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BIBL 110
MARCH 9, 2015


Introduction / Thesis

The apostle Paul’s first eight chapters of Romans was invaluable to the Romans back in
AD 56 -57 and Christians today. It provide us with a foundational building blocks to analyze the biblical and Christian worldview of the past and present. Paul’s teachings of such worldview are profound in the daily application to a natural world, human identity, human relations, and culture. Furthermore, the study of these first eight chapters has greatly impacted my current worldview, and God’s plan for us as individuals and as a nation.

The Natural World

A biblical worldview of the natural world dates back to the begging. God created man in his image, and likeness. He gave Adam authority over the earth, and free wheel to make decisions, Gen. 1: 26-27. God created women so men shall leave his father and mother to become one flesh, Gen. 2: 24. Today, non-Christians and “Christians” challenge God’s commandments and his natural order. God as the creator of the natural world, humans have chosen to satisfy the needs of the flesh over Paul’s teachings of becoming a slave of Jesus Christ.
For unbelievers it is easier to challenge the non-existence of God, in order to continue their sinful behavior without any moral consequences.

Human Identity

Paul said in Romans 3:11 that none is righteous. As we were created in God’s image,
Adam the head of the human race made us all sinners by eating from the forbidden tree. By
Adam, we are all born sinners, loosing our identity with God. Through history men has found reason to satisfy their own needs, just as Adam did. As believers we cannot ignore God, and by
Jesus Christ sacrifice for us we have regain our…...

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