point of view to listening others’. (McCarthy & Hatcher, 2002, p. 1) This type of communication can be adapted to various situations such as a class presentation, informal group discussions, wedding speeches, motivational

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  • Presentation

    10 Quick Tips for Effective Presentations 1. Talk naturally to your audience – although it may be appropriate to read short passages avoid reading from a script for the majority of your presentation. 2. Stand, rather than sit, and move around a little – but avoid pacing backwards and forwards like a trapped animal. 3. Vary the tone, pitch and volume of your voice to add emphasis and maintain the audience’s interest. Aim to speak loudly and clearly while facing your audience. Avoid talking

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  • Chapter

    Chapter 1: The Role of BR I. The Nature of Research A. BR defined B. Applied & basic BR C. The scientific method II. Managerial Value of BR A. Identifying problems or opportunities B. Diagnosing & assessing problems or opportunities C. Selecting & implementing a course of action D. Evaluating the course of action III. When is BR Needed? A. Time constraints B. Availability of data C. Nature of the decision D. Benefits vs costs

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  • Presentation

    (PDF/A-1) Where can I get more information? There is a considerable amount of information about PDF/A listed on the AIIM website at There are copies of initial requirements, meeting minutes, meeting notes and presentation materials at this site. In addition both AIIM and NPES have posted the PDF 1.4 Reference and the XMP Specification: Where can I purchase a copy of the PDF/A standard? The published PDF/A-1 standard

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  • Presentation

    five minutes allowed to complete the presentation. • Each member of the group must speak an equal amount of time. • Each group must use a visual aid to illustrate talk, such as o Presentation software (Power Point, Keynote, o Props o Posters, flip chart o Skit • If your presentation visual aid is a digital file, it must be uploaded to the drop box called In-class Presentation. Failure to upload the file will

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  • Presentation

    Business Definition for: Presentation • an event at which preplanned material is shown to an audience for a specific purpose. Although a presentation is a verbal form of communication, it is often supported by other media, such as computer software, slides, printed handouts, and so on and to be successful, appropriate body language and good interpersonal communication skills are required. A presentation is normally intended to introduce something new to the audience, to persuade them of a viewpoint

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  • Presentation Project

    Bus 327 Presentation Project This time of the year, many company leaders are focused on long-range planning. This initiative looks at a planning cycle of 18-36 months and includes a clear expectation of where the company needs to be and where they are now. Objective: You have determined that over the next 12-15 months, a reduction in expenses will be required to effectively manage your household. Step 1. Evaluate the current financial position of your household budget and develop a strategy that

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  • Lupe Presentation

    County through community organizing and social services. In 2003, LUPE was established in the Rio Grande Valley by Juanita Valdez-Cox who now is the executive director of the organization, and the speaker at a presentation held at South Texas College on November 11th 2015. This public presentation was open to the general public to raise awareness and educate people about the migrant workers who are often oppressed or forgotten down here in South Texas. Juanita Valdez-Cox elaborates on this in her speech;

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  • Chapter

    Chapter 2 – Review of the Literature Writing Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature 04 NOV A literature review is designed to identify related research, to set the current research project within a conceptual and theoretical context. The second chapter should… start with a brief introductory paragraph concerning the researcher’s exploration of related literature and studies on the research problem; state the main coverage of said chapter; should be organized thematically to confirm

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  • Presentation of Fa

    afternoon everyone! First I would like to thank you all for this session module, especially Professor Liu and Kevin Dow. Thank you for your contributions in this module which broaden our views a lot. This presentation is the crystal of our group members, everyone made contribution on it. Our presentation will be divided into two parts. In the first part, I would like to show couples of “take-aways” in this module. Then, for the second part, Lady Wang Dan will make explanation to the questions, of course

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  • Presentation

    may not be used for any purpose without written permission of the source. The views expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the World Agroforestry Centre. The geographic designation employed and the presentation of material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the World Agroforestry Centre concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or its authorities, or concerning the delimitation

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  • Developing a Presentation

    The four approaches are known as public speaking when they are presented to a group of people. When to use the four approaches is when you are scheduling to make a presentation. Pick the four approaches techniques that will be appropriate for the content of the presentation and for the audience. A speech or lecture is the act of speaking and is once the orator is speaking to a huge crowd of individuals about a specific subject matter. In a speech or lecture, the orator is distributing material

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  • Presentation

    child. It is very important that these mothers of ALL ages to have a good knowledge of the effects of methadone and what it can do for both mom and baby. | Objectives for the session/activity. (Between 3 and 5 objectives). By the end of my presentation the clients of the methadone clinic will have: 1. An increased knowledge of methadone and how it affects both mom and baby. 2. Understand the benefits of Methadone for pregnant women. 3. Understand and recognize withdrawal symptoms in both mom

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  • Presentation

    highly respected CEOs have led the company: John Morgridge, and his successor, John Chambers. Morgridge helped to shape the Cisco culture from day one, focusing on customer satisfaction, product quality, and frugality. He once gave a legendary presentation on frugality to the Cisco sales force, after being appalled by reports that salespeople were flying first class on business trips. Equipped with slippers, earplugs, and eye covers, Morgridge displayed how to fly coach and make it seem like first

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  • Visual Presentation

    Presentation Rubric    Group: Team AName(s): Jody Marvin, Fabi Michel, Rhiannon Armstrong, Stephen LorenzCourse     Visual Ambiguity Presentation                                                                                              |  Date: 7.25.2012Assignment    Week 3 Learning Team |                                                                                                                       Content-4 Possible    -Presentation content clearly follows the written paper

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