Centralia No 5

  • The Blast in Centralia

    Based on the case study by Martin, The Blast in Centralia No. 5, in Stillman, PA, Chapter 1, write a 3-4  page paper in which you: 1. Identify and explain four (4) logistical alternatives Scanlan could have addressed. 2. Analyze and discuss Scanlan’s motivation toward the Constitution (the law), bureaucracy (as a public administrator responsible to the public), and obligation. 3. Take a position on two (2) possible paths of action for Scanlan and defend your choices.

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  • The Blast of Centralia No 5

    The Blast in Centralia No.5 highlights multiple failures in Public Administration, on March 25, 1947; a deadly coal mine explosion rocked the calm, peaceful town of Centralia, IL. During World War II, this mine provided coal to the war effort. A charge ignited built-up coal dust and caused the explosion. This explosion should have come to a surprise, many public sector safety professionals from state and federal agencies knew of the hazards as a result of inspections, union complaints and letters

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  • Centralia Explosion No.5

    Based on the case study by Martin, The Blast in Centralia No. 5, in Stillman, PA, Chapter 1, write a 3-4 page paper in which you: 1. Identify and explain four (4) logistical alternatives Scanlan could have addressed. * Scanlan reported those findings of a possible explosion to other professionals but all failed to follow safety procedures and allowed the men to continue with the job. Instead of listening to Robert Medill the director of the Illinois Department of Mines and Minerals, Scanlan

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  • Chapter 5

    Chapter 5 Page 187 1. Madeira looks to seek damages under the New York Scaffold Law. The company objected on the basis that he was an undocumented immigrant. He lost his past and future earnings, so the court allowed Madera to receive these benefits. He was seriously injured, which caused him to get compensation. 2. There are many things that contribute to the declining number of deaths in the construction industry. There are more and more workplace laws that come into effect every year. These

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  • Unit 5

    two-way communication digitally and it allows consumers to adjust the electricity from a small device. Another big benefit is knowing the system is modernized and you don’t have to wait for utility workers to come out and fix your electricity. 5. Would you like your home and your community to be part of a smart grid? Why or why not? Explain. Yes. I wouldn’t mind me, or my community being part of a smart grid. It would definitely be good to know how much energy I use every month and help me

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  • The Blast in Centralia

    Esmeralda Schuetze PPAM 6301 Goodsell, Charles T., The Case For Bureaucracy A Public Administration Polemic. Washington, DC: CQ Press, 2004 September 2008 Curriculum Vitae (summary)/ Authors Facebook The Case for Bureaucracy A Public Administration Polemic Charles Goodwin most recently has served as a professor at Center of Public Administration Policy, College of Architecture and has also served as

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  • 5 Dimensions

    paper I will try to show all the important things I have learned and I have seen during my stay. Because each country and each society are different I’m going to start exploring the Chinese culture through the lens of the 5 Dimension Model to get a perfect overview of China. The 5 Dimension Model was developed by Geert Hofstede and it explains power distance, individualism, masculinity / femininity, uncertainty avoidance, and long-term orientation. Power distance: “This dimension deals with the

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  • Physioex Activity 5 of Exercise 5

    Exercise 5: Cardiovascular Dynamics: Activity 5: Studying the Effect of Blood Vessel Radius on Pump Activity Lab Report Pre-lab Quiz Results You scored 80% by answering 4 out of 5 questions correctly. 1. The heart is resting during You correctly answered: c. ventricular diastole. 2. The right side of the heart pumps blood You correctly answered: d. to the lungs. 3. The layer of the blood vessel that is stimulated by the autonomic nervous system is You correctly answered: b. smooth muscle. 4. In the

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  • Centralia Mines

    THE BLAST IN CENTRALIA NO. 5 (Assignment #1) By Kareen Tompkins; July 2013 Class: PAD 500 (STRAYER UNIVERSITY) (MODERN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION) Dr. Shelley Taylor In 1947, One hundred eleven men were killed in an explosion that took place at the Centralia No. 5 mines located in the state of Illinois. The explosion was caused by highly explosive coal dust that was ignited by an explosive charge. During that time, Driscoll Scanlan was one of l6 Illinois state mine inspectors, appointed

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  • The Centralia Mines

    The Centralia Mine No. Disaster The Centralia Coal Mine located in Centralia, Illinois became the site of one of the worst disasters in history. March 25, 1947 at a proximally 3:26 p.m. there was an explosion that became noticeable to the assistant mining superintendent when the fan circuit to the mine blew in the power plant in which he was located. Following protocol he alerted the district inspector and the main office called the state, who Intel communicated with other rescue agencies for help

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  • Centralia No. 5

    Assignment # 1 Centralia No. 5 Strayer University Modern Public Administration PAD 500 Professor: Dr. July 22,2013 I found this case study to be very interesting, especially following the recent fatal building collapse in Philadelphia. From February 7, 1942 to the deaths of 111 miners on March 25, 1947, Centralia Number 5 was a disaster waiting to happen. So many things could have been done that were not. Scanlan's first report on February 7, 1942 was a premonition of the

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  • Homework 5

    Homework 5 Solutions Assigned: 29 September 2004 Due: 06 October 2004 C:\Documents and Settings\John Bailer\My Documents\baileraj\Classes\Fall 2004\sta402\hw\Homework-5.doc 1. Refer to the 4 group (packaging method)- log-bacterial growth study. In this exercise, you will use SAS/GRAPH to construct figures displaying the means and standard deviations. a. Construct a figure containing side-by-side boxplots using the INTERPOL=BOX option associated with a SYMBOL statement used with

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  • Chapter 5

    CHAPTER 5: ACTIVITY-BASED COSTING AND MANAGEMENT QUESTIONS 5-1 Product costs are likely distorted when a firm uses a volume-based rate if the plant has more than one activity in its operations and not all activities consume overhead in the same proportion. The more diverse the product mixes of the plant are in volume, sizes, manufacturing processes, or product complexities, the greater the cost distortions are likely to be in using a volume-based rate. Undercosting a product may appear to have increased

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  • Assignment 5

    Universiteit van Amsterdam Business School Intermediate Financial Accounting 7139 Topic Case study Assignment 5 Due date: Friday 12th March 2010 ➢ Hand-in via the Digital Dropbox (Blackboard, Tools) ➢ Maximum of 4 students in a group ➢ Make sure that all assignments include names, student numbers and date of lecture ➢ The bonus of five points is earned when five of six assignments received a ‘pass’ grade ➢ To get a pass you need to answer all questions ➢

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  • 5 Minds

    5 Minds for the Future Review Howard Gardner, in his book “5 Minds for the Future”, places a large emphasis on the power of the mind and a compelling case for fundamental change in how we as a society cultivate and develop our minds. He describes the five minds or characteristics in which current and future generations need to identify as to equip ourselves to prepare for a rapidly advancing future. It is unlikely many will be able to develop them all equally in ones self, but we should develop

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  • Lab 5

    Java scripts or VB script, in the data sent to the server will send back a page with the script 4. Based on the tests you performed in this lab, which Web application attack is more likely to extract privacy data elements out of a database? 5. If you can monitor when SQL injections are performed on an SQL database, what would you recommend as a security countermeasure to monitor your production SQL databases? Well coordinated and regularly audited security checks is the best way forward

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  • Chapter 5

    the mail arrived? ____________________________________ 5. Should we practice before our performance? ____________________________________ 6-2 In the following sentences, underline the verbs twice and the subjects once. 1. There is no paper in the copier. 2. There were three officers on duty during the midnight shift. 3. There is that new girl from Nigeria. 4. There was an eerie silence after the crash. 5. There goes the last bus to the mall. 6-3 Write the subjects

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  • The 5 "S"

    example to the world that does not know Christ. "God wants us to be the kind of citizens in the world who will draw the attention of the world" (p. 50). Submitting in humbleness will get the attention of the world who’s focus is a personal selfishness. 5. Suffering - "In the will of God, greatness follows along behind suffering, often far behind" (p. 52). Christ took the Sin’s of this world on his shoulders and suffered dying on our behalf. To have the same mindset as Christ, our focus should be to die

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  • Unit 5

    Unit 5 Assignment: The Rational Consumer Name: - Course Number: - Section Number: - Unit Number: - 5 Date: - Newspaper vending machines are designed so that once you have paid for one paper; you have access to all the papers in the machine and could take multiple papers at a time. However, other vending machines dispense only one item (the item you bought). You do not have access to all the goods (sodas, candy, snacks, etc.) at one time. 1. Using the concept of marginal

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  • Assign.5

    POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES-OPEN UNIVERSITY ASSIGNMENT # 5 Discuss education as socialization process. The one of the most dramatic impacts on a child’s education is that the socialization process. Education primary transmit information and knowledge that needed in living a life in particular society. Education prepares every to occupy certain social roles according to their capacities. We primarily acquire education in school; in that case we learn to socialize primarily

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  • Html 5

    HTML5 HTML 5 Cerinţe examen • • • • Activitate seminar-20% Examen practic-sapt 14. - 45% Examen scris –sesiune-35% Minim nota 5 la fiecare probă Istoric HTML2 a fost dezvoltat de Internet Engineering Task Force HTML Working Group in 1996. O versiune învechita care nu se mai studieaza. HTML 3.2 a devenit o Recomandare W3C pe 14. Ianuarie 1997. HTML 3.2 conţinute caracteristici noi: fonturi, tabele, appleturi, superscript, subscript şi mult altele ce extind standardul HTML 2.0. Unul dintre

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  • Assignment 5

    social, political, environmental, social, equitable, ethical/moral, etc.) to your solution and provide a logical answer. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs. 4. Include one or two (1-2) relevant visuals that help illustrate an advantage.   5. Use effective transitional words, phrases, and sentences. 6. Provide a concluding paragraph to summarize the proposed solution, its advantages, possible disadvantages, and answers to the disadvantages. Repeat or paraphrase your thesis statement.

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  • 5 Theroies

    to the measures, to reward the hospital based on its actual performance, rather than simply its reporting of data for those measures. DATES: To be assured consideration, comments must be received at one of the addresses provided below, no later than 5 p.m. on March 8, 2011. ADDRESSES: In commenting, please refer to file code CMS–3239–P. Because of staff and resource limitations, we cannot accept comments by facsimile (FAX) transmission. You may submit comments in one of four ways (please choose only

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  • Unit 5

    effective annual rate of 5% on Security A, while Security B will provide an effective annual rate of 12%. Within 11 years' time, the compounded value of Security B will be more than twice the compounded value of Security A. (Ignore risk, and assume that compounding occurs daily.) 4. When a loan is amortized, a relatively high percentage of the payment goes to reduce the outstanding principal in the early years, and the principal repayment's percentage declines in the loan's later years. 5. Consider the balance

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  • Chapter 5

    Lab #5 – Assessment Worksheet Performing Packet Capture and Traffic Analysis Course Name and Number: Fundament Information Security ITSY 1300 Student Name: Lace Speiser Instructor Name: John Kidd Lab Due Date: October 13, 2014 Overview In this lab, you used common applications to generate traffic and transfer files between the machines in this lab. You captured data using Wireshark and reviewed the captured traffic at the packet level, and then you used NetWitness Investigator, a free

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  • Level 5

    Introduction The article, “Level 5 Leadership” written by Jim Collins is regarded as one of the best article published in Harvard Business Review. This classic article has identified Level 5 leadership as key ingredient for transforming a company from merely good to truly great. Besides, the author has also introduced the concept of Level 5 leader for the first time from this article. Level 5 leader is defined as an executive who is able to blend genuine personal humility with intense professional

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  • Assignment 5

    Assignment 5 1. Review the definition of management at the beginning of the chapter and briefly define each of the 4 functions. What are the challenges in carrying out these functions in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace? Planning determines the organizational goals and action plans for how to achieve those goals, organizing determines a structure for both individual jobs and the overall organization, leading involves directing and motivating people to achieve organizational goals, and

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  • Fasb 5

    FASB #5 is about accounting for contingent liabilities. First, contingency “is an existing condition, situation, or set of circumstances involving uncertainty as to possible gain or loss to an enterprise that will ultimately be resolved when one or more future events occur or fail to occur”. Example of loss contingencies are collectability of receivables, pending or threatened litigation, actual or possible claims and assessments, risk of loss or damage of enterprise property guarantees of indebtedness

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  • Lab 5

    of the cabinet in the box here: 3. The force down the plane and normal force are components of Force Diagrams. 4. Before we add an applied force on the ramp, there is a force of Gravity that acts against the force down the plane( Force parallel). 5. When we apply a force to get the cabinet moving, the friction force acts in the Opposite direction as movement of the cabinet. 6. Slowly increase angle (0.1 degrees at a time) of the ramp until the cabinet starts to move on its own. What angle is

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  • Week 5

    6% Other expenses and losses Interest Expense 8,980 .5% 2,252 1% Income before taxes 157,290 1% 16,786 5% Income tax expense 54,500 4% 6,650 2% Net Income

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  • Byp 5-5

    BYP 5-5 BYP 5-5 COMMUNICATION ACTIVITY | | (a), (b) President Surfing USA Co. Dear Sir: As you know, the financial statements for Surfing USA Co. are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. One of these principles is the revenue recognition principle, which provides that revenues should be recognized when they are earned. Typically, sales revenues are earned when the goods are transferred to the buyer from the seller. At this point, the sales transaction

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  • Tutorial 5

    Tutorial 5: Chapter 5 Chemical Energetics / Thermochemistry 1. A 9.36 g of platinum is heated to 98.6 °C and dropped onto ice. When the metal’s temperature has dropped to 0.0 °C, it is found that 0.37 g of ice has melted. Determine the specific heat capacity of platinum. (Given the latent heat of fusion for ice is 333 J g -1 .) 2. A 72.8 g of copper at 143.2 °C is added to an insulated vessel containing 165 mL of glycerol (density = 1.26 g mL-1 ), at 24.8 °C. The final temperature is 31.1

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  • Week 5

    time, you are not beating the system! But most families don't pay on time. The average family today carries $8,000 in credit card debt according to the American Bankers' Association. Now let's talk about the rebates. If you were using a credit card at 5%, you would have had to have spent $80,000 to get $4,000 rebates on new cars that lost $6,000 of value when you drove them off the lot. That is not a good deal! Cash vs. Credit Cards When you pay cash, you can "feel" the money leaving you. This is not

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  • 5 Steps to a 5

    first two sentences appeal to the reader in order to get an emotional response, pathos. 3. A. The author does not use this term in the section where he talks about his illness. 4. A. Decent drapery is a metaphor for hiding his scars and ulcers. 5. E. The author was explaining the English characteristics and how the worst thing to do to an English person is to identify their scars from life. 6. B. The author wondered if it was decent of him to publish his writing. 7. B. Instinct is used

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  • 5 Forces

    Cycle: a. Fragmentation: 1. different approaches to market 2. offer a variety of products, and each operates at low volumes 3. more entrepreneurial and privately owned 4. product lines are limited 5. benchmarking is uncommon b. Shake-out 6. A dominant model emerges for generating value on a large scale 7. The dominant model: 1. More efficient than other approaches 2. Gains legitimacy as influential

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  • Lab 5

    |Lemon Juice | |Solution 3 |12 |Base |Bleach | |Solution 4 |5 |Acid |Coffee | 1. How many drops of wide range indicator will you use for each test, based on industry standards such as the LaMotte field test?

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  • Chapter 5

    Chapter Outline I. Personality A. B. Definition of Personality Personality Determinants II. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator A. B. C. D. Extraverted/Introverted Sensing/Intuition Thinking/Feeling Judging/Perceiving III. The Big 5 Personality Model A. B. C. D. E. Openness Conscientiousness Extraversion Agreeableness Emotional Stability or Neuroticism Chapter Outline IV. Other Personality Traits Relevant to Organizational Behavior A. B. C. D. E. F. G.

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  • Ass 5

    I think that this can be helpful, since she wants to meet higher-level managers. This can be helpful for her job and her position. To be successful in the work place you need to increase your communication channels, provide sufficient resources 5. Samuel joins a particular church where many of the top managers are members. This is the same situation like with Rita. You want to be in touch with people who can help you in your carrier. In today`s world this is very important. You need to have

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  • Week #5

    supply chain management should take to ensure the following of safety regulations are the ability to have credentials available and an organize transportation of the products to ensure an quick and efficient evaluation undergoing security screenings. 5. Taxes in specific parts of the nation or world could intimidate firms into refusing to operate there, or firms that already exist in an expensive location may relocate because the overall relocation may cost less than the additional property, value-added

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  • Case 5

    the iteration. 3. Risk Analysis: includes identifying, estimating, and monitoring technical and management risks, such as schedule slippage and cost overrun. 4. Engineering: Includes requirement gathering and design of the software system. 5. Construction and release: Includes coding, testing and deploying software at the customer site and providing user-support documents. 6. Customer Evaluation: Includes evaluation of software by the customer and implementing feedback in the next iteration

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  • Case 5

    Textbook Assignment: 4-15, 4-17, 5-34-&5-35 Mayra Flores ACC/497 March 10, 2016 Donald Autrey 4-15 Identify five other ways in which the Private Securities Reform Act of 1995 will potentially change auditors’ legal liability. Explain how each is of potential benefit to the auditor 1. If the auditor thinks he/she found illegal acts by management, they are require reporting it to someone in higher position other than management. Those people will need to report it to SEC within

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  • Chanel No.5

    Fashion design - brand : CHANEL History of Chanel No.5 Chanel No.5 is the first perfume launched by French couturier Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in 5 May, 1921. The chemical formula for the fragrance was compounded by French-Russian chemist and perfumer Ernest Beaux. The number 5 to Coco Chanel means good luck. She released this perfume on the 5th day of the 5th month and it's main sent is May rose and jasmine. Coco's famous quote on Chanel No.5 is “what is very important in a fragrance, is that

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  • P14-5

    P14-5 (Comprehensive Bond Problem) In each of the following independent cases the company closes its books on December 31. * 1. Sanford Co. sells $500,000 of 10% bonds on March 1, 2010. The bonds pay interest on September 1 and March 1. The due date of the bonds is September 1, 2013. The bonds yield 12%. Give entries through December 31, 2011. * 2. Titania Co. sells $400,000 of 12% bonds on June 1, 2010. The bonds pay interest on December 1 and June 1. The due date of the bonds is June

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  • Centriala Case No 5

    Assignment 1: Week 3 Centralia No. 5 PAD 500 Modern Public Administration Presented to Dr. Mark Pantaleo By Anthony McKenzie April 22, 2012 Driscoll O Scanlon was highly recommended by a state delegate to Dwight Green the governor of Illinois. The governor had promoted him to the position of mine inspector for district No.5 Driscoll Scanlon had started working for Centralia Oil Company, since the age of 16 at one of the mines closet

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  • Centralia No. 5

    Centralia No. 5 Dapheny Wells Dr. Angelique Goliday Modern Public Administration April 20, 2012 Centralia No. 5 March 25, 1947 is the date that marks a very significant incident in the state of Illinois . It was a devastating day for Centralia . (Stillman, 2010) 111 Coal miners woke up to attend their job at the coal mine just as any usual day. (Stillman, 2010) They had no idea they would never return home to their families. March 25, 1947 is the day 111 coal miners were killed

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  • Centralia Pad 500

    I. Identify and explain four (4) logistical alternatives Scanlan could have addressed. The Centralia, Illinois 1947 disaster changed the way safety procedures, laws and regulations were enforced. According to Fanning, F. (2007) “many public sector safety professionals from state and federal agencies knew of the hazards as a result of inspections, union complaints and letters to state officials” (www.usmra.com/repository/best-of-the-best_newsletter_article). At the time Scanlan, the inspector

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  • 10-5

    Case 10-5 Danle Corporation Danle Corporation (Danle), a public company, conducts business activities primarily related to the design, development, manufacture, and assembly of passenger cars, recreational and sport-utility vehicles, minivans, and trucks. Danle used asbestos in the manufacturing of brake shoes and gaskets because of its heat resistance. During the past three years, two claims were filed against Danle by automotive mechanics and surviving family members seeking recovery because

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  • Assignment 5

    Tony Francis T. Porter Assignment 5 July 30, 2012 Discussion Question 1 My experience is that students exhaustively enjoy polls on topical issues, such as the use of developing technologies. The bigger the class, the more interested students are in the results. The poll can occur over a show of hands in class, but this request is very well suited to the new “clicker” technology. If your class has needed online activities between classes, consider taking a poll online and

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  • Centralia No. 5

    get others to work together effectively, understanding the systematic actions to accomplish a task, and the ability to view and understand the organization as a whole are at the cusp of an operationally successful organization. This brings us Centralia No. 5 and its operational shortcomings. Driscoll Scanlan will be our main focus as we examine: (a) other logistical alternatives that could have been addressed; (b) analyze his motivation toward the Constitution, bureaucracy, and obligation; and (c)

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  • The Blast in Centralia

    Blast in Centralia [Author] [Instructor] [Course] [Date] Blast in Centralia No. 5 Question1: Identify and explain four (4) logical alternatives Scanlan could have addressed. Driscoll O. Scanlan, a state inspector of the coal mines at Centralia No. 5, did not consider the use of logistical substitutes in order to protect the misfortunate workers. As a state appointed official and the representative to the public, Scanlan should have utilized his positional powers in the manner

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