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Susu You
Professor Michael Blitz
Alternate Worlds
2 October 2013 Movies’ scene I saw from the past has directly affected my thought sometime. I always imagine what happen in the movies is really happening in the real world. The most affective one was this scene where a guy threw his banana skin on the floor when he finished eating it. After a minute a passenger walked by, he steps on the banana skin while he was reading, then he lost his balance and fall down on the ground hard, where his head hits on a huge rock. He died when he was in the hospital. This scene makes me very uncomfortable when I eating banana. I always feel like very time I threw away a banana skin, I will kill a person on the street. At the same time when I see someone eating it or seeing a skin on the floor will also make me think that way. One day I realized its true. This is really happening in the real world. Banana has turn into an evil fruit. They try to revenge because we keep eating them. This will bring a big consequence to the world, because non-living thing started killing people for revenge, human population will start decreasing because we need the nutrients from the fruits, so people need to eat them it daily basic to keep sickness away from them, but at the same time they don’t know every time they finishing eat a banana, a person in the world will die. So in next ten years, human population will be decreasing on a big amount of portion. In end we will all die out because of banana skin.…...

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