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In today’s society it is very important when someone becomes ill or if something tragic happens to have an advanced directive for healthcare prepared to help their family make an ultimate decision regarding their life and health. “Advanced directives limit the type and amount of medical care and treatment that patients will receive if they should become incompetent and have a poor prognosis.” (Fremgen 313) With having an advanced directive it helps communicates a person’s wishes about making decisions if they become incapable of making their own health care decisions; which also makes it easier for family members to have everything planned out. Many make a decision and only tell their family what they want without having it in writing, but its best to have everything in writing for a smoother process. There are two important types of advance directives; a power of attorney or a living will.
A durable power of attorney for healthcare “is a legal document that empowers another person (proxy) to make healthcare decisions for an incompetent patient. It goes into effect after the person becomes incompetent and only pertains to healthcare decisions”. (Fremgen 102) The power of attorney becomes effective when someone becomes incapable of making their own health care decisions. Medical power of attorneys covers a great amount of healthcare decisions based on the patient wishes. The power of attorney is capable of reviewing the patients’ medical records, discussing and questions to the doctor and medical staff about the care and treatment plans. It is up to the power of attorney to decide on which treatment plan or care is best for the patient or assists the patient in deciding what is best with the options given.
When choosing a medical power of attorney it is important that the person chosen will act and carry out wishes. If someone who wish to avoid any…...

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