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  • Osaka Castle

    Osaka castle Dezarae ballungay Social Studies, period 5 Mr.Sato Today is a wonderful day to talk about the history of the Osaka Castle. The Osaka Castle is widely known as an emblem of the power and fortune of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Hideyoshi began construction at the former site of Honganji Temple and completed the magnificent castle, which was reputed as the unparalleled in the country. Hideyoshi employed the castle as his stronghold, he had succeeded quelling the wars that which had continued

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  • The Glass Castle

    Alexis Duch INS/H1500 Glass Castle Analysis September 27,2012 Jeanette Walls opens her memoir with a scene in which she is three years old cooking hot dogs by herself and her dress catches on fire which escalates to her torso. She yells for her mother to help her and the neighbor takes her to the hospital where she gets to sleep in a clean bed and eat real meals for a few weeks. When she is almost healed but not completely, her Father comes and checks her out “Rex Walls style”. The incidents

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  • Castles

    Neuschwanstein Castle The earliest castles were built in Normandy and were, basically, just a mound encased by a ditch or moat with a few building in the interior. There have been numerous developments in the architecture and have turned them into concentric castles with stonewalls thick enough to withstand anything. These castles have been scattered all over the world. Some were made to hold troops to defend against enemies; some were also made as a luxurious getaway for a Lord or a King. Many

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  • Business Plan of a Restaurant for the Wurst Family

    Business Plan of a Restaurant for the Wurst Family Table of Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 3 2.0 Justification of the Restaurant 3 3.0 Non-Financial Analysis of the Restaurant 5 3.1 Products and Services 5 3.2 Market Segmentation 5 3.3 Strategies 7 3.31 Competitive Edge 7 3.32 Promotion Strategy 7 3.33 Management Summary 7 4.0 Financial Analysis of the Restaurant 8 4.1 Breakeven Analysis 8 4.2 Cash Flow Data 9 4.3 Income

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  • Service Operation of Restaurants-Fastfood Joints

    FASTFOOD / RESTAURANT INDUSTRY Introduction Indian QSR (quick service restaurants) Industry is growing very rapidly. It is a reflection of the change in the lifestyle, food habits and consumption pattern of the population. The incidence of Dining out, ordering from home as well as takeaways is rising creating an opportunity to cater to a wide mass of population. What was the domain of upper class, singles or forced bachelors, has percolated to all echelons of society. The incidence and value differ

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  • Black Castle

    In the memoir The Glass Castle written by Jeanette Walls, portrays her dysfunctional family and her difficulties growing up. Jeanette is faced with numerous barriers throughout her life. Despite the many obstacles set forth by her parents during her childhood, Jeanette develops into a successful adult later in life. One of these obstacles is that Jeanette must cope with the carelessness of her mother, Rose Mary, while also dealing with the destructive nature of her father, Rex. Jeanette Walls uses

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  • Middlesbrough Castle

    Middlesbrough Castle Once upon a time there was a prince who lived in Middlesbrough Castle with his father who was the king. The prince really wanted a princess he could marry, but he just couldn’t find the right one. The king was very unhappy, that his only son who had to perpetuate his line couldn’t find a proper princess. The prince was about to give up until his father told him to throw a great party for all princesses in the whole world. The prince did what his father demanded and even though

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  • Restaurant

    THAI RESTAURANT 1 CASE STUDY REPORT Restaurant Management in The U.S. : In Case of Thai Restaurants in 2005 Parinya Maglin EDWARD S. AGENO SCHOOL OF BUSINESS GOLDEN GATE UNIVERSITY Date: September 17, 2005 THAI RESTAURANT 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this case study was to motivate the owners or managers of Thai restaurants to increase their definitions of Thai restaurant management and get the edge to make their restaurants a going concern and to provide some

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  • White Castle

    are both being used for White Castle. A pull strategy is used when there is a rescission, and so consumers are not willing to spend much, so classic offer such as save 25%, or buy one get one free kinds of offers are used in this company. By using these kind of offers, it create a send of increased, a time limited value so that the customer can always come to the store for looking for the new prommotions. On the other hand a push strategy is also used, White castle promotes its products through advertising

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  • Castele's Family Restaurant Stage 1

    Business Assessment 4 Identified Problems 4 HRIS Needs Assessment 5 Proposed Model of Castle's Family Restaurant HRIS 6 Conclusion 7 References____ ____________________________________8____ SCENARIO STAGE 1 INTRODUCTION Castle's Family Restaurant has eight restaurants in the Northern California area with approximately 300-340 employees. Most of the employees are part time with approximately

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  • Glass Castle

    Regarding the Walls Family Children Every child deserves a warm and caring family. These days, many children are left in abused and neglected families that affect their life afterwards. I believe it is the duty of Child Protective Services to give children the best environment in which to succeed and grow, to evaluate the situation and develop plan for the family while their parents demonstrate that they love their children, their shortcomings as parents outweigh their good intentions. In Jeannette

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  • White Castle

    In the novel White Castle, a young Italian scholar has been captured and imprisoned by the Ottoman Empire on his way from Venice to Naples. Pasha enslaves the Italian scholar, and after a series of events, gives the Italian slave to Hoja. We learn in the story that the two men (the Italian slave and Hoja) resemble each other in different aspects. Throughout the story, the theme of East verses West is being introduced and hinted out by the author in different parts of the novel. The theme becomes

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  • Castle Family Restaurant

    and Family Castle Restaurant run more efficiently as a business. Jay Morgan the Operations Manager, have been using outdated methods for scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and answering questions from its employees. Maintaining accurate books and keeping constant communication with the Managers have been a challenge for Jay Morgan. If an accurate HRIS system can be implemented, Jay Morgan will be able to achieve more in business with less time and travel. BUSINESS ASSESSMENT Castle Family Restaurant

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  • Castle's Family Restaurants Stage 1

    INTROUCTION: Castle’s Family Restaurant is a rather small chain of family owned restaurants located in northern California which employs between 300-340 employees. Most of the employees work part time, and only about 40 percent work full time. Mr. Jay Morgan acts as the operations manager as well as HR manager, which requires him to travel to each location in order to take care of the recruiting, hiring, and also answer any questions that employees may have, and other responsibilities that are required

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  • Castle's Family Restaurant

    ◦Headers are helpful throughout the paper to ensure that all assignment criteria are included, and they help with topical flow and keep the paper organized. Case Scenario: Fictitious Business Description Castle’s Family Restaurant has eight restaurants in the northern California area with approximately 300–340 employees. Most of the employees are part time, with approximately 40% of them full time. The operations manager, Jay Morgan, also acts as the HR manager and travels to each

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  • Castle Restaurant Stage One

    | HR Technology Case ScenarioStage One | Human Resource Information Systems HRM340 | | MemaPapa | 5/8/2013 | | Introduction Mr. Jay Morgan, the operations manager for Castle Restaurants, has approached our consulting firm with a desire to reduce his travel time and days out of his office to visit the eight stores he currently oversees. Mr. Morgan currently provides all the human resource functions for the company which includes recruiting, hiring, scheduling, and payroll. He

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  • The Glass Castle

    After reading Jeannette Walls’ memoir, “The Glass Castle”, it became clear that there were many repetitive factors that shaped the Walls family’s lives. There are numerous accounts of sexual abuse, parental alcoholism, evidence of mental illness and finally poverty in the form of homelessness. For even when the children prospered the parents choose to be homeless. The question is, are these factors relative? Can it be that childhood sexual abuse can inflict mental illness or alcoholism in adulthood

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  • Castle's Family Business Plan

    Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage III DeVry University Executive Summary The purpose of this business plan is to understand the restaurants business and its operations to improve its customer service and its employee relations. The Castle Family Restaurant has eight restaurants that operate under one regional manager that also acts as the Human Resource Manager for the restaurants. The goal is to develop a plan that can decrease the travel time of the regional manager so; that

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  • The Glass Castle Summary

    The book The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls tells the story of Jeannette and her family. Jeannette certainly did not have the easiest life growing up, but she may have had one of the most interesting. I enjoyed the book because the experiences that Jeanette and her family went through make for a very exciting read. These experiences are out of the ordinary and don't represent how a typical American family would live. Jeannette was born into a rather peculiar family. She had a mother and father

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  • The Glass Castle

    Children do not always need loving and supportive parents in order to grow up successful. In The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, not every child needs loving and supportive parents. Although they do love their children, Rex and Mary use very basic parental decisions; the children are very independent and raise themselves for the most part. With the right mindset, motivation and knowledge this can lead to success in life even through the hardest of times. Jeannette was at the lower class growing

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  • Restaurant

    Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Surveys Can Keep Your Customers Coming Back Keep your customers coming back and recommending your restaurant to others with help from restaurant customer satisfaction surveys. Restaurant customer satisfaction surveys give you quantitative insight into the opinions and attitudes of your customers. You’ll obtain facts about what they want, what they expect, and if they plan to return to your restaurant again. If results show that your restaurant does not meet your

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  • Van Castle

    Van Castle At the beging of the first millenium BC, the Urartus created a unified state whose territory were extended from the Caucasus to Lake Urmiya, with its capital Van(Tuspha). The Urartus were masters in hydraulic Works and skilled in irrigation, drainage and the construction of canals and artificail lakes. They were also known for their horse breeding and formidable cavalry. The province Van lie on the eastern shore of Lake Van and was an ancient Urartian capital of Tuspa. (1000

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  • Warwick Castle History

    Internal View of the Castle The construction of the castle was ordered by William the Conqueror and quickly constructed as a wooden Motte and bailey structure. A fortified stone castle replaced the wooden castle in 1260. The two main round towers were built at the front of the castle and the Chapel and large hall were built against the south wall. Various additions were made to Warwick Castle as time passed - Guys Tower and Caesar's Tower were added at the end of the fourteenth Century - these

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  • Castles Family Restaurant Stage 1

    Jennifer Todaro DeVry University Professor Georgia Katsianis HRM420: Training & Development June 26, 2014 Instrument #1 Pre-Test 1. What are you looking to get out this training? 2. Are there certain areas you want covered? 3. What type of training do you respond best to? 4. Is this training required for your job? 5. Are you willing to stay for the entire training session? 6. What do you know about CSI? 7. What area of CSI are you most

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  • Restaurant

    Bulacan State University College of Architecture and Fine Arts Malolos, Bulacan. THESIS PROPOSAL Kamayan sa Villiares (food and restaurant) In Particular Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Visual Communication Submitted by: By: Regienald S.D Bairan CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Advertising is how a company encourages people to buy their products, services or ideas. An advertisement or Ad is anything that draws good attention towards these

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  • Castles and Knighthood

    Castles and Knighthood Castles a) This is a typical castle, its name is Harlech. a) Questions about the features of a castle Q: What was the moat for? A: The moat was mainly used to stop enemies from reaching the walls but its other use was to make a reflection of the castle in order to make it look bigger. Q: What is a drawbridge? A: A drawbridge was a defensive mechanism that allowed access to the castle by providing a temporary

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  • Castle Family Restaurant Stage I

    Castle Family Restaurant HRM340 9/15/2014 INTRODUCTION Different areas of HRIS systems have been considered to help Castle’s Family Restaurant and Morgan save time and money. Morgan is the Operations/HR manager that has been using out of date methods for timekeeping, personnel support, and payroll. If a more efficient system could be implemented, Morgan would be able to accomplish more in other areas while limiting time and travel. BUSINESS ASSESSMENT The Castle Family restaurant

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  • Restaurants

    RESTAURANT PRACTICUM REPORT On THE MAX’S RESTAURANT Robinson Place Imus Cavite TRAINING PERIOD: November 11, 2014 to February 6, 2015 In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course Restaurant Practicum For a Degree in Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management College of International Hospitality Management University of Perpetual Help System - DALTA Alabang – Zapote Road, Pamplona 3, Las Piñas City SUBMITTED TO: Mr. Wendell B. Aguirre

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  • Glass Castle

    Book Report on Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls 1 Book Report on Jeannette Wall’s Glass Castle Book Report on Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls 2 Jeannette Walls's story is one that gives the reader an idea of what it is like to grow up in a very complex and often self-destructive family system. Jeannette Walls's memoir Glass Castle begins with her riding in a taxi through contemporary New York City on her way to a party. As she looks out the taxi window, Jeannette sees her mother digging through

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  • Castles

    interesting parts of a castle. The way these parts were built was because of how the people there lived and what they needed. Most parts of a castle are made for protection from invaders. Castles were constantly being attacked, so they needed to be heavily guarded and armed. Other parts of a castle are for living, eating, entertainment, and storage. A moat is a body of water surrounding a castle that is used to prevent attackers from digging tunnels under the castle walls. They were usually

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  • Castle Rock

    Analysis………………………………………………………………..p.16 SWOT Analysis………………………………………………..…………………….p.16 Location………………………………………………………..…………………….p.17 Nature of Competition…………………………………………………………….....p.17 Potential New Hire Competition…………………………………………………….p.17 Potential New Restaurant and Food Service Competition…………………………..p.17 Location Analysis………………………………………………………..……..……p.18 Description of the Area……………………………………………………………….p.18 Commercial Residential Profile………………………………..…………………..…p.18 Traffic Flow………………………………………………………………………

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  • The Glass Castle

    understand what their role was in the family. Although this is not necessarily the best way to raise a child, society promotes the belief that parents need to raise children in ways that are not consistent with how they actually want to behave. One of the most important roles of children and parents alike is related to how each group needs to accept the other, and Rose Mary displays this when trying to convince Jeannette to stop hiding the reality of their family, stating, “Your father and I are

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  • Glass Castle

    leave their house in the middle of the nights. The Walls’s children were unable to have a normal childhood because of their parent’s lack of responsibility. Rex was an alcoholic that would spend more money on booze, smokes, and gambling leaving his family to fend for themselves, “We did eat less...Sometimes one of Dad’s odd jobs would come through, or he’d win some money gambling, and we’d eat for a few days. Then the money would be gone and the refrigerator would be empty again.” (Walls 67) Not only

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  • Castle Restaurant

    Castle Business Plan Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage III Susanna Vilim DeVry University HRM-340 1 Castle Business Plan Table of Contents Item Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Page # 2 3- 4 5 Company Review 6- 7 Business Analysis 8 - 11 HRIS Type/Comparison 12 - 14 HRIS Recommendation 15 - 17 Conclusion 18 Bibliography 19 2 Castle Business Plan Executive Summary Castle’s Family Restaurant being

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  • Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage Iii

    Executive Summary Castle’s Family Restaurant has been a highly successful restaurant operating in the northern California area for the last thirteen (13) years. As a family-owned chain, the restaurant as proven success by operating eight (8) restaurants under the family name. In an effort to continue achieving the high levels of success that it has experienced over the years and possibly expand further, certain aspects of the operation of the company will have to be controlled by technology. One

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  • Castle Restaurant Stage Iii

    Insure that you proofread for clarity and proper writing skills. This document should be professional in appearance as well as content. Remove all blue/red instructions before submitting assignment or points may be impacted. Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage III Tammy Nickell DeVry University Table of Contents Item | Page # | Table of Contents | 2 | Executive SummaryThis section should be written last. It provides the reader with an overview of your business plan

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  • Castle's Family Restaurant

    Week Three O*NET Assignment Cyndi Meredith HR Management MGMT 410 September 21, 2014 James Mullins Week Three O*NET Assignment After reviewing the O*NET website I came up with the below information about my interests, skills, and information on the jobs that matched these specific items. Depending on the zone I was interested in, I was a good match for an HR Manager, or a CEO position. I think that the CEO position may be a great job for someone, but not for me. The HR Manager position

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  • Castle's Family Restaurant

    United States. With the right training from management, employees would remain motivated and begin to enjoy the company while increasing their absenteeism, and their respect for their company while making the employee’s feel like they are a part of a family outside of home. The employees would start feeling a sense of appreciation. A happy employee causes a happier work environment. Business Assessment The ADP Vantage (HCM) is used for a company that has no more than 1,000 employees. That means that

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  • Castle Family Resturaunt

    business plan is to understand the restaurants business and its operations to improve its customer service and its employee relations. The Castle Family Restaurant has eight restaurants that operate under one regional manager that also acts as the Human Resource Manager for the restaurants. The goal is to develop a plan that can decrease the travel time for the regional manager, Jay Morgan so that he may save on gas expenses traveling between each eight restaurants in the Northern California area.

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  • Glass Castle

    Review of “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls is an intriguing story of Walls’ family and their experiences. Through Jeannette’s story as both the narrator and the protagonist in the story, the actual state of Walls’ family is vividly described. Through the eyes of Jeannette, the reader finally shares the troubles of Walls family, where the parents are less concerned about the children. Jeanette herself is rendering the burden and responsibility of taking

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  • Diagnostic Essay on the Glass Castle

    Hannah Bacon-Dietz Mrs. Crosbie AP Language and Composition 8/17/11 Love Unmatched- Glass Castle Diagnostic Essay Even though the Walls parents from the Glass Castle were for lack of a better phrase, irresponsible and immature, they displayed a love and loyalty towards their family that is scarcely seen in today’s world. The children had a saddening and independent childhood with their parents often tending to their needs over their children. But throughout the entirety of the book Rex and Rosemary

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  • Glass Castle

    The book The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls tells the story of Jeannette and her family. Jeannette certainly did not have the easiest life growing up, but she may have had one of the most interesting. I enjoyed the book because the experiences that Jeanette and her family went through make for a very exciting read. These experiences are out of the ordinary and don't represent how a typical American family would live. Jeannette was born into a rather peculiar family. She had a mother and father

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  • Castle's Family Restaurants Stage 1

    AMERICAN GREETINGS 1. An enterprise value (EV) to EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization) ratio at 3.5 times which is at the bottom of the corporations comparable to American Greetings is not appropriate. The value is too low as compared to other companies which are comparable to American Greetings in terms of Revenue, Share price, Shares Outstanding, total cash and debt. The value signals a downward trend in the company’s profitability and share price from the already

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  • 4p's in a Restaurant

    improve their health.” B. The View Restaurant at Indian Kettles ( “Our mission is to provide only the freshest and finest foods possible at a reasonable price to our guests. In addition, we will provide the highest degree of service possible. We will treat each and every one of our guests like family visiting our home for a festive occasion. We will strive to keep all areas of our Lake George restaurant spotless. We will protect Lake George

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  • The Glass Castle

    comic episodes a little more.” ― Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle things usually workout in the end" "what if they don't?" "that just means you haven't come to the end yet” ― Jeannette Walls B.This is a novel that is full of tragedy's and the sad truth of what Jeannette walls had to live through in her child hood. C. Jeannette Walls is author of the memoir, The Glass Castle, which has been on the New York Times best-sellers list for

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  • Castle Family Restaurant Business Plan Stage Ii

    Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage II April Reid November, 26 2010 DeVry University Mr. Morgan now that I have assessed your business needs I want to go even further and explain the details of the HRIS application I feel would be beneficial to you and your company Castle’s Family Restaurants. The HRIS I mentioned to you before that I feel would work best for you is the Management Information System (MIS). HRIS TYPE: The MIS system will allow for the eight stores to be connected

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  • Castle's Family Restaurant Stage 1

    Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan DeVry University BUSINESS ASSESSMENT This is to assess the unnecessary travel costs of Mr. Morgan who works for Castle’s Family Restaurants which consist of eight northern California locations with approximately 300 to 340 employees and suggest a HRIS solution. The employees are made up of about 40% full-time and 60% part-time. As operations manager and human resource manager, Jay Morgan finds that he has a hard time maintaining all of the responsibilities

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  • The Glass Castle

    people are naturally inclined to defend such as family, friends, or the way in which someone chooses to live their life. Maybe their choices or actions aren’t exactly admirable or necessarily considered “right”, but nevertheless they defend them if anyone were to ever challenge them about their legitimacy. In Jeannette Walls captivating memoir, The Glass Castle, the reader becomes enthralled with Jeannette’s constant battle between defending her family and the greatness she hopes the Walls will amount

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  • Restaurant

    organized segment of the restaurant industry, at 16-20% of the total industry is more than the organized segment of the retail industry, which currently stands at 8%, and is growing faster than the overall restaurant industry, at 20-25% per annum. 2 0 2008 2009 Organized 2013 2018 Unorganized Segments of the Food Services Sector 20% 80% Organized Unorganized Segments of the Organized Food Services Sector This segment is dominated by restaurants which constitute 40%

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  • Castle's Family Restaurant Stage I

    Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage I Introduction Human Resource management teams work with the performance of activities such as bookkeeping, upholding policies and guidelines, employee performances, and ensuring that labor laws are enforced. Human resource managers utilize information systems to help in their daily duties of payroll, training, and organizations of personnel files. Human Resource managers develop and analyze functions that will determine the specific type of

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