You Are Mine & I'M Yours

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My warm Hi & Hello to my unknown readers around the globe. Please don't dare to steal my work this is actually my first entry as a neophyte writer on your site. Please do bear with me my dear readers. I am be very, very much sorry for my grammatical errors, punctuation errors and spelling errors I have no more time to proofread because the second semester is fastly and highly approaching. Sorry if it's kinda boring this is the real state of the characters and the real flow of the story. Honestly, this is a true to life story excluded after 5 yrs after. I hope I can gain more comments on this first mechanical story of mine. Your positive and negative comments are highly and very much appreciated. I wish I could earn more readers, friends and great-minded analyst in the field of writing to criticize my work, make some corrections and leave some tips to improve my way of writing. By the way, this is "myballpen" the original author and the female lead character of the story. Hope you'll like it. Once gain, don't forget to leave your comments.Thank you.

You Are Mine and I’m Yours

Lead Characters:
Jheanne Nockingston
Jerrad Bosh

Supporting Actress/ Actors:
Jacciene Sue - Clark
Jorraine Lautner - Hongo
Jarylle Qeue – Laurito
Arbie Clark
Jaymar Laurito
Chassy Ford - Diesel
Man / Vince Tucker
Woman / Jocelle Famstord - Tucker
Child / Josephine / Sophie Tucker

At the school…
It was the opening of Willis University, academic year 2013-2014. While the world was busy, there was this girl named Jheanne , 4th year education student, who keep her more than 3 year feelings towards this guy named Jerrad Bosh, an I.T student . Out of his conscious, Jheanne never fails to follow or take a glance every single second. Jerrad and Jheanne are good friends before. Since the time they became classmates on a specific subject, their treatment from each other were…...

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