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Question # 1 - Did Phil commit plagiarism? If so, what did he do wrong, and how could he have prevented this problem?
Yes, Phil did commit plagiarism. According to the Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy, students are obligated to summarize, paraphrase, and use quotations to indicate that the content being used originated from another source. Phil failed to follow these guidelines when compiling his paper. Instead, he copied exact text without putting quotation marks around the material which is clearly defined as being dishonest. He could have prevented this problem by reading Professor Wemmick’s guidelines for the assignment before starting his paper which defines all aspects of plagiarism. If he took notes from the resources and then developed his own opinions instead of copying and pasting directly in his paper then he could have prevented this problem. In addition, Phil should have used quotes and cited the specific material he pulled from his resources.
Question #3 - What are Phil's responsibilities? To whom is he responsible? What rules and guidelines should he follow?
I agree with Trane that Phil was responsible for his work and allocated task within the assignment. To include submitting his paper in APA format and in accordance to Professor Wemmick’s guidelines. In addition, he was responsible for submitting his part of the assignment on time and without avoidable mistakes. I believe Phil could have avoided these errors by being organized and allocating more time to complete his work. With a busy workload and family, Phil should have communicated any trouble he was having completing the assignment to his team members. Things occur and his team members would have helped him better complete his part.

Question 7 What should Professor Wemmick do? What would you do if you were in her shoes?
Professor Wemmick should follow the necessary course of…...

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