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Wizard of Math Leverages Merchantry’s Technology to Expand its Distribution

The Company
Wizard of Math is one of the top retailers of educational toys and resources for teachers, acting as a one-stop shop for classroom items, toys and games, and educational electronics. Started in 2001 with only 500 products, Wizard of Math now offers tens of thousands of products.

The Challenge
At the end of 2006, Amazon.com approached Wizard of Math with an opportunity to begin listing on their marketplace immediately; a large provider of educational toys had pulled off of their platform, and they were in the market for a new vendor. While Wizard of Math was extremely interested in the opportunity, they knew they lacked the resources available to connect their data with Amazon’s Webstore platform. At the time, Wizard of Math was managing their listings by hand and had no visibility when an order came through to know if the warehouse had the inventory in stock. Specific requirements included:
   

The ability to transition 15,000+ products from manual to automatic management Custom fields, as required by Amazon The ability to add and discontinue 300-400 products each month Visibility to distributor stock levels so the company could guarantee inventory and achieve a high ranking on Amazon

The Solution
Amazon introduced Wizard of Math to Merchantry, and, after due diligence, Wizard of Math selected the Merchantry platform. Merchantry assisted in enabling Wizard of Math to sell on the Amazon Webstore, and after integration, became the system that manages all of their inventory and order processing. Data feeds enable Wizard of Math and their distributors to manage large data changes with minimal effort or disruptions to their operations.

The Results
As a result of a streamlined communication between Amazon and Wizard of Math distributors, Wizard of Math maintains…...

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