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2. Pick a theme from the course and connect this to practice by choosing one well-known business leader and apply the theme on the business leader you have chosen 2.1 Introduction
In the year if 1915 D.W. Griffith directed the controversial yet influential motion picture ´The birth of a Nation´. The movie chronicles the events that occurred during the Civil war and was a commercial success however it was criticized for its racist topics (Richard Brody, 2013). Nevertheless it became one of the most influential movies ever made and it would go on to inspire the motion picture industry. Some men who noticed the potential in cinema were the Warner Brothers. Albert, Jack, Harry and Sam Wonskolaser were born in Poland to Jewish parents and immigrated to the United States in 1888 while changing their last name to Warner. The brothers were fascinated with the nickelodeon business and purchased the Cascade Theater in 1905 (Warner & Jennings 1965). The theater turned out to be a wise purchase as it became very successful in terms of profit and even helped them buy other theaters (Bob Thomas, 1990). The success did not last long as the Thomas Edison´s Motion Picture Patents Company charged high fees for the showing of films in theaters (Warner & Jennings 1965). The patent caused the Warner bros to sell their theaters and focus solely on the making of films and distributing (Cass Warner Sperling, 2008). The company grew to become one of the biggest and most influential motion picture studios in the world.
2.2 Introduction to theme
A leader possesses multiple attributes either when dealing with a multinational company or a small managing company however there is one characteristic which described…...

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The result of the deal is reminisced less for its dimension and much more for being the poorest amalgamation in history. Ultimately these two corporations split in 2009. In the end, AOL and Time Warner’s worth as a unified company withered down from $300 billion when they initially merged all the way down to what they declared to just about $40 billion when they parted ways. 
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