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In 2007, Viet Nam went along with WTO. And recently, in 2010, Viet Nam became official member of TTP. Beside many big advantages, Viet Nam must face to many different challenges. Reducing regulatory barriers and globalization makes rising intense competition. Further is the fast change of technology makes product’s cycle become shorter and the active change of market is causes of wrong in choose suitable strategy of many businesses. Any business is less concern about strategy management could stuck in limbo. So strategy management has been becoming very important related to business survival.
In many Vietnam original brands are being strongly development and resisting pressure competitive, we please to choose Trung Nguyen Coffee to analyze their strategies which is not only a light in Vietnam economy but also some lightness and refinement in Vietnamese’s soul.
On june 16th, 1996, Dang Le Nguyen Vu founded Trung Nguyen in Buon Ma Thuat city- Vietnam’s coffee capital. The initial capital investments consisted of only an old bike, unwavering faith and strong with of youth as well as a genuine desire to build a famous coffee brand, bringing the flavor of Vietnamese coffee to all corners of the world.
The opening of the first coffeehouse in Ho Chi Minh city in 1988 is the first step in the formation of Trung Nguyen coffee shop chain in cities throughout Vietnam and in other countries of the world.
In 2001, announcing the new slogan “ explore creative inspiration”, Trung Nguyen won the love of customers across the country for its exceptional coffee that had been extracted from the finest quality coffee beans, using advanced technology and unique inimitable oriental formulas and blended with an intense passion for coffee.
On November 23, 2003, 67 instant coffee was introduced in “67 instant coffee festival” at Reunification palace which attacted…...

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