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  • Mobile Banking in Bangladesh

    What is Mobile Banking? Mobile Banking is a Banking process without bank branch which provides financial services to unbanked communities efficiently and at affordable cost. To provide banking and financial services through mobile technology devices i.e. mobile phone called Mobile Banking. Benefits of Mobile Banking  Real time on-line banking  Available anytime, anywhere throughout the country  It is convenient, affordable and secure  It is much more effective in developing savings habits  It

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  • Mobile Banking

    Satisfaction with Mobile Banking in Korea and its Implementation in Bangladesh" [pic] LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL June 17, 2012 Syeda Mahrufa Bashar Lecturer Institute of Business of Administration University of Dhaka Subject: Writing report on “Understanding Factors Affecting Trust in and Satisfaction with Mobile Banking in Korea and its Implementation in Bangladesh” Dear Madam We are submitting our term paper on “Understanding Factors Affecting Trust in and Satisfaction with Mobile Banking

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  • Bangladesh

    STIPEND PROGRAM IN BANGLADESH Janet Raynor, University of London Institute of Education Kate Wesson, Open University, Milton Keynes Citation Raynor, Janet, Wesson, Kate (2006). The Girls’ Stipend Program in Bangladesh. Journal of Education for International Development 2:2. Retrieved from http://www.equip123.net/JEID/articles/3/Girls’StipendPrograminBangladesh.pdf on [insert month] [insert day], [insert year]. Abstract The Female Stipend Program (FSP) was created in 1982 in Bangladesh to help increase

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  • Cellbazaar, Burgeoning Mobile Marketplace of Bangladesh

    CellBazaar, Burgeoning Mobile Marketplace of Bangladesh Abstract CellBazaar, MIT Media Lab project, is the biggest mobile based online marketplace in Bangladesh. It is nothing but a platform that contains the information of its customers who are willing to sell their products or services and buyers or people at large go through that information posted by the sellers to search out the product serve their interest best. Cellbazaar is in service industry as well as in IT industry.

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  • Assignment on Mobile Commerce in Bangladesh

    Dhaka International University Program: MBA Course Title: Management Information System Assignment on “Mobile Commerce in Bangladesh’’ Submitted To: Submitted By: Group REFLECTIONS Member’s Name | Member’s ID | Md. Shaydul Islam | 09 | Uddipan Chakma | 12 | Md. Rukunujjaman | 26 | Date of submission: 30th November, 2012 Letter of Transmittal

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    t r i b u t i o n o f U N F PA a n d I P P F Bangladesh Country Evaluation Report DFID Department for International Development Addressing the Reproductive Health Needs and Rights of Young People since ICPD: The contribution of UNFPA and IPPF Bangladesh Country Evaluation Report September 2003 Written by: Alanagh Raikes Malabika Sarker Hashima-e-Nasreen For: UNIVERSITY OF HEIDELBERG UNFPA and IPPF Evaluation: Bangladesh Country Report CONTENTS Acronyms............

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  • Bangladesh

    in the year 1871 with its main activities situated in Burma. Then in the year 1903, they established their “Moheshkhal Oil Installation” at Chittagong in the year 1903. And finally in year 1985, BOC transferred its entire property in Bangladesh in favor of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation. Then in year 1988 the company was named “Padma Oil Company” Padma’s current business line is of procurement, storage and marketing of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, LUBRICANTS AND GREASES, BITUMEN, LPG AND manufacturing

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    What Marketing Tools do Mobile Phone Service Use; an Empirical Research Module code: PGBS0142 Submitted to the University of Plymouth as a dissertation for the degree of MSc. in Business and management in the Faculty of Plymouth Business School. Declaration: I certify that all material in this dissertation which is not my own has been identified and none has been submitted previously in support of any degree qualification or course. Signed: Shivender

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  • The Economic and Social Benefits of Mobile Services in Bangladesh

    The Economic and Social Benefits of Mobile Services in Bangladesh A case study for the GSM Association Barney Lane Susan Sweet David Lewin Josie Sephton Ioanna Petini April 2006 LEGAL NOTICE: Neither the GSM Association nor their Members or Associate Members are responsible for the use that might be made of this publication. The views expressed in this publication are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSM Association, their Members

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  • Mobile Banking

    On Mobile Banking (Banking In Your Hand)-A Study On Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, Satmosjid Road Branch Date of Submission: 10th September 2011 An Internship Report On Mobile Banking (Banking In Your Hand)-A Study On Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, Satmosjid Road Branch Date Of Submission: 10th September 2011 Declaration I do hereby declare that this Internship report entitled “Mobile Banking (Banking in your Hand)” is submitted by me to Northern University Bangladesh for

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  • Mobile Commerce in Bangladesh

    order to start M-Commerce in Bangladesh, mobile network operators have been given permission to sell railway tickets and tickets of cricket matches organized by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) using mobile technology. Three Telcos have got permission for m-Commerce related transactions. Approximately 425,000 utility (water, gas and electricity) bill payments are made and 12,000 train tickets are sold per month. Besides, tickets of the cricket matches organized by Bangladesh Cricket Control Board are

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  • Mobile

    Netherlands a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Purpose: Smartphones facilitate the potential adoption of new mobile applications. The purpose of this research is to study users and non-users of three selected mobile applications, and find out what really drives the intention to use these applications across users and non-users. Design/methodology/approach: The authors measured actual usage of mobile applications in a panel study of 579 Finnish smartphone users, using in-device measurements as an objective

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  • Mobile

    Mobile technology is the technology used for cellular communication. Mobile code division multiple access (CDMA) technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Since the start of this millennium, a standard mobile device has gone from being no more than a simple two-way pager to being a mobile phone, GPS navigation device, an embedded web browser and instant messaging client, and a handheld game console. Many experts argue that the future of computer technology rests in mobile computing with wireless

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  • Globalization in Marketplace

    * How is globalization affecting marketplace in remote areas of the world? Share two example usages in the global market. Globalization presents tremendous opportunities in marketplaces. In 2005, journalist Thomas wrote an influential book declaring the world is now “flat” by which he meant that the internet and global communications had greatly reduced the economic and cultural advantages of development countries. (Laudon & Laudon, 2013) It is clear that technology advancement made things

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  • Unilever Bangladesh

    Executive Summery Most of the South Asian economies (e.g. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) have made significant economic progress in the last two decades and are well on track to becoming major regional or even world economic powerhouses. In the recent years, many MNCs are increasingly putting more attention to the emerging. Asian countries for competitive advantage. One classic example is China. With a population of more than 1.3 billion China is predicted to be the largest economy in the

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  • Mobile Banking

    includes “mobile banking” and “opportunities and challenges of mobile baking” as these are directly representative of the academic discussion on the subject of investigation. As a literature review needs to be sufficiently critical in a balanced way, the literature review for this study aims to do in the discussion of the opportunities and challenges of the subject matter through impartial assessment of the relevant concepts. 1.1. Opportunity & Challenges of Mobile Banking: 1.1.1. Mobile Banking:

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  • Mobile Banking

    Mobile Banking “Banking in Your Hand” 11/24/2013 Department of Management Information Systems University of Dhaka Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh An Assignment on “Mobile Banking” Prepared by: ID: 05-036 ID: 05-048 ID: 05-053 ID: 05-054 ID: 05-067 Md. Khalilur Rahman Ashik Ahmed Md. Taijul Islam Jowel Sarker Md. Nurul Amin Prepared for: Mr. Ariful Islam Apu Lecturer Department of Management Information Systems University of Dhaka Page 2 of 26 Executive Summary Importance of banking system in a

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  • Bangladesh

    well as social affairs. Empowerment of women in Bangladesh Empowerment of women in Bangladesh Women’s position in the past: In past women were segregated from out of home productive work. They were kept within the four walls. The hearth became the place for them. So cooking, cleaning, washing, giving birth and rearing children became their jobs. Men became the wage earners and all other activities became their responsibilities. In Bangladesh position of the women is very humiliating. Women

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  • The Global Marketplace

    The Global Marketplace The Global Marketplace Abstract Today’s marketplace has never been faced with as many challenges and obstacles that must require much discipline and creativity in order to remain successful in all aspects of business. Sporting franchises are amongst the top ranking companies that have to remain on the cutting edge of global recognition in order to keep their competition at bay. Global Marketplace No matter what city, state or country you live in there is some

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  • Project on Lovisa in Bangladesh

    Marketing Planning for the Brand 06 Conclusion 14 Introduction: Lovisa, an Australian fashion jewellery brand, wants to open stores in Dhaka and Chittagong with our company, which is going to be a local partner for Lovisa in Bangladesh. Company Overview: THE FIRST STOP SHOP FOR THE FASHION FORWARD TO GET THEIR ON-TREND ACCESSORIES FIX! Lovisa, an Australian fashion jewellery brand was established on April, 2010. After launching her first fashion jewellery and hair accessories

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  • A Successful Entrepreneur in Bangladesh

    up REVE Systems 4 Specialization of REVE Systems 4 Target customers 4 Competition in the industry 4 Choosing IT Sector 4 History of his company 5 Working environment in REVE Systems 5 M Rezaul Hassan advice to the budding entrepreneurs in Bangladesh 5 References 6 Introduction M Rezaul Hassan is the founder CEO of REVE Systems. Under his leadership, REVE Systems has become the leading software and solutions provider in IP communications domain. REVE Systems

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  • Mobile Banking

    (online) Vol 1, No.6, 2011 www.iiste.org Problems and prospects of mobile banking in Bangladesh S.M. Sohel Ahmed (Corresponding author) Lalmatia Mohila College Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh. E-mail: smsohelahmed@gmail.com Shah Johir Rayhan Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh. E-mail: johir_rayhan2006@yahoo.com Md. Ariful Islam Regional Statistical Officer Dinajpur, Bangladesh. Samina Mahjabin Department of Management & Finance Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural

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  • Situation Analysis of Mobile Internet

    Mobile Internet User Behavior 1 Situation Analysis of Mobile Internet User Behavior of the Six Mobile Operators: A Case in Bangladesh 1 Dr. Md. Mahfuz Ashraf, 2Najmul Hasan, 3Tonmoy Kumar Poddar 1 Director & Assistant Professor, Department of MIS, University of Dhaka 2 Student, Department of MIS, University of Dhaka 3 Student, Department of MIS, University of Dhaka Mobile Internet User Behavior Abstract 2 This study discloses mobile internet user behavior towards telecommunication

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  • Transcom Mobile

    The report is based on Inventory Management At Transcom Mobile Ltd. The purpose of this report is to understand how the company manage the inventories which affect the costing procedure. Transcom Mobile Limited is part of the Transcom Group of Companies. The history of the company dates back to the 1885, when it started to plant tea. Since the very beginning, the company was highly successful in generating increased demand for its products which eventually justified local production. TRANSCOM today

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  • Mobile Money

    Mobile money An overview for global telecommunications operators Mobile money An overview for global telecommunications operators I About Ernst & Young’s Advisory Services Most businesses today are looking to solve two key challenges — improving business performance and reducing costs. This dual objective can deliver significant benefits and position your organization to emerge from the downturn with a stronger and more competitive profile. To help you meet these interconnected challenges

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  • Bangladesh

    Now-a-days banks are not confined to these functions solely. Other functions of commercial banks are- * Securities underwriting * Asset management * Foreign exchange trading * Commission based services etc. COMMERCIAL BANKS IN BANGLADESH After the independence there were six commercial banks that were merged and grouped in the country. Now there are 48 scheduled banks operating in the country. These are categorized as * 04- State owned commercial banks (SCB) * 05- Specialized

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  • Mobile

    Mobile Banking “Making Cash, Checks, Credit Cards Obsolete” Abstract With the growing and widespread use of smartphones applications for both the iPhone and Android there is very little you can’t do virtually. From banking to shopping, in-person visits to Skype and face time, putting a key in your car to start it to remotely starting your car and setting the temperature, being at home turning on lights and adjusting your thermostat to doing the same functions remotely using a smartphone. Smartphone

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  • Strategy Analysis of Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Ltd

    STRATEGY ANALYSIS Of HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES BANGLADESH LTD. Prepared for Dr. A. K. M. Saiful Majid Professor Institute of Business Administration University of Dhaka Prepared by Md. Ashraful Huq Roll No: ZR1301004, Batch: 15th Executive MBA Program Institute of Business Administration (IBA) University of Dhaka LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL June 14, 2014 Dr. A.K.M Saiful Majid Professor Institute of Business Administration University of Dhaka Subject: Letter of Transmittal

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  • Digital Bangladesh

    Final Draft PERSPECTIVE PLAN OF BANGLADESH 2010-2021 ____________________________ MAKING VISION 2021 A REALITY General Economics Division Planning Commission Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh April 2012 Contents ABBREVIATIONS ...............................................................................................................................v PREAMBLE of the Perspective Plan (2010-2021) ......................................................................

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  • Country Report Bangladesh

    Competition Scenario in Bangladesh (Draft) Prepared for CUTS-International Prepared By Bangladesh Enterprise Institute July 2005 B A N G L A D E S H E N T E R P R I S E I N S T I T U T E [ Table of Contents CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION ………………………. 1 I.1. Geographical Location ………………………. 2 I.2. Structure of GDP ………………………. 3 I.3. Economic policies ………………………. 4 A. Trade policy ………………………. 5 B. Industrial Policy ………………………. 6

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  • Business Plan on Xilo Mobile

    1. Executive Summary XILO Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd is a Commercial Mobile Phone Company that will commence its operation on December, 2010 with a view to rendering mobile phone services to the country. Its vision is to be the premier organization operating locally & internationality later that provide the complete range of telecommunication services to all segments under one roof. To develop & deliver the most innovative products, manage customer experience, deliver quality services that contribute

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  • Bangladesh

    * Geographic factors of Bangladesh: The main geographic factors of Bangladesh are as follows – * Geographic location * Physiography * Climate * Forest * Rivers * Physiography of Bangladesh : The physiographic condition of a country influences the socio-economic and the political situation or development of a country. Physiography of Bangladesh also influences this country .A small portion of Bangladesh is high land. Major part of our country is plain land. Though there

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  • Term Paper on Identifying the Marketing Strategy in Existing Mobile Company in Bangladesh

    On Identifying the Marketing Strategy in Existing mobile Company in Bangladesh [pic][pic][pic] [pic] [pic][pic] Siddheswari University Collage, Dhaka Department of Marketing Term paper on Identifying the Marketing Strategy in Existing Mobile Company in Bangladesh Submitted to Md. Mizanur Rahman Mazumder Chairman

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  • A Crisis in the Marketplace

    A Crisis in the Marketplace: How Food Marketing Contributes to Childhood Obesity and What Can Be Done A Crisis in the Marketplace: How Food Marketing Contributes to Childhood Obesity and What Can Be Done is written by Jennifer L. Harris, Jennifer L. Pomeranz,Tim Lobstein, and Kelly D. Brownell1, in collaboration by Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, Yale University, New Haven and 2International Obesity Taskforce, London. This article was publish on Annu. Rev. Public Health 2009.. This

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  • Mobile

    Francis Guided research Jan 30, 2015 Mobile Advertising Outline I. Introduction * The introduction of advertising * What is the mobile advertising II. The mobile Internet advertising spending share and its allocation 1.Horizontal comparison of mobile advertising 2. Vertical comparison of mobile advertising III. Popularization of mobile equipment and development of mobile advertising platform * The popularization of the mobile phone * Examples of Apple and Samsung

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  • Mobile Banking in Bangladesh

    Mobile Banking in Bangladesh g GOVT. TOLARAM COLLEGE 2015 A Study On “Mobile Banking System in Bangladesh” Prepared By Sheikh Shamcur Rahman (Tusher) Bachelor of Business Administration Faculty of Business & Economics Daffodil International University E-Mail: tusherdiu@yahoo.com Web: www.purnotabd.weebly.com www.daffodilvarsity.edu.bd Acknowledgemt Acknowledgement First of all

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  • A Study of Bangladesh Telecom Market

    June 11, 2008 How suitable is Bangladesh Telecom market for an internationalized Telecom company (TeliaSonera) and what could be a preferable entry strategy for such company to enter into such market? A Study of Bangladesh Telecom Market Authors: Group 2011 Rana Alamgir 801004 Nitin Anand 810618 Supervisor: Professor Jan Löwstedt Master Thesis in Business Administration (EFO705) School of Sustainable Development of Society and Technology Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden

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  • Mobile

    The penetration of Mobiles can be used to leverage to extend banking to the unbanked. - Its challenges and solutions. Today a portable telephone device called as “Mobile” has taken away physical mobility in our lives and we cannot think our life without it. In fact the world has become stationary by holding this instrument as it provides all sorts of facilities to the human being on its figure tips. Mobile phone is a common technology device that has became part of every individual in the information

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  • “10 Keys to Growing an Online Mobile Marketplace”

    Alison Pruett, MKTG2103, Online Class, Due on March 16, 2015 Article: “10 Keys to Growing an Online Mobile Marketplace” by Mark Lawrence. The article was posted March 5, 2015 on Forbes.com Overview of the Article: One of the fastest growing and innovative organizations to date are online marketplaces. According to Ryan Caldbeck, CircleUp CEO, one of the reasons marketplaces are gaining dominance is due to “Their power to disrupt inefficient and fragmented markets; an ability to add potential

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  • Mobile

    Mobile phone bane or boon Is a knife useful instrument or a perilous weapon? It depends on how it is used. Same implies with the case of technology. The greatest invention are those which affect the mass of people; and of those greatest invention is cell phones .It would be very ungrateful on our parts not to recognise how imperative are they to us. Cell phones have revolutionised the human existence .This is possible only because they are getting cheaper and cheaper day by day. Discounted cell

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  • Use of Mobile Phones in Bangladesh

    100 Movies to See Before You Die:  The Modern Classics by The Yahoo! Movies Editorial Staff [pic] It's easy for classic movie lovers to be nostalgic for Hollywood's "Golden Age" of the 1930s and '40s. And many cineastes will tell you that film as an art reached its peak in the late '60s and early '70s. But the truth is there have been remarkable movies made in the 1990s and 2000s. From big budget blockbusters, to breakout independent films, to discoveries from around the world, we have seen exciting

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  • Online Banking in Bangladesh

    Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction Internet Banking is growing popular day by day in Bangladesh. A number of private as well as local banks are going online now considering the demand and necessity of fast banking. Internet banking not only provides banking facility round the clock but also helps a country to get attached to the international economy as well as business. People throughout the world are now getting engaged with more activity and business and hence need the fast and anytime access to his/her

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  • Mexican Marketplace

    Advancing trust in the mexican marketplace Bernardo altamirano rodriguez Found and CEO-BBB Mexico (better business bureau, founded in 1912 in Mexico) 1. Why I built the BBB in Mexico 2. Advances given 3. Development of practices and ideas for the allowance of institutions 4. Identify context of Mexican econmy 5. Business without borders a. Economic = trade liberalization and structural reforms b. Political = impact of the state in the economy and markets

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  • California Marketplace

    undergoing a major transformation and the implementation of this Act will hopefully aid in cost control in the spending on healthcare and in the long run impact patient outcomes for the better. One of the successful implementation of the healthcare marketplace is called “Covered California” it’s the name for the first state to approved health insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act. An online website that allow consumers to buy coverage. “There were 1,405,102 people in California that signed

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  • Mobile

    What’s a mobile phone virus? A mobile phone virus or mobile malware - malicious mobile software - is a computer virus specifically adapted for the mobile phone environment and designed to spread from one vulnerable phone to another. A virus is a program code that replicates by being copied to another program. Viruses can be transmitted as attachments to an email or in a download file. Some viruses take effect as soon as their code is executed; other viruses can lie dormant. A virus that replicates

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  • Bangladesh

    Media, 2016). Chmielewski and Media (2016) implied that free trade was the best thing that could happen to Bangladesh’s textile industry. Free trade is an attempt to improve the international economy on the principle of “comparative advantage”. Bangladesh prospered by using their abundance of textile to trade for products that other countries have abundance. The main purpose of the “free trade” was to improve the global economy using the principle of “comparative advantage”. The shift to a free trade

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  • Bangladesh

    Export Control in Bangladesh 1. Introduction: Bangladesh emerged as an independent country in 1971. She entered into International Trade actively since 1972. In the early years of independence the gap between Import and Export was very wide. This gap started to decrease from 1980s when Bangladesh adopted liberal trade policy consistent with the emerging trend of the market economy. Extensive reform programs have been implemented in trade regimes during the last two decades. The prime objective of

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  • Outsourcing in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh Software and IT Service Industry Recent Trends & Dynamics Software and IT service industry in Bangladesh has crossed a long road over the last few decades. It has matured. The industry no more remains at the sideline. It joined the mainstream. Not only the industry is contributing significantly in the national income, but also it has been playing very crucial role in creating high quality employment for a sizable portion of young graduates of the country. The presence of high number of

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  • A Study of Job Analysis and Design in Mobile Network Operators of the Telecommunications Industry in Bangladesh 

    HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT : H301  A Study of Job Analysis and Design in Mobile Network Operators of the Telecommunications Industry in Bangladesh  Objectives of the Report Objectives of the Repot To determine the job analysis and design techniques used by the mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. To evaluate the effectiveness of each firm’s job analysis and design techniques and cross-examining them to make a comparison To provide possible recommendations on ways to improve each

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  • Mobile Banking Through Rural People in Bangladesh

    Assignment report on A CRITICAL STUDY ON POSSIBILITY OF IMPLEMENTATION OF MOBILE BANKING SYSTEM IN BANGLADESH THROUGH RURAL PEOPLE A study on Mobile banking and Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited For the partial fulfillment of the course ‘Research Methodology’. Code: MGT-411 Under supervision of: Md. Shahidul Islam Fakir Assistant Professor Department of Management Studies Jagannath University, Dhaka Prepared by: Md. Rajiul Alam ID: 06671740 BBA 4th year, 2nd semester Department

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