Which Is the Better School?

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Which is the better school?
Every high school athlete dream is to go to college and become some superstar later on in life. But some of the hardest choices come during your senior year in high school. The most anticipating question: What college will you be attending seems to come up every single day. But do you really know how hard, and what the process of picking a school out is? Most people choose their school based on race and who attended the school before them. As an athlete, seems like everyone is breathing down your neck your senior year asking about what school will you be attending. But most of those people don’t know the time and work put into choosing a school. You also have your parents giving you their input on what they think is best for you. But what people don’t understand is that the choice is ours and you have all these factors to weigh. Yes, most parents want their children to follow their footsteps and attend the school that they attended, but is that a really good choice? Also, race plays a big factor in choosing the school. No it’s not a segregation type thing but more of whether to attend a Historically Black College or a Predominantly White Institutions. When looking at recruiting other factors play in such as; if I get hurt will my education still get paid for? Or will I be just slapped on the wrist because I am a thlete and won’t gt my proper…...

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