We Are Bound for the Promised Land

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“We Are Bound for the Promised Land”
“We Are Bound for the Promised Land” is a novel which is written by A.E Watterson. The story is about relationships within a family and finding your own way to live. The main character is called Eilean MacLeod, who is a girl that lives on a farm with her mother, father and her two elder sisters, Fiona and Mary. The moral of the story is finding your own identity and to not let others control your life that might have a bad influence which can affect your behaviour.

The story starts out with Eilean feeding some animals. She has a good relationship with the animals and we see that, because she let one of the chickens eat from her hand. She also talks with a cow as if the cow understands her, and this shows us the fact that she is a little girl with a young mind and has not learnt yet that animals do not understand human-beings. Her family is very religious as her father is a priest. Eilean is the youngest one of all her siblings. The father decides everything in their house. Her family follow the old tradition of the mother being the housewife and the father being the head of the house. Eilean wants to live her life by her choices and not by the rules her father has given. She gives the impression of being independent and having her own dreams on living in the city where there are a lot of shops, escaping her life in a small town with her old fashion minded family.

Eilian is also described as a boyish girl. She has two good friends, Agnus Munro and Lewis Campbell. The father does not like the whole point of playing with the opposite sex, as her father states “Katie MacInnes and her friends are lovely girls, you should try to be a bit more like them”. But Eilean does not want to listen to him and instead she tries to explain him that they are her friends. This shows us that she is rebellious. The father slaps her across the…...

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