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  • Tootsie Roll Industry

    Tootsie Roll Industry Financials Molly Matyka, Dalisa Santiago, Kevin Spalding, Denise Sudler, ACC/561 October 22, 2012 Karen Lascelle Loan Package for Tootsie Roll Industry In order to obtain a loan to help finance the Tootsie Roll Inc., whether it is through a banking institution or a private lender; a properly written loan package is needed to obtain the proper financing for the company’s future advancement. Each funding source is needed to be detailed to ensure the

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  • Apply Ohs Case Study - Printing Industry

    the printing industry, located under ‘Safety & Prevention’ for manufacturing works. It also offers publication such as the ‘Australian Exposure Standards’, and professional advices regarding hazards in this type of work as well as OH&S information in general. In addition, on the same site, legal forms such as the ‘Hearing Assessment’ forms and several claim forms are also available. For even more specific news/guides regarding OH&S legislations that apply to this industry, the Printing

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  • Case Study: Pomodoro, Inc.: Food and Beverage Industry.

    Case Study: Pomodoro, Inc.: Food and Beverage industry. USA employment related Laws and Regulations which includes Anti- sexual harassment and a comprehensive interpretation of the laws as they apply to Pomodoro, Inc. Introduction: Pomodoro, Inc. will need to become familiarized with the employment laws and regulations that are governed by the United States Department of Labor and the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This paper will give a summary of each law or regulation

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  • Eco561 Tootsie Roll

    Tootsie Roll can make a major capital investment in new, energy efficient equipment. According to the tax assessor’s office, the average life of candy making machinery and equipment is fifteen years (Personal Property Manual, 2010). Taking a look at the depreciation taken by the company, it can be assumed that most of the equipment is much older than this. Energy is the biggest expense for a company outside of raw resources. As the price of energy increases, it becomes more important for a company

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  • Acc561 Tootsie Roll Paper

    Tootsie Roll Industries Loan Package ACC/561 December 16, 2012 Myrtle Clark Tootsie Roll Industries Loan Package “Tootsie Roll Industries has grown to become one of the country’s largest candy companies, with a lineup that includes some of the world’s most popular candy, chocolate, and bubble gum brands,” (Tootsie Roll Industries, 2012, p.1). Through the creation of the tootsie roll and other products, the Tootsie Roll Industry has maintained

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  • Effective Training: a Case Study from the Oil & Gas Industry

    Performance in the Workplace Effective Training: A Case Study from the Oil & Gas Industry 1. Provide a summary of the who, what, and why of the case. This is a case study of the Oil & Gas Industry (O&G) and the safety measures and evaluations they employ. Throughout this case study, it was determined that the main focus was the safety of the inexperienced workers (roughnecks and worms) and drivers of the rigs. Although everyone in the industry may require some sort of safety training, it seems

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  • Tootsie Roll Industries

    Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Loan Request Patricia Duncan, Sean Duncan, Heidi Oppegard, and Michelle Rodriguez Accounting ACC/561 January 7, 2012 Jared Jones Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Loan Request Tootsie Roll Industries is a confectionery products manufacturer that has been in business for 111 years. The company makes a variety of products including a) Tootsie Roll, b) Tootsie Roll Pops, c) Caramel Apple Pops, d) Charms, e) Blow

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  • The Case Study of Eva Airways Core Competencies in Airline Industry

    The Case Study of Eva Airways Core Competencies in Airline Industry | December 252012 | The idea of "core competences" is one of the most important business ideas currently shaping our world. This is one of the key ideas that lies behind the current wave of outsourcing, as businesses concentrate their efforts on things they do well and outsource as much as they can of everything else. Eva Airways core competencies covers excellent flight safety record, advanced flight equipment to enhance flight

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  • Tootsie Roll

    to pay its maturing obligations and meet unexpected needs for cash” (Kimmel, Weygandt, & Kieso, 2009, p. 673). The liquidity of Tootsie Roll Industries has a positive amount of working capital and a favoring current ratio in both 2006 and 2007. The Tootsie Roll Company has the ability to pay off its liabilities. When a manager views the liquidity of the Tootsie Roll Company, the current ratio shows that for every dollar of liabilities in 2007, there was $3.45 worth of current assets.

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  • Clayton Industries Case Study

    Case Analysis Report Clayton Industries: Peter Arnell, Country Manager for Italy (HBS Case # 4199) 1. Evaluate Peter Arnell’s first two months as general manager of Clayton SpA. What are the main challenges he faces? How well is he dealing with them? The biggest challenge Peter faces is the stagnant growth that Clayton SpA has experienced in recent years, especially with a 5.3% decline in 2008 and 19.4% drop in the first quarter of 2009 for Italy. This lack of sales directly affects

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  • Analysis of Hershey and Tootsie Rolls

    Hershey’s Company and Tootsie Roll Industries are both makers of confectionary products, mainly chocolate and other candies. Both companies have been making these products since the early to middle 1890’s and market their products worldwide. Hershey’s is the larger company of the two. To show perspective of how much larger Hershey’s is, they had a net sale of over 5 billion dollars in 2008. Tootsie Roll’s net sales in 2008 were $492 million. However, I will be looking at and comparing their financial

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  • Case Study 3: Will Technology Save the Publishing Industry

    12 January 2014 Case Study 3: Will Technology Save the Publishing Industry? 1. The Internet has had a significant impact on newspapers. The development of online communication has led to important transformations at an organizational level. The internet has involved changes in access, production and circulation of information. These changes are distinguished by the speed with which news reaches the reader, the low cost of distributing information and the opportunity to establish more direct contact

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  • The Us Brewing Industry Case Study

    1. The U.S. brewing industry has become more concentrated over the last two decades for several reasons. a. The consumption of beer has been slowly declining, in order for companies to gain market share, they have to take customers from other companies. This would then lead to some companies to go out of business due to the lack of customers. b. Brand loyalty also increased. Advertisement played a large role. Larger companies were able to spent $0.40 per case of beer sold. Smaller mass-market brewers

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  • Case Study: Industry Analysis and the Process of Proving Hypotheses – Japanese Automobile Industry

    the advantage in economies scale. For example, they will incur less advertising cost compare to lower volume production’s company. 4. Japanese automobile industry has to consider the export automobile oversea when the domestic market matured in end of 1980s. All of the three markets are important to the Japanese automobile industry. The most important market will be Asia. The Asia market is growing. Yes. It is said `dumping` in the sense of selling the automobiles oversea is hardly profitable

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  • Case Study 8.2:Corporate Cultural Changes at Steel-Roll

    Case Study 8.2:Corporate Cultural Changes at Steel-Roll According to the case study 8.2: Corporate Cultural Changes at Steel-Roll, they had a survey of employees that the result are about the problems of conflict between new managers and employees. This essay will discuss the reasons for the problem, type of corporate cultures, culture dimensions faced by CEO and any suggestions. The main problem of this case is misunderstanding of culture change that we can say in three reasons.

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  • Analyze Case Study “Global Forces and the European Brewing Industry”

    information from the case study “Global forces and the European brewing industry” to carry out the external environment analysis which uses PESTEL and Five Forces Models. Basing on the achievements from the industry analysis, a further analysis called strategic groups which based from strengths and weaknesses of four brewing firms is made to categorize each kind of firms. References from books, journal articles were used to providing proper prove for supporting the trend in the case.

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  • Tootsie Roll

    Tootsie Roll Industries The Hershey Company Interpretation and comparison between the two companies' ratios Ratios (pg 735) Ratio Receivable Turnover Ratio (Net Sales/(Average Accounts Receivable) $497,717/ (($32,371+$35,075)/ 2) = 14.76 $4,946,716/(($487,285+$522,673)/ 2) = 9.80 This ratio compares net sales divided by the average accounts reciavable. Tootsie Roll has far less sales but has to extend less credit on average to collect the full amount owed. By placing

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  • Hershey and Tootsie Roll

    In: Business and Management Tootsie Roll Tootsie Roll Industries The Hershey Company Interpretation and comparison between the two companies' ratios Ratios (pg 735) Ratio Receivable Turnover Ratio (Net Sales/(Average Accounts Receivable) $497,717/ (($32,371+$35,075)/ 2) = 14.76 $4,946,716/(($487,285+$522,673)/ 2) = 9.80 This ratio compares net sales divided by the average accounts reciavable. Tootsie Roll has far less sales but has to extend less credit on average to collect the full amount

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  • Differing Perceptions at Clarkston Industries Case Study

    Organizational Behavior Case 1 Dr. Talat Hameed Davis Differing Perceptions at Clarkston Industries Susan Harrington continued to drum her fingers on her desk. She had a real problem and wasn’t sure what to do next. She had a lot of confidence in Jack Reed, but she suspected she was about the last person in the office who did. Perhaps if she ran through the entire story again in her mind she would see the solution. Susan had been distribution manager for Clarkston Industries for almost twenty

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  • Tootsie Roll vs Hershey Co.

    Tootsie Vs. Hershey Tootsie Roll Insustries Ratio The Hershey Company Ratio Interpretation and comparsion between the two companies' ratio Earnings Per Share $0.94 $0.96 EPS measures the net income earned on each share of common stock. Hershey's earning per share appers to be $0.02 higher than Tootsie's earnings per share as a result of more effective and effitient management. Current Ratio 3.45 0.88 Tootsie Roll Industries shows higher current ratio for 2.57 which means that it is more liquid

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  • Negotiation Management Tootsie Roll Industries

    Negotiation Management 1. How does Tootsie Roll Industries communicate its values to suppliers and employees? Tootsie Roll Industries is able to communicate its values to suppliers and its employees by using an open system of communication. Employees are able to confront and resolve conflict in an open manner and negotiations are encouraged. Employees also have the ability to cross train and sit in on other departments meeting which allows them the opportunity to see how other areas operate and

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  • The Impact of Multinational Companies a Case Study of the Energy Industry in Saudi Arabia

    The Impact of multinational companies A case study of the energy industry in Saudi Arabia Abstract Contents 1. Introduction 4 1.1. Rationale of the Research 6 1.2. Aims & Objectives of the Research 7 1.3. Key Research Questions 7 2. Literature Review 9 3. Research Methodology 13 4. Key Findings & Discussion 13 5. Conclusion 16 6. References 16 7. Appendices 16

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  • Financial Statement Analysis Project- a Comparative Analysi of the the Hershey Company & Tootsie Roll Industries

    Three Case Study Questions Trina G. Stevens Part III of the Course Project for PM598 Nov10 Contract and Project Management Presented to Instructor Robert Davy of DeVry University December 5, 2010 RUHLING MANUFACTURING COMPANY QUESTIONS Question # 1: Why might negotiation be favored over competitive bidding in certain procurement situations? A buyer or a procurement section of an organization, or business might choose negotiation over competitive

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  • Cj Industries Case Study

    CJ Industries and Heavey Pumps – Discussion Questions 1. What are all the issues here, from both CJI’s and Heavey’s perspectives, that need to be researched by Mr. Ashby? CJ Industries (CJI) The first issue presented for CJ Industries was its contract with Great Lakes. Though CJI had sufficient excess capacity to ramp up production on the parts to be supplied in the Great Lakes’ contract, they were not sure about the ability or willingness of Heavey Pumps to increase their production of the

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  • 2010 Review of Tootsie Roll Industries

    Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. has been engaged in the manufacture and sale confectionery products since 1896 when Austrian-born Leo Hirshfield opened a tiny candy shop in New York City. Hirshfield handcrafted a variety of products, including an individually wrapped, oblong, chewy, chocolate candy that quickly became a customer favorite. The hand wrapping – believed to be an industry first – enabled Hirshfield’s product to stand out among the competitor’s candy-counter offerings, which were sold by

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  • Acc 561 Week 3 Team Assignment Tootsie Roll Industries Inc Loan Package

    In this file ACC 561 Week 3 Team Assignment Tootsie Roll Industries Inc Loan Package there is a review of the following parts: 1. Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. Loan Package 2. A Ratio Analysis of the Financial Statements 3. Table1. Liquidity ratio table 4. Table2. Solvency ratio table 5. Table3. Profitability ratio table 6. Effects of the Loan on the Company 7. Conclusion Business - Accounting Resources: Accounting and The Successful Business Plan , and the Electronic Financial Worksheets (EFW)

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  • Tootsie Roll Company Overview

    Zarin Bushra Accounting 153 Term Paper I. Tootsie Roll Company Overview • Tootsie Roll is one of the largest candy companies within our country • Their confectionary products are distributed to over 75 countries worldwide • Their largest customer is Walmart; their market mainly consists of retailers and candy distributors • Tootsie Roll employs about 2,200 people II. Liquidity Ratios • Working Capital Year Tootsie Roll Hershey 2011 $153,846 $872,783 2010

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  • Industry Study

    PART I – INTRODUCTION A. Brief Description or Nature of the Study Since 2013, considerable attention has been given to the emergence of Cloud Computing Technology in Luzon, especially its prevalent power in industries like schools, hospitals, retailing and service companies to name a few. New IT services have begun to surface from the synergy between business and technology perspectives that could bring about higher returns on investment as well as competitiveness, organizational agility

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  • Case Study 1: Motion Picture Industry

    MANAGERIAL REPORT Case Study: Motion Picture Industry Assignment 1 Prepared By: Table of Contents Introduction 3 Executive Summary 3 Data and General Analysis 4 CONCLUSIONS 12 Integrity Statement 13 Works Cited 13 Executive Summary In this report we will show, via descriptive statistics, how independent variables appear to contribute to the success of motion pictures.  Using data collected from a sample of 100 motion pictures produced in 2005, we utilize the following

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  • A Comparative Anlysis of Hershey Company and Tootsie Roll Industries

    Liquidity Ratios: Overall Tootsie Roll has better liquidity. Liquidity measures the short-term ability to pay obligations as they are expected to be due within the next year. When working capital is a positive number, there is a higher likelihood that the company will be able to pay it liabilities. Is this case Tootsie Roll is more likely to be able to pay their liabilities because they have a positive working capital and Hershey’s is negative. The current ratio indicates the ability

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  • Jackson Industries Case Study

    Financial Ratio Analysis Introduction Based on the financial ratios calculated for Jackson Industries we feel there are five key areas of performance that must be analyzed and discussed. Those five areas of performance include: liquidity, asset utilization, financial leverage, profitability, and market value. Using the 2010 Industry Average for a wide variety of financial ratios we have come up with some conclusions about the company’s current standing as well as ideas for future growth and success

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  • Tootsie Roll Industry

    Target Market In order to obtain a goal of a target market, Tootsie Roll Industries must have an understanding of their customer’s demographic traits and a defined market size included in the business plan. The company states that its brands resonate strongly among every age group, culture, and demographic; for every occasion and event (Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc., 2013). To further provide a visual for their targeted market, Tootsie has a picture on their website of a child who is excitedly holding

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  • Supply Chain Management in the Construction Industry: Gilmor Engineering Limited Case Study.

    Supply Chain Management in the Construction Industry: Gilmor Engineering Limited case study. By Emmanuel Ola Elehinle Student I.D 15597305 Submitted To Laureate Online Education & University of Liverpool – Online Masters Degree In Partial fulfillment for the award of Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management Abstract Activities in the execution of a construction project are usually time bound and require an effective management of the supply chain network

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  • Case: Rolls Royce’s Erp Implementation

    1 Title: Case: Rolls Royce’s ERP implementation Author: Jessica Cedeno Date: January 2015 Abstract: Rolls Royce’s is a global company with multiple divisions all over the world. It operates in all global markets, civil aerospace, defense aerospace, marine and energy. Roll Royce’s outsourced their IT department to a contractor name Electronic Data Services (EDS), they were responsible for overseeing all the existing IT structure for RR. Due to the number of legacy systems that Roll Royce’s had

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  • Acc 561 Week 3 Lta Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Loan Package

    Week 3 LTA Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Loan Package Get Tutorial by Clicking on the link below or Copy Paste Link in Your Browser For More Courses and Exams use this form ( ) Feel Free to Search your Class through Our Product Categories or From Our Search Bar ( ) Resource:Accounting Read the financial statement for Tootsie Roll Industries

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  • Tootsie Roll

    Tootsie Roll Charles M Mobley University of Phoenix Tootsie Roll Tootsie Roll Industries is a world leading candy company. The company began during 1896 in New York City ("Company Information," 2011). Leo Hirshfield began crafting the confections at his local shop. The delicious candy sold for one penny. The Tootsie Roll launched Hirshfield’s modest shop into a multinational corporation. The company headquartered in Chicago produces 62 million Tootsie Roll candies daily ("Company Information

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  • Tootsie Roll

    Proceeds and Affects from the Loan The Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. has chosen to allocate the funds from the loan to critical departments that will contribute to the growth of the company. The loan will permit Tootsie Roll to acquire new updated equipment for better production such as robotics to increase productivity. The allocation of these funds will open up research, and development, to produce healthier and cheaper ingredients for products. However, acquiring new robotic production machines

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  • Dozier Industries Case Study

    Dozier Industries Dozier industries specialized in electronic security systems, which experienced growth through military sales. After experiencing stiff competition, it branched to another market. This market was one of designing systems for the private sector, specifically homes and small businesses. This change led to decrease growth and decrease profits. Dozier then moved to serve larger corporations which then proved to be profitable and promoted growth. Dozier considered expanding their sales

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  • Global Roll Out: a Case Study

    GLOBAL ROLL OUT: A CASE STUDY OF PT. XYZ INDONESIA REBRANDING PROGRAM In February 2007, XYZ - a North American mining corporation, acquired 100% share ownership of ABC Limited, one of the largest nickel mining and processing companies in the world. PT. ABC Indonesia, which was 60% owned by ABC Limited, was inevitably also affected by the acquisition process. The news about the acquisition was immediately spread among the employees and concerns about the possible changes in the company arose immediately

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  • Tootsie Roll V. Hershey

    Tootsie Roll Industries began in a small candy store in New York in 1896. Tootsie Roll is now headquartered in Chicago with operations throughout North America and with distribution channels in over 75 countries. Tootsie Roll has 2,200 full-time employees. Tootsie Roll sells the following branded candy: Tootsie Roll, Tootsie Roll Pop, Charms Blow Pop, Mason Dots, Andes, Sugar Daddy, Charleston Chew, Double Bubble, Razzles, Caramel Apple Pop, and Junior Mints. Tootsie Roll had 2007 net product sales

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  • Tootsie Roll

    426,574 = 0.88 Tootsie Roll has $3.45 in current assets for every $1 dollar in current liabilities while Hershey only has 88 cents. Tootsie Roll has much greater liquidity based on this ratio. Current liabilities $57,972 $1,618,770 Gross Profit Ratio Gross profit $165,047 = 33.5% $1,631,569 = 33.0% Only product sales were used for the Tootsie Roll calculation since Hershey does not have rental and royalty revenue. This ratio indicates that Tootsie Roll has a slight edge

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  • Slavery in the Chocolate Industry Case Study

    Name: Asher Andrews Submitted to: Ms Elishah St.Luce Class: Business Ethics “The case of slavery in the chocolate industry” ‘ What are the systemic, corporate and individual ethical issues raised by the case? First of all what is ethics? According to Manuel G Velasquez “Ethics is the discipline that examines ones moral standard or the moral standards of a society. It asks how these standards applies to our lives and whether these standards are reasonable or unreasonable, that is, whether

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  • B2B Columbia Industries Case Study

    Case #1 Columbia Industries Inc. Centennial School of Business B2B Marketing & Channel Management BUSN-301-001 Columbia Industries, Inc. Columbia Industries is one of highly established, largest manufacturing of code- approved products. It was started in 1948 in British Columbia. Columbia Industries went on to flourish and in 1194 opened a branch in Toronto. They then decided to globally expand opening a new branch in Los Angeles. In 1997, the company faced a problem which needed

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  • Tootsie Roll

    Explain the company plans for using the loan and how a loan approval will impact the company; conclusion of the business plan Tootsie Roll Industries has a future plan to expand the company and increase production, in order to do this the company will need to obtain a loan that will allow the company the financial support to add a new building to their current location. The company has opted to expand to another building that will offer already upgraded machinery that will allow an increase in productivity

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  • The Shipping Industry Accounting Team Case Study

    THE SHIPPING INDUSTRY ACCOUNTING TEAM Summary: Sarah (the name given by us) has been working in McKay, Sanderson, and Smith Associates a mid-sized accounting team located in Boston that is specialized in commercial accounting and audits for past five years. Her specialty is accounting practices for shipping companies, ranging from small to certain big fleets along east coast. About two months ago her company merged with another two other accounting firms which has offices in Miami, Seattle, Baton

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  • Harvey Industries Case Study

    Harvey Industries Marcus T. Daniels Feb. 26, 2012 Harvey Industries First, I think that there should be separate departments for each service that the company provides.  These would include the pressure washers and the coin operated car wash systems, as well as any others that the company may maintain. Second, each piece of inventory should have a valid bar code so that the inventory can be deducted from the inventory system.  “Good inventory management is important for the successful

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  • Case Study – Indian Beer Industry

    afafasfasfasfafafas CASE STUDY – INDIAN BEER INDUSTRY Microeconomics Group Assignment Group 3: Shubham Arora – 3 Karthik B – 4 Manisha Garg – 19 Rama Lakshmi M - 32 Sstitute of Management S.P Jain Institute of Management and Research Research Indian Beer Industry – Case Study Analysis The Indian beer industry has been witnessing steady growth of 7-9% per year over the last ten years. The rate of growth has remained steady in recent years, with volumes passing 100m cases during the 2005-2006 financial

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  • Tootsie Roll vs Hershey

    Tootsie Roll Vs Hershey     The purpose of this financial analysis is to compare Tootsie Roll and Hershey Inc to the industry average financial ratios to determine which company will be the best investment opportunity.  This analysis will evaluate and compare the company’s liquidity, solvency and profitability ratios from 2004. Tootsie Roll, Inc. and Hershey Inc are both companies well known for the selling of confectionary goods. Hershey is publicly traded under NYSE: HSY, Tootsie Roll under

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  • Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. Loan Package

    Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. Loan Package ACC/561 Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. Loan Package In week three, Learning Team E presents a loan package for public held company, Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc., in business for over 100 years. Tootsie Roll is a manufacturer of confectionary products. In addition to sales in the United States, Tootsie Roll’s profits grew in Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia, South and Central America. This loan package consists of three sections: Financial Ratios, Corporate

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  • Tootsie Roll Corporation

    Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Hope Benites, Daniel Hardesty, Derrick King, Muna Al Waidh ACC/561 June 25, 2012 Larry Key Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Tootsie Roll Industries has been an American favorite for well over 100 years. “Beginning in a modest New York candy store with the Tootsie Roll's introduction in 1896, the Chicago-based company has grown to become one of the country’s largest candy

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