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Wumart is one of the leading brands in retail market and this consistent growth of brand requires solid strategic planning. To achieve the high profile status in market, the company remained constantly developing in innovation on themes to deliver the distinctive benefits. Wumart has been growing from the very beginning with the average growing of 40% a year. The company realized that in order to make value in a long term, the company should grow and develop constantly. The ambition of the company is to be the leader of the industry for which WuMart has designed the growth strategy with the strategic goal to have the largest number of different types of stores on the local Chinese market. The goal the company wants to achieve includes not only the number of the shops, but developing of distinctive advantages, being updated and customer-oriented.
Exhibit I
Retail competitive situation on Chinese market.

The tremendous developing of the Chinese economy made the competitive situation intensive with entrances of the foreign brands on the market and appearance of new local retail units. According to the chart the position of WuMart among the competitors could be defined. First type of competitors is international brands Carrefour, Walmart and Tesco, which are interested in the fastest-growing big retail market. Local players are presented as small chains of the stores, which have a potential to grow. The analysis of the situation shows that WuMart has a big market share, which is 1/3 on Beijing market, so the company has good chances to achieve the strategic goal. http://www.economist.com/blogs/schumpeter/2011/05/retailing_china Regarding the competitive advantages of WuMart, the company has a strong brand name on Chinese market. The major focus of the company is on the lowest prices and understanding of local consumers’ preferences, which differentiate…...

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