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Glossary of Computer Terms
Published for the Faculty and Staff of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

Glossary of Computer Terms

As the office continues to undergo a series of rapid technological changes, a whole new vocabulary continues to evolve. The following glossary has been prepared for the faculty, managers and staff of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania to provide a brief and simple definition of the key computer terms and concepts that are most often used. You have heard our workshop presenters use many of these terms. This glossary should be of assistance to you as you advance in computer knowledge. We recognize there are many additional terms and words that are not included in the glossary, however we have included the most often used terms. Note: when bold type is used to highlight a word within a definition, it signifies that the highlighted word is defined in another location of the glossary. Glossary of Terms and definitions
Access. To call up information out of storage. Random access. Technique that permits stored information to be directly retrieved, regardless of its location on the storage medium. Sequential access. A technique for retrieving stored information that requires a sequential search through one item after another on the storage medium. Access time. The amount of time it takes a computer to locate stored information. Adapter. A circuit board that plugs into a computer and gives it additional capabilities. Antivirus software. A program designed to look for and destroy a virus that may have infected a computer’s memory or files. Application. A program designed to perform information processing tasks for a specific purpose or activity. Archive. A file compressed for more efficient use of storage space. Ascending sort. Sorting records from A to Z or 0 to 9.…...

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...Riordan’s Manufacturing Strategy According to "PWC" (2008), “today, business strategy and talent management are linked as an integrated talent management framework combining organization, business process and technology. Riordan’s Manufacturing manages their human capital and talent as strategic assets. They achieved by aligning the workforce with business objectives and by use performance metrics to drive decisions, monitor and improve results. This strategy shows how Riordan Manufacturing can successfully align their talent management strategy with technology to effectively manage their workforce needs in order to be a marketplace leader of the future” (Creating an agile workforce). Riordan’s Manufacturing has adapted the mixed manufacturing strategy which combines the Stable Workforce—variable work hours and the Level strategy that is most widely applied in many industries. The mix strategy is a planning strategy that uses two or more controllable variables to set a feasible production plan. With two strategies combined Riordan Manufacturing can take advantage of a well-trained workforce because the production rates never changes, lower turnover, lower absenteeism and more experienced workers (Jacobs & Chase, 2011). The Michael (n.d.) website manufacturing performance efficiency is the level to which quality of a product is exercised. This performance efficiency should be exercised in all manufacturing processes in order for a Riordan Manufacturing to avoid wasting of...

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