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Customer satisfaction survey
Ronnie Williams Jr
December 21, 2011
Amanuel Gobena

Customer satisfaction survey
The attached survey will allow one to view customer satisfaction within the Toys “R” Us retail chain stores and how it measures up to competitor retail stores. To remain a player within this unbalanced market Toys “R” Us recognized the urgency for change and began to remodel crucial aspects of management in inventory at each store site from which products were out of stock, down to how each purchase transaction was handled, and how much contribution each employee put in on the stores’ productivity and efficiency. The company also considered it necessary to reinvent the brand through excellent customer experience, therefore making certain that products were displayed charmingly to customers. Lastly , Toys “R” Us discovered that improvements in national principles for stocking shelves, managing inventory and boosting productivity would build a foundation for life- long gains in efficiency, customer satisfaction and enhanced customer relationships (n.d, 2002-2011). To tackle this obstacle, stake-holders at Toys “R” Us decided to seek outside assistance, and allowed several consulting corporations to present proposals for store operations and inventory management Improvement. Eventually Company XYZ merger With Toys “R” Us assisted with various process improvements including Reporting and data efficiency cadencies resulting in partaking in a order process as well as in the final contract award. Toys “R” Us knew from the beginning that Company XYZ had the experience and skilled professionals to get the corporation back on course to gaining ground against its competitors, enabling Toys “R” Us to achieve its goal of becoming a high-performance business(n.d,2002-2011).

Toys "R" Us. (2002-2011). history. Retrieved August 24,…...

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