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Dear Mayor Bill de Blasio,

I’m a senior at Channel View School of Research. I believe you should stop Wal-Mart from selling their merchandise in New York City.

Wal-Mart maybe putting extra cash back into the pockets of New Yorkers, but the real question does Wal-Mart create New Yorkers jobs? The slogan "Save Money. Live better" really brings Walmart so many customers and us new Yorker love the lowest prices and best deals. The bottom line is that once Walmart expands in New York City local and small business will suffer. Wal-Mart does more harm than good

Although Walmart guarantees the lowest prices goods and services than the existing local merchants in any nearby small town. Walmart provides lower cost for consumers, greater employment opportunities, and healthier communities the company has also helped keep U.S inflation down. While Walmart creates jobs but employees are not paid at minimum wage, but at a lower wage. Walmart has shown to be very valuable accounting for some of the 70% of America’s GDP. Walmart is known for giving back to community it has donated to different organization. People believe Walmart is the greatest thing that has happened to low income Americans, because of it low prices guaranteed.

Walmart is the world’s biggest company and it’s expanding each and every day. Walmart has become a modern day monopoly. Walmart isn’t boosting the economy most of its goods come from outside the U.S. which is hurting our economy because money isn’t flowing. About 70% of its merchandise is imported from China and Indonesia and China where the cost of labor is cheap and there are no labor laws. Studies have shown when Walmart moves into a town the life expectancy of local businesses decreases instantly. Walmart is a company known for taking competitors out of business. Consumers are lured to Walmart because of it better product, more choices,…...

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