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    doi:10.3926/jiem.2010.v3n1.p11-32 JIEM, 2010 – 3(1): 11-32 – Online ISSN: 2013-0953 Print ISSN: 2013-8423 A case study of lean, sustainable manufacturing Geoff Miller1, Janice Pawloski2, Charles Standridge 3 1 Grand Rapids Chair Company (USA); 2, 3 School of Engineering, Grand Valley State University (USA);; Received December 2009 Accepted May 2010 Abstract: A small furniture production company has integrated lean tools

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    personal information. The choice to accept self-censorship, and the discussion and debate generated by this choice, forced Google to re-examine itself as a company and forced the international community to reconsider the implications of censorship. This case was prepared as the basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate either the effective or ineffective handling of an administrative situation. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - No Derivative Works

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    University of Phoenix Material Case Study Analysis Paper Prepare a 1,400 to 1,750-word case study analysis paper based on the University of Phoenix Material, “Case Study for Student Analysis,” located in Week Two of the COMM/215 page. Below is a detailed description explaining how to prepare a case study analysis paper. _____________________________________________________________________________ Typically written in narrative form, a case sets forth, in a factual manner, the events and

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    Case Study Paper Albert Einstein once said of himself, “Words or Language, as they are written or spoken, do not seem to play any role in my mechanism of thought.” (as cited in Chapman, Meyer & Weaver, 2009, p. 263). Albert Einstein was born in Ulm Germany on March the 19th 1879 (Chapman, Meyer & Weaver, 2009). When Einstein was 16 years old he sent a draft essay to his uncle on the subject of luminiferous aether. This began his scientific journey that would culminate in the quantification

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    CASE BSB, INC.: THE PIZZA WARS COME TO CAMPUS Renee Kershaw, manager of food services at a medium-sized private university in the Southeast, has just had the wind taken out of her sails. She had decided that, owing to the success of her year-old pizza service, the time had come to expand pizza-making operations on campus. However, yesterday the university president announced plans to begin construction of a student center on campus that would house, among other facilities, a new food court. In a

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    Project Management Orion Shield Project Case Study Helen Turner UMUC Executive Summary: The basic concepts of project management calls for proper planning, organization and the management of a variety of resources in order to successfully achieve a certain goal. The most important job of a project management is to deliver results within time constraints as well as according to a budget. Effective project managers strategically facilitate

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    Electronic Theses, Treatises and Dissertations The Graduate School 2-5-2009 The Social Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study Brooke Ellen Forester Florida State University Follow this and additional works at: Recommended Citation Forester, Brooke Ellen, "The Social Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study" (2009). Electronic Theses, Treatises and Dissertations. Paper 4418. This Dissertation - Open Access is brought to you for free and

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    of the earth's mass (about 80 percent) lies in the mantle. The temperature in this layer is estimated to be about 3,700 °C. It is in this layer that volcano magma is present. The overall thickness of the mantle layer is 2900 kilometers. For simple study and understanding, the mantle layer is further divided into the upper and lower sections. Needless to remind, the upper mantle is much cooler than the lower (deeper) section.  The Outer Core The outer core can be regarded as a ball of very hot

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    Individual Team Assignment Case Analysis of the Orion Shield Project Dennis J Paffrath April 18, 2013 AMBA 640 Professor Marsh 1 Table of Content Executive Summary…………………………………………………………….3 Technical Issues…………………………………………………………………5 Initiating Process Group…………………………………………………5 Planning Process Group…………………………………………………5 Executing Process Group………………………………………………..10 Monitoring and Controlling Process Group…………………………….11 Closing Process Group………………………………………………….14 Ethical Issues……………………………………………………………………15

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    in which he got his Ph. D in working for Scientiic Engineering Corporation (SEC). He worked as a project engineer for the last 14 years but was given the opportunity to become a project manager from his boss Henry Larsen. The project name was Orion Shield which Gary’s boss was very excited about, as he believed the project would “take him to the top”. Gary soon would find out that even though he was a very good engineer, he was a horrible project manager almost costing the success of the project and

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    This case study is an excellent example of how different types of parties can be brought together in a large scale transaction and how the original energy of those early meetings can be lost over time. I imagine that when Anthony Athanas was purchasing those old piers back in the 1960s many, if not all, of his colleagues, friends, and family members told him that he was off his rocker. I’m sure Athanas was looking at this land as his family’s ticket to financial prosperity and somewhat of a legacy

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    [pic] Reflective Questions 1. Which main management theories or themes do you think were applied in the case? The main theme that the management in this case runs under would be that of a strong but unhealthy work culture. Mr Drake appears to be a highly political figure within the company as he strongly dismisses Shelby’s innovations; this shows that is it also not an adaptive or supportive culture. Themes of being stability orientated are also present as it appears that the current management

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    | 25.5 | 26 | Referencing and sources | Scholarly use of sources – No real use of sources to build a case; Cut and paste source material; may include irrelevant quotes that do not add value or make sense; Technical use of sources – poor or absent in-text referencing; insufficient sources of sufficient quality; no or inadequate list of references | Scholarship- Some attempt made to build case using sources, but essay relies on restating/describing sources; no evidence of critical analysisTechnique-

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    Business School and Associate Professor Julie H. Hertenstein and Assistant P rofessor Kelvin Liu of Northeastern University prepared this case solely as a ba sis for class discussion and not as an endorsement, a source of primary data, or an illustration of effective or ineffective mana gement. Despite occasional references to actual companies, this case is fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons or entities is coincidental. Copyright © 2012 President and Fellows of Harvard College

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    Behavior and Capital Market Efficiency Capital Structure in a Perfect Market Debt and Taxes Financial Distress, Managerial Incentives, and Information Payout Policy Capital Budgeting and Valuation with Leverage Valuation and Financial Modeling: A Case Study Financial Options Option Valuation Real Options Raising Equity Capital Debt Financing Leasing Working Capital Management Short-Term Financial Planning Mergers and Acquisitions Corporate Governance Risk Management International Corporate Finance

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    that researchers should decide whether to do single-case or multiple-case studies and chose to keep the case holistic or have embedded sub-cases. This two-by-two combination can produce four basic designs for case studies. When selecting a case for a case study, researchers often use information-oriented sampling , as opposed to random sampling [3]. This is because an average case is often not the richest in information. Extreme or atypical cases reveal more information because they activate more

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    Section 5 School Examples, Student Case Studies, and Research Examples • School Examples, page 5.3 – School-Wide Screening, page 5.4 – Progress Monitoring, page 5.5 – Tiered Service Delivery, page 5.9 – Data-Based Decision Making, page 5.13 – Parent Involvement, page 5.16 – Resources, page 5.22 August 2006 Overview In November 2002, the United States Department of Education requested that the National Research Center on Learning Disabilities (NRCLD) identify, describe, and evaluate the

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    1. ------------------------------------------------- Determine the main objective of the case study. You may be writing a case study to fulfill an academic requirement or to help solve problems in real-life situations. An academic assignment typically will come with a specific objective and instructions, whereas a professional assignment might require you to define the objective. ------------------------------------------------- Ad 2. ------------------------------------------------- 2

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    Select a case study from the University of Phoenix Material: Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies located on the student website. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing the influence the experiences have made on the person’s development. Address the following in your paper: Discuss the family, social, and intimate relationships of the person in the case study. Identify any role changes that have occurred. Explain the immediate and future effect of healthy or unhealthy habits practiced

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    The Dalkon Shield Case Study Report Abstract The case study involving A.H. Robins Company will discuss blatant lack of due diligence of the product Dalkon Shield. Ignoring appropriate measures to ensure safety or the product along with misleading aggressive promotional strategies and literature show the malicious intent of the company for short-term profits, despite the fatal and devastating impacts on the public. The Dalkon Shield Case Study Report Unethical Practices As inventors

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    Case Study 1 Week 1 Professor Eckert Shield Financial Problem Statement Doug bloom recently was promoted from sales rep to sales manager in a new territory for a struggling branch. This position is risky since the old sales manager was fired since he was unable to produce higher sales numbers. Doug’s mission is to implement a new First Plus program through his sales force. The issue, is that most reps are used to catering to their smaller accounts, which is opposite of the First Plus program

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    A Case for Case Studies Margo A. Ihde Liberty University Author Note Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Margo A. Ihde, Psychology 255-B05, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Va. 24515. E-mail: A Case for Case Studies Case Studies are utilized across many disciplines including but not limited to medical science, political science, social science and psychology. There is however some confusion as it relates to the use of case studies. The first

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    Wm. Wrigley Company Case Analysis Adrienne Johnson, Ramona Rhodes, Makpal Shotbassova Webster University FINC 5880: Corporate Finance FALL I TERM September 10, 2014 Author Note Certificate of Authorship: This paper was prepared by me for this specific course and is not a result of plagiarism or self-plagiarism. I have cited all sources from which I used data, ideas, or words either quoted or paraphrased. Introduction Blanka Dobryn is a managing partner of Aurora Borealis LLC. This

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    company also plans to invest in sophisticated extraction method to extend the lives of older fields as well as developing undeveloped reserves. With such heavy investment the company could not expect a shorter return period and all of these methods may shield the company from those negative affects to some extent. The 30-Year T-bond rate is also preferred by examining the other two divisions. The Refining and Marketing, which is the company’s largest division in aspect of revenue, has long-lived productive

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    A Case Study by any Other Name Cathy Foster Liberty University   A Case Study by any other Name Researchers have different methods of observing their subjects. Among the most popular is the case study. Case studies are used a lot in psychology and one of the most famous psychologists that used case studies to detail the private lives of his patients was Sigmund Freud. What is a Case Study? “A case study is an observational method that provides a description of an individual” (Cozby

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    Case Study Analysis Paper Below is a detailed description explaining how to prepare a case study analysis paper. _____________________________________________________________________________ Typically written in narrative form, a case sets forth, in a factual manner, the events and organizational circumstances surrounding a particular managerial situation. Placing the reader at the scene of the action, the real events presented provide an opportunity to help evaluate alternative courses of

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    CASE STUDY OUTLINE Case studies should generally subscribe to the following organization: • Title. A thoughtful title that captures the essence of the case study. • Abstract. (or Summary) A one- or two-paragraph statement summing up the study (what, why, when, where, how, and who). This summary introduces the project, questions, hypothesis, and highlights of the important findings. • Introduction. (or Background). Describes what you did, and why it was of interest—opens

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    The Case Study Approach Linda P. Williams Liberty University Online Author Note Linda P. Williams, Department of Psychology, Liberty University Online Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Linda P. Williams, Department of Psychology, Liberty University Online, 1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg, VA 24515, E-mail: The Case Study Approach Introduction At some point during the pursuit of a degree psychology, the time comes when a student

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    S w 910N29 BASEL III: AN EVALUATION OF NEW BANKING REGULATIONS1 David Blaylock wrote this case under the supervision of David Conklin solely to provide material for class discussion. The authors do not intend to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a managerial situation. The authors may have disguised certain names and other identifying information to protect confidentiality. Richard Ivey School of

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    Tanglewood Case Study 2 Ratings: (0)|Views: 6|Likes: 0 Published by Megan Purdy Tanglewood Case Study 2 See more Tanglewood Case Study 2 Page 1 Tanglewood Case Study 2Megan PurdyHRM 594Keller Graduate School of Managementr! CardenMay 2"# 2$%4 Tanglewood Case Study 2 Page 2 Recru&tment Gu&dePos&t&on' Store Associate Re(orts To' Shift Leader and Department Manager )ual&f&cat&ons' Prefer to have some ac!ground in customer service or retail" no specific list of minimal

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    Case Study Comparisons HCS/490 February 9, 2015 Case Study Comparisons There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a healthcare plan for you and your family. We are going to talk about the different options you have, such as whether you want a HMO, PPO, or a CDHP. There are many things you need to consider when looking at health plans. Some of these include your age, health, and whether you are single or have a family. We will discuss each of the options and which one may work the

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    Using the Accenture document on governance presented with the Alcan case, place Canadian Shield in the appropriate quadrant. According to the Accenture document, I would place Canadian Shield within the efficient, predictable operator category. The slow rate of change and need to compete on operational efficiencies characterized by most companies in this quadrant is detailed by the following quote from the case authors. “Sustainability for Canadian insurance companies greatly depended on investments

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    Case Study Guidelines A case study gives you the opportunity to review Modern Management concepts and apply them to a specific scenario. The analysis should be in summary form and in proper APA format. • With a minimum of 3 full pages and at least 3 academic sources, prepare a summary analysis of the assigned case study. • The first paragraph should identify and summarize the key point(s) or problem(s) presented in the case. • Then type and answer each question posed at the end of the case.

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    all scheduled patients show up on time or early, significant patient waiting is a certainty. The concern with this waiting is the patient dissatisfaction it may cause. In their study of outpatients, McCarthy, McGee, & O'Boyle [2] found that 64% of patients rated waiting times as unsatisfactory. In addition, that study reported that a significant number of patients who decline to attend their appointment do so because of the expectation of long waiting times. Such “no-shows” are an obviously

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    Zipcar Case The proposed venture in this case study has great potential in highly populated areas with a need for transportation. Since Zipcar provides the cars in areas close to the customer, this service would be easy to use. The drawback would be finding a way to make the benefit of utilizing Zipcar more compelling over other forms of transportation such as owning a car, using other car rental services, taxis, subways, or buses. The nice component of Zipcar is that it offers hourly services which

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    Case Study The case study of a 6 year old boy, who brought a gun to school and shot a first grade classmate, then was later found hiding in a corner, has brought multiple psychological issues to the forefront. According to the law a child under the age of 7 is not criminally responsible. The prefrontal cortex of the brain is the area where high-order cognition, planning, goal-directed behavior, impulse control and attention are centered. This portion of the brain is not considered mature until

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    discussion is to be based on three suitable published case studies. This means case studies published in the academic literature – for example, the series of case studies in the textbook or in equivalent textbooks. You may not use Yahoo! as one of the case studies and short articles in newspapers, magazines, website opinion pages and the like are definitely not acceptable, although such materials may be used to supplement the published case study and your analysis. All sources must be properly referenced

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    Running Head: Case Study 1 Case Study #1 Clinical Psychology: Severe Depression Princess Coles ABS 200 Introductions to Applied Behavioral Sciences Instructor Weniger 08/4/2015 Severe depression is one of the many mental illnesses that affect one out of ten Americans. Severe depression involves, extreme or constant feeling of sadness, loss of interest in activities and even relationships. Those suffering from depression might even struggle with the feeling of worthlessness

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    Executive Summary Gary Allison had been with Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC) for 14 years as a successful engineer. His boss, Henry Larsen promoted Gary as the project manager of the Orion Shield Project. Little did Gary know that this promotion that would significantly change his career at SEC and not for the better. Because of the Orion project Gary went from a star engineer at SEC, to almost losing his position with the company. This was all due to Gary’s lack of project management

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    Case Study Complete Case History The patient in this case study reports being ‘sick with flu’ for 8 days. She has been vomiting, and cannot keep any liquids or food down. She also reports that she has been using antacids to help calm the nausea. After fainting at home, she was taken to the local hospital, severely dehydrated. Upon looking at her arterial blood gas result, it would appear that this patient would be suffering from metabolic alkalosis. This patient’s pH is greater than 7.45 (normal:

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    Case studies Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Flying to the Auto Bailout on a Private Jet Basic problems In this case study, there is wastage of resources. The CEOs of the nation's three largest automobiles uses private jets to attend the corporate public relations congress. This is wastage of resources since they are using private jets to travel when their companies are struggling to stay afloat. Ignorance is another basic problem evident in this case study. These CEOs are very

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    hero” context or his site. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The foregoing study is about the influence of playing computer games to the students above 16 yrs. old, specifically the researchers tried to find out the answers to the following problems: 1. Is there a positive effect in playing DOTA? 2. How does DOTA affect the performance of a student? 3. Are they aware of what it can do to them? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Nowadays, DOTA game is one of the most popular games here in our

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    [pic] OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT MGCR 472 CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT Due on November 23 in class INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Make sure to write down the name, student # and section # for each student in the group on the cover page of the case study report. 2. This assignment counts for 14% of your final grade. 3. Late submissions and submissions by e-mail will not be accepted. 4. You have to work in this assignment in groups. The number of students that can be in a group is 5. Group members

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    Orion Shield Project Analysis Executive Summary The employing of Gary Allison for the Orion Shield Project as Project Manager was an immense error. Individuals have to question both the decision and morals of Henry Larson in appointing an unproven individual to pilot such a widespread venture. Gary made many incorrect judgments as he mistakenly regarded the horrible and dishonorable guidance of Henry Larson. Among the numerous bad choices and errors made by Gary was his lack of integrity and

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    GUIDANCE – NRSG258 ASSESSMENT 1: CASE STUDY Dear students here are some guidelines to assist you in writing Assessment 1: Case Study. If, after reading through these, you still have questions please post on the relevant forum. If you are still unsure then please contact your campus specific lecturer to arrange to discuss your assignment. We ask that you bring these guidelines to any meeting and highlight the areas about which you are still unsure. In this case study you do not need an introduction

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    How to Solve a Case Study A case study is a collection of facts and data based on a real or hypothetical business situation. The goal of a case study is to enhance your ability to solve business problems, using a logical framework. The issues in a case are generally not unique to a specific person, firm, or industry, and they often deal with more than one retail strategy element. Sometimes, the material presented in a case may be in conflict. For example, two managers may disagree about a strategy

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    Case Studies on Cardiac Function This is the first case study that is required for the class. Please submit a paper (doesn’t have to be long; you could even give me bullet-point answers to the questions listed below) that answers all of the questions posed after Case Study 1. I have included an easy second case study which, if you complete it, will be worth extra credit. Answers to the first Case Study are worth 25 points and responding to Case Study 1 is required work for the course. The

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    semester examination carrying 80 marks will have two sections A and B. Section A worth 60 marks will have 6 theory questions out of which students will be required to attempt any four questions. Section B carrying 20 marks will contain one or more cases. Cases prescribed below are only for classroom discussion and internal evaluation and not for end semester examinations Course contents 1. Concept of Management Functions and Responsibilities of Managers, Fayol's Principles of Management, Management

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    Case Study Paper University of Phoenix Erica Vazquez PSY 410 Annette Edwards October 10, 2011 Case Study Paper “Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of being a mommy. She wanted, more than anything, to have a child and knew her dream would come true one day. She would sit for hours thinking up names to call her baby. Eventually this little girl grew up. Though she'd met and married her Prince Charming, she was having trouble conceiving. She began to realize that her dream

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    Jacqueline Bell Case Study 3: Firm Valuation and Impact of Financial Leverage on Firm Value (Chapter 16) BUS-F301 Financial Management, Fall 2010, Class No. 23780 December 5, 2010 Case Study 3 1. If IRE would like to maximize its total market value, should it issue debt or equity to pay for the rental property? Briefly explain. Levered or unlevered, if IRE purchase the large rental property, their new capital structure will still be below the optimal capital structure amount of 45% debt

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