Why People Drink

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Why do we drink?
Alcohol is a substance that has very serious and dangerous effects on one’s body as well as the brain. These effects are both positive and negative. However, alcohol not only kills a person’s brain cells, but when taken in excess has absolutely no beneficial effects. Of course alcohol can make the person consuming it forget his or her problems, but the consequences of over drinking outweigh its limited benefits by far. Drinking and getting drunk are not a crime, as such; however, if its consumption is taken too far, alcohol will almost always cause one to conduct himself in ways that he would never normally behave. For instance, a man who is sober would typically not drive ninety-five mph down the interstate; however, after consuming a good bit of alcohol, his eyesight, judgment, reflexes and abilities are hindered to the point that he may feel indestructible. It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting in the lounge, the topic of everyone’s conversation is the two days prior. Everyone is sitting around explaining how drunk they were Friday and Saturday nights and all of the uncontrollable mishaps that aren’t too well remembered this following day. One guy tells his friend, “Man, I was so wasted last night, I must have drank like ten beers and like half a bottle of vodka,” smiling in excitement, hoping to do it again the next weekend. Being new in college, and noticing that this happens after almost every weekend, I’ve begun to wonder: why do we brag about ourselves and praise others for accomplishing a task that requires absolutely no skill? In short, why do we drink?
I feel that some people drink in order to knock down or at least lower the wall of insecurities they have built up inside them, even for just an instant. People use alcohol as a way to gain courage, and it rids…...

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