Ways to Change a Habit

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Ways to change a habit?
As I look at myself in the mirror, I have noticed that I've always gotten agitated because I want to be unique, I want to be different but yet I always compare myself to other people. No matter how many times I say I want to be different or I'm not like this person or that one I always end up showing that I am just like them I am no different. For instance you can do or make yourself look different in several ways, but you are always doing the same routine.

Claim your multiple intelligences?
As a young adult I am very strong willing, free spirited and very outgoing. There are certain things i share strong beliefs in and then there are other things I don't even think twice about but I feel as the more I pay attention to the things i don't worry about then it will balance out the pros and cons and make me equal with both qualities.

You don't need this course-but you might want it?
When I sit in this class i often wonder why do i need it? It's boring this isn't going to help me in life or with my career. Then i noticed the more i paid attention the more valuable information i received from it and how much i took it for granted at times then i realized that this class shows great learning tools and abilities to help you in the…...

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