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What’s Wrong With McDonald’s?
The leaflet entitled What’s Wrong With McDonald’s was written by Greenpeace in order to raise awareness and persuade people about McDonald’s dealings that are not typically made public. This includes where McDonald’s gets its meat, how it treats its workers and many other aspects of its business. It does so through the use of various literary techniques and the layout of the leaflet itself. The leaflet depicts McDonald’s in a negative light and tries to obtain money in order for Greenpeace to continue its struggle against McDonald’s.
Layout of a persuasive piece is imperative and the leaflet uses not only how the writing is spaced out but also a picture to illustrate what it’s attempting to achieve. This picture depicts a cigar smoking overweight businessman hiding behind the face of Ronald McDonald, who is the businesses’ mascot. The stereotypically evil portrayal of a corrupt businessman is chosen carefully to infuriate readers and catch their attention. This is then done further by the use of headings for each separate paragraph that include sentences such as “EXPLOITING WORKERS” that are meant as attention grabbers. Each heading states something negative about McDonald’s through the use of verbs that give the feeling that they are doing harmful things to the world at this very moment such as “EXPLOITING, ROBBING, DAMAGING” etc. This serves to make the situation feel direr and more urgent. Finally the appearance of the leaflet itself is that of a cheap, poorly recycled piece of paper Grisel 2that indicates a lack of proper funding and unprofessionalism which is in direct contrast to the nature of the writing and sends mixed messages to the reader. In short the layout of the leaflet is intended to connect with the reader and draw them into the rest of the…...

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