Castor Collins Health Plans

  • Health Plan for World Trade Center Attacks (911)

    Health Plan for World Trade Center Attacks (911) Sandra Morgan June 21, 2011 Epidemiology and Risk Management Health Plan for World Trade Center Attacks (911) I. INTRODUCTION: On September 11, 2001, one of the worst man made disasters occurred in US history. “Terrorists crashed two hijacked planes into The World Trade Centers. In less than two hours, the towers collapsed and nearly 2,800 people died, including 343 firefighters, 23 police officers

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  • Health Plans

    CheckPoint: Features of Health Plans Tina M. Summerell HCR/220 Claims Preparation I: Clean Bills of Health December 2, 2011 Linda Johnson In health care plans, each type of plan has unique differences. Each plan is designed specifically for the type of health care plan and its coverage options. One plan gives the choice when enrolled in a PPO of being able to refer oneself to a specialist in any field without the need for approval. This is, of course, providing the specialist is in the

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  • Case 2 Chesapeake Health Plans

    Cheasapeake Health Plans 1. Their uses of cash were primarily used for paying off debt and investing it in marketable securities. Also they spent some of their cash on fixed assets. Even though their ending cash was lower than the previous year, they were using their cash effectively. 2. Chesapeake is doing very well when compared to the national average. Their total margin increased from the year before and compared to the average was almost 3 points higher. Their total asset turnover

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  • Family Health Plan

    FAMILY HEALTH PLAN Introduction: Most of the time when a person imagine of the definition of a family, the figure of a mother, father and children is what comes into the mind. The form or structure does not show how healthy it is or how they function. The primary function of the family is to reproduce society, both biologically, through procreation, and socially, through socialization. From the perspective of children, the family is a family of orientation: the family functions to locate

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  • Health Plans to Constrain Costs and Promote Wellness

    overall health, but also control the rising costs of healthcare. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, chronic diseases – such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes – are responsible for 7 of 10 deaths among Americans each year and account for 75% of the nation’s health spending. Often due to economic, social, and physical factors, too many Americans engage in behaviors – such as tobacco use, poor diet, physical inactivity, and alcohol abuse—that lead to poor health. The

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  • Features of Health Plans

    Features of Health Plans University of Phoenix 7/25/2012 HCR/220 Features of Health Plans There are several different major types of healthcare plans available and some of them of different and some of them are similar. Knowing which one is best for you, the consumer, is very important because you want to get the best coverage for your money while making sure it is affordable you. Deductibles and co-pays are a huge part of healthcare plans and you always want to exactly what is covered and

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  • Implementation Plan for Advanced Health Solution

    BCAP 3200 Term Project Implementation Plan For Advanced Health Solution Instructor Instructor Name Students Student #1 Student #2 Student #3 Student #4 Student #5 Student #6 Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Company Definition 3 Products and Services 4 BIOFLEX LOW INTENSITY LASER 4 MASSAGE THERAPY 5 NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTATION 6 COLONICS THERAPY 6 Organization Chart 8 Sonia Bryl 8 Ksenya Hudym 8

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  • Health Care Ethic Plan

    Assignment: u10a1 Final Health Care Organizational Ethics Plan Project Due Date: 12/14/2012 Ethnic is based on the rules and guidelines an individual uses to govern his life, as well as the manner in which he interacts with others. A personal code of ethics is a necessary ingredient to achieve success or overcome adversity. In the absence of rules, it's difficult to hold oneself accountable for poor decision-making or bad behavior. On the other hand, organizational ethics are the principals and

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  • The Need for a National Health Care Plan

    The Need for a National Health Care Plan in the United States Working in the health care industry for the past thirty years has permitted me to gain first hand, up close and personal knowledge of the health care system in our country. Dealing with the facets of humanity over the past ten years who have no health care coverage, or those who are aided by the state in which they live has led me to form a definite opinion’s about the necessity for a national health care plan. My thought process about

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  • Health Promotion Program Plan

    Health Promotion Program & Evaluation Introduction Obesity is a disease that is affecting a great number of Americans at an alarming rate. CDC reports that 35% of men and woman are currently obese in the U.S. Even though the prevalence of obesity is not significantly different between sexes. Female obesity was found in 42% of the women that were 60 and older compared to 32% of woman at the age range of 20-39 years of age (, 2012). In considering these statistics for the years 2009-2010

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  • Comparison of Health Care Plans

    Comparison of Health Care Plans There are several different health care plans available for consumers, and businesses as well as physicians. An Indemnity Plan: under this plan the insurance company which is known as the payer protects the policy holder against costs of medical services and procedures. This plan has higher costs to the consumer but also offers freedom of choice for providers. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): Offers Limited provider network, but does cover

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  • Health Care Financing

    Financing of Health Care Teonna Smalls HCS/440 Donna Lupinacci 05/12/2012 Introduction HMO’s and enrollees are two important players in the world of health care. Due to uncertainty on the supply and demand, moral hazard, and adverse selection, decision making for HMO’s more complex. The simulation provided me the decision making tools necessary, when making an economic decision for an HMO. Health care can be seen as a good that consumers demand and managed care firms are considered to be

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  • Action Plan for Optimal Health and Wellness

    Action Plan for Optimal health and Wellness Josue Ramirez SCI/163 May 23, 2013 Dr. Sara Love Action Plan for Optimal Health and Wellness To achieve optimal health and wellness we must be able to incorporate and balance the six dimensions and/or elements of health; Physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and environmental. We must change our attitudes, beliefs and our unhealthy behaviors. Change is never easy, in fact the majority it is quire difficult

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  • Oregon Health Plan

    Oregon’s Outline for Health Care Access “We have now just enshrined, as soon as I sign this bill, the core principle that everybody should have some basic security when it comes to their healthcare”. Barack Obama Here in Oregon we have the Oregon health plan (OHP) this is our state’s Medicaid program. Our Governor John A. Kitzhaber MD was an Emergency room doctor before going into public service and becoming the governor of Oregon. So he knows first hand the need for accessible health care here in

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  • Case Note on Carmel Collins V Mid Western Health Board

    Case note on Carmel Collins v Mid-western health Board and O’ Connor This case concerns the death of a man in his early 40’s from a subarachnoid haemorrhage. In the HC the learned trial judge found there to be no action in negligence. The case was appealed to the Supreme Court. The deceased first fell ill on the 20th February 1991 while at work on a building site. He visited the second named defendant in his surgery later that day, after his wife had made an appointment over the phone. She

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  • Nur 405 Education Health Plan

    Public Health Nursing Identify a minimum of 3 major events (or influences) in the evolution of community and public health nursing and describe how each event led to advancement of the field. For each event, describe the following: Key health issues at the time Perspectives and goals of community and public health nursing Tammy Cox Roles and functions of community and public health nursing NUR/405 Community and public health partnerships

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  • Features of Health Plans

    Features of Health Plans Donna Kimble HCR/220 October 16th, 2013 Harry Holt A health plan is an organization that provides and pays for medical care. Either to an individual or group. There are different kinds of health plans, major which are the more known plans. Some examples would be HIP Ins. Group, Cigna health group, and Aetna group. Next would be state plans, such as Medicaid or child health plus. With state health insurance an individual and family are covered either according

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  • Hcs/440 Economics: the Financing of Health Care

    Anderson HCS/440 ECONOMICS: THE FINANCING OF HEALTH CARE November 18, 2013 Jeanne Hutsberger Major The Economic Impact on HMOs Health care insurance has always been a hot commodity for people in the United States. Over the course of the past decade the demand has become even greater. Health care reform has implemented laws that state the employers must offer health insurance. Because of this companies are

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  • Mountain West Health Plans Inc

    MOUNTAIN WEST HEALTH PLANS INC PROBLEM 1. Increasing number of complaints from subscribers on inaccurate information. 2. Downward trend of department’s morale. 3. Higher employee turn-over rate at 30 percent from the previous 10 percent. OBJECTIVES 1. To give Rasmussen a fair and deserving evaluation, commending his strengths and pointing his weaknesses. 2. To reduce subscribers complaints on in-accurate information. 3. To improve employee morale and lower the turn-over rate. 4.

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  • Jason Collins

    In class we read an article, “ Why NBA Center Jason Collins is Coming Out Now,” by Jason Collins and Franz Lidz. He wrote this article in to announce that he was the “first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport.” The main point of the article is that Jason Collins explains that he was a gay man playing NBA basketball and it was time for him to tell the truth about his sexual orientation. I respect Jason Collins decision because coming out and sharing something so personal

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  • Suzanne Collins

    SUZANNE COLLINS Suzanne Collins, notorious for her action packed and somewhat romantic trilogy, The Hunger Games, has in fact accomplished much more than most would think. Born August 10th 1962, in Hartford, Connecticut she was welcomed into a military family. Being from a military family Collins was able to witness much more than the average person would, especially with her dad taking part in the Vietnam War. Being exposed to this side of things really helped Suzanne in writing her most successful

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  • Features of Health Plans

    Features of Health Plans Andrea Muller HCR/220 July 23, 2014 Jessica Ellis Features of Health Plans The American health Insurance (AHIP) provides patients and employers with two options of purchasing of health care plans, individual or group health care plans and/or policies. Through these plans and/or policies are services that are covered, noncovered, disability/automotive insurances and worker’s compensation. Covered services are treatments and/or procedures that are provided by you

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  • Health Care

    Title of Paper Health care is defined as being one of through goods that consumers demand. A study reveals that rational consumers make choices to maximize utility. For example if the Americans chooses to eat more chocolate even though it is bad for his or her health, it means that Americans perceives more utility in the joy of eating chocolate than developing good teeth. However, the market for health care is different from markets for other goods in many ways, which complicates “decision

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  • Action Plans Health and Social Care

    Level 3 Diplomas Health and Social Care ACTION PLAN Zoe Newell Date | Goal/target set | Action to be taken to achieve goal/target | Date to be met by | How goals targets achieved. Knowledge/skills gained | November- December 2014 | Hand in unit 22 task 2 in and put it onto Moodle. | I will do this by making sure that I get all the information and get on with the task so that I don’t fail if I miss the deadline, so therefore if I was to get a referral then I could get it in as quick as

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  • Health Benefit Plans

    Accounting for Health and Welfare Benefit Plans Kayla Helms Abstract Health and welfare benefit plans include many types of plans. These different plans can fall under one if two categories: defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans. These plans differ in how contributions to the plans are made. Overall Employee benefit plans can be separated into three different topics. These topics are: defined benefit pension plans, defined contribution pension plans, and health and welfare

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  • Feaures of Health Plan

    Features of Health Plans HCR/220 12/14/14 When looking for different health care plans that’s offered there are five different kinds. Everyone just have to search and find what healthcare plan is right for them. Indemnity, Managed Care, Point of Service, HMO, and PPO are all five health care plan. Indemnity healthcare plan. Indemnity the patient choses the healthcare provider they wishes to see, with no limit. There is a deductible that a patient must pay before the insurance starts to pay

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  • Billy Collins

    In Billy Collins’ poem “Introduction to Poetry” he is trying to get you the reader to stop analyzing poetry and immerse yourself within a poem, enjoying it as well as discovering what the deeper meaning is. He does this by using many different metaphors to help the reader to approach poetry with less reluctance and be able to enjoy the many pleasures of poetry. Don’t try to find a concrete meaning in it. Experience the beauty of the poem, developing your own interpretation. In the first stanza

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  • Health Care Simulation

    Castor Collins Health Simulation Tenisha Spears HCS/440 June 28, 2011 Frank Kingsland Castor Collins Health Simulation Castor Collins health care was establishes as a regional HMO in 1999. Castor Collins health care serves over 100,000 enrollees and is looking to grow in the future to come. I am the vice president of Strategy and Financial Planning at Castor Collins. My job at Castor Collins is to interact with new clients, to formulate health plans that better suit the clients

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  • Health and Wellness Plan

    nutritionist and registered dieticians. Health care or medical support will be provided by the patient’s Primary Care Physician, Bariatric Surgeon, nursing staff, surgical team and hospital staff after surgery. Office staff and local business will also lend a hand to support the patients in their community. 2 Physical activity and life style changes will be guided by Exercise Physiologists, personal trainers and community gyms. Obesity is the #1 health issue in our country today with

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  • Southeast Health Plans

    Executive Summary Southeast Health Plans, Inc. is a service company that will provide health plan administrative services to self-insured employers. The company will concentrate on employers with 50 to 500 employees. Many of these employers have current HMO, PPO, or major national insurance carrier health plans. While the majority of employers with 500 or more employees have at least some element of self-insurance incorporated into their health care programs, our target market is often ignored by

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  • Features of Health Plans

    Features of Health Plans Features of Health Plans There are two types of health care plans. Indemnity and managed care. Indemnity plans utilize the fee-for-service approach, which means that the service is rendered before the fee is paid. Indemnity plans are often higher in cost than other insurances have higher deductibles that must be met before the insurance begins to cover some, but not all medical care. Preventive care is not normally covered. Even after the deductible has been met the

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  • Health Care Plan Analysis

    The Health Care Plan under Kansas Department of Health and Environment provide with four different insurance. There are two major categories. Plan A and Plan C. Plan C is Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) with high deductibles. The HealthCare Plan that the employee will purchase for it will be of Plan A BCBS with the monthly cost of $70.02 which include the cost of dental and basic vision. This plan is better than others because it possess normal risk and has an

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  • Ode to Evening - William Collins

    to Evening - William Collins Introduction: “Ode to Evening,” is one among the most enduring poems of William Collins. It is a beautiful poem of fifty-two lines, addressed to a goddess figure representing evening. This nymph, or maid, who personifies dusk, is chaste, reserv’d, and meek, in contrast to the bright-hair’d sun, a male figure who withdraws into his tent, making way for night. Thus evening is presented as the transition between light and darkness. Collins’ Construction of Evening:

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  • Action Plan for Optimal Health and Wellness

    Action Plan for Optimal Health and Wellness Rodney Spear Sophia Wells Taneka Johnson SCI/163- Elements of Health and Wellness February 23, 2013 Over the course of five weeks, we have studied the components for living a healthy life. Within the components we learned were six dimensions of health, which include: physical, social, emotional, environmental, intellectual, and spiritual. Utilizing technology, the six dimensions of health were presented weekly via “Game Scape”

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  • Features of Health Plans

    Features of Health Plans Three major types of health care plans include consumer-driven health plans, preferred provider organizations, and health maintenance organizations. Each of these have various stipulations such as their deductibles, premiums, networks, and so on, and may also have similarities as well. Health maintenance organizations design a network of providers that their by creating contracts with them, and then the members that enroll in their health plans, in order to be covered

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  • Mental Health Counseling Plan

    Mental Health Counselor-Licensure Plan Jeremy J. Love Keiser University Dr, Catherine Longa Foundation of Counseling October 10, 2015 Mental Health Counselor-Licensure Plan According to the Florida Department of Health (2015), in order for an prospective counselor to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) they must first complete a CARCREP accredited mental health counseling master’s program with academic course work in each of the in each of the following

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  • Health Eating Plan

    Healthy Eating Plan Siobhan N. Xavier SCI/241 September 18, 2011 Mr. David West Healthy Eating Plan Eating a well-balanced and nutrition-rich meal on a daily basis is just as important as maintaining the proper body weight and maintaining the proper personal care and hygiene on a daily basis. I believe that I live by a fairly healthy lifestyle and I exercise and eat the proper foods. However, upon completing my prior required assignment “Three Day Diet Analysis” and comparing my results

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  • Features of Private Payer and Consumer - Driven Health Plans

    Consumer - Driven Health Plans Mary Davis HCR 230 September 20, 2015 Charlene Carpenter Features of Private Payer and Consumer - Driven Health Plans When it comes to health insurance plans there are many different private payers that include preferred provider organizations (PPO), health maintenance organizations (HMO), group health maintenance organizations, independent practice association (IPA), point of service (POS), Indemnity, and consumer-driven health plan (CDHP). And consumer-driven

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  • Health Improvement and Cost Reduction Plan

    2010 Health Improvement and Cost Reduction Plan (HICREP) Sammy Osei MPA/Healthcare Management Health Improvement and Cost Reduction Plan (HICREP) 2 INTRODUCTION Medicare, an entitlement program that provides healthcare benefits to seniors over 65 years old, patients with disability and those suffering from end stage renal diseases, contributes enormously to the rising cost of care in the United States. Key cost drivers within Medicare are the leading chronic diseases and its risk factors

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  • Health Promotion Plan

    Health Promotion Plan Linda Nowlin Western Kentucky University Teaching Health Promotions N340 Dr. Deborah Williams March 14, 2012 NURS 340: Health Promotion Plan Health Promotion Plan: Diet, Nurtrition (The Purpose of this Plan is to assist an individual to improve diet and nutrition through better food choices) Assessment Name: Linda Nowlin Describe a typical day, including eating times and places, activities, etc. Since I work nights, my typical eating times and places are

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  • Personal Health Plan

    abilities are the biggest assets on the rock. To start a health plan I feel there needs to be a goal. I have established this and now a date to start. First I need to stop smoking and start an exercise program that fits into my busy life style. In the following paragraphs I will attempt to show how I would train for the adventure I have chosen. January 1, 2002 is the date to stop smoking, no more cigarettes. A work out plan and diet will be implemented along with climbing indoors at a

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  • Universal Health Plan

    Running head: UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE PLAN Universal Healthcare in America Name NUR 109 Fundamentals in Nursing Front Range Community College Universal healthcare is a controversial, yet important topic facing our country today. According to the author, Marleise Rashford there are approximately 300 million people living in the United States and one sixth of them are uninsured.(2007,p.5) That is approximately 50 million without insurance in our country today

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  • Health & Safety Plan

    Health & Safety Plan 1: Organisational Safety Plan Editor’s note: PR Smith’s SOSTAC® can be used, as you will see, in many different formats and styles. Here is an outline Health & Safety plan for an organisation. New Organisational Safety Plan A safety professional has recently joined a new organisation and has been tasked to develop a new safety plan for the next 5 years. Situational Analysis Data Reviewed  Employee engagement scores  Accident reporting rates  Audit trends  Employee

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  • Health Care Organizational Ethics Plan

    Health Care Organizational Ethics Plan Amanda Paschal Ethics and Decision Making in Health Care June 6, 2016 Contents Introduction 3 Theoretical aspects of organizational policy 3 Ethical Decisions and Judgment 5 Informed Consent 6 Regulatory issues and policies of informed consent are addressed. 7 Finance issues 8 Patient care issues 9 Human resources issues 9 Legal issues 10 Regulatory issues 11 Protocols to address patient safety issues 12 Protocols to address patient access issues

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  • Health Care Economics Issues Hmo Simulation

    Health Care Economics Issues HMO Simulation Name University of Phoenix Economics: The Financing of Health Care HCS440 instructor date Health Care Economics Issues HMO Simulation Castor Collins is a health insurance company that offers health maintenance organization (HMO) to organizations. This health insurance company was founded in 1999 in Pantome. Two organizations are trying to seek coverage for their employees and have chosen to see what Castor Collins has to offer them. The

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  • Personalized Health Plan

    Personalized Health Plan SCI/241 Personalized Health Plan It is important for individuals to create a healthy eating plan. It is just as important for the individual to follow that eating plan in order to remain healthy. The food one chooses to eat as well as the level of physical activities performed has a significant impact on a person’s health. I am choosing to implement a healthy eating and physical activity plan into my life. The following plan is one that I feel could be used at any

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  • Nur/405 Health Education Plan

    Health Education Plan NUR/405 October 10, 2011 Health Education Plan Educating the public is a role every nurse must participate in to promote, maintain, and restore health among a community. To accomplish such requires community members receive and have a practical understanding of health-related information (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008). One method to accomplish such is to develop a health educational plan. The purpose of this paper is to create a health education plan based upon information

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  • Health and Safety Practice Plan Part 3

    Health and Safety Practices Plan Part Three Individual Health and Safety Practices Plan (Part Three), Occupational Safety Use research, articles, and your text to complete your paper.   Identify two injury or illness on-the-job issues related to your chosen company.   Evaluate, through research, the issues and the possible effects of those issues regarding the following:            Workers          Production          Management Format   Discuss the financial implications

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  • Health Education Plan

    Health Education Plan Deborah Hibbs Nurs 405 March 12, 2012 Beth Meadows RN,MSN, NCSN Health Education Plan This health education plan is based on information collected from information gathered from a Windshield Survey and from interviews of a subject family. Educational Needs Although smoking rates have gone down over the last few years, there is still a need for education related to smoking and smoking cessation. In the Windshield Survey, it was stated that due to local and state regulations

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  • Features of Health Plans

    healthcare plans, they need to know about all of the many different plans to choose from. There are a total of five different healthcare plans to choose from. They consist of the Indemnity Plan, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Point of Service (POS), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and the Consumer Driven Health Plan. Between these five healthcare plans there are many differences and similarities. For example some of the plans allow you to use any provider of your choice. Other plans suggest

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