Chance Journey

  • Symbolism of a Journey

    Daniel Bragg Symbolism of a Journey Eng125: Introduction to Literature (ABG1222A) Professor Olabisi Adenekan 7-1-12 When it comes to reading poems and short stories, it seems that you can always find something more, the deeper you dive in to the respective works. The authors I am about to discuss were able to bring in readers with the use of imagery, tone, symbolism, and everyday understanding, among other things throughout their works. Without imagination however, I don’t believe it would

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  • The Hero’s Journey

    The Pursuit of Happyness & the Hero’s Journey There is no denying the fact that the hero is popular topic which is much talked about not by movies, but also by the real society. It is generally thought that we always discuss about heroes all time but no one seems to have same opinion on what makes a hero. Many definitions of a hero is someone have superpower, strength, courage and brave. But who could considered example of heroes? Everyone has their opinion to define a hero so I also have

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  • Chance Journey

    Chance Journey Counseling Theory Laurie Hartlein Liberty University Abstract Throughout life we will all experience trials, heartaches, and discouragement. At some point in our lives we will strive to change the quality of our lives, build healthier relationships, and improve our communication skills. It is my belief that everyone deserves a second chance to build a strong and meaningful life. The journey through life forces us to deal with our past, present, and future. My theory is one

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  • The Journey

    The Journey The short story ”A Journey” was written by the Irish writer, Colm Tóibín and was published in 2006. By analyzing examples from this text, this essay will first and include a characterization of the narrator Marry; secondly Marry’s relationship towards her son David and their relation to Mrs. Redmond. Thirdly comment on the title of the short story, and finally, a discussion of Andrew Sean Greer’s text “The story of a Marriage” and Paul Mathey’s oil painting will follow. The

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  • A Second Chance

    go back to living their life as before not realizing that this is their second chance at life to make things right. Phil manages to do so only by breaking through and becoming a person of intimacy, creativity and compassion which sets him free from his exile of living in the same day over and over again. As for Gregor, going from someone everyone depends on to something no one wants to care for, he doesn’t get a chance to have everything go back to normal. He dies and his family, for once, is relieved

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  • The Symbolism of the Journey

    The Symbolism of the Journey ENG 125 Introduction to Literature According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” The journey is a central focus of Robert Frost’s “The Path Not Taken” and Jean Rhys’s “I Used to Live Here Once,” although the destination is also an important part of the latter. While both stories have similar themes, they have different points of view; both show that life can change during the journey. In addition, both stories illustrate that things

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  • Second Chances

    Second Chances Cold blooded murder is cold blooded murder no matter if a 17 year old commits the crime or a 40 year old. When you are holding someone’s’ life in your hands and deciding how long they should serve in prison for their crime, I would imagine it to be a very difficult situation, especially if the person is under 18. But I also believe that the punishment should fit the crime. The Supreme Court ruled that it violates the 8th amendment for a minor to go to prison for life without the

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  • Journeys End

    Journeys End Critics …… English literature Frank Scheck - Reuters “Arriving on Broadway years after its triumphant West End production, this revival of the little-seen (at least in America) "Journey's End" demonstrates that this 1929 World War I play by R.C. Sherriff, rather than being a museum piece, has lost none of its power or immediacy…” “Running nearly three hours, the play doesn't contain much in the way of incidents, instead stressing the constant fear and stress permeating the soldiers'

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  • Journey

    asked him again if he is not making it up, but he said he already purchased tickets online and made plans. On 10th May we departed Maryland and headed towards our first destination, The Big Island of Hawaii. As soon as we reached there after a long journey, I was stunned by the beautiful scenic views that I only saw in pictures. I was totally lost in the scenic views that I forgot to blink my eyes We stayed in the 5-star hotel in front of the beach. Next day we hired a helicopter for a trip to see

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  • Safe Journey

    To provide transportation service to anyone on payment only in emergency cases. ⇨ In future we plan to render our communication network facilities to the transport companies. 4. Functional Activities Safejourney has started her journey to serve the victims of the roads and persons in emergencies. On receiving the call from the customers our control station will intimate the matter and appropriate location to the responsible zonal office and / or static point keeping divisional

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  • A Journey

    A journey A “Mammy, how do people die?”. This very first sentence in the story is rather essential of the theme and interpretation of the novel. Not only does the question itself referee to depression and disillusionment but it also tells us about David and his way of thinking about life in general. The story starts in media res with a flashback followed by the actual situation with Mary driving her son home from the hospital after it seems as if he has had a minor depression. “The doctors

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  • Hero's Journey

    The Hero’s Journey 1 Running head: THE HERO’S JOURNEY PAPER The Hero’s Journey Paper Mr. Cooper English 11 By: Brittany Dorris Hero’s Journey Paper 2 The Hero’s Journey Paper What is a hero in your opinion? A hero in my opinion is someone who saves life while risking their

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  • Journey

    Depth and Weight Wendy Reyes Journey into Literature Instructor Alex Vuilleumier August 19, 2013 Depth and Weight When it came time for me to choose a poem to write about I pondered the thought and when I came across “How Do I Love Thee” it was the one that stood out the most that I was most engaged in. It speaks of an unconditional love of a marriage that one woman had for her husband something that every young girl one day wishes to have. In her poem Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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  • A Journey by Boat

    A JOURNEY BY BOAT Journey is always a pleasurable experience for all and I am also not an exception. I never miss the chance to go on a journey, especially if it means going on a boat ride. Since Bangladesh is a riverine country, a boat ride gives one the clearest picture of the scenic beauty of Bangladesh. A few days ago, I made a journey by boat from Mongla to Paikgacha during my Autumn vacation. We were 6 in number and I was entrusted to hire an engine fitted boat. The boatmen were

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  • Journey

    Polarities 3. Swinton, J. (2001). Spirituality and Mental Health Care. London, GBR: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. * Diagram: The five dimensions of the person (adapted from Swinton and Kettles, 1997) 4. Silf, M. (1998). Landmarks: An Ignatian Journey. Norfolk: Dartman, Longman & Todd Ltd * Diagram: Where am I? How am I? Who am I?

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  • Journeys

    of life. Whether it’s an internal or external experience, the outcome of the journey itself could always be beneficial for self-growth. In “The Story of an Hour,” Mrs. Mallard, the main character, gets the news that her husband had passed away from a railroad disaster. After she had heard the news, she went away to her room and began to stare out of the window and looked out into the new spring life. Her internal journey began when “she sat with her head thrown back upon the cushion of the chair

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  • A Journey

    ”A Journey” is a short story by Colm Tóibín. It’s written in 2006. The plot is told by a 3rd person omniscient narrator. The composition of the short story is in chronological order with flashbacks. The story begins in a flashback where we are introduced to David’s fear of presence. David is an unsteady boy who is afraid of life. To overcome his fear he keeps asking questions about life and people’s presence in the world. The oil painting, Interior with Woman and Child, on picture 1 by Paul Mathey

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  • A Journey

    A Journey “A Journey” is a short story written by Colm Tóibín in 2006. The story follows Mary who picks up her twenty-year-old son David from a hospital. The car ride home is not only a journey in itself but becomes a ride of memories. A ride that through flashbacks shows Mary her journey of life which gets her to start reflecting on the decisions and choices she has made in the past. It is about acceptance. Accepting your life as it is or turned out without looking back and that is the key

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  • A Journey

    A: A Journey By Colm Tóibín Growing up is one thing; but growing old and accepting the fact that your life is running out, and you are watching from the sideline, that is another. When you are forced to face the fact that the one you have loved all your life, is about to leave you. Leave you to loneliness, because illness has changed him into a personality that you cannot recognize. A person you cannot find it in you to love no more, then you start looking back at your life. You take a journey

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  • A Journey - Analysis

    A) Analyse and interpret Colm Tóibín’s short story “A Journey” When reaching a blind alley it takes two steps in order to move on. Firstly, one will have to recognize the impermeable obstacle. Secondly one is forced to turn around and light up the path that was previously travelled. In so doing one becomes aware of the mistakes which were made; more importantly, one can navigate around the dead-end and discover a new road. Correspondingly to the above, Colm Tóibín introduces a mom who recalls

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  • A Journey

    When someone asks me what I’ve done with my life, its always the same answer, its easy– Malawi. I had long dreamt of Africa and at the age of 20 I packed my suncream and khakis and off I went.. on a Jumbo from Heathrow Airport. The Journey was a like a taster for what would come before. There were the obvious Malawi nationals, no doubt returning home with stories of lands afar to tell their families, there were toughened looking tanned expat types, and a number of what seemed to be Chinese businessmen

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  • Second Chance

    Second Chance: Plot: A young man contemplating about what led him to the edge of the cliff. Characters: The main character is only known by his nick name Babs. He talks about his family and refers to his dad as Baba, (which is Arabic for dad). Conflict: A man with a conflicting mind contemplates and reflects on the past few years in his life that led him to the edge of the cliff, on his back, covered in blood, overwhelmed with regret, fear, and pain. There’s two ways off the ledge, either way

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  • The Chance of Giving Life

    Amy Wade DR. Maria Mollinedo English 101. Section 008 5-28-2014 The Chance of Giving Life “Each new life, no matter how brief, forever changes the world”.my vision of life changed that afternoon of December at the moment I understood what was going on. A couple weeks earlier, I found out that I was pregnant. I was surrounded by an immense joy and fulfillment. A series of questions crossed my mind, and I knew that the notion of raising a child was not a simple endeavor

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  • The Journey

    THE JOURNEY The sun slowly rose on Tuesday morning. The bags were packed and at the bottom of the stairs; the cat had gone to the grandparent’s house yesterday, mum and dad were up bright and early. The smell of bacon and eggs wafted through the house. But, to me, none of this mattered; it was 4a.m, I was tired. I had not slept because I thought it would be clever to stay up all night, and being a grumpy stereotypical teenager, I longed to stay in bed until 12 o’clock. It was the holidays for

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  • Journey to La

    Sukiasyan, Apet Period 3 9/30/14 Our Journey To Los Angeles The sun rises out of the ocean in California. For my family, Los Angeles is the best city in the United States. The weather here is perfect, during summer it’s really hot and it’s perfect weather for going to the beach. Spring is also really warm, although not as much. Spring and winter are my favorites because it’s neither too cold nor hot. There is warm sand along the shore of the ocean. My family moved to Los Angeles because

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  • A Journey

    The story “A Journey” by Colm Tóibin deals with a mother’s inner thoughts about her son, whosuffers from depression and her husband who is paralyzed.The main character is called Mary. The story takes place in a car. Only Mary and her twenty yearold son are present. Mary has just picked David up from the hospital and they are headed home. Theatmosphere is very awkward and uncomfortable. David does not want to talk to Mary who isdesperately trying to get him to talk to her (p. 2 line 3 “David had refused

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  • A Second Chance

    Holman 1 Jaycee Holman II Mrs. Gile English 102 Section 15 April 8, 2011 A Second Chance at Life One of the issues plaguing the nation is our youth getting into trouble with the law. Surprisingly, there are many young adults that are starting out in life with the wrong concept. The legal system’s answer to our errant youth was the development of boot camp programs. These camps are designed to make sure the attendees never

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  • A Journey

    A Journey Colm Tóibín, born in 195, is an Irish novelist from Wexford and A Journey is a short story written in 2006. Sometimes life is all abort accepting how our lives have turned out. Life makes us wonder whether we have made the right decisions or not and all the decisions makes us only stronger as a person. The main character, Mary, experiences in the short story how hard and surprising life can be. Mary is a wife and a mother, and her husband, Seamus, whose half of his body is paralyzed

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  • Simba's Journey

    March or so Simba’s Journey The Lion King is a true hero's journey that takes place in the savannas of Africa. The title "the Lion King" emphasizes that a lion is king, most likely referring to the main character, Simba. Simba is the main hero in the story because he regains his kingdom and defeats evil. The main character's archetype is "king"; he takes responsibility for his actions and his kingdom, he regains order and control. Simba takes part in a hero's journey by being a part of the

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  • A Chance to Redeem

    A Chance to Redeem It is natural for humans to make mistakes, and everyone has a chance to redeem themselves, because “There is [always] a way to be good again” (2). In The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini there are many examples of guilt and redemption. Amir, the main character in the story, commits many mistakes but he always finds a way to redeem himself and cover his mistakes. In order for Amir to beat the shadows that haunt him, he decides to rescue Sohrab, his best friend and half-brother’s

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  • Journey to Iba

    Journey to IBA A wise man once told, “The more difficult it is to reach your destination, the more you will remember the journey” and for a destination as outstanding as IBA, the journey is as unforgettable as it can get. However rocky and bumpy the path may be, if it leads to something astounding it is worth the ride. The journey to IBA is somewhat similar. It can push to your breaking point, make you doubt your own abilities at times and crack under pressure too but the thought

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  • Hero's Journey

    bring out their inner hero. The writer and philosopher Joseph Campbell wrote about the stages each hero goes through in their journey in a book called, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. In Finding Nemo, there is tragedy before there is hope. There is also comedy, adventure and suspense to keep the viewer on their feet. Marlin, a clown fish father and the hero, embarks on a journey to find his son, Nemo. Marlin’s wife dies protecting Nemo and his siblings when they are still eggs and are being attacked

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  • A Journey

    A Journey A Journey is a story written by Colm Tóibín in 2006. The story is about Mary, her family and their problems. In this essay I will find out what could cause the problems. To support my claims I will make an analysis and interpret the short story “A journey” in which I will put my interpretation into perspective with this to other items. The story starts in media res where we get introduced to Mary the protagonist, and her son David. At the beginning of the story there is

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  • Alines Journey

    Aline’s Journey. Translate the Danish text into English. Aline quickly becomes mature, on the family’s escape to the United States. She worries about her mother - who is sick, her father - who has been on a hunger strike, and her little brother - who cries too much. By her self she lies awake, and thinks about the future and the lost dreams. The dream is gone, just like the blue dress. The dress becomes a symbol of all dreams. What is going to happen to the little family in the future? Bearing

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  • Journey

    The Journey to Oblivion and Back Background: I’m 20 years old, male, and a junior college. Outside of smoking pretty often, I’ve done ecstasy, shrooms, and 2c-I, all once and spread out by 6 and 9 months respectively. I read that 2c-c was fairly mild, so I decided to take 50mg alone. This would reportedly give me a calm, easy going trip. How wrong these reports turned out to be. Part I: The Beginning of the End (T+000) Planning to walk around in the woods, I take the self-prepared

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  • Journey

    The journey from high school to college will be challenging as far as time management and personal responsibilities. In high school, scheduled school days are structured based upon the portion of time during the day that stays the same every day. In college, the individual must make a drastic change to a more unpredictable and flexible schedule. Time management will be challenging for students because one will have to decide what time the courses will be taken and how those courses will

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  • Clifford Chance

    CLIFFORD CHANCE: REPOTTING THE TREE | OPEOLUWA OSISANYA | EMBA 21 | GROUP 2 | ABP Understanding of the Problem Peter Charleton had a difficult task to:  Convince his fellow managing and senior partners to support his campaign to sway the dozens of other partners of Clifford Chance LLP (one of the most successful law firms in the world) to relocate the London Headquarter offices from the central business district of London to a redeveloped business park at Canary Wharf.  The current lease

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  • Fat Chance

    11 PUBH100: Assessment 2, ‘Fat Chance’ Introduction The Active8 campaign was first introduced into the small Victorian town of Ararat, as a result of the popular television show, ‘The Bigggest Loser’, appointing it the fattest town in Australia (Holwell, 2014). It is an empowering and educational public health obesity prevention campaign that has been implemented in order to change attitudes surrounding nutrition, participation and exercise (Holwell, 2014). The public health program, Active8,

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  • Journey

    Unit 2 Journey to Identity Text Analysis Title: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Author: John Boyne Publication Date: January 5th 2006 I chose this book because (respond in at least 2 sentences): I believe that having knowledge of what happened in the Holocaust it is important. And I also like to learn a little of everything Connecting with Character: Protagonist Bruno How do you relate to this character? Similarities Differences Beginning: Whenever I was little I was not sure of what my father

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  • Chance in Science

    The Role of Chance in Science “Chance” in science is a relatively common occurrence. Similar to life, scientists cannot ever be certain on results or outcomes that their experiments may bring. Scientists could be attempting to find specific results and part of the experimental process could actually lead to more answers. The article, “Discovery, Chance and the Scientific Method”, by Fran Slowiczek and Pamela Peters provides several examples that prove the same point. For example, if Luigi

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  • The Journey

    The Journey Jimmy R. Hammond No words are necessary. If you were there you know. If you weren't count yourself as lucky. For me, I am a better man for it Nov 06-Jan08 571st MP CO. The author is unknown at this time. This paper is not intended for the public. This is my way of dealing with the sometimes overwhelming sadness that I face. The Journey The pages of life start out with you lying on your back unable to take care of even the simplest need. All of that is provided for by the

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  • Parallel Journeys

    Book Review Parallel Journeys Parallel Journeys, by Eleanor Ayer with Helen Waterford and Alfons Heck, compares the life of two young people in Germany during the rise of Hitler and the outbreak of World War II. They were born within sixty miles of each other, but their lives took dramatically different paths. Alfons, is a boy who grew up on a farm in Germany. When Hitler came to power he became involved with the Hitler Youth. Alfons grew up on a farm but was a Nazi boy who became a commander

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  • Only Chance

    crushing everyday One day, I saw him again I thought he’s alone I was going to approached and talked to him But a girl came running to him My heart was aching A tear came falling But all I can do is cry more For I ruined my one and only chance From that moment I’ve known that all this time I’ve ALWAYS believe in “LOVE” But sadly, for the first time because of it, I’ve been hurt.

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  • Another Chance

    Save as Many as You Ruin Every once in a while, people make life-changing mistakes; mistakes that can seem irreversible and absolutely fatal to your life. But in some cases, fate might just reach out and bless them with another chance. These are the cases where the involved can live through a religious experience and have the opportunity to save what they’ve previously ruined. Gerard is a handsome man from New York, who is approximately 40 years old. The turning point in the story is when Gerard

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  • A Journey

    English assignment 4/11 2011: A journey. A travel from one destination to another. Undergoing a difficult process of personal change and development. Both sides are depicted in Colm Tóibin’s short story “A Journey” from 2006. The story revolves around a mother and a child and it depicts how deep chasms in life’s key relationships can be. Neglect, depression, life and death and looking back upon it all are some of the key themes that this essay will deal with. The mother, whose

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  • Aline’s Journey

    Aline’s Journey The story Aline’s Journey is a story about Aline and her family’s Journey form Haiti to Florida and the things she experience when and after they get caught by the police. I think that Aline is about 7 years old she lives with her mom,dad and little brother on Haiti close to the sea. Aline appears to be a very innocent and curious girl. She is to young to understand whats really going on and when her dad says that they have to leave she ask “who will look after our house when

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  • Symbolism of the Journey

    writings, that of journey. While these two writers have displayed the same theme there are two different viewpoints that the readers must clearly establish between Frost and Welty. Both of the authors have shown that the particular journey within their writings is one of which that life can have hurdles and hardships that must be dealt with and come to peace with. Both pieces of literature have different characters, context within historical means and symbolism to show each journey in their full light

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  • Second Chance

    addicted to alcohol and pot, and for the last year meth. Finally, the truth was out and I felt so much relief! I felt like I could finally breath again after almost being suffocated to death. Maybe now I could get better; maybe I could get another chance at this thing called life. I had been given a gift of treatment and was going to have better life, but it was going to take a lot of hard work. I was going to have to change everything about my life and learn a new way. This meant picking up

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  • Journey of Life

    The Journey of Life David Hathaway English 125 Anna C. Morrison June 10, 2012 The Journey of Life The journey of “life” that we all take is the most amazing experience that any one of us could have. Every one of us humans has a story to tell about our journey of “life.” Whether it is a story of an experience we once had, a relationship, a decision we had to make, or countless other topics these experiences make up the most amazing journey of “life” that we all make from birth to death. And many

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  • A Journey

    While a journey might mean different thing to different people, it means an exploration and discovery for me. It has meant joy and happiness that result from exploration. It is a discovery. It is the discovery of a beautiful and blissful world where the soul remains blissfully forgetful of the real world that I am in. It remains so till suddenly and against my wishes I am brought back. The mind runs to this beautiful world. It wants to go back again and again there …till accidentally and suddenly

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