Case Study Organizational Development

  • Organizational Behavior Fran Hayden Case Study

    Fran Hayden Joins Dairy Engineering INTRODUCTION Fran Hayden is in the final year of her Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) degree at the University of Waikato, who has been offered the position of Assistant Cost Accounts at Dairy Engineering (NZ) Ltd, Hamilton. The company manufactures equipment for the dairy industry. The head office of this company is organized into two sections, Cost Accounting and Management Information Services (MIS). To Fran’s disappointment she was not welcomed at

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  • Consultancy Development Organization Case Study

    CONSULTANCY DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION The decision-maker in the case, Rohit Sharma, the director of Consultancy Development Organization (CDO), a not-for-profit organization that helps develop the consultancy profession in India, needs to respond to CDO’s poor morale and specifically to the January 4th incident with Mukesh Kumar, the deputy director of projects. Sharma’s encounter with Kumar was the latest in a series of frustrating experiences that Sharma has faced since joining CDO in October

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  • Organizational Case Study

    Organizational Case Study Definition of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 is a US Federal law that originated with an investigation in the mid 1970’s of over 400 US companies accused of making questionable or illegal payment to foreign government officials and political parties. The FCPA include the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 which covers to main provisions; The Anti-bribery law and the Accounting Transparency provisions. The FPA law restricts

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  • Rural Development: Community Participation and Case Studies

    RURAL DEVELOPMENT CHUPICAL SHOLLAH MANUEL The term ‘community participation’ has recently come to play a central role in the discourse of rural development practitioners and policy makers. At the same time, people’s interpretations of the term and criticisms of other people’s interpretations have multiplied, and the intentions and results of much participation in practice have been questioned or even denounced (Booth, 2005) and Cornwall, 2004). Community participation as a methodology has become

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  • Capstone Case Study on Organizational Architecture

    Capstone case study on organizational architecture Arthur Andersen LLP Introduction and Overview It is difficult to find an example of a more spectacular business failure than the recent collapse of Arthur Andersen. Within a few years, Andersen moved from one of the largest professional service organizations in the world to almost complete collapse. The impact of the firm’s failure on its employees, customers, investors, and the general public is hard to overstate. The once proud reputation

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  • An Organizational Failure - Case Study of Blockbuster

    An Organizational Failure: Blockbuster Rana Fawad 1. Describe and discuss how the organization’s culture facilitated the failure. Philips (2011) believes that success or failure of any great company depends on “Events, internal and external” (p. 3). Blockbuster also appears to be a victim of certain events at internal as well as external level. Based in McKinney, Texas, Blockbuster and founded in 1985 (Blockbuster Corporate, 2012) and it ushered in a new era as far as video rental retail

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  • Policies for Budget Development: Case Study 1

    Policies for Budget Development Policy Comments Overall, it appears that Hector Corporation has a solid annual budget development policy in place. There is a budget committee that Hector Corporation sets up in order to drive the budget process. The company’s controller, who is responsible for implementing the master budget, is part of the committee. At the beginning of the budget process, Hector Corporation reviews the plans and determines what the overall goals for the following budget year

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  • Group Development Case Study

    “A team is a group of people holding themselves collectively accountable for using complementary skills to achieve a common purpose”. Group development: Stages of team development: 1. Forming stage: “The forming focuses around the initial entry of members of a team”. In this stage team members ask questions to each other. In this stage team members are in the process of getting familiar with each other. During the forming stage of Christine’s team, Diane, Janet, Steve and mike came across each

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  • Organizational Behavior Case Study

    Leadership and Organizational Behavior 1a. Describe Branson’s leadership style in terms of the leadership models addressed in Chapters 10 and 11. and evaluate the likely effectiveness of that style in the U.S. today. As with any business, a leader must balance various roles to implement an effective workplace while still focusing on the one primary vision of that organization. As a leader, one must convey that knowledge

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  • Case Study on the Project Appraisal of Town Development Fund

    Case study on the Project Appraisal of Town Development Fund Introduction In the context of rapidly growing urbanization process and at the same time financial, technological and administrative deficiencies at the municipal levels, HMG/Nepal in accordance with the Development Board Act, 1956 had established Town Development Fund (TDF) in February 1988 with a view to assist the municipalities in their efforts of overall development. Realizing the very crucial and remarkable role-played

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  • Organizational Development

    Organizational Development Organizational development is having the competence to recognize where a company is at currently and the vision of what a company could evolve into. OD is giving the company the tools to make it successful in the long run (Brown, 2011). Before this class I did not understand all the concepts associated with OD or how they could benefit me in the future. I now will be able to develop diagnostic skills to identify OD issues, problems, and opportunities; acquire the ability

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  • Case Study for Mainville Residents for Tyre Roads Developments

    CASE STUDY FOR MAINVILLE RESIDENTS FOR TYRE ROADS DEVELOPMENTS Index Page Cover page…………………………………………………........................Front Page Index Page………………………………………………………………………………i Executive Summery……………………………………………………………………..1 Situation Analysis……………………………………………………………………….2 1. Problem Analysis………………………………………………………………..3 1.1 Dearth of policies……………………………………………………………3 1.1.1 Structural Strategy…………………………………………………..3 1.1.2 Structural Strategy…………………………………………………..3 1.1.3 Structural Strategy…………………………………………………

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  • Global Sourcing Development at Ikea – a Case Study

    Abstract preview Global Sourcing Development at IKEA – a Case Study Paper prepared for the 25th IMP conference Jens Hultman1, Susanne Hertz1, Rhona Johnsen2, Thomas Johnsen2 1: Jönköping International Business School, P.O Box 1026, SE-551 11 SWEDEN E-mail:, Tel: +46 0(36) 10 10 00 2: Audencia Nantes School of Management, 8 Route de la Joneliere, BP 31222 – 44312 Nantes Cedex 3, France. E-mail:; Tel: + 33

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  • Organizational Development

    Discuss organizational development in details -30 Marks Organizational development can be defined as:- * OD is a response to change, a complex educational strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values and structure of organization so they can better adopt new technologies, markets and challenges, and the dizzying rate of change itself( Bennis, 1969). * OD is planned process of change in an organization’s culture through the utilization of behavioral science, technology

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  • Organizational Development

    Organizational Development Q1. Define OD and enlist its important characteristics. Ans. The literature contains several definitions of OD, to quote a few: • OD is a response to change, a complex educational strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values and structure of organization so they can better adopt new technologies, markets and challenges, and the dizzying rate of change itself ( Bennis, 1969). • OD is planned process of change in an organization’s culture

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  • Case Study Bridging the Two Worlds-the Organizational Dilemma

    MGT 2383.1C and WW: Potential Final Exam Cases December 2013 1. Buddy’s Snack Company Buddy’s Snack Company is a family owned company located in the Rocky Mountains. Buddy Forest started the business in 1951 by selling homemade potato chips out of the back of his pickup truck. Nowadays Buddy’s is a $36 million snack food company that is struggling to regain market share lost to Frito-Lay and other fierce competitors. In the early eighties, Buddy passed the business onto his son, Buddy, Jr., who

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  • Organizational Behaviur Case Study

    Gain Sharing Plan. It is basically a technique that compensates workers based on improvements in the company's productivity. Gain sharing has a simple, but essential purpose to involve staff in helping to improve our business. Referring to the case study , Face(senior manager of Applebee’s International restaurant)decided to adopt the gain sharing policy in order to minimize travel cost by attracting own employees towards travel benefits. He offered free domestic tickets to those employees who will

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  • Case Study Dharavi Development

    people will finally be able to enjoy a better quality of life and be integrated with the mainstream citizens. Throughout the history of the world, migrants have moved to the urban areas in search of a job so as to provide for their families. In most cases, they can find work, but not a place to live. Hence, without help from either developers or the government, they are forced to become squatters, building for themselves on undesirable and illegal properties. Dharavi, at the heart Mumbai, with 600,000

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  • Organizational Development

    OrganizationaL Development Considerable changes occurs when an organization make compensation for errors within its overall strategy for achievements or make any modification to its existing operations. The purpose of this paper is to study the broad principles of organizational development, explain the process of organizational development, identify the theories associated with organizational development and describe the conditions necessary for successful organizational change and development

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  • Organizational Development

    strategy implements new systems and beings organizations up to date. The system this company is using is not working as best as it could. They need to change to something more conveniently Brown, D.R. (2011). An Experiential Approach to Organizational Development. Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc

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  • Organizational Development

    Organizational Development Introduction Organizational development can be defined as “a set of behavioral science-based theories, values, strategies, and technologies aimed at planned change of the organizational work setting for the purpose of enhancing individual development and improving organizational performance, through the alteration of organizational members' on-the-job behaviors" (Porras & Robertson, 1992). In our text Jex, Britt, 2008 stated that one of the most common motivating

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  • Organizational Development

    Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Organizational Development University of Phoenix Organizational Development Organizational development and organizational psychology share a similar link. Both organizational development and organizational psychology entail delving into the realm human behavior in efforts to modify individual and group behavior to increase organizational efficiency and performance. The objective of this paper is to examine organizational development by providing an

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  • Organizational Culture and Employee Commitment : a Case Study on Mcb Bank in Lahore

    the study was to examine the relationship between Organizational Culture and Employee Commitment. The study was conducted in MCB Bank Lahore branches. The data was collected through questionnaires. The sample size used in this study was 100. The concerned variables are ‘organizational culture’ and ‘employees commitment’. The hypothesis was designed that whether there exists a relationship between the variables or not. The results suggested that there exist a relationship between organizational culture

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  • The Impact of Organizational Change, Structure and Leadership on Employee Turnover: a Case Study

    Journal of Business Case Studies – January 2008 Volume 4, Number 1 The Impact Of Organizational Change, Structure And Leadership On Employee Turnover: A Case Study Steven H. Appelbaum, Concordia University, Canada André Mitraud, MBA, Canada Jean-François Gailleur, MBA, Canada Marcello Iacovella, MBA, Canada Raffaele Gerbasi, MBA, Canada Victoria Ivanova, MBA, Canada ABSTRACT Purpose - To provide the management team at BTSA Ltd with a practical guideline in managing organizational change through

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  • Organizational Behavior Case Study

    company to a certain extent. Rhonda Clark experienced some resistance from her staff when she became CEO. Below will be a discussion of “A model of Power in organizations” that relate to Rhonda’s situation. Legitimate power “Is an agreement among organizational members that people in certain roles can request certain behaviors of others” (McShane and Glinow, 2010, p.302). Rhonda by title has legitimate power over her staff members that are not mentioned in the article. The article focuses on her board

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  • Organizational Development Paper

    Organizational Development: Definition, Theory, and Implementation PSY/428 Organizational Psychology May 23, 2011 Organizational Development: Definition, Theory, and Implementation Some companies thrive in this global economy whereas others fail. To keep a business running smoothly different processes evolve that assist companies in the managerial process. Organizational psychology assists in observing employees mannerisms and behaviors, and suggests various ways in improving employee

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  • Organizational Development

    Three Sons’ Development & Expansion Jocelyn Landers BUS370: Organizational Development June 2, 2014 Instructor Simon LozadaTitle of Paper Upper management has sent out a memo to all of its employees at Three Sons’ Dry Goods and announced that the Daimler Chrysler plant is relocating their facility to Mexico. It is no secret that the Chrysler plant is responsible for approximately35% of the employment for the residents in Aliso Viejo, CA. Three Son’s is expecting this move

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  • Organizational Development

    the administration and getting her PhD will help her make the transition to help her pursue her overall goals. Three distinguishing behaviors and practices this doctoral student can identify in development are awareness, patience, and perseverance. This student is becoming more aware of her development. She is starting to think at a higher level and is developing a scholarly voice. She is starting to ask the questions why and how can she make those changes. Being a doctoral student, there needs

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  • Pd the Patterns of Success in Product Development a Case Study

    PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT KIVANC UNCU Applied Business Research And Communication Skills Dr. Peggy Bilbruck June 21, 2014 ABSTRACT Getting a successful result in product development can be considered a typical purpose for any R&D business. The purpose of the paper is to make a good solution the differences of success at R&D project levels. Using the verification from industrial example, the paper shows that the sophistication of the concept of achievement in product development. The paper

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  • Organizational Development

    Organizational Development Paper Abstract In todays fast pace business world, the necessity for organizational change and development is more important than ever for an organization to survive and thrive. This paper will explain the organizational development process, identify key theories associated with organization development, and describe the conditions necessary for successful organization change and development. It will also explain why organization development is important in today’s

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  • Organizational Development

    Running Header: ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTING Organizational Development and Consulting [Name of Writer] [Name of Organization] [Date] Organizational Development and Consulting Introduction With the rapid development of science and technology and the growth of research and development activities, the external environment of the organization has been remodeling. In order to help the organization to better adapt to this change, organizational development through the

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  • Organizational Development

    France for instance, it exist a label to certificate companies which apply such policy. There are very small number labialized companies, but the things are moving. 1b. Creating a Diagnostic Model In my point of view, I have for own definition of organizational effectiveness and health, as “It’s a company which has been able to set up a chain of process internal as external which are supported by synergies effect within the company”. What I mean by synergies effect, it’s all type of action that a company

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  • Organizational Development

    Organizational Development Organizational development is the foundation and core of any organization, be it non-profit or profit based. Organizational development is process that all organizations go through to develop what they are going to do and how they are going to do it. For example for a non-profit organization this process would include determining the executive board, realizing the mission statement and creating the by-laws the organization is going to be governed by. By completing

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  • Organizational Development

    Case Study Unit 1 | Overview of the Case: The OD consultant receives a telephone call from Robert Denton, plant manager of Kenworth Motors who was referred by a sailing friend who was a colleague of the consultant. Denton has held his job for eight months and believes things are generally going well, but has a sense things could be better. He invites the consultant to visit him and discuss his situation. The consultant does a little research about the company prior to the meeting but was thoughtful

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  • Adolescent Development Case Study

    Adolescent Development Case Study Tanya Johnson Psychology 600 7/6/2015 Tera Duncan Abstract Adolescence refers to teenage years leading up to the individual makes the conversion to early adulthood. In this stage of development, many changes occur, physically, mentally and emotionally. They do not always understand why they are faced with these modifications. In this time, individuals experience many situations which appear confusing, as well as they discover a lot of things. Some adolescence

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  • A Case Study of the Web-Based Information Systems Development.

    1. Introduction Over the last three years the focus of the information technology industry has moved towards development for the World Wide Web (WWW). Information systems using WWW technology, delivered by an Intranet or via the Internet, are now prevalent throughout New Zealand and overseas. Within New Zealand, a wide variety of organisations are deploying information systems onto the WWW, including banks, government departments and other service providers. They are using the WWW as a strategic

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  • Organizational Development

    Organizational Development Anthony Ford PSY/428 September 27, 2011 Agnes Browne Organizational Development Organization Development is a development where [If not referring to a place, instead of "where," use "which" or "in which"] organizations formulate the best plan for ultimate resourcefulness and the most efficient way to operate and sustain itself throughout an estimated period of time [Redundancy:

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  • Organizational Development

    City, Incorporated Submitted By: Group I Rafael Vicente B. Paredes Juan Antonio Z. Villaluz Macy Katrina C. Zayco Submitted to: Engr. Gerald Louis Poblador, MBA In partial fulfillment of the course requirements for MBA 203-A Organizational Development INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY Southland College is a for-profit family-owned Corporation that was established in 2009 by the founder (Dr. Anecito D. Villaluz, Jr., CPA) together with 39 Faculty and Staff Members. At its inception

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  • Organizational Behaviour Case Study

    Case Study COMMUNICATING WITH THE MILLENNIALS 1. Take a poll of your class (at least, the Gen-X and Gen-Y members). At school or work, how many regularly (e.g., daily or every few days) send or receive information (not entertainment) using (a) e- mail, (b) instant messages or Twitter tweets, (c) cell phone text messages, (d) reading/writing blogs, (e) visiting/authoring social media sites (e.g., Face book, Instagram), (f) watching/creating online videos (e.g., YouTube)? My experience is that

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  • Shenzhen Development Bank Case Study

    1. Executive Summary This paper aims to study the case in depth from an objectiveview.Commercial banks use in the introduction of foreign strategic investors will really enhance the company's value, and provides a high yield of financial investment opportunities for foreign strategic investors.The proposed investment in Shenzhen Development Bank (SDB) by Newbridge in 2002 and evaluate the 1.6 times book value that Newbridge agrees to pay for its 18% stake in SDB is appropriate. 2. Introduction

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  • Organizational Behaviour - Case Study (Bob Wood)

    must be satisfied in order to proceed with the higher level of needs. His theory consist of five levels. It starts with physiological need, followed by the safety, social and esteem needs and ends with the self-actualization need. Based on this case study, the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs will be used to analyze Bob Wood. Using the physiological needs, Bob who is 30 years of age seems to have his basic needs satisfied. He has food, clothes to wear, a place to live and he drives an expensive sport

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  • Organizational Development

    agreement. In most cases both sides are content and able to move forward. The fifth and final branch is collaboration. Collaboration is both parties each have very critical concerns. Where each team needs to seek to find a solution that appeases to everyone involved. This approach requires a lot of patients, cooperativeness and have mutual respect for each other opinions and concerns (Managing Conflict). As can be seen, these are the theories of conflict resolution. Organizational Performance as defined

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  • Organizational Behaviur Case Study

    CASE STUDY NO 01: Questions: 1. Consider the variable pay programs discussed in this chapter. Of which type of program is Applebee’s program an example? Explain. Answer: The variable pay program which Applebee’s International restaurant has adopted is Gain Sharing Plan. It is basically a technique that compensates workers based on improvements in the company's productivity. Gain sharing has a simple, but essential purpose to involve staff in helping to improve our business. Referring

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  • Organizational Development

    Article Review/Assignment 1: organizational development: begins with a healthy infrastructure Bruce C. Abbott May 8, 2016 American Public University Introduction Organizational development is based on the precept of utilizing resources to improve workplace efficiency, while expanding productivity. Proper organizational development is designed to solve problems that develop over time, or to be used as a tool to analyze a process, while finding

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  • Case Study: Shenzhen Development Bank

    to higher market capitalization of public companies. Based on these concerns, we could not use the multiplier of 5.5 times to calculate the final consideration of this deal. In such a case, we should refer to other price-to-book multiples of similar deals over that period. According to the data given in the case (as shown in Figure 1), these China banks had also received foreign investment and their deals had multipliers of 1.2-1.5 times. Given their similarity, the multiplier of 1.6 times is appropriate

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  • Case Study 2.1 Organizational Culture: Life or Death

    may change or cancel them at any time. a. Consent for Internet-Based Services. The software features described below and in the Windows Vista Privacy Statement connect to Microsoft or service provider computer systems over the Internet. In some cases, you will not receive a separate notice when they connect. You may switch off these features or not use them. For more information about these features, see the Windows Vista Privacy Statement at By

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  • Organizational Development

    rather than on the individuals as because the groups are able to influence its members to work in a change environment. 2. An always relevant change goal is the reduction of inappropriate competition between parts of the organization and the development of a more collaborative condition. The main goal of the change in the organization is to reduce internal competition and establishment of more cooperative environment into the organization. 3. Decision making in a healthy organization is located

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  • Organizational Development

    ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT – FINAL ESSAY ------------------------------------------------- According to the integrative case “B.R. Richardson timber Products Corporation” we will work out a report with theoretical approaches and practical proposals in order to achieve organizational change within this firm. First we want to suggest a model and a prospect to entering in contract with the Corporation. For guiding our report work we stick to the General Model of Planned Change. This Model provides

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  • Case Study of Human Development

    Case Study of Human Development Development throughout life differs from individual to individual. Each person has their own agenda for cultural identity, growth, health, socioeconomic status, education, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and all inspire each person’s life story. Adulthood is frequently observed as when an individual is considered officially and developmentally prepared to hold responsibilities such as driving, voting, getting married, and entering the military

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  • Organizational Behavior Case Study

    Unit 5 ‘Complete” 1. In a narrative form, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.  Specifically, highlight the critical issues facing the Bank of America's I & D team. The case study of Bank of America as presented in the Harvard Business Review, Bank of America (BoA) experienced many issues found in organizations as they interject change in efforts to continually evolve. BoA, in the early 2000’s, was a juggernaut in the global banking and financial industry

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