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Charlie Richards wakes up to a gloomy day in New York. He rolls out of bed and stumbles to the shower. The Marketing Associate for Apple’s New York headquarters starts his day just like every other.

“ Honey,” his wife Jennifer calls from the kitchen “some men stopped by looking for you yesterday, they said they worked with you but I didn’t recognize any of them.”

“ Did they leave anything for me?” Charlie asked.

“ No they said they’d stop by another time.” She said.

Not thinking twice about it Charlie said his goodbyes and went on to his boring day at work. But today would be anything but boring.

Charlie arrives at his work, punches into his computer terminal, and goes through his morning routine. He gets his breakfast and coffee and heads back to his desk to start his day. While working on a new pitch for his boss he gets a phone call.

“ Charlie.” says a raspy voice on the other end.

“ Who is this?” asks Charlie quizzically.

“ That isn’t important,” says the man “ what is important is we have your wife.”

“ This fight isn’t with her,” says Charlie “ what you want is with me let her go and take me.”

“ We can’t do that Charlie, now I will be contacting you later with some instructions that you must do to keep her alive.”

The phone call ends the long drawn out beep that happens when the line is dead rings in Charlie’s ear. He knows what he has to do. He has to get her back safely.

Charlie rushes home, he just up and walked out of his job and runs 5 blocks to his apartment in Manhattan. What no one knows about is that Charlie has a dark past, he used to be an assassin for the mob. He used to live in Chicago, he was a “hit man” as they call it. He gave up the life one day when he was sent to take out the Mayor of Chicago. Ever since then he’s…...

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