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Week 4 Learning Team Wireless Proposal
October 21, 2013

Wireless Technology Proposal
The following proposal is for Party Plate’s possible introduction of wireless technologies into the work environment. We have identified two wireless technologies that would be beneficial for implementation into the organization. The goal would be for these wireless technologies to help streamline our data management and increase our productivity. Within this proposal we will identify the benefits and the risks of implementing these technologies.
In order to succeed and grow in today’s ever-changing business environment it is critical to keep up with changes in new technologies. To be competitive and continue advancing in marketing we must ensure that our staff has the competitive advantage by being able to utilize the latest technologies and data management tools that are available. Our goal as a company is to be able to meet the ever-changing demands of the customer by equipping our staff with the latest marketing data, communication data, and reporting data. Having these abilities would allow for us to research any topic effectively and efficiently. We must also have a platform that allows our internal staff to share sales and marketing information across all of the departments, both in office and out in the field. Customer interaction must be optimized through emails, video conferencing and phone calls.
In order to accomplish our goals here at Party Plates we have put together the utilization of two wireless options that we think will help increase business in an effective and streamlined way. For the wireless technologies implementation we have choose to implement the Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet and Galaxy 4 smart phone. The reason we chose these two wireless devices is because it is a necessity to stay connected in todays business world. Two ways in which we can…...

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