When Reality Tv Gets Too Real

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“Reality” television
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Summary of When Reality TV Gets Too Real by Jeremy W. Peters
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In When Reality TV Gets Too Real, Jeremy W. Peters debates the ethics of not stopping dangerous situations from happening on Reality Television.
For this, several examples of such occurrences are cited, first when a participant took up drunk driving in the show Intervention, as well as similar episodes in Breaking Bonaduce, The Real World and Road Rules, and citing lawsuits against Big Brother, Kid Nation and Extreme Makeover, the last one getting sued for something else entirely.
A number of occasions is also named where the producer of Intervention stops dangerous situations from developing, namely when to prevent suicide, drunk driving and to call paramedics in the event of an overdose.
The article also states that the practise of simply filming while not stopping developing catastrophes are not technically illegal but somewhat unethical.
The text ends with the comment “It's a very, very delicate balance”, leaving the issue open for interpretation. Outline of text 2 through 4
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In When Reality TV Gets Too Real, it is debated that Reality TV has a habit of creating dangerous or traumatic situations for viewers, simply because doing so is legal and gives higher rating. At times, some producers might draw the line though, and try to stop some situations from spiralling out of control, but those a more often the exception than the rule. A lot of shows have been criticized or sued for unethical behaviour towards their participants.
In TV kidney competition was a hoax, the premise of a show about a woman selecting which of three real people in need of a kidney transplant to donate hers to. It turned out that the woman was an actor and that there were no chance of an actual kidney getting donated. Nonetheless it has been…...

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