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    securitize those loans. * Running out of who to loan to, banks turned to the poor; the subprime, the riskier loans. Rising house prices led lenders to think it wasn’t too risky; bad loans meant repossessing high-valued property. Subprime and “self-certified” loans (sometimes dubbed “liar’s loans”) became popular, especially in the US. * Some banks evens started to buy securities from others. * Collateralized Debt Obligations, or CDOs, (even more complex forms of securitization) spread the risk

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  • Why Are Certified Public Accountants Important to the Accounting Industry, and Why Their Role Is

    Why are Certified Public Accountants Important to the Accounting Industry, and why their role is Important to Business, Industry, and Society? Virginia Commonwealth University Writing and Rhetoric April 15, 2011 Why are Certified Public Accountants Important to the Accounting Industry, and why their role is Important to Business, Industry, and Society? CPAs became prominent after the 1800s when America started into the industrial era. They mainly did the basic

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  • Forensic Accountant: Fraud Buster

    Management: Forensic Accountants: Fraud Busters. By: For: Class: Bus 508: Contemporary Business Date: 13 November 2012 Abstract: A case study for the Strayer University, Woodbridge, VA, Business 508 class, this paper provides for a brief review of 1) The skills that a forensic accountant requires; 2) The role of the forensic accountant in the courtroom; 3) The legal responsibilities of the forensic accountant; and lastly, 4) The role of the forensic accountant in a couple of major

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    ACCOUNTANTS Jackson States offers many majors. If the career selection were child education or music, there is an opportunity to fulfill the career path at many colleges. Math and numbers have always been an interest, came as second nature. Today presented is the knowledge accounting explores, the professions to which it leads, and salary. In order to choose a major there has to be a connection. The accounting major prepares individuals for analysis, planning, control, and decision-making

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  • Philippines Code of Etics for Accountants

    Chairman Ethics Board Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants PICPA New code of ethics for CPAs y Atty. Eranio L. Punsalan A Presentation to PICPA, 20 March 200 Agenda Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants in the Philippines Modifications to the IFAC Code to consider Philippine regulatory requirements and circumstances Contents of Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants in the Philippines Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants in the Philippines y Atty. Eranio L. Punsalan

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    Segregation of white and Negro children in the public schools of a State solely on the basis of race, pursuant to state laws permitting or requiring such segregation, denies to Negro children the equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment -- even though the physical facilities and other "tangible" factors of white and Negro schools may be equal. (a) The history of the Fourteenth Amendment is inconclusive as to its intended effect on public education. (b) The question presented in

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  • Career Opportunitities for Accountants

    Opportunities for Accountants Janie Goins XACC - 280 January 20, 2013 Mark Detka Public accounting and financial advising would be two business sectors that I might want to work in if I were an accountant. Per the website, “The Free Dictionary”, it takes “A person who has the requisite skill and experience in establishing and maintaining accurate financial records for an individual or a business” to be in an accounting role (The Free Dictionary, 2012). Taxation would be the part of Public accounting

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  • Certified Management Account

    Certified Management Account May 5th, 2010 The CMA certification was developed in 1972 to provide an objective measure of an individual’s knowledge and competence in the field of management accounting. (Institute of Certified Managment Accountants, 2009, p. 1) The CMA exam is made up of different components that test the skills an accountant or another individual in the finance field would use on the job including financial planning, analysis, control, and decision support. (Institute of

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  • Forensic Accountants

    elite set of men and women, called forensic accountant. Forensic accountants help America recover huge amounts of financial dollars by bring corporate leaders to justice who made illegal business decisions (Davis, Farrell, & Ogilby, 2009). Attributes of the Elite Forensic accounting/accountant (FA) involves the application of accounting concepts and techniques to legal problems (Davis, Farrell, & Ogilby, 2009). “Initially, forensic accountants were used by government agencies, such as the

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    Aba Abia State, Nigeria 07035238142, 08056738845 uzochioks@yahoo.com Career Objective: To join an organization that will provide me challenging accounting goals and tremendous career growth opportunities. To advance my career as renowned chartered accountant Summary of Qualifications: • Perfect understanding of the fundamental accounting concepts with extra ordinary ability to apply them in a varied manner • Holding the valid charter • Extensive accounting practices exploring

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    Forensic Accounting Prof. Steffel May 23, 2013 The Forensic Accountant What is a forensic accountant? There are many attributes that are needed to be a forensic accountant. Bolgna and Linquist (1995) defined forensic accounting as the application of financial skills and an investigative mentality to unresolved issues, conducted within the context of the rules of

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    2009 Strathmore University Press P.O. Box 59857, 00200, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254 (0) 20 606155 Fax: +254 (0) 20 607498 Acknowledgment We gratefully acknowledge permission to quote from the past examination papers of the following bodies: Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB). v ACKNOWLEDGMENT ................................................................................................................. ii CHAPTER ONE ........................................

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    05/19/2013 05/19/2013 forensic accountant CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS forensic accountant CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS 125/19/20135/19/20135/19/2013 fraud busters In today’s world

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    from Enron's demise involves its relations with banker, auditor and attorneys. Although the banks knew there was a problem with Enron finance, their underwriting filings on debt issues sold to the public proved that wwithout its bankers, of course, Enron could never remained its schemes on the investing public. As congress prepares for an intense round of questioning of Enron directors and officials, there is a growing suspicion that at the heart of the once-mighty energy trader was a financial hole

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    salaries and fringe the benefits. The maximization of sales includes relationship between executive’s salaries and sales, and a weak relationship between salaries and profits. 2. It all depends on which perspective considers this issue. As an accountant, profit is the difference between total revenue and explicit cost. In the other hand, economists consider the profits equal to total revenue minus implicit and explicit cost. If this difference is positive the company has economic profit, but negative

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    information flows from the unit level, including local advisory boards, staff and patient input, to the Governing Body. External data is utilized for planning, and internal findings are communicated to the community at large via Advisory Board, public announcements, and program intake staff. Financial considerations including costs, profitability and financial impact are closely scrutinized by the Board of Directors and management staff to ensure financial stability of the organization

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  • Being an Accountant

    BEING AN ACCOUNTANT There are lots of jobs available for accountants. Accountants can work in almost any industry and any part of the country or world for that matter. The income is pretty good and there are many options of work structure available (i.e., part-time, full-time, self-employment, etc.) Being an accountant means one can choose from wide variety areas including public accounting, management accounting, government accounting, and internal auditing. Most accountant and auditor positions

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    organization. Restoring an ethical climate in organization is critical, as it is a key component in solving the many other organizational development and ethical behavior issues facing the organization. Unethical behavior has drawn the attention of the public for the few last decades in all kinds of business. Many transformations in the business environment have taken place, including immoral conducts and the tendency for corruption. Unethical accounting behavior is also included as a consequence. The

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    Watching television is an experience shared by most adults and children. It is cheap, appealing, and within the reach of the general public. In this way, TV has become an important mass media around the world. Sadly, this resource isn’t used in a way that people could get the best possible benefits from it. The purpose of this essay is to persuade the reader that people shouldn’t watch too much television because the content of many TV programs is not educational; it makes people waste time that

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  • The Language and Culture of the Accountant, Auditor and Forensic Accountant

    The Language and Culture of the Accountant, Auditor and Forensic Accountant Jerry Brockman Davenport University Abstract The overall purpose of this Professional Language and Culture report is to detail the accountant’s communication style and culture, as well as, their specialized language. The report begins with a brief discussion of the origin of accounting, as well as, the distinction between bookkeeping and accounting. Additionally, an examination of the Financial Accounting Standards

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  • Business Proposal for Fraternity Accountant

    semesters, and I believe that with some assistance, we will struggle no more. I am proposing the professional service of an accountant to assist our Treasurer. The addition of this third party service will provide the Fraternity with a checks and balances system as well as professional documentation of all fraternity funds available to the all brothers. The accountant will not use Fraternity funds for personal use and will implement a sense of security among the Fraternity that will entice more

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    EthicHow to Be An Ethical Accountant? About eleven years ago, Enron, one of the world’s largest energy companies with 21,000 employees (Enron Corporation, 2012), collapsed. The whole nation was shocked as the investigation went on. “Ten years ago this week, the accounting firm Arthur Andersen sealed its fate when a few partners in its Houston office decided to shred documents related to the collapse of one of its clients, Enron” (Agnes, 2011). Found out that Enron scandal had close relationship

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    Management Accounting for Multinational Companies Solution to the Wilkerson Case Igor Baranov Executive Summary Taking into account the difference among product and high proportion of overheads, Wilkerson should abandon its existing cost system and move to activity-based costing. The profitability analysis indicates that the company earns healthy margins on pumps and valves. However, the margin of flow controllers at actual usage of capacity is negative. Wilkerson should consider action targeted

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    | |WORK EXPERIENCE |[pic] | |21 April 2008 – today |Accountant | | |TIM KABEL d.o.o., 103, Savska cesta, Sesvete

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    Single Military status: Exempted Current job: Accountant. Education: Bachelor degree with major Accounting from the faculty of commerce with accumulated grade over the four years of study high good 2003 – 2007 from Ain Shams University. Studying Master Of Business Administration from Arab academy for banking and financial sciences –financial management from 2013 to present –Section English 1 2009 – Present Accountant at professional- line in the field of ironic

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    and Chevron Corporation. Exxon Mobil Corporation and Chevron Corporation Exxon Mobil Corporation Exxon Mobil Corporation (EMC) is an American international gas and oil company with its headquarters in Texas, USA. Since Exxon Mobil is a public company, the company’s latest financial report is available is the US Securities Exchange Commission website and it is dated December, 31st, 2012. (Exxon Mobil., (2014). Annual Financial Report for the period ended 31st December, 2012.Retrieved from

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    Barbara is responsible for three divisions at this site, each with its own management staff. The food service division, led by Flora Torres, is responsible for providing daily meals for the 5,300 staff members, nurses, and doctors as well as the general public in the six cafeterias. In addition, they prepare specialized meals for patient care. In this division there are 182 full-time equivalent positions; however, given the nature of the work, only 129 of those positions are actually full-time. An additional

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  • On Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Self-Certified Public Key Cryptosystems in Wireless Mesh Networks

    On Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Self-Certified Public Key Cryptosystems in Wireless Mesh Networks A B.Tech Project Report submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Technology Submitted by K Bharadwaj Sharma 07010219 M Krishna Chaitanya 07010228 Under the Guidance of Dr.Ratnajit Bhattacharjee Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Guwahati-781039, Assam i Candidate’s Declaration I

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  • Unit 1: the Role of the Public Accountant and Professional Standards

    Review Questions: 1-20 Public accounting firms are sometimes grouped into categories of local firms, regional firms, and international firms. Explain briefly the characteristics of each. Include in your answer the types of services stressed in each group. To begin, each public accounting firm has different characteristics and offer different services for each branch of service. First, the local accounting firms only have one or two offices which consist of only one CPA or a few CPAs as partners

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    on whether everything is properly recorded (Accounting Review, Jan1948). Recommendation I am offering my experience as an accountant to help the company determines the scope of work the internal audit department will take on and what resources in terms of both money and personnel the department will need to do the job. The best practice as a certified public accountant I can recommend Robert Lawrence, whom took the complying with SEC standards to make sure the company is conducting under appropriate

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    Enron debacle, the market for forensic accountants has increased. The increase in white collar crimes due to the economic downturn also has forensic accounting in high demand. These accountants assist in investigating financial, auditing and business related issues and require specialized training. Forensic accountants are retained by lawyers, police forces, insurance companies, banks, and the business community. Government agencies employ forensic accountants as well. Accounting positions at the

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    market because the historical cost accounting measurement process is not designed to fully reflect expectations of future net cash flows on a timely basis. With its emphasis on historical cost measurement and transaction-based accounting, accountants often trade off timeliness in recognizing changes in net asset values in favor of concepts like objectivity, verifiability, and/or conservatism. Hence, expected future cash flows from new investments, advertising, research and development expenditures

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  • Regulations: Accountants Responsibility

    Deanna Fletcher Regulations: AC502 Final Term Paper Kaplan University March 20, 2015 Regulations: Accountants Responsibilities Accountants have many responsibilities in different areas. They have responsibilities to clients, to thirds parties, and to the government. They have a responsibility to know the regulations, rules and laws that have been put in place for accountants. Lastly accountants have a responsibility to perform their obligations and duties by the code of conduct and to the code

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    will govern the operation. b. There is no guarantee that Enron’s board of directors, especially the audit committee could have prevented its demise. However, massive fraud could have been prevented as well as the unfortunate loss suffered by the public investor if only the Board acted in good faith and did their duties. c. Members of the Board could have detected the risks and issues involved in the SPE’s if only they have acted in due diligence by establishing efficient internal control and supervision

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  • Accountant Responsibility

    government 5 Action or claims against accountants by clients 6 Action or claims against accountants by third parties 6-7 Action or claims against accountants by the government 7 Accounting-Client privilege 7 Whistleblowing 8 Conclusion 8-9 Reference 10-11 AC502-01N: Regulation Unit 6 Accountant Responsibility Oluseye Akindebe Kaplan University May 05, 2015 Professor: Christopher Zapalski Abstract: Accountants assist to make sure that companies run

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    December among the domestic automakers in 2010, with a 16 percent increase in sales spurred by the success of its redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee. In January 2011, the automaker began a product blitz with hopes of paying off its debt and re-emerging as a public company within the year. Chrysler has gained traction with several new and revamped models, which helped increase its sales in the United States by 16 percent in 2010. The company also appeared positioned to gain market share for the first time in

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    shapes and sizes. a. condition of chaos b. terrible business climate c. paradigm shift d. new reality d. new reality  A manager in Japan should realize that Japanese are motivated a. by time off. b. in groups. c. by money only. d. by public praise only. b. in groups.  A key to successfully implementing a "push" promotion strategy abroad is a. to create a brand loyal consumer b. a company's sales force. c. creating consumer demand through mass-media advertising. d. all of

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    24622156 Gram : STANDCOST, Fax : 91-11-24622156, 24631532, 24618645 E-mail : icwai@vsnl.com E-mail CEP : icwaiprgm@vsnl.net.in E-mail Journal Dept. : icwaijournal@hotmail.com « Official Organ of The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India Management Accountant Executive Digest Book Scan For Attention of Members For Attention of Practising Members Region & Chapter News Volume 40 No. 5 May 2005 Editorial & Communique Editorial : The ‘miracle’ of free trade 341 ....................

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    creative accounting methods and procedures to redress the fraud. Finally, once those methods are used, the author suggest to identify the evidences to ensure that the accounting method actually fix the fraud issue. “Many scandals occurred because accountants and auditors existing professions standards. Others reveals deficiencies in the standards at that time.” CALLED TO ACCOUNT: fourteen financials fraud shaped the American accounting profession Accounting scandals are characterized by a rapid growth

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  • Becoming an Accountant

    Becoming a Certified Public Accountant Dwaine Holmes Eng 315 Professor Giewont August 23, 2011 INTRODUCTION I am writing this paper to find out the proper steps it takes to become a certified public accountant (CPA). I have just received my associate’s degree in business administration with minor in accounting. I am looking to start my career in accounting, so I wanted to know what are the qualifications and procedures that are needed to become a successful CPA. There

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    invest or not on those business and creditor whether to borrow them or not .The stakeholders for the Government are creditors and citizens who are primarily the resources provider though taxes, who need assess the government accountability in how public resources were acquired and used so as to make political, social and economic decisions. Creditors generally they look for the assurance if there will be sufficient fund to repay debt. In Business enterprises they seek the how the earnings are generated

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    29 (7), 961-971. Evans-Campbell, T., Lindhorst, T., Huang, B., Walters, K. (2006) Interpersonal Violence in the Lives of Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Women: Implications for Health, Mental Health, and Help-Seeking. American Journal of Public Health, 96 (8), Graham-Bermann, S. A. (2000) Evaluation interventions for children exposed to family violence. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 4, (1) 191-215 Hughes, H. M., (1997) Research concerning children of battered women: Clinical

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  • A Growing Profession Forensic Accountants

    forensic accountants are in great demand. Forensic accounting is the practice of utilizing accounting, investigative, organizational, analytical and communicational skills to conduct examination into a company’s financial statements in legal matters (Crumbley, 2007). Forensic accountants can own their own accounting firms or be employed by lawyers, insurance companies, banks, or large corporations. The use of accountants has played an important role in assisting the government as well as the public. Forensic

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  • Beyond Intelligence: the Ups and Downs of the Accountants

    corporate risks, companies’ accounting transactions are reported through financial statements. These financial statements are the masterpieces of accountants who analyze the transactions and measure the financial stability of the company if they are sustainable enough to defray any business risks. However, in presenting these statements, some accountants may mislead owners or decision makers through financial mistatements which affect the business itself. Because of this accounting malpractice, it

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    vendor-specific objective evidence nor third-party evidence of selling price exists. The approach in this Example should not be considered the only appropriate approach to estimating the selling price of the deliverables. 605-25-55-76 Entity A, a public entity, engages in the manufacture and distribution of farm equipment and related service parts, including tractors, harvesters, integrated agricultural management systems technology, and precision agricultural irrigation equipment. Each product

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    Pretoria, RSA +27 73 132 6140 lnthontho@gmail.com OBJECTIVES, AMBITIONS AND ASPIRATIONS ❖ To pass all the exams in November 2011 and May 2012 leading to qualification as a Chartered Management Accountant by December 2012 with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). ❖ To be a Leader and drive positive change, enhance efficiency, effectiveness and productive use of organisational resources in the quest to increase profitability and return on investment to owners

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    information and trade secrets 15-7 Copyright 15-8 Related rights 15-9 Other rights – Topographies and plant breeder rights 16. Balanced IP protection 5.24 16-1 Case study 5.1: Government support of research for the public good 17. Abuse of intellectual property 5.26 17-1 Example 5.6: Piracy in the music industry 17-2 New methods for protecting intellectual property 18. Enforcing rights over intellectual property

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    wouldn’t survive without? What revenue do they generate or what skills, qualifications and knowledge do they have about your industry or product/service? Name Role Skills/attributes Key advisors Who are the advisors (e.g. accountants, lawyers, financial planners) that your business relies on? Name Company Role they play 2. Marketing Plan 2.1 Marketing Target market Who is your target market? How does your target market compare to your current

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  • Accountant Responsibility

    Accountant Responsibility Introduction Accountants and auditors help to ensure that firms are run efficiently, public records kept accurately, and taxes paid properly and on time. Accountants analyze and communicate financial information for various entities such as companies, individual clients, and Federal, State, and local governments. The provide accurate information to clients by preparing, analyzing, and verifying financial documents, budget analysis, financial and investment planning,

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    KRA-IMF001 KRA-IR001 ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED KENYA REVENUE AUTHORITY INFORMER MANAGEMENT FORM CONFIDENTIAL Ref. No: Date: Information Referral (See instructions on reverse) 1. Taxpayer Name a. Street Address b. Town c. Personal Identification Number (PIN) d. Occupation 3. Alleged Tax Violation. (Check where appropriate). False Exemption False Deductions Refund fraud Organized Crime Unsubstantiated Income Kickback/corruption False/Altered Documents Failure to Pay Tax 2. Business Name/

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