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February 6, 2015
Viola: What Means this Monologue? In the play “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare, Viola decides that she will disguise herself as a man and she will be working with the Duke Orsino. He has been in love with Olivia for a long time, and he asks Viola to be his messenger. Viola goes to meet Olivia and tells her everything Orsino told her too. Orsino also sent a ring with Viola to give to Olivia, which she did. As she leaves, Olivia realizes that she has fallen in love with her, even though she has no idea she is a woman dressed as a man. She sends Malvolio after her to give her the ring back. She then goes into a long monologue about the ring and how confused she was that she had gotten it back. A monologue is any composition in which a single person speaks alone ( In her monologue, it is clear that Olivia is falling in love with Viola, and that they are caught in the middle of one huge love triangle. Throughout Viola’s monologue, she depicts many different literary elements, including allusion, metaphor, personification, symbolism, and theme. When Malvolio brings back the ring that Viola had given Olivia, she becomes very confused. In her monologue, she is basically saying that she didn’t leave a ring with her, why is she giving this to her? She is hoping that Olivia hasn’t started to like her. She was looking at Viola so much that she couldn’t even finish her sentences and she seemed distracted. She thinks that Olivia loves her. She sent a very mean messenger back to Viola instead of coming herself. Viola doesn’t want Orsino’s ring. Orsino never even sent her a ring. Olivia wants Viola. If that’s true, which it is, she might as well be in love with a dream, such a poor lady. She then talks about how disguises are bad and they are used to help the devil do his work. She says it’s so…...

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