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    Journal #1 My speech wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it could have been better if I put more time into getting more information from my partner. The body paragraphs needed to give more information and go into more detail. Although it wasn’t that bad of a speech giving the thought that we met up for about thirty minutes. Back in high school when someone was giving a speech, we, the audience always tried to make them laugh, or simply just didn’t pay attention to the speaker and

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    restoring parks for my community. I had the great opportunity to be a part of a life changing experience called HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership) which built and shaped me to be the great leader I am today, I don’t think I would be up here giving this speech if I hadn’t gone to HOBY. I have been a part of SGA since 8th grade and fell in love with it ever since. I got an award for doing more than the president that year. Now I would like to share with you why I want to take on the position of CCASC president

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    Speech goal: The purpose of this presentation is to persuade the audience members to consider incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their diets. I. The American Heart Association states, that cardiovascular disease causes about 2200 deaths a day in the US. A. According to a study at Oxford University, eating more fruits and vegetables can lower your risk for heart disease by 25%. 1. Green leafy vegetables and red or purple colored fruits are the best. a. The darker the colors, the

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    Presentation of the CEO's Position For the last month plus myself and the board members have been going over the issue that environmental damage and especially when it affects everyone’s health as well as the Riverside community, which is the location of our primary plant of operations, and all of these things, have been happened. In the early stage of our investigation, it came to our attention that the health issues were due to the contamination a chemical called Sonox. We use Sonox to manufacture

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    Angela Choi 111 ND-A     Informative Speech Outline   Topic: The importance of voting   Type of Speech: issue                                                     Strategy for Presenting Content: Explanation   General Purpose: To inform   Specific Purpose: To inform my audience the importance of voting.   Thesis Statement: Voting is essential and should be exercised by everyone because one vote can                                     make a difference.   Introduction:

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    Basic Principles of Speech 9/28/11 Self-Assessment Preparing for a speech and delivering a speech are two very different things. Many factors can take over before going in front of an audience and discussing a topic. Being nervous can prevent you from performing to the best of your abilities, which can result in a negative attitude about the presentation. Although preparation is important, most speeches just come down to being able give your speech effectively. Because

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    Speech # 3 – Personal Interest Speech 4-6 minutes General Purpose: To inform Specific Objectives: ➢ To expand effective delivery technique and to have the opportunity to speak on a topic of personal interest with high rate of success. ➢ To incorporate the use of a presentation aid as support material into your public speaking. ➢ To build confidence in Public Speaking through an assignment that draws on speaker’s personal interest in music, literature, or an object

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    Emily Lemire Speech 12 Mrs. Kramer Date Questions 1. Where did you grow up? * I grew up in New Jersey. 2. What was your childhood like? * It was very happy and filled with family and friends. I lived by a playground in the city. All of my friends and I would walk to the playground together and play games like marbles. 3. Where did you attend school? * I attended Our Lady of the Valley in Orange, New Jersey. It was an all-girls school until my freshman year and then boys

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    Sample Rehearsal Outline (all your information that you will be using for your speech, an extended version of the brief outline) Informative Speech with Visual Aids REHERSAL OUTLINE Swimming: the lifelong sport Thesis Statement: Swimming is a healthy life long sport. Specific Purposes: To describe competitive swimming To inform classmates of the health benefits of swimming To describe to classmates how to do a swimming workout Introduction: 1. How many students have waited for more than 15 minutes

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    that make up your speech. You need to know what the purpose in delivering your speech is. Know your main objective to make everything clear. Also make sure that your idea fits the interest of your audiences. Your message depends in your audience. In writing your speech, you need to have a plan. Organize your ideas and make sure you’re ideas go well with your topic. Accept and renew ideas that can help enhance your message. Reject ideas that is out of the boundary of your speech. It would be nice

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    Patriotic Essay Ladies and gentleman, students and teachers, thank you for coming and listening to my speech. Ben Franklin once said, “If you’re not to be forgotten when you’re dead and rotten, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. I believe that this means that everyone needs to do something with their life. There are Americans that have lived up to this quote before, like American writers and patriotic individuals, and there were some events in WWII that were also

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    Speech on Divorced Families BSHS 371 July 10, 2013 Reina Menashe Speech on Divorced Families In the five minutes that I have the pleasure to speak with you every 13 seconds of those five minutes a divorce will occur. At the end of today there will be a total of 6,646 divorces and in one week there will be a total of 46, 523 divorces (Portnoy, 2008). I am here today to be the voice of the children whose parents are divorced and transform the children’s lives but I cannot do this alone and I

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    articles to articles directed especially for children. 1. It’s so common to run to your iPad, computer, even phone to get on the internet for assistant with homework, research. and to make clear in order to confirm my information for this speech I relied on, , and Google especially 2. The whole idea of homeschooling has increased due to the expansion of internet services, the fact of having access of teachers giving lectures, demonstrating certain concepts through

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  • Argument Against High Ceo's Compensations

    as a CEO would be on the front line to face any problems relative to the management of the company, especially from a legal point of view, that could affect his career but also his personal life. However, studies showed a clear gap between the CEO’s achievements and the performances of his company. Logically, compensations should be based on the executive’s achievements. Concretely, CEOs’ salaries are usually determined by the financial results of the company. This calculation is irrelevant if

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  • The Differences and Similarities of Two Ceo’s

    The Differences and Similarities of Two CEO’s There are many computer companies in the world. Two men who have made contributions to the field are Michael Dell and Andy Grove. Michael Dell is the founder and CEO of Dell Computers. Andy Grove the former CEO and cofounder of Intel. How these two men got started in their perspective fields and the obstacles they have overcame to make their companies on the Fortune 500 list. We will compare their styles, changes they made, and how they kept

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    Kristan Salazar Demonstration speech Every year my family has a paper airplane making and distance contest. We go to office depot and raid the paper section for different lengths of paper and go to target to get snacks and food. It is a very big deal in our family so when I took the gold medal for my regular or “standard” paper airplane in 06 I was on top of the world. So today I am going to teach you how to make my famous gold medal winning regular paper airplane. You’re welcome. So I

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    Dear Colleagues, Happy new year to you all. I hope you celebrated the start of 2014 in good spirits with family and friends. Now that we just passed a few days of the new year, it’s good to look ahead and think about what this year may bring us. But first, a quick look back. 2013 was quite a year for all of us at SUMMIT. We’ve been through many developments, in sometimes less than favourable circumstances. But we’ve also achieved a huge amount. Within automatic analyzer and reagents of clinical

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    releasing on your exaltation through your nostrils. This will help with stress and bring oxygen into the body. This is great for anticipating a speech, or running a marathon. In conclusion you know understand the physical benefits of yoga, the mental benefits, or yoga, and ways that you too can incorporate yoga into your daily lives. As I close the speech I’m going to do so in the traditional way that each yoga class ends with. By brining my hands to heart center and bowing my head to signify

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    AG:(Show the youtube clip) Hello/Hey, my fellow classmate once again if you don’t know my name yet but name is Rashad Copeland I’m up here to deliver my Speech. : I’m here today to convince you to change a habit or least try it once to take a 5 mixture showers SP: My main purpose of today speech is that to pursiver cut back on the water usage and save time plus h much water we use a day the effect of taking long shower. CS: My credibility on this topic that I take a 5 minute

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  • Robber Barons and Ceo’s

    differences. A robber baron is someone who became very wealthy during the industrial age doing unethical work. Even though many robber barons created thousands of jobs, and jumpstarted important industries to the American economy. Just like our present day CEO’s of major companies. John D. Rockefeller a robber baron during the industrial age became the founder of the Standard Oil Company and Larry Page who became the CEO of Google. John Rockefeller was an American industrialist, who became a high school

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    Homework: persuasive Speech Self-Assessment May 3, 2014 The topic nursing was appropriate for my audience. Even though the majority of my audience. My specific purpose in the speech was to persuade my audience about the benefits of nursing and the choices in career path that they can choose. I feel that it was achieved successfully in the amount of time I had. Additionally, my thesis statement was also clearly which I am sure we can all relate to that you will never forget the way someone makes

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  • Are Ceo's Compensated Too Much?

    Are CEO’s compensated to highly? Many potential causes of overpayment have been identified: CEOs with too much power, inattentive boards of directors, conflicts of interest by compensation consultants, the use of stock options--the list goes on. Some studies show the average CEO was paid $10 million to $15 million in 2005. This includes their salary, bonus, stock option gains, stock grants, and various executive benefits and perquisites. Are rank-and-file workers underpaid? Everyone, I suppose

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    SPCH 1311 – Introduction to Speech Communication Self-Presentation Audit Name: ___________k. Johnson________________________________ Section: ___________ INSTRUCTIONS: After reading Chapter 4 – Communicating through Non-Verbal Behaviors answer the questions listed below. You must submit your answers (red font, highlighted yellow, and indented) under the questions, and keep this worksheet format. Papers not in this format will not be accepted. All papers must be typed. Uploaded handwritten

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    Licencias por Volumen de Microsoft Derechos de Uso de los Productos Español Internacional | Julio de 2014 Tabla de Contenido Introducción 4 Términos de Licencia Universales 7 Definiciones 7 Derechos de uso 9 Derechos para utilizar otras versiones 9 Software de Terceros 9 Código de Versión Preliminar 9 Actualizaciones y Complementos 9 Prohibición de Servicios de Hosting Comercial 9 Limitaciones Técnicas 9 Otros Derechos 9 Documentación 9 Administración de software de outsourcing

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    speaking in front of the whole school for one of our first rallies made this a top for my experience in the committee. This showed who I was as a member of the committee. I was even stopped in the halls asking, “are you the one who gave that great speech?” or “great job out there, you did great!” It was the best feeling in the world! That lead me the conventions I was invited to and all the friends I made there. As you go through the conventions you meet people and then get to enjoy that whole trip

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    04.10) • Dostoevsky, F., translation by Pevear, Richard and Volokhonsky, Larissa (1990). The Brothers Karamazov. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. • Famous Examples of Persuasive Speeches. Available on-line at (accessed on 10.04.10)

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    die of cancer this year. That's more than 1,500 a day. An average of 1/2 of men and 1/3 of women will develop cancer. Purpose: To inform my audience about cancer. Importance to Audience: Cancer can affect anyone, so you can gain something from this speech by being informed about cancer, and how to prevent it Thesis Statement: Cancer is a serious disease that may be preventable and curable. Preview: I will discuss what cancer is, ways to prevent cancer growth, and the different types of treatment for

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    SPECIFIC PURPOSE: By the end of my speech, my audience will know the history of Walt Disney, his invention of Disney World, and how his invention has impacted people. THESIS STATEMENT: To pay tribute to Walt Disney, the inventor of Disney World, I will share with you a brief history of Walt Disney, his invention of Disney World, and how his invention has impacted people. Walt Disney INTRODUCTION I. Attention-getter: How many of you have been or at least heard of a place call Disney World

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    Erinn Elledge COMS203-1501A-08 Laticia Dezell 01/23/2015 Speech # 1 I Have a Dream August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. The speaker gained the attention of the audience of all the people who joined in the demonstration for freedom for the Negro’s. The topic of his speech is for freedom for the Negro, the Emancipation Proclamation. He is trying to stop discrimination for those of color. The facts and explanations that support his arguments are

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  • The Misbehavior of Ceo's

    behaviors of the featured CEOs constituted "misbehavior" and that reactions of the boards were correct?” (Ivancevich, J.M., Konopaske, R., & Matteson, M.T., 2014). • “If you were on a board of directors, what factors would you consider in the selection of a CEO to limit the potential of this type of misbehavior?” (Ivancevich, et al, 2014). • All three of the CEOs in the case were given large severance packages.  What message does this send to future CEOs of these companies?  If you were on the

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    Lacey O’Gwin C. Allen Intro to College Writing 1310-11067 23 October 2014 2 for $20 It was about 8:00 on a Saturday night and Chili’s was packed to the max. As Nea, Corry, Garrett and I walked in, the great smells hit us instantly. We were all starving. The host sat us down at a long table that sits six people. We were next to this young couple that seemed as if they were having the time of their life. Chili’s always has a great environment whenever I go. I had never been without eating with

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    Vision Board Speech Good Afternoon Everyone, My name is_______ and this is my vision board. I had a lot fun doing this project. I decided to pick five things that really tell more about who I am and why I am here today. The first is Music, I wake up too it, I go too sleep with it and time-to-time even shower with it. I think music in it self is healing. To me it is an explosive expression of humanity. It is something we are all touched by, no matter what culture we're from. I can honestly

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    GRABBING ATTENTION OF AUDIENCE To figure out how many of you may find pratical value of my speech, I’d like to ask you a question first: who here hopes to live past age 60 or has parents or grandparents who did live or have lived past 60, raise your hand please. Ok, you are the people who may find pratical value in my speech. I believe the rest of you still find my speech enchanting. BACKGROUND Thanks to our medical and scientific advancements, our lives are getting longer. Nowdays, we

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    letting them meet you. This is what communication is all about. Like anything else, it takes practice. Often it is very hard for people to mingle; in fact some people find it as hard to mingle, as it can be to stand in front of a crowd and give a speech. The art of mingling can be very difficult to understand and execute. To feel more at ease at the event, prepare ahead of time, with full stomach, the right attitude and the right business tools, which I will give you throughout this course.

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    Speech 1 “A Time for Choosing” by Ronald Reagan 1. Ronald Reagan gained the audience attention by his opening statement “ I’ve been permitted to choose my own words and ideas” 2. The topic was A Time for Choosing, it was a presidential candidate speech concerning the upcoming election which was going to be held in a few week. It explained his standpoint and views on the hot topics such as the war and the economy 3. Ronald Regan stated that he once was a democrat but felt that the issues

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    Informative Speech Outline Name Morgan Van Horn Specific Purpose: To Inform about Dreaming Introduction You are trapped in a dark hole screaming for your life, not knowing where or how you got here. Everything around you is fogy that it all starts to fade away and then you wake up with sweat dripping down your back and your heart racing a mile a minute. Five minutes after this dream about half of its content is forgotten and in 10 minutes 90% of it is gone. According

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    Day, the Shortest Speech "The troops, the air and the Navy did all that Bravery and devotion to duty could do." Address by Dwight D. Eisenhower Written in case of failure of D-Day Invasion, Normandy, France on June 6, 1944 In my analysis of this speech, I have found that the speech fails to adhere to the guidelines of informative speech. Although it meets a few of the guidelines, the speech overall is unsuccessful

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    11/8/2014 Bilkent University Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE418 Telecommunications I Project#1 Report Student Name: Mehmet Yasin Tuzmen Student ID: 21001179 Professor’s Name: Tolga Mete Duman Table of Contents I. Introduction .......................................................................................................................................... 2 II. Outline........................................................................

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  • Sarbanes Oxley - Ceo's and Cfos

    The CEO's and CFO's Of Public Companies Section 204 Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) mandates that the public accounting firms, or auditors hired by a publicly traded companies will report to an Audit Committee that serves on the Board of Directors of that company. Also, this section outlines the information that the auditors will have to report to the Audit Committee such as, accounting policies and practices used by the company, alternative accounting policies for the disclosure of financial information

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    harmful to us fo example cigarette is considered as illegal (haram). But how about COC? Is it wise illegal (haram) if we played it until it affect us and make us even forget to our creator? (Allah). Therefore, think wisely, do not be a slave to COC! SPEECH TEXT INTRODUCTION “Millions of children throughout the world are at this very moment playing the online multiplayer game” (Millions of children play “Clash of Clans”, 2013). The Internet has been a gaming medium for almost as long as it has existed

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    Introduction: We’ve all heard the phrase, “a man’s best friend’ at least a few thousand times in our life time. When we say that, we are referring to the cutest most loyal animals of them all, the dog. For our group speech we decided that volunteering at a Pitbull shelter was just the right thing to do that fit us all perfectly. Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue has a history of helping dogs, what we did there was very influential and what they do for all those dogs is truly amazing. To start off with

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    what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that! Al Pacino's Inch By Inch speech from Any Given Sunday I don't know what to say really. Three minutes to the biggest battle of our professional lives all comes down to today. Either we heal as a team or we are going to crumble. Inch by inch play by play till we're finished.

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    EXAMPLE OF INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Sarah Putnam Informative Outline Topic: The Titanic General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about one of the most famous tragedies in history, the Titanic. Thesis: From the disaster to the movie, the sinking of the Titanic remains one of the most famous tragedies in history. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: An American writer named Morgan Robertson once wrote a book called The Wreck of the Titan. The book was about an

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    Good morning, everyone. Today, I feel so glad to stand here giving my speech in front of you. This year we are passing through is destined to be different. I guess all of you have heard about Maya’s prediction about 2012 doomsday. No one wishes this to be the truth, for we still leave a lot to accomplish. Eagerly and zealously, we and people around us are always pursuing things seemed shiny but sort of unrealistic. However, what if now you got the message that your life is going to terminate in just

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    Courtney Hottowe October 23, 2012 Com 345.002 Informative Speech Outline General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: Create awareness among the audience Central Idea: Animal Abuse is a constantly growing issue and today I am going to provide you with some information on where it stems from and how to prevent it. Introduction I. Attention Material a. “We are coming up on our 6 month anniversary of the day we brought Lola home from Homeward Pet.  She is an amazing addition to our

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    Tejaskumar Patel Chris B. Dendy SPCH 1010 1 March 2016 Informative Speech Information about what kind veggie food I eat, hoe I get nutrition and why I am vegetarian? My name is Tejaskumar Patel. I am from India and I am vegetarian. Most people in USA ask me about what kind food I eat and make comment salad and juices. I thing so they think that I am Tarzan and leave in forest area and survive with tree leaves. Common men do am I look like Tarzan and

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    SPEECH 1100--SHELL OUTLINE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Attention Getter: Each year, 40 million Americans get sick and 80,000 die from bacteria that were transmitted by not handwashing properly. It is also estimated that one out of every three people do not wash their hands after using the restroom. Thesis Statement: Proper Handwashing has 3 main steps Significance Statement: You carry millions of microbes

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    Persuasive Speech Attention grabber: Did you know that according to, “People Issues” is the second main cause of workplace stress? The first main cause being workload. Briefing: I recently have been having an issue with SUSIE. She has been working here a lot longer than I have and she always wants things done how she does them. I would like it if Susie could be more open to my ideas on how to do things. I think if we cooperate and work together to find methods that are both effective

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    Brittney Chandler Dr. Teri Maddox SPEECH 1010-06 31 January 2012 “Listening is a 10 Part Skill.” Listening to another person speak can be very difficult sometimes. A lot of students might find sitting still and listening to someone lecture or saying a speech can be quiet boring. All audience should be content and pay attention. Some students tend to get distracted though. There are times when I am like that and can get distracted by my own thoughts. Good listeners focus on central ideas.

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    the Antibacterial Bubble The speaker for the speech entitled Bursting the Antibacterial Bubble use very clear and vivid language. A couple of examples from the text include “today millions of Americans are trying to build a bubble around themselves and their families to keep out germs. The bubble is not made of plastic, however, billions of dollars’ worth of antibacterial hand wipes, tissues, soaps, and sponges.” The language included in this speech tends to be very clear out and supported with

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